Where's her Psyduck?


Oh so that's where I knew her from! Thanks


Her name is Kathryn Newton she is the protagonist of Freaky (a bodyswap horror film) Blockers(a movie with John Cena) Detctive Pikachu as Lucy & Paranormal activity movies, shes also on a Netflix show named the society


Also in Supernatural


Yesss, Claire Novak!


She was also going to be one of the three protagonists of Wayward Sisters, the Supernatural spin-off that never got traction. But the test pilot was fairly well received.


Honestly I enjoyed that backdoor pilot arc a lot more than most of the later seasons of Spn. Was bummed they didn’t pick it up


What do you mean sorry


There was like a half-season-long subplot on Supernatural setting up a backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters, and it was one of my favorite story arcs in the final 5 or so seasons of the show


Carry on my wayyward sonnn


Don’t you cry no morrrree!!!


Oh yeah ha I just realized this.


same here, thought it was still the same daughter in the avenger movie..


Thank youuu


She’s also in Big Little Lies as the daughter of Reese Witherspoons character.


She was also very briefly in Three Billboards.


I liked her in The Society on Netflix. A shame that show was cancelled


Same i just watched the show for her :(


Ooooh I loved that movie! I didn’t know this was her? Doesn’t even look like her in the trailers (or that picture). Now I’m even more hyped she is such a good actress and a very versatile actor.




Personally think that was one of the funniest movies to come out in the last 5 years


It was pretty good. I’m old, when I go see a comedy, I’m looking for Dumb and Dumber, Something About Mary, Meet The Parents, Austin Powers, Ace Ventura 1…. Nothing is funny to me anymore 🥲


Feel ya there! My wife and I went through a phase of watching late 90’s, early 2000’s raunchy teen comedies (American Pie, Eurotrip, Drop Dead Gorgeous, etc). Just simple, classic, stupid comedy. And great music!


Scotty doesn’t know


[That Fiona and me do it my van every Sunday](https://youtu.be/lcEkS9tcIjg)


He thinks that she's at church, but she doesn't go. Still she's on her knees and Scott doesn't know!


If you haven’t watched The Greatest Beer Run Ever give that one a shot. It’s not as dumb comedy as those others, really it’s a comedic drama, but it’s about a concept so fundamentally dumb I could say it falls into the absurdity of 90’s and early 00’s comedy’s. Apparently it’s based on a true story!


Booksmart should scratch that itch


I never heard of it but I watched the trailer just now, looks great


She was also in paranormal activity 4. We had a marathon while sick


I liked her and Vince Vaughn in Freaky.


Also in Amazon Prime movie [The Map of Tiny Perfect Things](https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR3wfnrg_Xerx9EYCmm2Vsj97VUUeG4QEkGk8Oj1bF8zU17ryE3)


I really enjoyed this movie


***I understood that reference***


Bruh, is that why I'm getting 100 upvotes? I don't even know what reference is involved, I just said something


Saving it until the post credits we will see Nick Fury talking with Cassie about Kang then we will hear her say im ready for a battle and we hear Psyduck’s voice


Having another headache




She was in Pokémon detective pikachu


More like Re-castie Lang


Take my upvote and get the fuck out




Lmao 😭


Cassie Lang changes actresses like the DCEU changes their management


She’s the Kaylee Ehrmantraut of the MCU


Waltuh, you gotta go to the quantum Waltuh


Jessie, we need a time heist


Look at me, Roger




And he gets to be an Avenger?! WHAT A JOKE.


Mr. Stark, it’s chicanery Mr. Stark


What is wrong with you Kang? Why are you blue?


Kang named finger


I understood that reference...


Or like Wasp changes her hair


Off topic, Do you think James Gunn will be able to turn the DCEU around? Or is it a lost cus


James Gunn already doomed his stupid DCU after firing the best actor they had which was Henry Cavill.


Cavill served his role well but never had any moments showcasing great range as an actor like RDJ in marvel. DC will be fine without him


Fr lol people are so butthurt about this like we haven't had three Spider-Man actors


If I remember correctly, she had like a single spoken word of dialogue in about 17 seconds of screen time as already the second actress playing the role.


The issue seems to be that she was under the impression that she had the role secured for future appearances. She was posting about it a lot on social media and even went to a couple conventions I think. This also got fans attached to her as they believed she was the one set for future appearances as well. What I think happened is just a simple case of miscommunication. Somewhere along the way it wasn't made clear to her that her appearance in Endgame was one off. That could be her agent or manager not making it clear to her, or Marvel not making it clear to any of them.


iirc marvel gave no heads up that she was being replaced and she found out through a social media post


Which is what I mean, miscommunication. If it turns out to be true that she was always meant for a one off, Marvel might not have seen it as replacing and didn't think they had to let her know. I'm just thinking it is a mistake somewhere along the line instead of anything malicious, or at least that's what I'm hoping it is.


Which is also really stupid. Why make her a one off knowing very well that later on they would bring the character back in more movies?


Don’t know enough about the actor, but there is a huge difference between casting someone for a really minor/cameo role in a film, vs casting a someone as a major character in a film (and potentially future films). Endgame was probably crazy enough to put together already, they most likely just got someone that seemed to fit well enough to shoot the one scene to get through it (sometimes scheduling/availability comes into play too). Now that they’ve moved on and want the character to have a much more major role, they probably felt that they needed to be sure to cast someone who they feel is good/strong enough and/or a good fit with good chemistry with the rest of the cast to be a major character in the film/series going forward. Again, I don’t know much of anything about either of the actors in-question, so maybe both have proven to be equally experienced/talented and both have great chemistry with the rest of the films cast, so it could be other reasons. But it is a distinct possibility that they just felt this new actor is a better/stronger choice to take on a bigger role.0


Also there's timing to consider. Infinity War and Endgame shot mostly back to back in 2017, which would have been the same time they were making Antman and the Wasp. They didn't know at that point if the audience would be there for the second film, so probably didn't have any concrete plans for a third film. And even if they did, it was still years off at that point. They probably thought it was easier to get a temporary actress in to play just that part. And then when they were ready to properly introduce the older version of the character, to get an actress they wanted long term.


Pretty sure it was because it was a tiny part but now that they want to make Cassie a major character they wanted a different (better is subjective) actor. Also anyone who’s seen Freaky should see this as a good thing - new Cassie is great.


Why not just use old cassie?


Because sometimes they change their minds? Could be many of reason. Maybe politics. Hollywood can be ruthless. Anyway, the length of her contract should say everything. If she only had a one movie deal, then you can't really complain


But changing your mind means it wasn't planned as a one off


Of course not. You can plan to have someone play a role in the future, but you always want to test it out. Maybe she just didn't resonate with the (test)audience. Or maybe there were other things at play here.


Maybe the studio said, “We know this other actress can carry a film. Maybe not a bankable film yet, but she can carry it.”


Exactly. I do think the previous actress was better suited "looks" wise, as in, she actually looks like Antman' daughter. But ah well


I'm gonna be a skeptic here, and just assume that marvel and Disney did not give a single fuck about what she *thought* she was doing, and hired the "objectively more attractive" actress for a star role in an Ant Man film. While I love these movies, I'm not gonna pretend The Mouse is nice. That mf is here to make *MONEY*.


"Objectively more attractive" is such a weird oxymoron.


That's why I put it in quotes. Both actresses are very cute but this picture puts a better framed picture on the right next to a picture where the OG one was not in the best light.


Even if the role was originally intended as a one off, it’s weird they wouldn’t offer it to her again or even ask her to come in and audition just for the sake of continuity.


A "mistake" like that almost seems malicious no matter what. I mean, you're telling me Marvel and their people made that big of a mistake? Or didn't care enough to let her know? Either way is shit and easily avoidable. They don't deserve an excuse from a drooling fan for any of this BS.


Did her contract say one movie or multiple? That is the only thing anyone should have paid attention to


Did Marvel tell her she would be in more films? Did they sign her to a multi-film deal as the character? She just assumed the role she took over from another actress for one minute of screen time would be hers forever and you’re sore about that?


I mean, acting contracts are actually pretty clear. If she signed a multi film deal and they didn't bother saying 'lol wait actually plan changed' that'd be one thing but you'd think she'd have some proof of that, right?




I did consider that at one point too, that Marvel thought she was overreaching after what she had been contracted for. But I honestly think it's just a case of bad communication somewhere along the lines. They thought she knew she had been only contracted for one film and just went along their way. And she thought she had the role secured and started acting like she was in it for the long haul.


I don't think anyone is trying to excuse it, but out of all the list of horrible things Disney and Marvel have done in the creation of their films, not rehiring an actress who appeared for 17 seconds in a film falls pretty low on the list. It's like saying Apple is evil because they didn't give a homeless man a free iPad. Obviously, it's something that would've been nice of them to do, but they've done so much stuff that's way worse that this doesn't even seem to pop up on the radar of their worst crimes.


That would be really devastating as a young actor…holy shit…especially since an MCU role changes the course of your entire life. I hope she finds work where she can really shine and be successful.


It’s more of a learning experience for an upcoming actor. Your contract is the ONLY thing that matters. Devastating, yea, but she or her agent or someone should have told her to chill if it wasn’t in her contract to reprise the role.


Honestly, fuck Marvel Studios for this.


For what, exactly? We have no idea how it happened, marvel has not done anything like this before i Can recall, and has been pretty damn good about continuity… How do you know it wasn’t a miscommunication? How do you know it wasn’t the actors fault entirely?


She got a text of basically “btw you arnt playing Cassie any more” as the new one was walking out on stage to be introduced to everyone. Really shitty to me. Emma Fuhrman was a good cast that actually looked like a grown cassie. The new girl is just a newer famous actress they are hoping to pull in more fans for.


I ain't been in 1 marvel movie, at least she has that on her resume.


I genuinely don’t understand why you would think you have the role permanently when you where contracted for a single movie. That seems ridiculous.


If Marvel wants you for multiple movies, they sign you for multiple movies. If they don’t, they don’t. Two things: Kathryn Newton looks a lot more like the comic book Cassie, and I suspect this recasting means that they have big plans for the character as a next gen superhero, and Marvel believes that Newton can carry a film and aren’t sure that Fuhrman could.


Sad. I don’t think she did anything wrong to not be in the new movie


I don't know if someone else already suggested this here, but I have a feeling the Russo's liked the actress we saw in Endgame, but Feige likely didn't care for her. However, at that time, he was willing to give them anything they wanted. Now that they're completely out of the picture, that first girl got yeeted quick and replaced with someone Feige felt was a better choice.


Close, the I believe the actual reasoning is because Peyton Reed, the director of the Ant-Man films, always wanted Kathryn Newton but he wasn’t involved with the Endgame casting so either due to a miscommunication or scheduling conflicts Emma Fuhrmann was cast instead. If anything, Fuhrmann was cast when she wasn’t supposed too, rather than her being fired


Just shows how brutal Hollywood can be. I feel bad for the actress. She probably thought she had it made and would be featured in multiple MCU films going forward only for it to be taken away


Let’s be frank. These small bit roles are tryouts to gauge for audience buzz about the person playing that role. If there’s low interest, they’ll replace that person until they find someone with high audience approval. Secondly, these small roles are reserved as tokens for studio execs to distribute to cronies and random lovers like backstage passes.


Yeah, but the way she rocked those 17 seconds. It was her first scene in any marvel film, never worked with Paul Rudd in her life, and I could see in her eyes and feel that she hadn’t seen her dad in five years and thought he was dead forever.


Some nerd’s gonna George Lucas the new actress into that scene


If I had a nickel for an actress from Endgame portraying an older version of an Avenger's daughter getting fired, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.


Wait, who’s the other one?


There was a deleted scene of Tony Stark in the Soul Realm after snapping his fingers (mirroring Thanos in Infinity War) where he speaks to a grown up Morgan Stark as Iron Woman. I can't remember the actress' name but the entire scene got deleted and her role was cut.


Katherine Langford


The old lady from the beginning of Stargate?


Hannah from 13 Reasons Why






I ignored my destiny once, I cannot do it again.


Bots discussing eavh other?


You must do it again Thanos


You're missing the point. There's no throne, there is no version of this, where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it.


Interesting, I didn't know they actually filmed it. Personally I would have liked Tony to meet Stan Lee in there. It would have been the culmination of his cameos.




I understood that reference.


As soon as I read "if I had a...." I immediately knew the whole comment


Although I feel bad for the original actress Kathryn Newton is still great


This- I’ve enjoyed her in anything I’ve seen her in. I feel bad for the OG actress but we haven’t let recasts in Marvel stop us from enjoying things before, why start now?


It’s me, I’m here, get over it.


BOOM! you looking for this?


Will FOREVER be pissed off that they cancelled The Society season 2.


I haven't seen most of her roles but she's great in supernatural so I'm hyped


❤ Kathryn


It’s even stranger when you realize the Endgame Cassie actually looked like she could be Paul Rudd’s daughter


But the new Cassie looks more like young Cassie.


And her mother


She does look a bit like Judy Greer, yeah.


Cassie Cage?


That why I’m fine with the recast.


Honestly I didn’t realize they even recast, she appeared so briefly in endgame


Me too


I get it, it would suck to lose that role, but the extent of the original actor's role is not something that should be too cared about. It happened before with the actor that was used for Thanos in the 3 seconds he was seen for the PCS in The Avengers. Roles just don't get properly cast when it's just a few second appearance. That's not to say the stand ins would be bad, just that they were only picked for the reason they served. Nothing more.


They're picked probably because they can pay them little with the implication that they might get a bigger role in the future. Then they can just cast whoever they want In the future who is probably more popular and sell more tickets.


I’m not sure there was an actor for Thanos in the avengers. I think maybe it was just graphics. Feel free to prove me wrong, it’s just a guess.


You’re wrong.


OK, that’s fine. The animation was such that you really couldn’t see the actors face at all, as compared to the Brolin animation where they’ve been actually very careful to make sure that you can see the actors face.


I don’t know what this meme implies but i love Kathryn Newton as an actress so i’m excited to see her in ant man.


I also feel like she looks more like the original little girl that played Casey.


Isn't it Cassie?


r/inthesoulstone moment


I liked her in Supernatural.


Is this a meme






Where is the meme though?


The new Cassie lang actress looks more comic accurate so I don’t mind the recasting. She’s a blond haired girl with blue eyes in Young Avengers.


Not only is this bad, but the way she was informed about this was bad too


As an actor this stinks. That poor girl probably audition for this role, went through the stressful process that is the gatekeepers that have to approve for her to get the part, passing the approval of the studio, the network, execs, director, casting director, producer and god knows who else. As many have commented here, I’m sure it narrows down to miscommunication, but the actress shouldn’t have to take the fall for that. I would hate to find out that she got into the comics and research, doing a ton of prep only for this to follow up. There’s no reason to not keep her in to, other than numbers with the new cast, as the new performer comes from other works already known which would “supposedly” add to the film, artistically this is extremely disappointing.


Feel bad for the original actress, she wasn’t even contacted about the change and only found out through social media.


Kathryn Love Newton did nothing wrong imo


Still a less obvious recast than Rhodey.


How does everyone in the chat have an Avengers badge ​ Edit: Nvm


I’m not sure why the recast was necessary. I liked the Endgame girl, and her 20 seconds of pure-emotion.


the way her eyes where able to convey emotions man


The first lady actually looks like she could be Paul Rudd's daughter.


Imagine being recasted cause you look "too old" for a role and they recast you with someone that's older


What if it’s deliberate? What if, because of timeline dickery, the new Cassie is a variant and Kang gets his hooks into Scott by offering to restore the original Cassie


Oh did I miss something or isn’t this old news? Like no hate about it at all but I thought this was announced a while ago because I remember being upset about it back then! That Cassie will have 3 different actors in 4 separate movies lol 😂 but yes I do feel bad for the endgame actor which really sucks and to a less extent the little girl from the first two films like I wish the snap didn’t effectively age her to young for the role but that’s a MCU level decision whereas recasting her from endgame to now just seems like a slap to the face of the actor! But I’m sure the new girl will be great!!!!!




lets see whose career pans out in the future. emmas potential seems to be higher for me


I'm STILL disappointed the original actress got screwed over, I hope there's a future for her in Gunn's DCU.


Well Newton's ' Dad ' in Quantumania felt to me as goofy as Gal Gadot's ' Kal El, No ! '


I think it is ugly to do that to someone.thatkind of rejection can't be good


Why though


It must be insulting for her, because there was literally no reason for it.


How do you know?


If they recast Morbius we riot.


Why is this still an issue? She had 10 second scene, got replaced, move on.


Lame. The Endgame actress was great in it, albeit in one scene.


Actually two


Why did they change actresses?


Not even gonna lie, I like Kathryn Newton better in this role, but the idea of recasting the role without even talking to the original actor or having her audition again made no sense to me.


i loved little girl cassie tho i wish they couldve kept her actress. i’m not exaggerating when i say she was the cutest little kid i’ve ever seen. excited to see where cassie goes next tho!


i hate that they did that


If I had never seen this post, I honestly wouldn’t of even noticed


Both actresses are beautiful. (Sorry if I sound like a creep).


Why is that creepy? Lol


Because people are really sensitive nowadays.


You're not wrong though


I forget did they say why they recasted her?




Because Peyton Reed, Quantumania’s director, wasn’t involved in casting the actress from Endgame. He wanted the Kathryn Newton but Emma Fuhrmann was cast when she wasn’t supposed to be.


Probably they wanted a name brand actress. Marvel collects people who are already household names like the infinity stones to be in their movies.


The more trailers for quantumania I see the more I think this casting was a mistake, it doesn't feel like the younger Cassie at all


I’m a Kathryn Newton fan, I’m sorry


Her yelling dad in the trailer made me cringe. Hope she’s a better at acting throughout the movie.


On the one benefit of the new one, it’s Kathryn Newton🤷‍♂️ I ain’t fully complaining ngl lol


Or they just had to replace an actress?


Adolescence is a tough time… lots of changes o


Do this but with war machine and I'm down.


girl on the left looks like every girl in my town that has "white guilt"


Why does she look like a budget version of Melody Marks?


Hehe. Taint.


What I heard was that Peyton Reed, the director of the 3 Ant-Man movies had no input on who was cast as older Cassie in Endgame. I do really dislike this recast, but not enough that I’m gonna miss the new movie.


Has Emma ever come out and addressed this personally? For all we know she turned the role down. Looking at her IMDb page she isn’t exactly busy, maybe she wanted to get out of acting? I don’t know, I don’t like to speculate, I’m a bit of a purist and would’ve rather she stayed but we don’t know the details.


She specifically said she wasn't asked, and found out she was recast via social media.


Ahh I see. That’s pretty rough :-/


Including Cassie along with and Colonel Rhodes and Hulk…it’s unbelievable the amount of recasts the MCU has.


Abby Ryder Fortson Emma Fuhrmann Kathryn Newton That's a lot of recasting for her Edit: Dafuq, why the downvote


i mean not really. u have a young young actress playing a role twice, which is pretty big honestly, especially when she’s talented, and then u have a girl that said “dad?” and now a new girl playing someone different than the trailer for a movie. it’s actually not that outlandish. a bigger change for me was rodhey and that didn’t seem like shit because don did great.