Updated MCU Upcoming Release Schedule

Updated MCU Upcoming Release Schedule


How many fucking characters do they want to include in the next crossover holy shit


Next Avengers movie be like: Dr Strange : "Is that everyone?" Wong : "F*cking hell is nothing enough for you?"


Until they include my boy Matt Murdock, no one is enough


Same with my girl Quake


I want Daisy to hang out with Jessica Jones


Don't know if Daisy and JJ would get along. Agent May and JJ though? Two badass women kicking ass? Sign me up


Early Daisy would get along in the sarcasm department but Jessica would get annoyed by her pretty quickly. But final Daisy would probably get along real nice. Jessica is a loner who doesn't want anyone to get hurt, so she pushes people away. But when someone with badass powers comes to help you, and they can kick your ass with or without powers, AND they match you at sarcasm and being mindfucked by a psycho """ex"""... I wouldn't say besties, but she's high on the tolerate list.


I want Daisy to hang with anyone as long as it's in a movie.


I just want Daisy on the big screen


I kinda want Deke's VR Daisy game.


I believe that marvel always holds the Netflix and AOS characters as an ace up their sleeve. If there was any sign of something not working out, they know pulling one character from any of those shows will blow people's minds and attract that already existent fan base. That's why they never truly ever answer those "canon" or "not canon" questions.


**Here comes ALPHA FLIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!**


I think Feige said the next Avengers line up will be made out of totally new characters. That was when they first announced most of these Edit: nvm, quote was, “it will be a very different team than we’ve seen before [...] with some people you’ve already met and some people you haven’t met yet.”


I wonder if this confirms that what he was actually teasing is the “Dark Avengers” then, including Sam Walker and Yelena. Bc you’d imagine Sam Wilson would have to be in the next Avengers lineup and he’s certainly not new


Well now there is a group of widows too.


If Black Widow had been released in 2017, It would have been so cool to see the widows in Endgame, honoring Natasha's sacrifice.


Another reason why Black Widow should've been released after Civil War:(


If it were made before Endgame, we would all have been able to predict that she was the one to die on Voramir when her replacement was already set up. I found the dramatic tension of Natasha and Clint dueling to the anti-death and not knowing how it would end was well worth having this Black Widow film now rather than then.


Lol. Retroactively, maybe it's the Widows that Strange had in mind when he felt someone is missing.


Each movie will add a handful more too Hoping for Adam Warlock to come out of GOTG3


I want my Nova movie, dammit.


They’re going to run out of actors before they run out of characters.


But that's fine, because with the multiverse open, the same actor can play multiple characters!


Low key kinda hoping that thats how they bring back Chris Evans as Human Torch. I really liked him in the old F4 duology.


Unfortunately that's incredibly unlikely, both because Johnny Storm is usually portrayed as younger than Cap and because Evans is done with major roles in the MCU. The guy gave us like a decade of his life, just like RDJ he deserves a nice retirement with maybe a few cameos.


well if it's anything like Secret Wars (2015), *ALL* of them.




I don't think we're gonna really see another full scale crossover like end game again. Maybe a big one but I doubt they'll ever be another "everybody" one


Definitely hoping that Hawkeye comes in October/November after What If? is done. Plus it would coincide with Black Widow being free on D+ on October 6.


Ms Marvel is coming before Hawkeye. Hawkeye may be bumped to the same slot WandaVision was this year.


I mean I haven't seen anyone confirm that yet and they're both TBD. Plus Hawkeye reportedly finished filming a month before Ms. Marvel did and I'd imagine the latter would need more time for post-production. But I suspect you're right which is a shame cuz I really want that immediate pay-off from the Black Widow post-credits scene.


Hawkeye was filming snow scenes so perhaps it’s meant for christmas season. I am aware that’s a reach.


Iron Man 3 is a Christmas movie and that came out in May, so you never know


And Shazam! in April


Die hard in July


Hocus Pocus came out in July (not a Christmas movie, but seriously why did Disney think it was a good idea to release this 3 months before Halloween?) Edit: it also came out on the same weekend as Jurassic Park. That's a three strikes on the success of Hocus Pocus


One of my favorite Christmas movies!


No confirmation of that. And it is hella unlikely. Hawkeye had 2 months less production, and obviously will have much less post production. It will be the first off the line, and there's clear anchorage to Black Widow, strike while the iron's hot, plus it will be ready first, likely for October, with Ms Marvel getting the bump to Dec/Jan


That's my thinking as well. The post credits scene was clearly trying to get people excited for Hawkeye, so to have Ms. Marvel go first would just kill the hype they wanted to create. Like you said, strike while the iron's hot and give us closure to that scene ASAP.


Black Widow will be available on Disney Plus without Premier Access on October 6th, so I wonder if Hawkeye will premier sometime after that date. That way it'll give people a chance to see Black Widow before watching Hawkeye.


Yeah that's also what I thought. It would be a natural lead-in to Hawkeye and it makes too much sense for it to be at that time.


I don't like how that chart makes it seem I'll have to wait several years for Loki season 2.


I've got a good feeling Loki season 2 will come next year. Probably second half, but I think they'll want it to come out before too long.


Yeah, I’d say maximum wait is a year and a half. I assume it’s only at the bottom because it doesn’t have a confirmed date.


I’d say it’s either coming out after MoM or after Quantumania


Quantum mania is coming out in 2023, so I doubt it would come out after that. I don’t think Loki will have kang as a villain at all, or have him properly in his suit (apart from maybe a post credit scene) because they will be saving that for quantum mania.


I agree that having someone besides >!Kang as a villain makes sense. Rensyaler seems to be set up as a major threat, perhaps she'll develop a relationship with a Kang but the show won't focus on him. Sylvie could be an interesting, tragic antagonist too.!<


I agree, Renslayer seems very possible considering kang will probably make an appearance but just not be the main antagonist. I don’t see sylvie being an antagonist to be honest, maybe a slight enemy of Loki’s but I think they will eventually team up if that is the case. I would also hate it if sylvie was an antagonist and I’m sure a lot of other people would as well (although you’re right it could be interesting)


no no no don't touch my Sylvie


I’m with my guy, >!she has gone through too much, is too remorseful to be villainous.!< >!That last shot of Sylvie, she’s clearly going through remorse from what she had done after what Immortis had said before his death. IMO she’s going through the first part of Loki’s entire journey through the TVA. Like him she was naive and too proud give up on the mission, for Loki absolute power and Sylvie revenge against those that took away her life. Loki had already changed when they were in the citadel, but Sylvie is still so steadfast in her mission she wasn’t going to realise the consequences of her actions until it was too late.!< >!Personally, I don’t think she will turn bad, she will hate herself, but she won’t turn bad. They after all said it themselves. No one good is ever truly good, and no one bad is ever truly bad.!<


beautifully said


Id prefer having Loki series 2 release after Quantumania personally. I think it needs some time to breathe and can only benefit from us seeing the consequences of series 1. Ultimately I believe Wandavision and TFaTW will be considered prologues to phase 4 and Loki series 1 the beginning


This could happen, but with the ending we got and the fact that Jonathon majors will be playing kang in ant man and the wasp quantum mania I think Loki season 2 will most likely come before, and maybe it will set up ant man and the wasp quantum mania.


I think Kang is just going to start appearing everywhere personally, similar to Thanos


Yeah I think Kang variants will appear in every Multiverse movie going forward


We will start seeing the consequences in Spider-Man and Doctor strange though? We know Ock is confirmed and Strange is literally titled Multiverse of madness


same I think it would be too strange to go 2-4 years between seasons. Edit: guys you are scaring me… let’s not jinx it now


Westworld has done something like this. And some animes too


You obviously never watched the Sopranos. HBO has no issues pulling that move.


I think it makes sense that it'll come in between dr strange 2 and antman 3 considering those films seem like they'll be focused on the multiverse and/or kang


Filming slated for early 2022, so a turnaround to get it in Q4 2022 (absolute earliest I could see it happening) would be super tight. In my mind, and even though some of the writing may already be done (along with some of the pre-production, etc), it is probably a good idea to set it up to complement Quantumania rather than serve as some lead-in. Pigeonholing themselves into being a lead-in to Quantumania puts them under some serious pressure to have Loki S2 premiere in Dec 22/Jan 23 in order for it to complete its run and breathe a bit before Quantumania drops.


They start production in Jan. So doubt they’re done for Dec. but maybe. I’m betting they time it to come right before Ant Man 3 is released.


Mandalorian S2:E1 aired 10 months after S1:Final, so it's very possible!


Mando season 2 also began filming before season 1 aired.


Bet Loki 2 comes right before AntMan3


Gotta say it feels really ambitious that we are already in mid-July and we dont even have half of the content they are planning to have released this year.


We’re powering through the 2020 backlog.


We’re very backed up, gotta push the log out


Marvel Constipated Universe




3 movies in 3.5 months is a lot.


It could be six in 3 months and I’d still be hungry for more lol


Just hook it into my veins


And it is so good.


remember when solo came out six months after the last jedi and everyone was like woah slow down that’s too much star wars?




Marvel spans like a wide range of genres whereas every star wars movie is of the same genre. Fatigue is bound to set in sooner.


Right?! and the bulk of it is planned for Fall/Winter. I have a feeling something might get pushed to 2022 or one of the two shows might start at the very mid/end December.


I think Hawkeye might be in December, they shot Christmas scenes based on some set pics I saw.


Right? I feel so spoiled but they’re doing this for my money and it’s weird because I’ve never felt so good about forking my money over but Marvel does it every single time. Even my gaming habit I’ve had since I was 6 (29 currently) I’ve never felt so good parting with my money than I do buying those movie tickets. Sometimes even more than 1 time I saw Endgame like 4 times I think. Again, amazing!


Really weird to not see "Avengers" anywhere in the line up. But I do suppose we may be in a post-Avengers world.


In the current time line is there even an Avengers anymore? Who is on the current team as of WandaVision?


In terms of heroes fit to fight: Sam, Bucky, Rhodie, Ant Man & Wasp, Strange, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, & Wanda. Banner can also still serve as a mentor type hero despite presumably not being able to really fight anymore. Thor & Captain Marvel (if they aren't off world) as well. And maybe Vision depending on what the future holds for him. Oh and whoever the next Panther is. Theres also Agent & Yelena, but im assuming they're gonna be in the Thunderbolts and not Avengers. So definitely enough to make an Avengers 5. And thats not even counting the heroes that will be introduced in these projects.


Are we forgetting the very obvious setup of Young Avengers


True. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if all the mainline heroes stay separated for the time being and Avengers 5 really is just the Young Avengers with maybe Banner or Old Man Rogers as their mentor. Or he'll bring back Isaiah to fill the roll of Mentor. He was great.


I Am tell me.


Well there’s Wiccan and Speed in WandaVision, Elijah Bradley in FATWS, Kid Loki in Loki, Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, America Chavez in MoM, and Stature in Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, who were all members of the Young Avengers in the comics. There’s also Ms Marvel and Iron Heart, who weren’t members in the comics, but would still fit if the filmmakers decided. Hulkling could also appear in Secret Invasion, as he is a member of the Young Avengers who would make sense to appear in that series.


Doubt forget Toress. Falcon


Why is Banner not able to fight anymore? Did i miss something?


Hmmm Vision is dead but we have White Vision. Wanda is hiding and kinda evil Black Widow is dead Iron Man is dead Captain Rogers is in the moon Is Hulk still fighting? They confirmed they wont recast T'challa as Black Panther. Thor is somewhere with The Guardians Captain Marvel is around Dr Strange is around Spiderman is around Also Antman and the Wasp We saw War Machine in TFATWS. We have a new Captain America in Sam Bucky is around.


I really wonder how they will retire T’Challa respectfully but also consistently with the quality of the MCU. An offscreen death? An “in-costume” death in the first scenes (you obviously don’t need Chadwich for a simple fight scene)?


My brother had the brilliant idea of just let it be cancer. He died of a natural disease not even Wakanda has the cure to.


Fuck, that'd hurt.


So like the Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel in the 1980's? Interesting...


> In the current time line is there even an Avengers anymore? Which timeline?


I guess up until WandaVision and FatWS, those are chronologically the latest events in the MCU right? Ignoring Loki of course. Do we know if there is an explicit Avengers team at that point? Seems like Falcon/Bucky and Wanda are kinda doing their own thing.


Spider-Man: Far From Home is the latest installment in the timeline, and the state of the Avengers is still kept very vague there, so I'd say there isn't a proper new line-up yet in-universe


Ah I didn't realise Far from Home was set after FatWS, thanks.


I think "the avengers" is just gonna lose its status as a word tbh. Up until now there were only a limited amount of people everyone knew because it was a small group. Now they're probably gonna introduce a shit ton of completely new characters and make the new avengers and what not


I think we’ll see a Young Avengers movie at some point sooner rather than later. I’m sure it’ll be announced as soon as they’ve properly introduced all the characters


I feel like an ongoing Young Avengers Disney+ series has a lot of potential. Of course, I'm sure they'll crossover into movies, but it feels like it would benefit from the expanded focus on character and screentime.


I think Val is assembling her own team of Avengers. I suspect we’ll have a Dark Avengers movie where her team is promoted as the new Avengers but are woefully bad at the job leading to Sam and others reclaiming the team.


Do we really need to retread the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


I’m guessing her team will be a more Thunderbolts than Dark Avengers.


What movie is between wakanda and captain america 4?


It’s the rumored Echo series


Oh! I thought that was Psylocke ....


Thank you! That was my thought too!




She’ll be introduced in the Hawkeye show. Report was they loved the actress and character and fast tracked a series for her. No official word from Marvel from what I recall. She has a lot of connections to Daredevil’s part of the world in the comics.


Damn imagine getting your own series before you even show up in any media at all, insane


hopefully this will re-introduce Daredevil into the MCU


Daredevil will appear before that. But I guess it's spoilers to go in depth.


well his first appearance will apparently just be as matt murdock. echo might be the first time we see him back in the suit


It's rumoured it will be in next year's She-Hulk.


Also rumored to be in Spider-Man at the end of this year. It’s all just rumors


If someone showed me this in 2007, I’d have thought they were bullshitting me.


If someone showed this to me in 2007, I wouldn't even know something like marvel exists


Fr? I watched so many Marvel cartoons and played so many Marvel video games before the MCU was even thought of. Crazy.


Well many people including me were introduced to marvel only after MCU became a thing. when we compare DC and Marvel, DC's superheroes like Batman and Superman were more widely known than marvel characters. The only Marvel character that was popular where I live was Spider-Man. So it also depends from place to place. MCU played a really huge role in making these characters even more popular in many parts of the world


People often forget pre-MCU the only Marvel properties the general populace would know about/liked were Spider-Man, the X-Men, and maybe Fantastic 4.


I'd say Hulk too, but yeah that was pretty much it.


there's a reason why those specific properties were loaned out to movie companies. They were incredibly popular in Marvel's terms.


I love hearing stuff like this, it’s so cool. Mind if I ask which country you’re from? I’m from Canada and I grew up loving Marvel & DC characters so it’s interesting finding out how people from other countries find them.


Germany here. When i was a kid i used to watch x-men, spider man, iron man, fantastic 4 and silver surfer cartoons on tv (1987-1999). Through them i also knew who captain america was and many other characters like red skull - that also made me look into comics at my local comic shop which to this date is still around and doing well. Ofc i also watched all the dc animated cartoons like batman or batman from the future and superman but marvel was my true love especially the x-men and spidey.


I live in England and remember riding back home to watch the new Avengers: Earths mightiest heroes, so it was really popular over here


Also from England, the only comic book stuff I'd really heard of before the mcu was Xmen, Spiderman and batman because of the cartoons and superman because superman.


What about the X-Men?


I basically grew up with the DC Animated universe (Timm Verse era) Teen Titans and Young Justice. It was not until the MCU with the Hype of Black Panther and IW+EG and D+ with Avengers: EMH that I got hooked good into Marvel. The only other marvel show that got me hooked was Spectacular Spiderman. I hope Marvel Studios What If really helps establish a great Marvel Animated Universe on par with DCAU so everyone can enjoy the diverse depth and beauty in all it forms of the marvel universe!


Crazy to think some marvel fans were born or not yet in 2007.


People born in 2007 are not 14. Math is wrong and I cant handle anything else right now.


I had a real rude /r/FuckImOld moment the other day when someone said they were 18 years too late for the start of LOST... and I couldn't believe it had been that long, so I looked it up and I was right. It's only been *17* years since LOST premiered, so I just went ahead and got out the cane and orthotic shoes.


Even just a few years ago like when infinity war released you'd think these are like those shitty fan made titles


Even a few years ago I don’t know if I believe you that Thanos becomes a mega popular villain in pop culture.


"Thanos has fucking memes about him?"


The title card for Ant-Man Quantumania still looks fake to me every time I see it.


This is absolutely something you'd expect to see on some clickbait bullshit article about post Endgame MCU but it's actually real. I can't believe it.


I’d have thought that even in 2019.


Minor tweaks * F4 is in Phase 4 according to the Marvel website * Hawkeye had 2 months less shooting than Ms Marvel, and obviously less VFX work needed as Clint doesn't let his limbs go floppy every now and then. Meaning it's more likely to have that rough October spot, with Ms Marvel getting the bump to Dec/Jan time,


Phasetastic 4


What are we, some kind of phase 4?


Also Loki is listed with the original date, not the Wednesday that it released on.


Loki season 2 will happen sooner rather than later imo


Someone said that shooting began early next year, so I imagine it would happen in the ends of next year *begins, I’m not a time traveler or from the TVA sadly


Your verb tenses seem off, but that might just be because the multiverse has been opened up.


>shooting began early next year Found the time traveler, prune him!


I believe that Secret Invasion, Ironheart, Armor Wars, I Am Groot and Wakanda were also confirmed to be Phase 4.


Kevin Feige has yet to say the words "Phase Five". Everything formally announced so far is part of Phase Four.


Even though he didn't say they are Phase Five doesn't mean they're Phase Four either. The reason I said that those shows are Phase Four is that they were tagged as "Phase 4 news" on the [Marvel official website](https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/new-marvel-cinematic-universe-movies-shows-disney-plus). I haven't seen any official source like that saying Blade is also phase four.


I think he even said at point they’re not taking the phase thing as seriously as they were now that they’re post-Thanos. But who knows, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride at this stage.


Yea I just watched an interview with him where he talks about how the the whole phase thing has kinda changed meaning overtime as they progressed and they aren’t real focused on that at the moment


I’m just impressed by how many different characters through movies and shows they’re adding to the MCU. They have so many movies coming out in the next two years and all these shows in between major releases. It’s packed.


That doesn't mean a whole lot though. The Black Widow movie was announced before any formal Phase Four wording. Also Guardians 3. And even going before that, Ragnarok and Cap 3 was announced before any Phase 3 events. Who knows what is or isn't in Phase Four at this point. [Blade was even stated to be Phase Five before the pandemic changed many plans.](https://screenrant.com/marvel-blade-mcu-phase-5-movie/)


*Black Widow* was not actually officially announced to the public by Marvel Studios until Comic-Con 2019. Everyone knew it was happening, but they kept the official announcement under wraps until after *Endgame* was released. Also, *Endgame* (and *Far From Home*) were explicitly marketed as the end of the Infinity Saga and thus Phase Three. Also, that quote from Feige was immediately disproved when he announced *Black Panther II* just two months later.


I’m pretty sure he said Blade was “Phase Five”


Is Deadpool 3 a sequel to the first two movies?


Given the recent Free Guy trailer with Korg & Deadpool, and Fiege confirming DP3 will be the first MCU rated R movie, I think it’ll be a brand new story about how he entered the multiverse


I expect it will be a joke within the movie that is both a new thing and sort of just the same series continued. Sort of like how the previous two acknowledged the fox movies (including the original Ryan Reynolds "Deadpool") but it was also sort of not part of the universe of those movies. Kind of a "don't think too hard about it" thing.


Absolutely nuts that we still have 3 movies and 3 shows to come out in the next 5 months.


And it's fucking amazing. Inject into my veins.


Personally im hoping for an X-men movie or series to come out soon (soon being a few years), but that seems unlikely.


Top candidate for Phase 5, if you ask me


But I want it nowwwwww


I’m desperate for X-Men content. I’ve been watching the 10 hour version of Korg meets Deadpool on repeat


Call Charles Xavier. 877-XMEN-NOW


I think there's been sort of hints in interviews and announcements that they are going to keep the capital "X" X-Men on the self for a little but start introducing mutants sooner (there were rumors some might show up in FATWS or Black Widow but I haven't seen Black Widow I don't know if that happened but I expect they didn't because that would have been a hard spoiler to avoid). We might get a hint in Eternals or MoM or even Spider-Man (hoping for him to become friends with Firestar and Iceman at some point). I'm ok with them building up mutants being sort of hidden here and there before they introduce a full-on Professor X-led superteam or a collective movement for mutant civil rights.


I need more X-Men. I guess the advantage of the long time between is we will have forgotten what the previous incarnations of the characters were like. I just hope the X-Men aren't relegated to a random movie here and there, and that Marvel is fully devoted to fleshing them out with series as well.


> I just hope the X-Men aren't relegated to a random movie here and there, and that Marvel is fully devoted to fleshing them out with series as well. Just think about how many billions Avengers vs. X-Men would make in theaters. They're not going to leave them on the sidelines.


I wish they would also have a crossover event with Fantastic 4. Name it *X4*, like in the comics. Maybe about the conflict on Franklin Richards.


After the season finale of Loki will this be a lead up to the Dr. Strange movie and if so will we get Loki season 2 before Dr. Strange?


I think we'll get season 2 after Dr Strange and before Quantumania


more than likely


There’s no way season 2 comes before March but could be before Ant-Man 3


Assumption: not counting any of the "non-cannon" TV shows -- Phase 1, Iron Man (2008) to Avengers (2012), 12 hours and 24 minutes over 4 years, 3:06 average per year Phase 2, Iron Man 3 (2013) to Ant-Man (2015) - 12 hours and 37 minutes over 2 years, 6:18 average per year Phase 3, Civil War (2016) to Far From Home (2019) - 25 hours and 14 minutes over 3 years, 8:24 average per year Assumptions for "Phase 4" and beyond: 2.1 hour runtime per movie, 6 hour runtime per season of every show, only What If and Loki have 2 seasons (so 12 hours for those), one additional hour added for GoG Holiday Special, and assuming it all releases by 2023-- 126 hours and 24 minutes, 42:08 average per year Assume this schedule goes through 2024, average only goes down to 31:36 This is an absurd growth in content. I kinda feel like the idea of "phases" is over. Also, is The Avengers franchise semi-retired? Like none of these are a big team up on their face. It's all interconnected, minor team-ups and cross-overs. I guess any one of them could pull a Civil War, which is basically an Avengers movie under the Captain America franchise.


The Civil War thing will likely be either Doctor Strange or maybe Ant Man


Is Avengers retired? Id guess no way. They have so many things they could still do. You have Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Cap (Sam), Bucky, Spidey, White Vision, War Machine and everything else. They haven't even let the X-Men loose yet. There's going to be so so so much


Plus with the reporters asking Spider-man if he's going to lead the Avengers now, I don't think they're gone so they're going to show up again


> I guess any one of them could pull a Civil War, which is basically an Avengers movie under the Captain America franchise. It's looking more and more like that's what Dr Strange 2 will be. Basically a Civil War size film for the magic side of characters.


I need blade sooner. Can’t wait to see that character and mahershala ali in the MCU


I feel like it was announced so long ago compared to everything else and is taking so much longer to get production started. Blade was one of my first introductions to anything superhero related so I'm super excited for it. I hope they surprise us with it earlier.


Why is Quantumania so far away?


You’re telling me there’s going to be a three year long cliffhanger about a chaos event impacting the entire MCU, while various shows just keep chugging along?


Considering we only have two shows currently slotted in to 2022 while we had 6 this year, I’d think at least 2 or 3 of the TBD shows will be next year.


*What If...?* season 2, *Loki* season 2, *Secret Invasion* and *Ironheart* would be my guess.


I think Armor Wars might be used to give Ironheart a teaser.


I think it's the other way around. I think Ironheart will team up with War Machine in *Armor Wars*.


I’m so happy we get Spider-Man this year! Tom Holland is so good in that role. The cliffhanger with JJ is killing me Dr Strange Multiverse of madness has actually moved from mid slot for me to one of the ones I’m most excited about now, right after Spider-Man. I’ve really enjoyed the Shang Chi trailers as well


Fuck, Marvel fans be eating GOOD


Being a DC and Marvel fan, I am very jealous of Marvel getting more movies and shows out then the DCEU. Not mad, just sad how the DCEU turned out to be :(


It’s wild the slate we have coming up, like if F4 keeps that July 2023 date the entirety of the top two blocks will come out within two years of today. And a couple of those shows will round out that year.


Loki will likely be the end of 2022


I could see that, maybe some other shows in 2022 too. It seems odd to go from 6 series this year to 2 next year given how successful they have been. Maybe its because that's when all the star wars shows come out?


I just gotta say, im so fucking hyped for this lineup.


Is secret invasion a buildup to an eventual secret wars?


In the comics, they are separate events (I constantly get them mixed up). Secret invasion is about Skrulls taking the place of various heroes and powerful figures in order to take over the Earth. Secret Wars is about characters having to fight each other in a battle world (in the original version because of a cosmic entity and in the 2015 version because multiple universes were colliding). There's no reason they couldn't find a way to overlap the two in the MCU but there's not a connection between them in the comics as far as I'm aware. If they do make both and they are separate I expect they'll come up with another name for "Secret Wars" to avoid confusion.


I just can’t wait for Fantastic Four


At this point, as excited as I am for everything else, I’m counting down the days to Hawkeye, Quantumania, She Hulk, and especially Fantastic Four.


I really hope they don't rush into Kang, and get really playful with it. I'd love to see his variants' influences popping up here and there in the next couple phases. Considering that a lot of the main MCU plots have been grounded in an Earth-centric/military-esque theme (exception being GotG), I think the shift into full on comic book sci-fi/fantasy should be paced well. This is a good villain because they can change actors at any time, and it would still make sense. So theres no need to rush. What I loved most about the Thanos arc was the buildup.


Whats the movie next to wakanda?


Not to mention the movies/tv shows that are unconfirmed but very likely at some point, like young avengers and the thunderbolts.