I finished my first ever knitting project! Blue scarf for my bf!

I finished my first ever knitting project! Blue scarf for my bf!


That is really good for a first work. :) You can be proud of yourself. I like the colour too.


The last row was the worst! Multiple times I lost my stitch, and multiple times I was afraid of the whole scarf unraveling! I'm so happy it's finally done!


It wont be like that if you drop a stich. It might travel down and look bad, but you actually can go down and pick it up with a crochet hook and “knit” it back up. Then noone will know. There’s a lot of videos on YouTube that shows how. :) Good luck on your next projects.




Nice job! Lovely, even stitches.


Your BF is very lucky to get something this nice made special for them :) Well done. Thank you for sharing your work with us.


Love that color! Looks so nice and tidy!


Wow- the difference between the first and last stitch tells a whole story! Well done. There’s a teacher on the Michael’s YouTube channel, Darrin Morris who is fantastic at teaching beginners. He has a few classes on fixing knitting mistakes and it feels like Darrin is right there. He really helped me with dropped stitches.


This is absolutely gorgeous! I’m a beginner as well— just wondering what stitch you’ve used here along with the needle size?


I used a garter stitch, size 6,5mm needle but with acrylic wool made for a size 8 needle! It took very long but it made the scarf extra fluffy!