You get just one do-over. Which movie and what do you change?

You get just one do-over. Which movie and what do you change?


More Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in literally any movie.


I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw the one shot with him and The Mandarin in prison.


Same!! He was so good there. Btw if you want to see more of him in a similar role as in the one shot you should watch The Sitter. It's a pretty weird Jonah Hill movie and has some not as good side stories but seeing Sam Rockwell in the one shot reminded me so much of a bit less extreme version of his character in the Sitter.


And now I'm off to go watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the 2574th time...


*Thor: The Dark World* Bring Malekith closer to his comic counterpart, show more of the Thor/Loki dynamic, give Thor his own arc that foreshadows him learning of Asgard's dark past as a colonialist empire, add more in terms of spectacle and exploring the Nine Realms EDIT: Thank you for all the awards! I really don’t deserve them


Give Malekith a personality instead of just stoic bad guy. He doesn’t need to crack jokes but he had zero charisma


Man, Malekith is so freaking cool in the comics. He looks badass, what he can do is awesome. Also, don’t give him ships! He doesn’t need spaceships to travel! I also agree with giving him a personality. I see him having this snarky attitude with a dark sense of humor.


Absolute waste of Christopher Eccleston


I mean, he was under heavy prosthetics. They can always bring him back make up less


And had a lot of effects on his voice. Marvel has a particularly bad habit of doing that sometimes. Like, even Bor in the prologue of that movie! Why did they need to alter the actors voices so much?


I think he had a less than positive time on the film so as much as i would love him in something else, i don't think he would.


Has he ever had a good time on any production? All I ever hear is how much he hates almost every role he's taken.


Seems like the kind of actor who wants to do stage and/or small productions but can't say no to money


side note, my wife and I met him a couple of weeks ago and he was an absolute sweetheart.


He hated Doctor Who while he was on it if I remember right. He looks back a bit more fondly but it was so bad he'd avoid cons entirely.


Yeah but from what we know it was because he was unhappy about how certain directors were treating production staff. He also opened up relatively recently and said he was going through some pretty intense mental health issues at the time. They offered him a part in the 50th but I think he basically said only if it was a particular director he got on with, which wasn't on the table. Has recently started doing audios with big finish. It's a shame because he really was very good in the role and seems like quite a chap. Doubt we'll see him again as 9 on tv but nice he was happy to go back to the role in some form.


Honestly the worst crime of the MCU tbh


The same movie also wastes Chris O'Dowd


And so boring.


I also choose Dark World, but add in Jane being able to actually weild some of the power of the Aether. Like when she gets attacked while unconscious, she should lash out with the power blindly to protect herself.


Agreed, dark world is just not good. Tried to get a friend into watching these movies and she said she fell asleep during this one...like, well...skip this one. it's easily the worst of the entire marvel lineup imo. And I love Thor and Loki and Natalie but damn what a trash heap story in here. Marvel did them dirty


The Dark World is so boring, Natalie Portman fell asleep during it too and they had to film around it to salvage the movie.


I love The Dark World despite its flaws, but I am upvoting because this shit is hilarious


It’s a very salvageable movie, and it doesn’t take much. For starters delete the prologue. I remember reading somewhere that the director didn’t even know about the prologue till he saw it at the premiere (I may be misremembering this or I may have dreamt it so don’t give it too much weight). The prologue removes any tension from like the first half to three quarters of the film, because it tells you everything you’re about to spend the next hour learning anyway. Delete that, start at the scene with the throne room and it’s a much MUCH better movie. I made the edit to a digital copy of mine recently and watched it probably for the first time since the cinemas. Malekith and the elves are more menacing, the aether is more mysterious and gripping, and then Odin fills us in on all the stuff the prologue would have said. Seriously can’t recommend it enough!


What's the time mark that you start? Never watched Dark World, and I have Disney+ now, so maybe I will this week.


Try 3:40. That’s where the title card drops and the next scene is the mentioned throne room scene


Thor Ragnarok is in my top 5 marvel movies. Thor 2 is easily dead last. It’s poorly written, paced and executed.


I've always said we can bring Eccleston as Malekith back truer to the original version and call the Dark World version a boring descendant or pretender to the throne. It's not like we saw any other Dark Elves with the masks off.


Yeah but they just used that line of bull to fix the Mandarin and the Ten Rings. Pretty soon redeeming things by claiming the predecessor was a fake will be the new Third Act CGI Army/Joke That Ruins Emotional Moments.


I mean to be fair, the mandarin in iron man 3 was literally an actor, and they confirmed that there was a “real” mandarin in the dvd of the dark world, so they’ve been laying the groundwork for a while Edit: people are saying that the All Hail the King short was only made because of backlash to Iron Man 3. Even so, Iron Man 3 established that Trevor Slattery was not the Mandarin, which did leave open the door for the *real* mandarin to be introduced. This person was claiming that they’ll do the same with other “disappointing characters.” I suspect they were thinking of taskmaster (among others), but black widow didn’t go “taskmaster is a fake” like iron man 3 did so I don’t think they’ll do that.


What if they make up some Dark Elf mumbo jumbo rule that the ruler of the Dark Elves can reincarnate into a new body after death? That could work.


To add to this, perhaps don't focus so much on Earth in the movie. All the best scenes were the Asgardian scenes. And the weakest ones were the Earth scenes. And also cut out Darcy and her silly intern.


It's super obvious that there was some executive with strong opinions about "being relatable to the audience" going "too much time spent in weird planets or planes or whatever! Pull it close to home!" and "with all these gods and aliens and magic and whatnot, we must give room to the point of view of the everyperson!"


Flash to 2021: "Loki will be not dead but just one of infinite versions of himself existing outside of space and time as we know it and Dr. Strange will somehow open the entire multiverse up with a spell gone wrong because comic logic is fun"


Darcy scenes were so weak in The Dark World but then she was so likable in WandaVision haha


Not a bad character.


"Mew mew!"


i have been re-watching the marvel movies and when i saw thor 1 and 2 and realized that d'arcy is not a scientist AT ALL in those, and is basically their coffee girl, it made me wonder how she got so good at science in wanda vision in just a few years


All it takes to be a scientist is underlying curiosity, desire to learn, and the ability to work really really fucking hard. I was a therapist (mental health) and am now a researcher (in engineering) getting my PhD at a top tier university.


hm, i guess she wasnt snapped, so thats a full ten years between thor 2 and wandavision for her. you can probably fit a phd in there


Black widow should have came out before captain Marvel IMO.


no, after civil war. no good reason it didn't come out then


The only issue there is with the credits scene, they'd have to put that elsewhere


Yes, obviously they wouldn't use a post-credit scene from 6 years in the future...


Gotg vol 2 with adam warlock 😳


I mean I don't think that takes place in the future bc they are want revenge on the guardians for what they did. maybe it just takes years to wake up Adam. he just hit snooze


Maybe they make him and he gets snapped.


And Shang-Chi's aunt as a Ravager.


Oh yeah, forgot about that.


Just cut it, that post credit scene isnt pivotal at all to the movie


Yeah it should have come out before quite a few other films.


Preferably even before Infinity War. I think the movie was pretty good, but considering what came before it, and what we know is on the horizon, it felt like an unnecessary side story.


The Incredible Hulk. Change distribution rights to Disney. Behold, the butterfly effect.


All I ever wanted was a proper adaptation of World War Hulk.


That would be so awesome and really my only complaint is with Ragnarok they nuked the chanceof this possibility in the MCU. Our only chance is a 2 part What If at this point


Eh, there still is plenty of possibility. Just like with everything else the MCU has adapted, they could keep some of the core concepts but change it to fit a smaller scale. It would be heresy to consider doing it without introducing Robert Reynolds first though.


With Thor Ragnarok it doesn't make sense to do a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk anymore I think. They would have to send Hulk to space AGAIN, and not include many characters since they used them on Ragnarok, also Hulk is now semi Bruce Banner. The only possibility is with the multiverse


The least they could’ve done was given Hulk a bigger role in IW and Endgame. I *HATE* that they reduced Banner/Hulk to comic relief and didn’t explore any of the struggle between the two personalities beyond some throwaway exposition. They seriously did the character dirty.


This is also my biggest complaint for the entire saga. I get why they couldn't show us his ridiculous power scaling, but some bigger fights would have been great


YES YES YES!! I’ve said this multiple times on this sub, but it’s hard for me to rewatch IW and Endgame because of what they did to the Hulk. One of his main characteristics is his rage, and the other Avengers were scared of him in the first Avengers movie. Thanos slaps him around once, and that’s it for him. IIRC, in the comics Thanos has beat the Hulk multiple times, but also says that the Hulk is the only person he tries to avoid fighting. So I can let him getting his ass beat the first time go, but why not make that ass beating what brings the Hulk and Banner together? Why not use that as a focal point of his rage and motivation? Or what about Natasha dying? They had multiple reasons to make him the beast he was, but they dropped the ball. He doesn’t need to take out the whole army and singlehandedly beat Thanos, but it felt like he was hardly there except for, like you said, comic relief. Sorry for the rant


Well said. I wanted to see Hulk get truly angry and go nuts. It was like Thanos neutered him.


We would have got a Professor Hulk TV show


Iron Man 2 - use Favreau's original ideas without the studio interference.


First time I've heard of this... what was the original idea before the studio interference?


I know they wanted to do the "demon in a bottle" storyline that deals heavily with Tony's alcoholism. It was changed because it hit a little too close to RDJ's real life controversies. I think the storyline would be compelling but the studio was probably right. Wrong time in the mcu and wrong actor.


I think also the studio + feige thought it was too dark, plus i think the studio wanted more villains cos it was originally meant to be one(?)


I wouldn't really call Justin Hammer a Villain. An asshole, yes but he wasn't no Villain.


Agree and I love the character. HammerTech needs to have a resurgence now that Tony is dead. Would love to see more Sam Rockwell in that role.


Well then, strap on your boots, buckaroo, cuz Justin Hammer is rumored to return in the upcoming Armor Wars show for Disney+ Edit: thought I had seen it confirmed, but it's only rumored


And he appears in the One Off Mandarin short on Disney+


I hope he's back in Armor Wars. I need more Hammer in my life.


They mentioned it a lot in luke cage, funnily enough


I think it would have worked; RDJs personal experiences would have lent some authenticity to the story arc. I’d understand if not doing it was his decision out of respect for his own personal struggle, but if he was down with it, I think it would have made for a much stronger film.


Considering how many people struggle with alcoholism, it could have resonated with many possibly helping people to quit, depending on the storyline. Of course, it could also be a trigger for others just as easily I guess.


They do cover it a little bit though. Remember the party scene? The themes were touched on, even if it wasn't the main plot.


Demon in a bottle is one of my favourite story lines, I was a little disappointed they didn't go there, but I get it.


Definitely not kid friendly too


Meanwhile in Ironman 3 told a kid with no dad: “Dads leave sometimes, you don't have to be a pussy about it.”


I’d like to know as well


Can we just delete the scene where whiplash is rammed with a car into a barrier and we're supposed to pretend that doesn't even paralyze him, let along kill him outright?


>Whiplash is immune to whiplash Its in the name dummy! /s


That scene is awesome though lol


I’d probably just change where Iron Man 3 is in canon and in release date because we went too long without an Iron Man movie. I think I’d be cool like after Age of Ultron to develop his PTSD further from both Avengers 1 and 2 in a big culmination.


We sorely needed an Iron Man 4, I'd have liked to see real Extremis.


Extremis and Mandarin should have been separate movies for sure.


Thor 1, and I wouldn’t dye Chris’s eyebrows blond.


Omg is that what it is??? Every time ive watched that movie I wondered why he looks so fucking lame when even in civilian life he's a handsome hunk of a man. Eyebrows blonde. Damn.


God yes he’s so hard to look at and it just distracts me the entire movie. Like how do you make such a good looking dude look so dumb.


I honestly never even noticed until I read your comment and the comment you were replying to!


And less Dutch tilt please


I love how I had to Google this to make sure I was thinking of the right thing and most of the examples are from Thor 1.


Age of Ultron, and make it closer to the tone of the trailers


I got carried away... Didn't even answer the question asked. Ultron but make it the focus of phase 2. We don't need to involve Wanda in getting Tony to see his demons, in iron man 3 he's already there. Let his struggles with PTSD have him create his own villain mirroring the creation of the mandarin. Ultron can then pilot the iron legion during the final fight. Tony executes the house party protocol and instead creates a singular body for Ultron, who fills a proto-vision like role in the avengers for the moment. Ultron then rocks up in his new role as global bouncer in Thor the dark world to square up with the dark elves. Heroes win the day but Ultron gets some character development showing that he is growing to distrust/hate the avengers. Cue Captain America the winter soldier, Ultron discovers with the rest of the world that shield is hydra. Cements his belief that humanity is a sickness. Ultron is expected to help takedown the helicarriers but instead goes AWOL. End credits, Ultron taking struckers castle and claiming the mind stone. Get to Ultron and it can start much the same way, assault on the castle to reclaim the mind stone. This time though the avengers are hopelessly outmatched. Clint's not getting winged this time, he's obliterated. We've seen the growing threat of Ultron over 4 films now so we don't need to spend the whole film establishing who Ultron is. Now we don't have an Ultron invasion of a small city state, it's an actual age of Ultron, governments fall and he's firmly in charge. Avengers have to regroup and fight from the shadows. Ultron is one of the greatest threats the avengers face, losing a single red shirt (quicksilver) really wasted an incredible villain.


Fucking A man, well said. Not sure if this is what happened in the comics and you are just providing us with how the movies could have made it happen, but if not, that would have been great.


Wow I want you in the next marvel movie writing room


Oh snap we are on the same page with Ultron! Yours is just spread over a few movies. I posted further down


Just read yours and definitely. I really think they did Ultron dirty. He should be so much more than a one hit monster of the week.


Even if not Darker like the Trailer, make Ultron like in the comics not a fucking Stark wannabe, Ultron never jokes and he is a fucking Psychopath,Maniac, More mad then Mad titan himself, Avengers Get so scared whenever they hear the name Ultron in comics and Ultron is arguably Avengers most biggest Threat more bigger then Thanos Give it a 2 part Saga like You did with Thanos! Ultron was always in TOP 10 best Supervillains of Marvel before this abomination of a movie left a stain on his character,now he is nowhere near TOP 10


I was terrified of Ultron in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. Wish they'd done him that scary.


Did you ever watch Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? That show’s handling of Ultron was the sort of tone I wished MCU Ultron had.


Dude same! That was my first Introducing to Ultron


No disagreement with you regarding the fact that Ultron could have been scarier. A note that in the original Infinity Gauntlet saga, almost none of the Avengers even knew about Thanos’s plans or the Stones until after he had already done the Snap. Everyone is truly and deeply terrified of Thanos with the Gauntlet after that. Almost to the point of complete paralysis.


I mean sure after the snap Avengers were scared of Thanos but after Defeating him, he kinda Became you know not that important to Avengers like "oh Thanos is back Don't worry Fantastic Four and Sliver Surfer will take care of him or any other Cosmic Superhero wandering in space lol" But Avengers are Truly Terrified Of Ultron, I forgot what issue it was but Avengers looked really damn scared and If Ultron was the same Nightmare that the Avengers Feared in comics, Iron Man, Black Widow Vision, War Machine choosing Sokovia Accords would have much more impactful because they clearly Don't want another Ultron Situation and Tony's Talk with The Mother of a Son after his University Conference would have also been more impactful if Ultron was scary Villain everyone fears


At least we know we're going to be getting a truly threatening Ultron in What If.


Black Widow. Have it released right after Iron Man 2 and retain the dark tone from its title sequence.


The same movie would have fit much better right where it is in the timeline after Civil War


Could’ve fit right after Winter Soldier fairly well too. Fall of SHIELD providing the the vacuum The Red Room would maybe get a little more brazen trying to fill. Nat being outed leading in some way to the events kicking off. Though I like coming out after Civil War because theoretically Pugh would still have a chance at being Yelena.


They could also incorporate the winter soldiers involvement in the red room while he was brain washed!!


Yeah, the movie felt like it should have come out 4-5 years ago. And it should have been a sequel to the former idea, a dark movie following Iron Man 2 or Avengers showing the events of Budapest with Hawkeye. That seems to be what Feige wanted to do (the original Budapest idea morphing over time into what we eventually got), but Perlmutter got in the way until partway through producing Civil War by which point Phase 3 was basically set in stone.


My take away from Black Widow and Budapest, is that her and Clint quiped about it through the previous films only to find out she >!murdered a fucking child (or so she thought)!<


Man, they spent so much time on that storyline when it was Melinda May from Agents of SHIELD.. couldn't believe that's kinda the only harrowing thing they can imagine for a childless woman.


Would have been nice to see Budapest for sure.


Also, talkative Taskmaster. Would still keep the female twist because of the Red Room, and because I just think it's cool, but she'd just be a very skilled agent and not some edgy cyborg from a weak plot twist.


Black Widow because it should have been released in 2016 not 2021


Age of ultron. Ultron is such a good villain and he is so underused.


I agree. But I always wanted to see more of how far spread Ultron and his bots spread around the world. Yay we hear about how he is “popping” up almost everywhere, but we never really get much perspective on the scale of the Age of Ultron. It seemingly only plays out over a few days, not real frame of reference giving for how long between events or even much depth given to new characters. I would want to see Age of Ultron not redone, but added to. It needed to be a 3 hour movie IMO. It really felt like a mid-act story that should have been a few movies of build up first at least.


yeah I'd love to see ultron and mcu Pietro come back


Black Widow Justice for Nat and Taskmaster


The film was treated as an afterthought and it’s so clear. She should’ve gotten her own origin story like all the OG Avengers did. It’s my biggest sour spot.




The real MVP of the Avengers and he gets a retirement story, but not an origin story. Poor guy.


I would actually be okay with his origin story being done by a different actor. He's meant to have worked for SHIELD for a long time right? Renner is too old to pull off the origin story now. Figure out the perfect young version, give me a a good introduction TV show - hell S2 of Hawkeye even - and I'll be happy.


Less ass shots. ...Or more, but for guys too. Equal rights.


Black Widow's director was a woman, Cate Shortland. Scarlet is an A-lister and probably approved of those ass shots. Evangeline Lilly spoke about being able to give her input into the Wasp costume. She wanted it to be athletic and feminine, but NOT focus on her body parts. It is more in line with a feminine tactical suit than a sex kitten suit. I think the actresses do have a say as how they are portrayed.


More. You can never have enough. Also, were there more than an average movie? I didn’t particularly notice that


There was one particularly long one when Nat was just bringing some gas out to the generator in front of the trailer, as I recall.


I always think "Red sparrow" was the black widow film we all wanted.....


Age of Ultron Ultron does not immediately begin to do obviously antagonistic activities, instead he works to succeed at becoming the "suit of armor around the world." As Ultron picks up the responsibility, he is given more units to work with, and the Avengers begin retiring to "turn swords into plowshares." Things start to go "wrong" when Ultron becomes trusted enough to have so many units that he can observe firsthand that the immediate threat to the world is some of the people living on it. With tech fueled by the Mind Stone, those people begin to experience suspicious changes of heart, which sometimes works out, sometimes gets them ousted or killed by other lousy people, with the changes of heart later happening to the new "powers that be." As people start acting according to Ultron's vision of how the world should be, the Avengers have to decide if restoring the ability of terrible people to be terrible is a battle they even should take up.


Let Edgar Wright make his ant-man movie


Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man would’ve gone up Thanos’ butt.


And go for a pint of beer in the Winchester Pub


And maybe Cornetto on the way and wait for all of this to blow over


**Thor Dark World**. I change Malekith. He could've been amazing. Like the Joker of the MCU. I would have also had at least a cameo by an Avenger. Also would introduced Balder and teased a European hero


And given Christopher Eccelston an actual character to play around with.


He’s such a solid actor. Since his head bump playing the Doctor I feel like he hasn’t really got a chance to get his teeth into anything good. I don’t hate we got David, he will always be my #1, but I wish Christopher had gotten more than one season. Especially by the end of season 1, he was just coming into his own.


Thaaaank you, while the 10th will always hold a place in my heart, the 9th was my introduction and he's my absolute favorite. I really want him to get more roles


We live in the 9 Realms


I mean, Chris Evans does cameo in Dark World


Age of Ultron. Cut down on the quipping and make Ultron a memorable terrifying threat


I'd probably just give AoU to a different director. I get that Joss Whedon was super famous and was a good pick at the time to make the original Avengers movie, but I think AoU really suffered from being a more concentrated version of Whedon without the benefit of outside restrictions. It was *too* quippy, had too much of his other robot-gains-sentience obsession, and it had too much of his (kind of gross) relationship fixations. Get rid of his individual trademarks, and it would have been a much stronger movie (no Bruce/Natasha relationship, no excessive focus on Scarlett Johannson's physical form, no insistence on everyone making the same shallow quips despite being different characters with (theoretically) individual senses of humor, and no watering down of Ultron with nonsensical, forced human quirks). Ultron could have been the terrifying force he is in the comics, not the somewhat stupid, insecure mess he was in the movie.


I think the problem with Ultron is he goes in reverse... The scariest thing he does is the Pinocchio speech at the Avenger's party. He goes from creepy and scary to making jokes and using liberal sarcasm. It should have been in reverse. He could have gone from jokes to more and more demented thinking as the movie went on. Imagine if that first incarnation of him sang the Pinocchio song kind of silly and Tony mistakenly thought it was a bug in the AI. Then Ultron could have emerged more sinister and frightening with each iteration.


I want to weigh in on AoU as well - I've recently rewatched it and while it certainly suffers from the quipping, I didn't find that to be the biggest issue. Ultron is certainly a lot less sinister when compared to his comics counterpart, and the film does a bad job bringing across just how devastating he can be. But still, that's not the worst part. The worst part is Whedon has (in my opinion) always had a shit eye for directing action scenes. The action in AoU is more than unmemorable, it's downright bad. And there're wayyyyy too many civilian shots in it. Compare it to the famous Russian family in JL theatrical cut, and you see one of Whedon's worst idiosyncracies: the endless shots of civilians gasping and crying out in fear. I don't know what fetish this is but I want no part of it.


I didn't mind Hulk vs. Hulkbuster. There were some sequences that were messy like when Tony first fights Ultron and they zip around the factory and you can't make sense of what you're watching. The slow motion sequences with Quicksilver were not bad. I enjoyed the one shot of Thor/Vision/Tony vs. Ultron at the end before Hulk uppercut him. But definitely some of the action sequences lacked a cohesive thread.


Whedon gave us memorable Hulk scenes, which is better than what I can say for just about anything Hulk related that followed outside of Ragnorak.


Doctor Strange: Make the movie longer cause it deserved to be.


Real time dormammu fight when


The time stone trick is one of the best parts. It's the most creative solution to a villain the mcu has had before or since and it fits better in a metaphysical wizards movie than an over the top cgi fight.


I think by real-time he meant that they put all of Strange's respawns in. every. single. one.


Nah, give me Strange 14,000,605 visons on the future But knowing Disney we're going to get one vision per week


It also adhered to his Hippocratic Oath as a doctor. He found a “nonviolent” solution and did no “harm”. I loved that touch.


Yes! I absolutely love that movie, and it really upsets me that it was so short. I’m hoping the sequel will be twice as longer.


If the rumored runtime for Spider-Man is true, I'm going to imagine DS2 is going to be as close or longer! Or at least I hope so


Blackwidow and make it natasha's origin story


8 Years Later


And change it to 5


Heck, just say "present day".


Change it to 10 and cause more mayhem


I’m going to say either redo Hulk and make it a horror movie inspired by the *Immortal Hulk* comic, or redo Thor: The Dark World and include a proper Malekith.


Captain marvel: embrace the cosmic and get off earth. She can literally blow up the planet, the scale of the original movie was comical. Respect her power and ability, and let Brie go off and give you 40-15-10




Black widow The beginning of the movie sets up this dark feeling for the movie, like it's going to be this serious film that dives into deep real problems, kinda got daredevil vibes from it. Then it just kinda becomes this ridiculous over the top action movie. They coulda done something really awesome and way different from everything else and it would've been better. I read up on the director and found out she's known for dark movies about the struggles women go through, you kind of get a taste of that, then it gets disneyfied. Edit: forgot to say what i would change lol.


Yep. And make it *smaller* in scale. Have the action sequences be more down-to-earth. Nat and Ylena aren't super-powered like Steve or Thor or Captain Marvel, they're just insanely well-trained assassins. So make the action sequences reflect that. Also, the Red Room should have existed ON THE GROUND in Russia, not 30 miles up in the sky. (At least that's what I'm guessing based on the amount of time the Red Room spent falling to earth)


The movie would be instantly better by having the Red Room grounded on Earth. Imagine they discover the RR is being operated out of an old USSR bunker, and they have to infiltrate that. We could get a really cool sequence of Natasha sneaking through the halls and taking people down, calling back to her introduction in Iron Man 2.


Yeah, what you're describing was closer to what I was expecting and I would have really enjoyed more super-spy action and less fighting. What we got was a story about a family and I enjoyed that too.


I honestly could have watched a movie about Nat living in that little trailer in Sweden. Just that.


Yeah it could’ve been a really dark spy thriller instead we got lame Fast and Furious+Mission Impossible knockoff


They did Nat and taskmaster dirty. Yelena was amazing though. She's my favourite MCU character now. Excited to see her more


Florence is gonna end up with at least one Oscar under her belt in the next 10y, bet. She should have gotten one for Midsommar. The beginning of that movie fucked me up so much because I had pretty much the same reaction when my mom died. It was like I felt it in my bones when she was screaming.


Same. I get the feeling they wanted to disneyfy it because they thought it would make more money.


Age of ultron: make ultron scary af OR iron man 1/incredible hulk: just so they have the same actors as the other movies, no other change


Answer is easy. Refilm hulk with ruffilo. That's the best change you could make.


Surprised it hasn’t been deep faked yet.


Honestly keep waiting to see someone do that and replace Rhodey in Iron Man but I have yet to see a video for either of them.


Terrance Rhodey: “next time baby” Don Rhodey: “Not today. Not any day” (Don then Flies circles around Terrance in the Mk-II)


I think their facial structures are too different for deepfake to work. You're essentially superimposing one face on top of another. That wouldn't really be possible with Norton and Ruffalo.


Wouldn't help much anyway, two different body types


I’m not sure about that for this movie. Edward Norton works well as the on the run loner. He’s a pretty great actor, although tremendously hard to work with (supposedly?). I do like Ruffalo a lot - so I’d watch it of course :) I’d change the Abomination aesthetic for that film before anything else. At least the face (ears specifically) are much better in Shang Chi!


I make it so Kilmonger doesn’t blatantly die at the end of Black Panther.


I feel like if it was known more about Chadwick battle then they wouldn't have killed off kimonger like that as it would have been the door for them to take if he had passed away or couldn't film anymore.


I mean I liked Killmonger but even if he hadn't died it, wouldn't make sense for him to take over the lead role. The guy started a civil war and killed probably dozens of Wakandans.


Phil Coleson return at some point


Agents of S.H.I.E.LD is such an amazing show. Watch it everybody!


Boy do I have the show for you


Ever been to Tahiti?


It's a magical place.




It's hard to limit it to just one, because the one I'd change would have to have several other changes come after it. I'd change *Captain America: Civil War* to be *Avengers: Civil War*, and follow it up with *Black Widow* (which would stay the same, minus the end credits scene), and then *Captain America: Secret Avengers* (which would follow Cap and his team post-*Civil War* and pre-*Infinity War*). I don't think anything else would change, but that's what I'd do. edit / I thought of another, but that one would also change a couple movies after it. I'd set *Ant-Man* pre-*Avengers* and have Hank Pym as the titular Ant-Man, who helps found the Avengers. Then *Age of Ultron* would be a proper adaptation of Ultron's origins, and then *Ant-Man & the Wasp* could be when Scott takes over as Ant-Man. It's hard to change just one movie without affecting a couple others, I guess. Or I'm just horrible at following this prompt. Lmao.


I actually don’t mind Civil War being a Cap movie. The focus was on Cap and Bucky’s relationship so it made sense.


I've always strongly felt that Captain Marvel should be from Nick Fury's POV. Cut everything before Carol comes to Earth and have her and Nick unraveling the mysteries of her past together.


Age of Ultron. Get rid of Whedon, bring in the Russos. Keep Ultron, but improve the visual design.


Age of Ultron. Ultron doesn't quip. He's a killer robot who's out to destroy the Avengers by runing their reputation and stating the cracks in the team that would cause them to fully crumble in Civil War.


Captain Marvel, it has so much potential (considering she’s one of the strongest avengers) but we all know it’s just missing something, maybe a lot of something


The story was kind of weak. Definitely would’ve upped the steaks a bit in the third act. I really liked that idea they had her fighting giant robots in concept art. That would’ve been really cool. Also I would’ve added in older Peggy Carter. Maybe have Carol go to the the shield base in DC and end up fighting more skrulls. Maybe get rid of Ronan? I found him kind of pointless. Or maybe made him more of a threat. I think one of the biggest problems with Captain Marvel, was it was just too small of a film. It needed to be more bigger and more epic. Like Shang-Chi! Now that was a big epic origin movie with a good story as well! 👏🏽


Agree. They should get Destin Cretton (who's good friend with Brie Larson) to direct it instead


> upped the steaks I’m just imagining at least 1 steak eaten per scene now. Carol just straight up munching on some Outback while plowing through Ronan’s army.


My biggest issue with CM was the decision to make the skrull, literally one of the most terrifying and evil races in the marvel universe, the *victim*. Fuck that. The skrull should be evil and deceitful at all times.


Main issues for me seemed to mostly stem from direction. - emotional moments felt way too subdued - fight scenes were honestly pretty ass - cinematography ranged from bland to straight up unwatchable (that one Skrull refugee planet was the absolute worst. Everything was dark AND foggy) Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have made good films, but I think they were the wrong choice for this material.


I think most of the issue is that Carol doesn’t know who she is for half of the movie. I’m really excited for the sequel though since she’ll be herself from the get-go and we’ll get to know her better.


Age of Ultron. I wanted an Empire style sequel with a scary and complex version of Ultron that the trailers hinted at.