Lol nice try cops


Cops are getting dumber...


I heard that people with no friends are traveling to Czechy and they are looking for Chinese stores. Or they are using Internet... Remember that weed is illegal and most likely if they found you with "greater amount" (it can be as huge amount as +/- 5 grams) you will rather receive a sentence. It can be that you will not go to a jail, but you will still not like it. But is is also possible you will spend 2 years in prison. If you will have less it is possible that they will decide to close the case without charges, but before it will happened police will make a ride on your home/take your belongings/phone and you will have some bad times m'kay? Don't do drugs as a foreigner in Poland. Go to Prague for a weekend if you have to.


Been doing drugs as a foreigner in Poland since 2014 and must say I had the best of times. Zero regrets, just good memories and new friends on the way. Don’t listen to this guy OP, enjoy your life because there is only one, too short to live it scared. I’m not giving you any dealers numbers on reddit tho because I’m not stupid lol


I am not telling anyone if they should or should not do drugs - been there, done that as well. But from a time perspective it is better to schedule a travel to Prague for a weekend than risk it in Poland and potentially deal with cops if you do not even speak Polish. Especially if you do not know anyone and it is easy for you to fall into some trap set up by cops. There are really good train connections between Kraków and Prague tho... But at the end of a day everyone should decide for themselfs.


You have to find a dealer and it’s very hard.


Hah! I'd say "Nice try CBŚ" if the guys there actually knew English.


Just go to the worst looking żabka shop you can find and ask the cashier, but bear in mind he or she has to be young




As everyone says - friend of a friend. Tinder tends to have 420 in bios - get together on a date and smoke. Get around bars and find bit more laid back/hippie types and ask. It's never that easy because it's illegal. Just asking here won't help. You have to go between the people and gain someone's trust.


yeah you have the right idea. I recently moved to slovakia after living in the USA for 30 years, and 3 months in i found a bunch of people who like to smoke bud, without even knowing the language (i do know some polish though so it helps). Guys were giving me little nugs to sample for free xD.... Slovakia laws are unreasonably harsh with weed as well. IDK about Krakow but, from what i have seen here, you can generally trust the dudes with dreadlocks lol. I don't think i have met someone with dreads/big ass beards who does not smoke weed.


Met lots of stoners in Bratislava. It's not my thing but the only issue they seemed to have was finding people in stock/willing to deliver on the weekend (evenings).


Ngl kinda curious on why you moved to Slovakia


I met my girlfriend back in california who is from slovakia, and then covid happened any my company is work from home, so i just decided to work from home in a cheaper country and live with my GF. I always wanted to live in europe though, as my parents are polish and i can speak it. But slovakia works just fine. the language is surprisingly similar. It is kind of fun to learn a new language just by knowing a similar one, it makes it easy. I am in the Krakow subreddit because i really like the city when i have visited. And if the GF/slovakia thing does not work out, that is where i will go next xD .... i really do want to move there so i can be better with polish. i can read it somewhat, but i cannot write it at all.


Cool. Unexpected. Hopefully my slovak mates will treat you well


Nowa Huta.


Rynek Główny 29 give em a call 12 615 73 18


Rynek Główny 29 give em a call 997


I'd like to know that myself. Like, how do people get to know drug dealers?


Same. Do you need a drug dealer dealer to find the drug dealers?


Friends is enough


I don't have that


It's not enough. It's always someone, who knows someone, who has a friend, who knows someone. I can't ever find a way to get to meet the dealer in person, and I'm sick and tired of asking my friends to get me some weed. And if you move somewhere else, you don't have any friends there.


None of my friends smoke.


But one might know someone who does. You can reach anyone like this, including cops


Yeah, they know a guy who once knew a guy who might have known a guy 10 years ago. I'm 30, I have friends who can recommend a good pediatrician or an organic food store, not a pot dealer lol


Usually I don't buy drugs off the street but when I was in Bydgoszcz I was curious if it's really that easy to get my hand on some speed. I just went to the city center around 10pm and first shady guy I asked hooked me up with some top tier amp. Whole operation took around 10 to 15 minutes.


I can't help you with that, but i am interested in your post history. Have you had any luck finding liberty caps/psilocybe semilanceata around Krakow? I found some here in north east slovakia.... but the season has ended about now, slim pickings. I only got like.... 5 grams dry for the whole season, but it was my first time looking for them. Edit: for all you guys saying this is a cop, check his post history. It is a 2 year old account. This post is in line with that this user has posted about previously. I mean, it is possible, but very unlikely.


the cop things is a meme. there must be more efficient ways for the police to find criminals than this fucked up “technique”


You can buy it at “treasure” shops, it’s a bit dangerous but not a big deal. They usually give an address in some quiet place with no people or cameras.


i get mine from the pharmacy. DrMax has best price in Galeria Krakowska


Call 997 it is number for emergency weed distribution in Kraków