All these super soldiers showing their strength reveals how strong Spider-Man really is

All these super soldiers showing their strength reveals how strong Spider-Man really is


Yeah he caught like a 2000 lb car in mid-air too. I don't remember the exact line that Tony said. I would say outside of like Hulk (at his strongest) ,Thor and some of the really insanely poweful characters he's no slouch at all.


" Look at you go. Wow, nice catch! 3000 pounds, 40 miles an hour? It's not easy, you got mad skills. "


Man, I still really wish we got the Thor and Hulk that we saw in Ragnarok in Endgame, as far as power levels go. Feels like such a missed opportunity after what they showcased in Ragnarok.


Atleast for Hulk anyways, he was pretty useless in Infinity War and Endgame.


I wouldn’t say useless, in Endgame he does snap everyone back which was fucking awesome but to give him one smash scene in the one shot montage of endgame that most people never even noticed is just a shame. Hulk is like the John Wick of the MCU, you don’t put John Wick/Hulk on the sidelines with no action sequences.


Yeah the way he showed sparks from his fingers and striking thunder from the sky in Ragnarok. Unfortunately we didn't saw that thing in infinity war and endgame. Thor could easily knock out thanos and could save Loki in the start of infinity war.


He probably tried. He couldn't. People need to just accept that Thor isn't stronger than Thanos.


He even caught Cull Obsidian's weapon like it was nothing, he's extremely strong.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Spiderman's appearance to protect Tony is one of the best action-storytelling in the MCU. [Catches claw] "Hey man, hey Mr Stark" Kid!? Where did you come from? "It was a field trip.." [Gets grabbed and launched] In about 7 seconds we learn: 1) he's ridiculously strong for his size. 2) he and Tony know each other 3) he's literally a child 4) he's immature and easily distracted


Field trip to MoMA!!!


Infinity War has ridiculous levels of story momentum


And then endgame doesn’t do a good job of following up on that


Endgame only really works as the 22nd movie. But it's a fucking brilliant 22nd movie.


When you've made 21 successful movies that work both as standalones and as part of a larger franchise you're allowed to finally cut loose and do a 22nd that only works as a 22nd.


It was a tough act to follow. That third act tho 👌


The middle time travel bs drags. But yea that third act is worth all of it.


Oh I loved the time travel stuff. I thought the scene where we see Starlord dancing and singing in a very uncool way was one of the most Marvel Fun moments they’ve had so far.


The time travel section works amazingly well as an homage to the infinity saga, and also to move the Thor, Tony and Steve character arcs forward. In the case of Tony and Steve, it also gives justification to the decisions they make later on in the movie. In my opinion it was the best part of Endgame.


Infinity War is hands down the best super hero movie ever, from story to action sequences, I really can't understand why people are obssesed with Endgame when its entire 3h runtime is basically just a set up for a final fight, which also had a lot of weird inconsistencies, like Mantis running in front of the battle for no good reason and many other stuff that makes no sense, they also didn't even properly show the action besides some glances of it and small moments. It feels like a decent closure but nowhere near their best movies. The "idea" of Endgame is better than what it actually is.


If you and 20 buddies are lined up to go fight 20 other dudes, and you’re not a good fighter; are you telling me you aren’t running head first into the fight anyway?


Boom. If film of about economy, and looking to make moments deliver as much info as possible, infinity war is a master class. So many characters introduced, pets and motivations explained... It's nuts




Yes, but the MCU has the challenge of creating movies that are not only connected but also fundamentally independent to ensure their accessibility. It would be a mistake to assume a viewer has seen, and remembers, a previous run of ~20 movies to understand enough about what's going on to enjoy it. Also, Homecoming is in the MCU but distributing belongs to Sony. So if Disney+ is your only access point, you won't be able to watch homecoming.


Holding the ferry together in Homecoming was insane. The Staten Island Ferry apparently weighs 3,000 tons (6million pounds). The sheer strength it took to even keep that from falling further apart is hard to fathom.




Captain Marvel? She seems real buff.


Hard to imagine an “upper limit” existing for her when she easily overpowered Thanos, who in turn had easily overpowered Hulk and Thor


Captain Marvel Hulk Thor Vision Giant Man Iron Man War Machine Spider-Man I guess he's somewhere around 8th in pure strength. 10th if we include Valkryie and Rescue since they technically fought with the Avengers.


Where did you get this info from? Oh and you are missing the best one, Wanda as number one.


They're going by physical strength. Wanda and Doctor Strange don't use their own bodies.


Ahhh gotcha. I just woke up sorry lol


Spider Man is crazy strong. He just holds back because of his morals preventing him from killing. He doesn’t really want to hurt anyone either, it’s only out of necessity when he can’t web them up that he attacks directly


This is true. But my head canon is that his spider-sense helps regulate his strength so he doesn’t hurt anyone accidentally.


If I remember correctly, in the Superior Spider-Man comic, when Otto Octavius is in control of Peter’s body, he recognizes and admires the restraint that Peter has always used when fighting anyone with lesser or no enhancements at all.


Doesn't he only recognize it after he punches somebody's face off?


Ya, in Amazing Spider-Man #700 he punches Scorpions jaw off which makes him realize how much Peter held back when they fought


You remember correctly. One of many reasons I started with “This is true” and specified “my head canon”.


The “Peter Tingle”


That’s a really clever way of thinking about it!


He commits to those morals in the video game


I like webbing up bad guys and swinging them into passing cars. Takes some good timing but it's totally possible


Caught the punch like it was nothing and bends his arm backwards too to examine it and have a chat. You can see the shock on on Bucky's face that this should just not be possible. I'd put Spidey's strength in the MCU as similar to that of Professor Hulk.


He's no where near professor Hulk, who held up the compound and a ridiculous amount of water, with one arm.


- Caught Cull Obsidian’s weapon and brought its momentum to a dead stop - Caught a speeding car and brought it to a dead stop - Lifted the rubble of a warehouse without any leverage or form (he was prone and completely covered) - Held the ferry together if even for a moment - Stark asked him to help him pry the guantlet off of Thanos - His kicks not only irritated Thanos, but landed with considerable knockback force when coming out of Strange’s portals - Survived being struck—unexpectedly—by a speeding fucking bullet train You get the point. The super soldier serum literally doesn’t even scale to Spidey. And as other have mentioned, his strength is almost definitely metered by his own hesitations. A mentally unchained Spidey would be terrifying, and always has been in the comics.


This thread had me curious so I looked up what a ferry might weigh, and the Staten Island Ferry (which is iirc the one they used) is 3,000tons/6m lbs. It’s insane how strong he’d have to be to hold that together for any amount of time without ripping in half, even with the webbing helping distribute the load


All of this obsession about recreating Steve Rogers, they should be focusing on Spider-Man, Quicksilver, T'Challa and Prof Hulk


Wakandan herbs are gone though. He was essentially on super soldier level anyway


I believe Spider-Man is currently rated as being able to lift 25 tons in the comic books. However, comic book writers are not (typically) physicists, and he is often shown performing greater feats of strength. Steve Rogers should be able to lift 3 tons (heaviest weight lift by a human being, competitive power lifter iirc). Thor can lift 100 tons (or more?). Hulk *starts* with a top lifting strength of 100 tons (or more?), but he gets stronger as he gets madder.


MCU Steve is clearly stronger than the “peak human” baseline he has in the comics. In CW and TWS he kicks people into vehicles and the impact pushes the parked cars. Not to mention the helicopter wrastlin’ and the ease with which he’s flung motorcycles. The 3 tons was a backlift. Hafthor Bjornsson set a record last year with a 1100lb deadlift.


I did some math on this topic once, based on the assumption that Captain America held a specific motorcycle with three people on it over his head on stage using half his strength. Using that and some research into world records for various types of weight lifts, I found MCU Cap only a little bit stronger than MC-616 Cap. Bear in mind that motorcycles weigh hundreds of pounds, thousands. A light utility helicopter can carry up to two tons in addition to its weight. But just like we see in Spider-Man comics (and movies?) writers are not usually physicists, and mistakes get made.


If we approach it as MCU Steve can lift two to three tons in different manners, sure, but the argument is flawed if we base it solely on a record such as that backlift and assume that’s the only way Steve could lift more than 1,100 lbs. Granted I can only go off our current brief conversation. Steve’s strength isn’t going to be calcuable in weight lifting alone though. He’s also clearly much faster than Usain Bolt and can maintain that indefinitely, in addition to being able to easily manage jumps far outside the skill of peak humans. Then again iirc they also said his metabolism was 4x faster. There isn’t much in the way of consistency.


Actually, I was calculating off the assumed ability to hold 1800 pounds in an overhead press, and I never claimed the three ton limit was restricted to a backlift. Where there is a description like “maximum human potential” we can look at world records and at least estimate what the character ought to be able to do. But we also have the issue that maximum human potential keeps changing as athletic records are broken and new standards are set. We can also find simple stats and determine how possible something really might be for the character in question.


>I believe Spider-Man is currently rated as being able to lift 25 tons in the comic books. Did he get upgraded? He used to be rated at 10.


It seems to bounce around between 10-12 and 24-25.


And he held that ferry together for a while, the arm seems like it was a baby arm when you see that haha. He also gave few hits to thanos, took a slam from him and then took part in holding him down.


You have a metal arm? That is awesome!


Dude caught a space hammer like it was nothing


Maybe the power broker should start researching radioactive spiders


Idk if it's been mentioned yet, but part of spiderman's strength comes from his wall climbing ability. He effectively had the ability to increase the friction to 100% between any part of his body and any available surface. This allows him to put way more power into his punches, as well as catch way more weight, as he isn't spending strength and energy to prevent himself from being shoved around by said weight.


He can take a helluva beating too lol


Absolutely. Spiderman is one of the "any level" characters. He can reasonably survive most fights from street to planetary.


I had a friend that argued that Spiderman was the most powerful hero in the MCU because of Spidey senses. The ability to see things happen before they do. I don't know that I agree with him but he made a decent argument out of it.


to be fair, the spider-sense only works if you can physically avoid an attack or be fast enough to avoid an attack, if it makes any sense. Thats probably what i would argue if someone said that personally


Actually no. Out of big 3 he will still lose to wizards. Can put a nice fight against android's. And for aliens it depends on which alien is in front of him.


honestly after seeing homecoming for the first time, I really disliked holland's peter/spiderman for a long time but noticing stuff like this, his performance in IW and (imo) the masterpiece they made out of far from home had me really warming up to him. I just really hope no way home has peter be truly on his own this time (hoping Strange's role will be minimal) cause that's the one Spider-Man aspect they haven't really touched on.


I agree that Far From Home was a masterpiece.


I've said it before. We've seen MCU Spidey dead lift a building of his back... Vulture dropped a building on him and he was able to lift it off from being flat on the ground. No leverage, or using momentum. Just raw Peter power.


Yeah he's always been very strong. He's not as strong as the huge hitters like Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel and Vision, but I think he's definitely above the rest like Captain America, Bucky and Black Panther.


Vision is weird tho, cuz technically he could be the strongest by just altering his density to insanely extreme levels.


Yeah alot of people don't realize but Spider-Man is very very strong, alot more than alot of people think.


In the comics he's insanely strong.


So the marvel wiki usually measures strength by how much a person can "lift" (whether we are talking about bench press or power clean or something else is not always super clear). ​ Ult Cap from whom MCU derives his level of power but not personality is slated as being able to "lift" 2.5 tons. Meaning Caps max bench or clean or whatever they mean this time is in theory about in line with a Chevy Silverado. ​ Spiderman is listed as being able to "lift" 10 tons. Meaning Spider-man is 4 times stronger than a Super-soldier by default. He is also much faster. This seems incongruous with previous adaptations because live action Superhero movies usually had a tendency to quietly power down the characters they were adapting and I noticed this trend slipping once TWS came out in theaters and Cap was explicitly pulling off Ult Cap stunts.


Gives me new respect for Spidey. Sometimes I forget how powerful he is.


His iron spider suit increases his physical strength or not