Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now Certified Fresh at 92% on Tomatometer, with 91 reviews

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now Certified Fresh at 92% on Tomatometer, with 91 reviews


Simu's parents finally came around!


92%? Why not 100%?


Pfff 100% is for kids, if you are our real son you would get 110%


Where are the extra credits?


Simu, our family is not Asian. We’re A+sian.


"If you did your homework it would've been 100%"


Where’s the 8%?


What's the context here






Asian parents


Now I know why they didn't want the trailer for Spiderman NWH to release now, it's totally overshadowing Shang Chi's upcoming release.


They were gonna release it this week anyways…. The whole point of dropping the trailer now is so it can play in theaters with Shang-Chi


This. I'm guessing people forgot but pre-covid, the trailer for the next Marvel movie or two was always played for the MCU movie currently out.


Well see the next Marvel movie is the Eternals.


> the next Marvel movie or two


Damn I wish I waited to see it in theaters.


I've already watched the trailer 3-4 times, looking forward to watch it again when going to see Shang Chi in the cinemas lol


I wish it were safe to go to a theater. I would love to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on opening night. :( I'm not risking getting a breakthrough infection and dying or killing my family for it though.


Yep. I’m fully vaxxed, will be masked and sitting only near my group of totally vaxxed friends. Also receive weekly tests for work so I’m not to worried


Why not release it *with* Shang Chi? They used to trick people into buying a ticket for a movie just to see a trailer premiere. If ever there was a time for that it's with Shang Chi or Eternals.


Not necessarily. I think people recognize NWH is still a bit off. The hype around Spider-Man is insane, but Shang-Chi has the element of the unknown. We’ve never had a film made about this property before. People will attend it for different reasons than NWH outside of both being Marvel films. And I’ll say this: Marvel has done an extremely good job and differentiating these 3 movies. Based on their trailers alone, Shang-Chi, Eternals, and No Way Home all feel distinctly separate from one another tonally. They clearly feel more comfortable taking risks that, from the initial look of things, could pay off in the end.


Shang chi has no hype


Could help it too though no? Marvel hype for another property could still garner hype for other properties. I for one would have never watched captain marvel if it had no tie-in or relation with Endgame.


Why would Sony give a shit about Shang-Chi? Why are you downvoting me? I'm right!


Sony may not care about Shang-Chi specifically, but they do care about how the MCU performs overall and watch how each release performs. It's the entire reason they made the deal to put Spider-Man in the MCU in the first place. They believe capitalizing on the MCU's success is more profitable than making another standalone set of Spider-Man movies. I'm sure that's also the reasoning for at least one big MCU character being prominent in each of Spidey's movies (Tony, Fury, and Strange), and that it's part of Sony's contract that each of those have a certain minimum amount of screentime. If Shang-Chi is successful and the MCU Spider-Man movies keep going, Shang-Chi may be one of those future crossover characters.


Because you are wrong


That was fast! Ten days to go, let's see how the ratings get affected on OD


From what I've heard from reviewers, my guess it'll sit around 80-85%.


Nah that's too low. I think between 85-90 but I could be wrong


I hope so that'd be awesome.


Yeah nah that's too low. There's no way from what I heard from these reviewers and YouTubers that got to see this early that they think shang chi is on the same level as black widow in terms of rotten tomatoes. You could see the very clear difference in tone in reviews of both the movies from the reel rejects channel for an example.


Well, part of the 'meh' for Black Widow was....what was the point of it? We already know the character dies. We really didn't need a prequel story that led into a 'inbetween' story. If they had released it when Captain Marvel released, and Captain Marvel when Black Widow released, I think it would have done far better and Captain Marvel wouldn't have had quite as much controversy surrounding it.




Opening Day


What? I thought this was already out lol


And that is why these reviews should not be trusted


No one that watches these movies thinks like those critics, just look through rotten tomatoes and you can tell the divide.


Critic reviews are generally on the money though


They are generally for the money you mean


Maybe but I find they rate movies fairly accurately anyway


Are they? Critic reviews are completely delusional and detached from reality half the time. Audience scores hold so much more value. Either way, can't wait for the movie.


Like for which movie did you feel that way?


Exact, remember how many praised last Jedi? Disney heavily influences critics.


Last Jedi is exactly why critics are right and audience scores are meaningless. Audience scores are one triggered audience away from completely detaching from the reality of the movie quality....or worse being review bombed....which is what happened to captain Marvel, TLJ and a few other movies/games in that period. TLJ is a good movie that fans of star wars turned on for whatever personal reason. It's still a good movie. It's literally just a bunch of dudes headcannon hitting reality and being butthurt about it. The movie was solid and better than most star wars movies as far as actual quality of the film, performances, pacing, and sequences were all concerned. Same for why dudes walk into arthouse movies and drop a fat 0/10 because it offended them that it wasn't yet another movie for them specifically.


Dude. The last Jedi is horseshit made by a director that is clueless about Starwars and ignored all the setups in the first movie. My you may like or love it. But I would say that is a minority view.


Where's the other 8%


I'm super pumped for this movie! And while the new Spiderman trailer looks amazing, I'm a bit bummed at the timing of the leak. Feels like Shang-Chi's flying very under the radar given everything else happening with Marvel right now. Hoping it does well enough at the box office, but given the delta strain, who knows??


If anything, its Marvel boosting Marvel.


The Disney+ series have been great, but after seeing Black Widow I'm super hyped to get to see MCU feature films.


some 3 letter suite guy is jacking it so hard right now knowing no matter which movie is better he still wins because it's the same company


"I used the Marvel, to boost the Marvel. It nearly killed me, but the work is done."


based on presales, it's targeting a 50-60M opening weekend, which is pretty massive for COVID. It'll probably make something like 400M WW at the maximum (like a best case scenario thing), which will be really good for the pandemic season.


this is for other movies in general but a lot newly released movies have bombed quite bad, I don't think marvel will have as much of an issue since black widow did quite well in theaters and streaming though shang chi could underperform. I hope it doesn't but a lot of movies are not able to break even there own budget such as snake eyes, jungle cruise and the suicide squad


I'll bet Suicide Squad helped boost HBOMax subs and Jungle Cruise made a bit in Premiere Access sales. Shang Chi is going to be theater exclusive so should see a higher box office number.


It definitley could have made up in streaming but otherwise the movies have still flopped and haven't been able to even profit yet


I’m so excited to see this movie?


Are you?


I’m Ron Burgundy?


Why the question mark?


i swear they used the weirdest simi liu face for this poster


Yeah, they didn't use a very good pic of Simu......having watched him on Kim's Convenience I know he has a better look than that.


lol some people are downvoting me dude is much better looking than this


they photoshopped him to hell and made his eyes all weird. Like he does not look like that.


Maybe it’s to fit China’s beauty standards?


??? Chinese audiences don't like him specifically because he's not a pretty boy and deem him ugly


Yeah that’s what I mean, so they tried to kind of edit his look to make him fit more traditional Chinese beauty standards, which is why he looks a bit off to Western eyes? Just a thought, not sure if it’s true.


Well he also looks weird to the Chinese, so if the guy who designed the poster actually intended that, then he really did a very bad job


The extremely thin eyes are the opposite of Asian beauty standards. They absolutely hate the fact that western people love the thin eyes because it's been portrayed as a racial stereotype for decades. Just look at any propaganda from WW2 or before that for any anti-asian media.


Simu Handsomeface.


Looking at the few negative reviews....those reviewers seem to be biased towards Marvel movies in general...calling it "formulaic" or the "Marvel Studios machine". Examples: *The last half hour of a Marvel movie is always its weakest, but somehow Shang-Chi finds a new low, with all kinds of ridiculous and visually inscrutable mishegosh.* ​ *The Marvel Cinematic Universe marches on undaunted with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which, despite its representational bona-fides, could not be a more purely generic exercise from this machine that eats cinema.*


Spoiler free take: it's not entirely unsubstantiated criticism. There's certain "CGI fuckfest" moments in that last act, which isn't unexpected. But the movie has far more good going for it than bad, so anything that feels predictable and being "another iteration of the MCU" won't appeal to those who don't like it. But if you're at all interested, I think you'll enjoy the ride. It got me hyped again.


I feel like complaining that a comic movie has predictable aspects is kinda like complaining that you are wet in the shower.. if you over simplify anything it becomes contrived. Everything is that way.




I know but I'm talking about when they critique things that aren't necessarily bad. Like contrived things good and bad hero movies do. If they all the the same thing or have the same kind of plot point don't make that the critique because they all have it. Critique what matters. The acting the effects. Etc. It's just seems pointless to be like "it did what all super hero movies do.. do something different." Then it wouldn't be a super hero movie.. that's like watching a scary movie and instead of writing weather or not the scares were good or if you felt the suspense you instead said "it did this thing all scary movies do where there is a calm and then it scares the shit out of you... seeeeen it... do something different." Lol


And its the same tired argument every time as well.


And? Not everyone is going to like the MCU. And that’s absolutely fine. I am a huge MCU fan but even I would argue a few of the movies do follow a formula and can get boring. I haven’t seen Shang-Chi but Black Widow as an example was one of the worst Marvel movies I’ve seen, absolutely generic and forgettable, especially the ridiculously over the top third act, traditionally where the MCU is weakest. I really hope Shang-Chi doesn’t follow the same pattern.


I think the original commenter isn’t necessary disagreeing with the review, just that the specific reviewer was never going to go into a Marvel movie with an open mind. Which is totally fine, they have to do their job and everything, but it isn’t really as worrying as if somebody that generally likes Marvel movies came out with a bad review.




They just represent the subset of audiences who want to go to a blockbuster but want it to not always follow the same rythms. Which is fine. I don't think anyone hates the MCU for any reason other than the idea of what could be there....which I think is flawed. The MCU isn't eating money anymore than garbage blockbusters were before. It's no less cinema than those movies. Imo, I'd rather MCU than the garbage blockbuster scene we had before...because at least in comparison the MCU is taking risks and as they continue to lull audiences into safety they can take more and more risks that a normal blockbuster movie just wouldn't take. Like modern blockbusters are garbage nostalgia bait...at least when I watch an MCU movie and don't know the comics it's actually a completely new world, character, tone, and style. People seem to forget that the blockbuster scene wasn't good before...and only in retrospect can you cherrypick the past to find the nuggets when in all reality I used to skip the summer blockbuster scene entirely.


Exactly, the use of certain phrases appears to show anti-marvel bias, so they’re already predisposed to look for the negative in this movie.


I just find reviews weird anyway.. if there are going to be reviews that love it and reviews that hate it.. it doesn't even matter the percentage of bad vs good reviews because your personal experience is relative. So what's the point of reviews except to read something and be happy they agree with you or read something and hate they don't agree and be mad for no reason. It's literally why people watch reaction channels. Well I and some people I know watch reaction channels because sometimes we may not be able to hang with friends and some reaction channel people are so chill it kinda feels like you are watching something with friends and now that I say this out loud I feel like I am exposing how lonely I am Holy shit.. because I will literally rewatch a movie or tv show back to back just to watch it with a friend and see their joy of watching something they like.. I think that's why I watch reaction channels. I want to pretend they are my friends watching the spiderman trailer with me and me being hyped they are hyped about something I am hyped about...


That doesn't make black widow an overall bad movie. And anytime this formulaic thing is brought up. In most of these reviews, the issue is that they don't dive deep enough into explaining the formulaic, mcu issues that they continue to have with these movies. That doesn't boil down to an easy pick at cgi third act, which you could almost pre plan these critiques without seeing the movie. And by doing that you have opened yourself up to. Any slight cgi usage that seems to get bigger and bigger, even if it mostly looks good. It will still go down as a complaint despite 90% of the time looking good. Some of these critics don't dive deep enough into, explaining the mcu formulaic issues. And Instead they may say something like while the characters are enjoyable, and are full of charm and wit, these mcu movies are unable to escape the need of an over usage of cgi during the third act. This continues to be an mcu mark within the run of the mill tired fomular, that has started to become thin and over stay its welcome. If a critic came out and said that, and if that's how he or she truly feels. Then I question what did you give aquaman or wonder woman 1, even if it's a fresh score did you at least bring up the abundance of cgi, and how bad it was at times during the third act. Because it's an issue you've clearly pointed to that the mcu has, so what about the movies I've listed. And did that at least impact your overall score? And in terms of being formulaic how did they feel about wonder woman 1. Because despite being an amazing movie, that film didn't reinvent the superhero genre from a filmmaking standpoint nor did it have to. And in terms of story or character what did the first one do, that was never seen before in a superhero movie, that was unlike anything in the mcu fomular. Because critics complain about an mcu movie coming out and it, isn't anything we haven't see before. Making it formulaic, therefore bad? That didn't stop wonder woman from being an amazing movie. And imo the best dceu film and one of the best comicbook movies. Wonder woman didn't need to be the dark knight, it didn't need to be avengers 1, it didnt need to do something never heard of in a comic book movie. Instead the critics were judging wonder woman on, based on how well made the movie is. And despite having a third act that was cgi heavy and had very questionable dialogue, and a bad villain. The rest of the moving parts such as Steve death, or Diana coming into her own, the Wrap up of the story. Nearly everything was executed so well in terms of how well made the film was, and how well develop the story/characters were. The great definitely out weigh the bad. As well as what it did for female empowerment, it was like I said a great movie. But it didn't need to reinvent the superhero genre, or have a superhero story never told before. Or do something at the end of the movie we would have never saw coming. Or avoid the overly used cgi in the third act because despite that being criticism. It didnt hurt the movie enough to go from great to bad, at most it might go for great to good. And my point is if the movie as a whole does all the necessary things. Such as good characters, good character motivation, (good villain if you can) decent to good to great action, themes that are clearly and precisely explored, good pacing for the majority of the movie, good cinematography, good filmmaking from a technical standpoint for most part, a well develop script that has enough character work to warrant good characters motivations/ engaging fruitful journey. Wonder woman 1 nailed all of that except for the villain. Which imo is okay because everything else was done sooooo well. And none of that involved the movie needing to reinvent or do something unheard of in a comicbookmovie. Or break formula of the heroes journey where the hero doesn't win at the end, becoming a weaker or more evil or pessimistic version of themselves. And going on a journey where the hero goes from full of hope, to losing all hope at the end and choosing to give up and either be a villian or a dark knight/daredevil type hero. Wonder woman didn't need to do any of that to break mold, or be different in order to be deemed as fresh and something new. You didn't need wonder woman to lose to Aries and decide due to Steve death, she is going to go into hiding and give up. And no longer intervene in mankind affairs. Wonder woman eventually defeating the villain, going on a journey into becoming a better hero, full of hope and coming to understand things for what they are. Not as we like them to be and. Despite losing Steve she is wiling to keep hope alive and be the hero, she know she can be and Steve believe she was. All of that didnt need to be tampered with in order to make wonder woman 1 a great movie. Especially for an origin story, which shang chi is at the end of the day. Which most of if not all superhero origins stories follow or have similar character/story beats. Whether it's the reluctant hero who doesn't want the responsibility, or hassle of being a full fledged superhero. And is hesitant to answer his calling and eventually take on the role of a hero, despite not wanting to at first. Or the selfish hero who becomes selfless towards the end, or the fish out of water hero who learns to find their balance in new unfamiliar territory, whilst making friends and going on a journey to becoming a more nuance hero. Or the superhero montages of a hero learning his powers, or training and becoming an expert once the montage is finished. We have seen these tropes in so many superhero or block busters hero stories. But imo it isn't whether it's been done before, for me it's how well is it done, and does it do enough to warrant being at least a good movie. It doesn't need to be great, it doesn't need to be one of the best, it just needs to be good enough to warrant it being label a good movie. And if that means it sticks to a fomular, but it executes most of the moving parts really well and accomplishes what it set out to do. Then why wouldn't the movie deserve a fresh review, but if you feel that most of the moving parts in the movie failed. And it didn't achieve what it set out to do and even the fomularic elements, that you wouldn't be critical of if done to a good level. You have to hamper down on them due to being done so poorly, and if characters are badly written, if the story is undeveloped, if the themes aren't strongly conveyed due to muddy writing and questionable character decisions. As well as the superhero formulaic elements were undercooked and not done well. Then I can understand any superhero movie mcu or dceu receiving a bad review. Especially if the formulaic superhero stuff isn't at least done well, as well as if the fundamentals of making a good movie were also poorly done. Then there are no exceptions the movie deserves a bad review, but imo most mcu movies and the recent dceu movies. From ww1 up to the suicide squad, aside from Josh Justice league which I would say I think failed. Everything else from the dceu I think do enough to warrant not failling on those two fronts, same with most mcu movies. Black widow didn't need to be the best superhero movie, or a great superhero movie, all it needed to be was at least good. And despite what some think most believe it was a good movie, from a critic and auidence standpoint they both gave mostly good responses to the film. Like I said it doesn't need to do something new, especially for critics who job is to review a movie. But for us fans in order to keep interest, then yes the mcu needs to keep reinventing itself especially to keep people on board. But as a critic judging a movie and does the good outweigh the bad, if so then why not give the movie a fresh. When you give a movie 3 out of 5, or 6 or 7 out of 10 but you still give the movie a rotten, like I said I just need to question your logic.


It's very easy to explain why most marvel movies drop the ball in the third act. The third act is more of a focus on spectacle than anything else. Compare it to something like Spiderverse, which is also formulaic. It's third act actually blends well with the story because for the most part, it isn't a cluster fuck of main characters vs faceless goons. It's a cluster fuck of main and secondary characters. Even characters like Scorpion had a speaking line or two prior to his fights in the third act. You don't see random jacketed goons with no lines shooting at the Spidermen. The only scene with a faceless mob of antagonists was when Miles and Peter B infiltrated the research facility and it was played off likr a joke. Marvel movies struggle hard with the third act because by the end of the second act, most of the story has been resolved and the third act is pretty much a victory lap for the heroes. I think that mcu movies kinda fail in even building up or into the third act also. Shit just seem to randomly happen at times leading up to it. So to summarize, the weakest MCU third acts seem to have the common throughline of being narratively weak victory laps for the main character(s) as they mop the floor with faceless goons. All 3 Cap movies, Spiderman Homecoming, both Ant Man movies, and Thor 3 have decent to good third acts since they were better narratively integrated into the story or more personal to the main character.


switch up the formula. maybe the writers should spend some time on tvtropes and lampshade / invert mcguffins and plot elements?


>could not be a more purely generic exercise from this machine that eats cinema. I hate when critics try say something by saying absolutely nothing, and it's just them putting words together to sound smart. But once you break it down, they haven't said anything. About the actual movie itself, like this is your job. Instead you have some critics that result to shortcuts and lazy criticisms, without fully fleshing out their critique. I'm not saying all critics do this, but the few that do it are extremely annoying. Like what does eating cinema have to do with whether or not it's at least a good movie, whether you personally like these movies from a taste standpoint isn't the point. But trying to be objective, does it do the necessary things. Needed for good film making. Even when some critics give a movie 6 or 6.5 or 7 out of 10, but will still give the movie a rotten.... I just have to question your logic? And the end of the day, I'm fine with critics disliking a movie/hating a movie. And you'll continue to have some critics who hate the superhero genre, and which it would die out. And that will be a bias when giving their reviews, and hold it against the movie before its begun. And due to certain superhero like things, may even hold it against the movie despite being a good to great movie within the blockbuster genre. It is what it is, one of the reviewers who gave Shang chi 1 out of 5. Gave Star Wars the rise of Skywalker 5 out of 5, and gave excuses that if you ignore logic it's a great movie. For me things such as that make me have to side eye your reviews. It is what it is and that's why for me reviews are what they are, and can be great especially if they are very positive towards, something you were looking forward to. But the most important view will be your own, and how much like or disliked the product you consume. Overall I'm happy Shang Chi is getting great reviews and it looking to be, a top tier mcu movie. It may end at 89 or 90 when it's all said and done that's fine.


This! I’m tired of the lazy critique that superhero movies’ third acts are bad if it involves fighting and CGI. Reviewers publishing this tired argument tend to be more interested in expressing preference than critiquing the film. I would give them more credit if they followed up their statements with a further explanation for why it doesn’t work, something like suggesting the cinematography, fight choreography, etc isn’t serving the story and how. I’m certainly not arguing a Marvel movie is without faults or above criticism, I just wish film critics would offer more intelligent criticism when it comes to their most overused complaints.


That’s still perfectly valid criticism. Everyone has their own opinions.


to be fair they need to move away from sky beam and controlled drone army . its super tired.


> mishegosh Speaking of inscrutable... I mean it's clear from context, but is that a thing people say? Were they trying to write "meshugaas?" Because if so, they didn't get very close.


Question for anyone who has seen it. What's the soundtrack like? What kind of music?


EDIT: I just found this [IG story pic](https://m.imgur.com/a/0WMq6Er) with some songs not released yet and some that are. I'm inclined to believe it's true based on the prominent Asian/Asian American artists that are featured on it. I haven't seen it personally yet but I asked this exact question in a post from someone who did watch an early screening. They said that the music was akin to how the soundtrack for Black Panther fit that movie's cultural aspects. From the singles released thus far, it feels very aesthetically hip hop and pop influenced which I think comes from the fact that the movie is coming from an Asian American perspective.


I don't generally like hip hop so this is dissapointing. But I'll still see it


Only 8% more to go. (to please his parents)


“What happened to the other 8 percent?” - Simu Liu’s parents, probably


I'm excited to see the movie, but...there's no way I'm risking contracting COVID-19 to see it. I'll wait for the home video release.


I trust pre release reviews as much as gas station sushi. I do however think this will be a good one.


I give it 9 out of 10 rings.


Fuck yeah! That’s what I’m looking for. Ready for some good quality hero movie time.


Kung-fu! Let's go!




Watch out for u/sourninjacow he’s spoiling the movie thru DMs


I think that Shang-Chi would be better off if it were offered to stream on Disney+ premium service and in the movie theaters at the same time. Since the characters in Shang-Chi are not well-known, I think that having the movie available both on the streaming service and playing in the theaters at the same time would give the movie more momentum.


Didn’t know it’s not going to be on Disney+ premium. My friends and I still aren’t going to movie theaters yet and was hoping to stream it. Guess I have to wait for the blu ray


It will be streaming, but not for the first 45 days.




Peak cinema incoming.


“Only 92? Where did the other 8 percent go, huh? You absolute failure, pathetically.” -Simu’s parents, probably


Thanks rotten tomatoes and critics. The mouse was beginning to worry.


The mouse only cares about box office numbers if this doesn’t perform well with a theater-only release this is not going to be good. The theater industry will continue to struggle and more actors will be less compensated for their work as many of their contracts are written to have kickbacks from box office performance.


I see we still got some people who are mad that Shang Chi and Mandarin aren't white smh


What? Where? How can anyone be white with the name like Shang Chi? It’s pretty Asian.


Easy! Rename him to Shawn Gee!


Yeah like what kind of a take is that, both characters were always Asian since day 1 lol


Until we find a way to resurrect Mickey Rooney, Simu Liu and Tony Leung are gonna have to do.


You just made that up


Just bought my tickets earlier. My body is ready


Critics rarely agree with consumers so I won't hold my breath. That said I'm still expecting a decent, middle of the pack flick.


Lol rotten tomatoes also gave black panther a 96


Yeah and that movie was mediocre as fuck




You’re projecting your ignorance loud and clear.


so true




The audience score is far worse because it is so easily and consistently swayed by the internet mob.




Audience scores make the Star Wars prequels look like they’re on par with Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.


Both SW episode 1 & 2 have rotten audience scores, while spider man 1 & 2 have much better and fresh scores, the only prequel movie that is close to the audience score of Raimi’ spider man 1 & 2 is episode 3 which still has a lower score. So I don’t know what you’re talking about with “Audience scores make the Star Wars prequels look like they’re on par with Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.”


Phantom Menace: 59%, 3.5/5 Attack of the Clones: 56%, 3.4/5 Revenge of the Sith: 66%, 3.1/5 Spider-Man: 67%, 3.3/5 Spider-Man 2: 82%, 3.5/5 Spider-Man 3: 51%, 3.3/5 **Prequel Average:** 60%, 3.3/5 **Spider-Man Average:** 66%, 3.4/5


What it lacks in creativity, it makes up for in inoffensiveness. In other words, a Disney hit. Light 7.


Abomination vs Wong going to take place in Madripoor??? Thoughts?




I have a completely unrelated question about the photo being used and that question is, are they using a skin smoothing filter? Because his skin looks impossibly good.


Byt how its not out yet? Isn't it suppose to bd out on 3rd september?


We'll see about that


I have no doubt that this movie is amazing, but I never listen to critics, for better or worse.


92% GMO Tomatoes


Can someone tell me how the tomato meter works.. and also why do they do reviews before the official release.


Critics get special screenings before general theatrical release so they can write about the movie. Ideally for the movie, they say good things and so people reading the reviews will go out and see it. Same reason IGN and such get video games before they are released. It means 92% of critics liked it.


Rotten tomatoes can't be trusted anymore.


Look...I get where you're coming from, but let's be honest....outside your local newspaper (and even then, maybe not) you can't really "trust" critic reviews for anything. And you never could. Ever. Critical reviews are bought and paid for. Even Ebert. Especially Ebert. You want a review you can trust? Watch it yourself. You're the only metric you can trust as to how well you'll enjoy something.