Haha I love this song so much

Haha I love this song so much

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Her laugh is just soooooo good Another impeccable MCU casting decision


When she was cast we all thought she was Agatha Harkness, but as the episodes went by I was startling to believe it less and less which made me sad that Hahn’s only role in the MCU would be a civilian that probably won’t return. But boy am I glad I was wrong! Now I’m just crossing my fingers that this isn’t the last we see of Agatha. Hahn is a fantastic actor and from the little we’ve seen of her Agatha Harkness and the lot we’ve seen of her Agnes I have a feeling she’s gonna knock it outside the park.


Right!? That car scene with Vision made me second guess everything about her


Agreed thought for sure she was Agatha or possibly a gender reversed Mephisto. (Could still be true) but the car scene got me as well.


I'm still not convinced she's the villain, that's how much they got me.


I wasn't convinced until she said she killed Sparky. That's straight villain territory.


Yeah, I think it’s indisputable at this point that she’s evil, but it’s still unclear whether she’s the villain of this story. However, at this point, it would feel a little awkward if they brought the villain in in the finale. “Muahaha I was *also* pulling strings all along and I’m even more evil than Agatha!” Just wouldn’t play well. So I think you’re right.


I agree it would be annoying if they pulled a second "man behind the curtain" move at the last minute that changes the significance of all the events. A Thanos "I'll do it myself" kind of revelation, showing how it fits into a bigger story while not really changing the events themselves, could work if done well. But I certainly don't want 2 unseen antagonists to appear in the last episode of WandaVision


I'm not convinced either. I get the feeling she's been trying to subtly break the illusions of the Hex and give Wanda and Vision clues, and if she were the villain I'm not sure why she'd be doing that. Only the appearance of Pietro contradicts that, and that's only because we're making some assumptions.


What if her appearance as being the villain is part of the plot Wanda created 🤔


Interesting thought but I just don’t see it. Even the aspect ratio of the screen changes when Wanda enters Agnes’ basement, showing us that she was in the real world instead of the sitcom


And it changes back during the song, along with the color going out, implying that Agatha was coming into the show willingly


I think she’s trying to break into another universe (perhaps to release Mephisto) but she can’t do it herself. Wanda’s reality bending powers can, though. So she’s using Wanda’s powers to achieve her goal. I think she brought Pietro from the Fox Universe over, mind controlled him to help break Wanda. I think she wants Wanda to have it all - her husband, kids, brother, then rip it all away so she goes mad, then Agatha can harness that power and use Wanda’s ability to break into whatever universe or dimension she wants. Which is why I think Pietro won’t be the bad guy next episode, but will have returned to his own self. Only I doubt Agatha could really handle Wanda’s true power.


I thought it was pretty on the nose with the witch thing and being able to drive into Ellis Avenue or whatever even if it is to U-Turn, but it is impressive how they seem to have convinced a lot of people that she might not be Agatha Harkness or a villain while putting her in a literal witch outfit, making her do the witch laugh.


Yep, I think she's doing what she's doing to get released from her faustian bargain with Mephisto. If it's one thing Marvel loves, it's sympathetic villains and anti-heroes. Loki, Zemo, Killmonger, Nebula, and Ghost. I think she'll be in that category, right now we hate her, but we don't know why she's doing what she's doing. If she is trapped in the Hex the same way Wanda and everyone else is, then she becomes sympathetic, especially with a sad backstory of her own. This is what I think is coming next.


It was a really good move on their part. Episodes 1-5 I thought Agnes was probably the villain. Then the car scene made me dismiss that theory, so the actual reveal was still a surprise. Well played Marvel.




Everyone is Mephisto


That was the point of the car scene. But it was obvious that she was faking because she is literally a protagonist in the "sitcom", appears in the opening too and also literally lives next to Wanda so made 0 sense that she would dissapear and be stuck there. What she was doing out there is the important question.


She was there waiting for vision to manipulate him into leaving the Hex.


Also, she was literally dressed as a witch, after countless of witchy references. There was just too much foreshadowing for there to be any doubt. And weirdly, the fact it was so obvious only made the “Agatha All Along” moment even funnier.


Seriously, they knew people would figure that part out, so instead of a serious reveal they just hammed it up with a wink and a nudge and a pat on the head, meanwhile we're still pretty clueless on how all of this is actually going to end lol.


I know she's primed as the villain now, but I'm really hoping that Agatha settles into the mentor type role she has in the comics, at least so she sticks around a little longer.


I still think most signs point that direction, at least more do than the villain. What is her goal here exactly? She’s already as powerful as Scarlet Witch apparently, who was already powerful enough to stop Thanos. So what evil plot would require all this weird setup? Seems more likely to me that she likely wants to corrupt Wanda to be more like herself.


I don't think she's necessarily as powerful as Wanda. More likely she's a lot more skilled, so she can achieve with skill and precision what Wanda is bruteforcing reality to do for her. Wanda fighting Thanos was pure power - no skill, no finesse, just trying to rip him apart. It's also possible she's literally controlling Wanda to do all or most of the changes for her.


same! if she were as powerful as wanda, why wouldnt she have created this hex all on her own?


Seems like the implication is that she wasn’t originally part of the original Hex. She seemingly floated down like Mary Poppins in the 1950s scene.


feeding off of Wandas power parasite style.


Idk man... Sparky must be avenged




I don't think she's the (or even a) villain at all. Everything she's done has pushed Wanda and Vision to 'wake up', undercutting Wanda's desire to just be happy within the Hex.


I agree. She can't just be the villain and that's it. That would be such a waste of such an important character.




Sparky was never alive in the first place?


I could buy that. Sparky was an illusion created to service the sitcom plot.


It could be Agatha pushing Wanda/Vision to confront the limitations of their false reality by making them deal with questions about death from the kids.


I think she's going to be the "Snape" here. She's controlling everything so Wanda can't wreck havoc or get hurted. The twins disappearing? Maybe she's looking after them thinking something was gonna happen when Monica showed up again.


she needs to be the "Loki" for the next few phases. yes, yes, i know. there can be two of them. it'll be fine.


This is what I think happens next. The MCU has two types of villains. Pure evil like Thanos, Ultron, Ronan, Hela, and Red Skull. Then the second sympathetic type, Loki, Zemo, Killmonger, Nebula, and Ghost. I think that's what we're getting here, Agatha will end up like Loki or Nebula.


pure evil like *thanos*? my man, thanos is THE archetype for a "villain with arguments" who isnt relying on being pure evil, dont you think?


Nebula and Loki wanting their father's approval, compared to Thanos wanting to wipe out half the universe by first sacrificing his adopted daughter are a bit different wouldn't you say?


that for sure. but it doesn't change the fact that Thanos is definitely not a classic "pure evil"- villain like ultron, hela or red skull. (my 2 cents: he doesn't really fit into either of those groups.)


Fair enough, I agree that there is a spectrum. Thanos would not be the same as say Ultron who just wanted to wipe out humanity.


She’s 100% going to be in DS2 somehow. I just feel it.


Maybe she could team up with Baron Mordo. Now that could be delightful - all the “evil” magic users team up to oppose the good team.


She was also a witch on the Colbert Show in an episode with Chadwick Boseman.


She was also Liv “Doc Oct” Octavius in Into the Spiderverse.


I love that woman, she's just perfect. Ever since I saw her as Jen Barkley in P&R, I've loved her.


I love the Munster vibe.


After so much theorisation I thought it would be some cinematic reveal but imo this is thousands times better lol


The song is just so catchy, I even learned a new word from it, perfidious.


Bless you


Totally agree.


I’m glad others [heard it too](https://youtu.be/HM0riizU8Ls) (Linked the opening to the show.)


I have not heard that song, but it does remind me of the [Ashley theme from WarioWare](https://youtu.be/JfibeZy0nGs).


Maybe that theme was also based on the Munsters as well? That is a good catch.


It probably was. After hearing the Munsters theme, I can definitely hear the "Ashley" theme and the "It Was Agatha All Along" theme in there.


This ist the weirdest thing , that song has been popping into my head,at the most random times, for like the last week or so and I don't know why.


And her house is the house from Bewitched


The opportunity to chew the scenery like she does must have been irresistible. Any actress would jump on this role, and I think they cast it perfectly.


I hope we get a full reveal of her costume. The purple cape looks so cool!


I want to see that first dress with those boots!!


That was such a frustrating little tease! The flowy raggedy dress and boots. I need more.


I’d be genuinely shocked if we didn’t.


Maybe a bit of a Hot Take, but this is just one of the best MCU moments on pure absurdity alone. It’s impossible not to smile at this.


Whoever had to come after freaking *Thanos* was in a really awkward position, and then Agatha Harkness steps into the ring, malevolently petting a bunny like it was Blofeld's cat, and brings her own goddamn theme song and cackling that she killed Wanda's puppy. She knocked it out of the fucking park!


All facts. This makes me think Marvel was kinda fortunate in a way. Falcon/Winter Soldier was supposed to be the first show, but got delayed. While I’m definitely hype for it, I don’t think it would have captured the pop culture zeitgeist like WandaVision. Agatha herself is something so different and fun for a villain. This show is the breath of fresh air the MCU needed after Endgame.


Couldnt agree more. This show is one of the strangest things I’ve ever watched, let alone in the MCU. I was wondering how they’d get me back in after endgame and cap retiring. This show though.... it’s inspired. It’s like a kick to the nards (in a good way). Like “hey wake the fuck up, we’re gonna get weird with this.” Falcon and WS will be a return to normalcy I think, then Loki is gonna bring back the weird. I really like the 1,2,3 combo they got lined up here.


Don’t forget What If That’s gonna get weird too


*Quentin Beck raising his hand all the way from the back of the room.*


All I thought about while watching this is that — this is the same world that Thanos invaded, where Peter Parker lives, where Tony Stark lived, and that it’s so nice and quite frankly amazing that something so different and unique is happening.


No, it's absolutely the best villian reveal since Ultron's "No Strings on Me" poem. Absolutely genius.


Indeed. Agatha is just being delightful in this in-your-face villain song. It is very Disney-esque.


I’m such a sucker for sassy villains, I hope this isn’t the end of Agatha and she shows up in other MCU content in the future


In comic lore she’s a servant of Mephisto. I’m guessing he will be the new big bad guy that will pop up across the next few movies. So there is potential she’ll be sticking around.




What if this is a double-bluff and Agatha has been PROTECTING Wanda from Mephisto?


I'm leaning toward agatha being controlled/manipulated/coerced by the real big bad. We'll see what the last 2 episodes have in store for her. Given her history in the comics, I wouldn't expect her to be a one and done sort of villain.


I am leaning towards her being this phase's "Loki style" character and being a frienemy of sorts.


Yep, lots of Loki/Nebula vibes. First we hate her guts, next we sympathize with her, then we like her.


This is the way


She definitely seems to be trying to get Wanda to take down the Hex.


I wonder who the "messing up everything" line is directed at. Is it maybe that Agatha is disrupting mephisto's plans?


>This is just not true. Agatha in comics is an ally of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and Wanda's mentor in the most recent Scarlet Witch comic. She was instrumental in defeating Mephisto in the Darker than Scarlet Arc Actually she's more of an Anti-hero. She plays both sides and sometimes none, but does consistently play a role as Wanda's mentor so that part is true. She actually does try to help Wanda because she recognizes how wickedly powerful she is. She's a complex character and I enjoy that Marvel is starting to dip its toes into the more ambiguous characters of the comics.


Maybe it will be prep for Namor and Dr. Doom - two characters that also teeter the good and evil line when the plot demands it.


Agatha is currently a teacher at the Strange Academy as well. She really does what she wants - not fully good or evil.


I imagine WandaVision ends with Agnes freeing Mephisto from some sort of prison and then DS2 is Wanda and Strange vs Agnes and Mephisto.


I'm still pulling for the Mephisto reveal to be the big name we keep hearing surrounding Marvel villain casting... We need a Keanu Reeves Mephisto.


Al Pacino Mephisto.


["SHE GOT A GREAT ASS! AND YOU GOT YOUR HEAD ALL THE WAY UP IT!"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvTpEoi0tzE)


I cannot believe she is singing her own theme song!


Those voice lessons finally paid off


Twelve hundred dollars a week for voice lessons, and this is what I get?


Almost as good as when Kronk did it


God damn this woman is a national treasure and must be protected at all cost.




Still mad at NBC for Peacock and taking Parks and Rec off Hulu and Netflix


i just watch my fave clips on youtube now lol


Her witch laugh is *chef kiss*


Cut off Agatha's laugh at the end. 0/10.


😭 Her laugh is too good I should have known better lol


especially since the show cuts it off for you


*Please Stand By*


I totally cut her laugh at the end. Her fantastic, evil, brilliant laugh 😭


2 things ... 1. This song is hilarious and was my favorite part of the whole episode and 2. Now that she’s been revealed as a “villain” I feel like her heat turned up ten fold. She was already an attractive lady, but this song made her into a Greek goddess lol. Edit: it’s those evil smile eyes. Just watched it again


Shes unbelievebly attractive in the witch suit especially.


Hahn usually plays a side character where she steals the scene every time. This might have been the first time I've ever seen a full minute of pure Hahn as the focus, and it was absolutely divine.


I keep assuming this is a Munsters song parody basically?


Yeah, the major chords and structure are the same and the title is just like the Munster’s logo.


An oddly enough the rthym reminds me of Uma Therman from fall out boy...


Probably because Uma Thurman was also based off/inspired by the Munsters theme


Really? I didn’t know that.


More like, Uma Thurman straight ripped the riff and the sax line


I'm not sure if it was specifically based off of Munsters or just was an ode to that general Surf Rock motif.


They sampled it. It’s identical


I watched it early Friday morning and it's been stuck in my head since then.


Completely love The Munsters vibes it gives!


That wicked smile at 0:41


That wicked smile at 0:00 all the way through to 0:56!


Is it weird if I suddenly think she’s super-hot?


It's only weird that you hadn't noticed before. But at least you caught up now.


They've been posting the themes on Spotify about a week after each episode


Ok but its interesting that she arrived at an already existing 50s world. I wonder if she isn't just taking advantage of something happening to Wanda.


Who put shrapnel in Tony's heart? It was Agatha All Along! Who gamma'd Bruce at the very start? It was Agatha All Along! Who gave Loki very bad advice? It was Agatha all Along! Who put Captain Rogers in the ice? It was Agatha All Along!


"And I dusted Peter Parker, too!"


Who swapped actors for the War Machine? It was Agatha all Along! Who turned Norton into Ruffalo? It was Agatha All Along! (I tried for at least an hour to find a way I could get those two moments to rhyme but I couldn’t do it)


Can someone post the lyrics of the song please??


Whose been messing up everything? It's been Agatha all along! Whose been pulling every evil string? It's been Agatha all along! She's insidious! So perfidious, That you haven't even noticed, And the pity is (pity is!) (Pity, pity, pity, pity...) It's too late to fix anything, Now that everything has gone wrong, Thanks to Agatha, naughty Agatha. It's been Agatha all along!


I love that the song even calls back to her NAUGHTY sweatpants in Ep. 6.


Wanda also calls her “naughty” in the first episode.


I think it's a reference to Wanda in first episode. When Agnes says "Many mouths make a good gossip" and she calls her "You're so naughty!" and they start laughing.


Yeah it’s both tbh


And I killed sparky too! "Evil amazing witch laugh"


Man that song is just perfect for her, seriously has some "Munsters" vibes. Also, can we appreciate the fact that Katherine Hahn looks great in every era. And seems to get younger looking every show. Just to think that the horny bored housewife we saw in Step Brothers will become the horny bored witch we are seeing today is amazing.


I love how she’s just checking up on her make-up as Vision is looking away. Her pretending to be a ‘trapped citizen’ made me start questioning whether she was actually Agatha Harkness, and the way this almost makes a joke out of all the big in-depth theories by proving them all right n a song is just amazing.


This is why I have enjoyed the weekly episodes, the build up and chatting about this and getting to this reveal which was so catchy and brilliant done.


So now the two best Marvel villain reveals both belong to Kathryn Hahn (“My friends call me ‘Liv’....”


I just said something similar on Twitter. Into the Spiderverse was on TV.


I clapped at the screen so hard during this. So freaking happy when this was reveled. Made me miss seeing MCU movies in theaters, cause this would have been a moment.


I was in a state of laughter and shock and amazement all at once lol


I don’t think she’s evil. Pietro’s line of questioning suggests she’s more curious or was and is now stuck in Wandas world. Im not familiar with the character in the comics, but from what I did read she’s not evil.


She killed sparky. She is beyond evil.


Yeah... but she killed Sparky to push Wanda towards realizing she shouldn't be bringing people (Vision) back from the dead. Everything she's done has undercut Wanda's happiness within the Hex, which is ultimately a good thing.


Cool motive, still murder.


Oh my god, I forgot about that part!


Good point.


Who knows if Sparky is real though? He could be a creation of the sitcom environment to push Wanda in one direction...namely the talk about death and resurrection.


When you scritch him behind the ears, does his tail not wag!?


>I don’t think she’s evil. Pietro’s line of questioning suggests she’s more curious or was and is now stuck in Wandas world. Im not familiar with the character in the comics, but from what I did read she’s not evil. She is ambiguous is the comics. Sometimes playing evil, sometimes good, sometimes no side at all. Marvel stuck the landing hard on this one bringing that out with their casting and script. Absolutely perfect.


Agreed, if you look at what she's done in the series, she seems to be trying to get Wanda to realize the Hex is wrong.


I love her expressions so much!


I’m getting heavy [Ashley’s Song](https://youtu.be/JfibeZy0nGs)-vibes. not to say it was inspired, but this reminded me of it. both the tracks are jams.


Omg same!


Yes me too!


That's because it's referencing the same source material (the Munsters theme and the Addams Family theme, and other faux-spooky songs contemporary with them).


If you took Ashley's Song and set it to the theme song of the Munsters, this is what you'd get.


That is her singing “it was Agatha all along” isn’t it? Sounds like her but not exactly so I can’t tell.


Yes it’s her, I’m so glad she was cast as WandaVision. She’s so good!


Loved her in Parks, was super happy when she was casted. I want her to stay, so great!


I mean I think her actions bring up some very important questions. Like for example: is she a dog murderer?


This song has no right being as good as it is


The song vaguely reminds me of the theme from The Munsters.


I love that first reaction shot. She pretends to gasp, mocking our chock that she's a witch, then curls her lip in cocky revulsion. Such great non verbal acting


The number of facial expressions Kathryn Hahn can squeeze into two seconds of screen time makes me wonder if any other actor could possibly pull this role off as delightfully. The director's chair moment is another fantastic moment.


so are we going to see the comic version of her? since we could see @ the beginning she turned younger?


It's stuck in my head now


I believe this and all the shows theme tunes have been written by Bobby Looez, who also did the music for Book of Mormon and Frozen.


Kathryn Hahn is BAE


All this time she’s been giving MILF energy. Now I see it’s actually WILF energy.




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Man... after her weirdness and the suspicion and the latest episode even putting her in a freaking witch costume but then immediately going "oh wait no she's captive like the rest of them!" and this sudden reveal was just amazing. And of course Katherine's been amazing.


Can we get it on Spotify please


I don’t often comment on Reddit posts. But this some deserves a comment. This whole song was something I never expected to see in the MCU but it’s one of my favourite things so far.


After 7 episodes and 7 Wanda and Vision theme songs, Agatha swoops in with her own song and it is the catchiest of them all. A true villain.


The greatest reveal in cinema history


It’s stuck in my head, is that intentional?


The aspect ratio changed twice during the song! One during the start and the second in Evan Peters' Quicksilver back shot.


this is gonna be on apple music, spotify etc. thursday night


I love how the aspect ratio changes throughout the flashbacks too!!!


Kathryn's got some pipes. Also, her expression in the car f'ing KILLS me...


I love all the little acting moments when she looks straight at the camera. She's perfect.


It’s a wonderful song for a devious villain. ...but I doubt she is the sole antagonist. This song is too on-the-nose and there are still a few episodes left. Agatha also wasn’t always antagonistic in the comics - she just does what she wants when she want to.


I have a crush on Darcy and now I have a crush on Agatha.


I believe the song was broadcasted directly into Wanda's head. Agnes uses her magic to take control over Wanda's head, and her eyes starts to glow purple, then the camera zooms in on Wanda, making it look like the song takes place in her head. This could also mean that Agnes is in control over the broadcast, and it's been her who have been editing the show.


I think it's also a great way to reveal. Like, "Oh you like the sitcom motif? Here. Lemme show you what you missed."




What? This IS house of M...


Someone needs to send help, because this song has me under its spell.


I had this fuckin' song stuck in my head for a solid 6 hours after I finished the episode cuz it's so CATCHY. Goddammit Agatha.


What exactly did Agatha *do*...all along? Specifically what did she do at the magic show I don't remember any unexplained magic that Wanda didn't do herself and when in the 70s episode did she do something to Herb? Before he cut into the fence? Or just before they started talking about Geraldine?


I know she’s evil and shit but this shit slappppppssss


Is her song parodying/influenced by the theme song for [The Munsters?](https://youtu.be/HM0riizU8Ls)


I was singing this to myself for the next few hours after finishing the episode. Couldn’t get it out of my head.


So I listen to the Munsters theme song and I go…wait a minute…Fall Out Boy put this in their song


I hope that if I am ever the mastermind behind an evil scheme that I get to commission two Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winning songwriters to produce my I Was Me! musical number too.


Clue me in here. What'd she do to mess up the magic show in ep 2?


I think she controlled the ‘magic’ that wowed everyone so Wanda’s powers don’t get seen, like the rabbit and stuff. Though I’m not too sure.