Pattern was erhm.. Cast on 60, use old yarn inhereted from grandma (no idea what, sorry), make as many mistakes I could possibly think of, change to "Somerset super chunky garn" from my local supermarket, make equally as many mistakes. Pompom is crocheted (sorry) around a plastic-thingy from Kinder eggs, and then made to look as sad as possible with a few strands of random white yarn (and a single pink one, that's not visible on the pics)


The first ugly hat gift away! Genius 😎


oh jeez that "pompom" lmao. its AMAZING. hahaha. have a blast!


The pompom almost physically hurt to make haha


That's such a good idea, the most cursed and blessed hat !


Last Saturday before Christmas, our friend group throws an "Ugly Christmas potluck party".. We all dress up a in the ugliest Christmas attire, we each bring something non-Christmassy to eat and a lot of booze. My gf and I usually come up with something fun to do at the party, and this year we are bringing a gift, wrapped in 40-or-so layers of wrapping. Inside will be this absolutely shitty Santa hat that I made over the past 24 hours. It's hideous, badly made and I love it to bits. We are hoping to make it a tradition, that the "lucky" winner comes up with a new way of gifting the hat away next year so we can enjoy this beauty for years to come.


Great work! Please let us know the name of the pattern (if you used one, or steps you took in the design process) and the name of the yarn per our subreddit rules. Thank you. :)


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