My husband thinks knitting in the car/on a plane is dangerous… should I be more worried about my safety or can anyone relate to others thinking these pointy things are more sharp than they really are?

My husband thinks knitting in the car/on a plane is dangerous… should I be more worried about my safety or can anyone relate to others thinking these pointy things are more sharp than they really are?


I have a semi-irrational fear of being in a car accident while knitting and getting stabbed in the eye with a knitting needle.


I mean that’s totally fair! I wear glasses so I’d like to think I have some protection? But would prefer not to think about the alternative 😬


Your glasses would be pushed into your eye too by the needle.


From my years of lab safety training, the most horrifying thing to me (a former glasses wearer) was how folks eyes would be wrecked by their own glasses in an explosion… wear your safety goggles folks!!!! I would totally knit on a plane or a train but not in a car - relative risk of a collision is orders of magnitude difference Sincerely, Paranoid


The optometrist recommended lenses made out of plastic instead of glass for that reason because they wouldn’t splinter (I’m sure plastic is not the right term, but I’m not a native speaker and don’t know the correct word). Do you agree that they are safer?


This is giving me irrational fears too now! I remember in materials engineering labs the ppl with glasses never had to wear safety goggles because they had glasses


I agree!


I would have a similar fear in school. If I were taking notes in class and feeling sleepy, I'd worry that my head would nod off and have the pencil I was writing with impale my eyeball


I could kind of see it in a car with a sudden stop or something, but an accident will provide other projectiles for you to impale yourself on. A plane??? No. You’ll have plenty of other things to worry about if you’re in a plane crash. I’m super jealous that you can knit in the car! It makes me carsick


Usually there is warning if a plane is going to crash so it would be unlikely you'd be hurt by your own needles


And if you were in the (very rare) sort of crash where you didn't have a warning... I feel like the needles are going to be the least of your worries. (My brother is an aerospace engineer so requisite disclaimer that flying is the safest way to travel, commercial airplanes are very good at crash landing safely)


Kinda feel like needles killing you might be more merciful than dying in a plane crash


The way I see it, it's about as dangerous as having a rectangle of metal and glass 6 inches from your face 🤷‍♀️ if an accident happens it could make injuries worse, but if your air bag is going off you're already in trouble. And on a plane? If something goes wrong there you're screwed pretty much no matter what anyways. I'd say don't keep them too close to your face, but you're probably good


Technically even your purse in the backseat is dangerous in a crash- it can go flying, knock someone out, etc. Same with a hot coffee- rear ended while taking a sip and there's potential burns, face melting, blindness, inhalation aka drowning. Sounds like I'm being dramatic, but these are real risks! Your knitting is also a risk, but you weigh the dangers how you see fit. I think I'd rather risk the possibly inhaling coffee than not have my travel mug with me you know 😉


I got cut off from either side recently and had to come to a dead stop at near-highway speeds. Cracked my partner in the back of the skull with a divider we'd thought was wedged in the back that came flying forward. Nothing about knitting in the car is more dangerous than driving a car in the first place lol.


Exactly this! I follow a car seat guru and anything lose in a car can be a projectile in a crash. You weigh the risks and benefits of having it the car. I personally think you are okay with knitting it would be the same as writing with a pen or pencil.


Very true. Once heard about a local woman who was transporting bowling balls and got into a car wreck. It messed her up pretty badly.


I would feel safer with circs in the car than straights, straights are too long and could definitely cause a lot of damage if the airbag goes off


I’d say as long as you are not driving at the say time, you are generally safe.


I got into an accident and my nose piercing made a whole through my septum after I got slapped with an airbag. I still knit as a passenger in a car, planes and train too, even ferries. It is a risk I have decided is within my level of comfort.


"just incentivising you to drive carefully, dear!"


This. Haha!


I think in regards to some sort of plane accident, possibly getting stabbed by a knitting needle would be the least of your problems. That’s just me though.


https://www.google.ca/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/2020/story%3fid=8071664&page=1 Took a needle to the chest - did not die.


That’s a wild story! Thanks for sharing. Certainly would not want to experience that myself but I’m grateful there is hope if I did


That’s so interesting. I’m going to keep knitting in cars but I’m going to rethink walking with needles!


This is why I always put my knitting somewhere I can’t trip and fall on.


I mean sure if you are driving….don’t knit and drive. Psa complete.


I'm so jealous, OP. My hubs doesn't drive, so I'm stuck doing all the driving. How much more fun our trips to NH would be if I could knit or crochet on the road.


I stopped knitting in the car after a friend had an accident and his face was cut up because he was wearing a watch and his face got cut up by the watch. When I thought about knitting needles and the airbag…


There's a really old "a touch of frost" episode where an old lady gets stabbed to death by her knitting needles, so I guess its possible, but at that angle, I think you're good!


I fucking love frost. Appendix man!


I loved that show!


I always knit in the car. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I mean, I frequently daydream about stabbing people in the eye with my needles but I have yet to do it in a public place…


Do you not get carsick? That would be my fear, that'd I'd get sick all over my work. 😅 that being said, I know I personally would probably stick to circulars or shorting needles. I know it's my own paranoia, the idea of a needle puncturing my skin in an accident fills me with dread. 😓


Luckily I don’t get carsick! But I do get bored on long drives, so I find knitting is the perfect balance of keeping me occupied while also being able to talk to the husband and keep him alert while driving. Like you said I guess it comes down to personal comfort level with the pointy objects!


“Do you want me to knit or to navigate?” I have the worlds worst sense of direction. My husband would rather I distract myself than hlep.


haha same. It‘s far better I do anything else than giving directions and/or panic outbrakes bc i think we are too fast / too close / too whatever. Better stare at knitting, I know I‘m safe when hubby drives.


You definitely could impale yourself on a needle in the car if brakes get slammed or an accident happens... that said I do it anyways - the boredom would be way more deadly because I'd probably annoy the driver too much without knitting


No more dangerous than a pen or pencil or metal straw. As long as they aren’t up by your face I think it’s fine.


Drinking from started Airways terrified me. The Edge of the hole is so sharp. Hot a bump and it could take a lot of skin of the roof of my mouth


I think autocorrect mangled this one. Straws, maybe? Yeah, those suckers are dangerous!


Haha yes straws sorry


Straws are suckers... and you literally suck liquid through them. Lol. (I apparently am easy to amuse)


My husband says one day TSA will take my knitting needles away with my work on them.


I once had a TSA agent pull out my scarf on needles and ask me questions about it. He wanted me to prove I could knit and the needles weren't dangerous and handed it to me. I got a few stitches in and he said "okay I believe you" and then I had to tell him that no, we're all going to have to wait now because I need to finish this row you made me start. I wonder if he's asked someone that since.


Hahahahaha that’s amazing. I don’t find anything above a US 4 that pointy but the smaller ones…I have definitely hurt myself with those before hahaha.


I've used a thimble on particularly stabby pieces but even on the worst ones it's not as bad as actual needles.


No definitely not. I tried using thimbles and it threw me off. I felt like I wasn’t holding my needles right anymore.


Yeah the leather ones might be better but metal ones are particularly awful for knitting, I had to make mine out of duct tape haha


I’ve had TSA take out my needles and ask what they were but didn’t make me knit with them. That’s hilarious! I also had a flight attendant on a European airline tell me to put my knitting away during takeoff and I mildly argued with her that it helps to control my anxiety and she still made me put it away. I took it back out as soon as they “prepared for takeoff” once they were no longer roaming the aisles. At that time, I also had “approved for air travel” needles, which were more rounded plastic short needles.


I always worry about this happening! That one day an agent won’t know the rules. Years ago I went to Thailand and packed a knitting project in my carry on. When we were going through their TSA to leave the country (on our way home), I got pulled aside after putting my bag through the scanner. Two agents started digging through it with very concerned looks on their faces. I was so perplexed, I couldn’t think what it was that was in my bag that would’ve gotten me pulled aside (temporarily forgetting my knitting), but I just stood there silently and watched. The female agent eventually pulled my small knitting bag out of the bottom of my backpack and it hit me. I got nervous that I was about to lose my stuff (or worse), but when the agent pulled out my knitting project and realized what it was, she started laughing with relief! She put my stuff back in my bag and waved me on with a smile. Oh man, I was so glad she reacted the way she did!


I’ve only had my knitting bag searched once but it was because I was in the middle of a color blocking project and I had three different colors in there plus long circulars. Thankfully they let me take it out myself to show them or there would have been yarn everywhere.


I've had it happen. They confiscated my needles, took my project right off and I had nothing to catch the stitches with. This was in the first years post 911.


Oh my goodness I would be crying! I didn’t start flying till a few years after 911 so I can’t even imagine how bad it was then.


Jealousy's a curse. I always take my knitting on a plane. What else can I use if it gets high jacked 🤣


I don’t see how it’s any worse than a pen, a hairbrush. A crystal hanging from your rear view or a million other things. Sounds like your hubby is jaaaaaaaast a lil bit paranoid


I have a pair of hiya hiya sharps that I knit socks with and they stab me and bring blood on the regular! They don't call them sharps for nothing! 😅I don't go far enough away from home to bring knitting anymore, so I can't speak to that.


I had a metal coffee mug fly all the way from the front cup holder, hit the back window in my econoline and ( smash the back window) bounce back to the front of the van hitting me in the back of the head during an accident that totalled my van. Needed on stitch. Travel mugs are very dangerous when driving, and I bet no one has given you one lecture on the hazards of them in A car ever.


Airplane good, but if an air bag goes off in your car, even from a fender bender, those needles risk puncturing you or the airbag. I see others mentioning glasses and crashes. Not all crashes are violently explosive, but all airbags are. As for glasses, they are flat, higher up on your face and not nearly as stabby. Knit at your destination and enjoy the view.


An Airbag goes on in microseconds and then off again (it releases the air immediatly after) to give you space and not to choke you. So by the time the needle punctures it its duty has already been done. Also these bags are made of very sturdy material which more likely ruins the needles rather than getting punctored. After one use, airbag has to be replaced. I don‘t see any problems with knitting regarding the airbag.


If the needles are pointed towards you (and they likely would be as you raise your hands up instinctively to protect your face in a crash), the force of the bag can result in some serious self-stabbiness. But hey, I get carsick anyway so it's a non-issue for me. I keep the driver company, commandeer the radio, and enjoy the scenery.


Are you knitting while driving? Then no. (Tries to consider all the times I've courted death/injury because of knitting on a flight or long car trip). Also I think your husband may need to see someone for anxiety...


Driving itself is a risk to safety, as well as eating, using stairs, and getting out of bed.


Lol! Tell your so you will stay home then, either that or you can’t live in fear! Challenge him to find stats on death by knitting needles.


My grandma told me I shouldn’t knit around my kids.


You shouldn't! You need to be a better example. Starting them so young... Can you imagine! What happens when they become teenagers and start hanging out at yarn stores, buying stashes... Oh gosh the addiction!


Haha what?! Because the needles would be too dangerous for your kids to be around? That’s wild to me. My grandma taught me to knit when I was like 9 or 10 and when I was not much older using needles for darning and seams 🤷🏼‍♀️


My thought was the kids are too dangerous for the knitting... You ever try to follow a chart when kids are inside on a rainy day? RIP my knitting LOL


Haha, yes!! To be fair they were toddlers and toddlers are crazy. But I’m much more worried about what they could do to my knitting than what my knitting needles could do to them, haha.


In a car? That seems very dangerous. On a plane, I think you’re fine.


In a car, in danger you are. On a plane, you are fine. ​ Sorry, just had to make this little poem out of it.


I have stepped on, and impaled myself, with a knitting needle. They can be dangerous, but only with a lot of force


I wouldn’t do it in a car, seems too dangerous. I also get carsick. On a plane I don’t see a problem.


He isn't necessarily wrong, you aren't allowed to knit, crochet or needle point on bullet trains in certain regions


How about eating? Your more likely to choke if you get an accident but that doesn’t bother many people 😉


I have a grandaunt who knits while driving. She's totally fine. So you as a passenger should be entirely safe.


I knit while I walk. I thought that was as multitasking as I can get. I know I’ve been tempted to pull out my project when traffic is at a complete standstill…I mean, you see people purring on makeup and brushing hair/beards using the rear view mirror…so why not, right? Maybe if it’s a stockingette hat on circs…but I haven’t…yet.


I don't think so. Knitting needles are allowed in mental wards, on airplanes and in courtrooms. They can't be turned into shanks. Is that the right word? I've never visited anyone in jail.


Was so dejected when I reported for jury duty because they'd only allow crochet hooks, not knitting needles--not even circulars! Was limited to a shawl I was crocheting, and couldn't bring my purse-sock.


I just did jury duty and the lady who did our orientation was just "ah you're knitting a sock it's nice to see young people still do that" and that was the only thing anyone said


I just did jury duty and they wouldn’t allow “knitting or crochet needles.” SMH. I took my embroidery instead.


generally knitting needles are not allowed in psych wards though :/ but then again neither are shoelaces or anything like that i guess


There are varying levels of 'privileges' in those places. Knitting needles would be off limits for some, okay for others.


Knitters fear nothing! Go for it. You only live once, knitting is life!


Same level of danger as having your feet on the dash, yeah it might not happen, but when it does, youll either have your feet to waist obliterated or a metal spike in your throat. I dont see knitting on a plane as an issue though tbh


Nowhere near the level of danger of having your feet on the dash. Are you serious lol Sustaining a collision with your feet on the dashboard- you are GAURANTEED significant lower extremity, pelvic and spinal trauma. Knitting needles- maybe a puncture. In and out punctures are really not that big of a life threatener. In, twist and spin around, then out are the ones we worry about Not even in the same category of risk.


My husband says nothing. He just knows he’s driving. I always have my knit or crochet bag with me. Always.


I just don't have enough focus 😅


I've shad a 4mm dpn go into the bottom of my foot. It stopped bleeding after an hour. They're not the safest but they aren't the sharpest


My first thought is potential headaches (like when you read in the car), but if we're talking about accident well, it could be dangerous or not we never know but i would be nervous. And in a plane, i don't really see the problem


I switched from dpns to circular needles for car knitting because of this exact fear.


Idk if it’s safe or not, but it always makes me motion sick. Plane I’m less worried. If things are that turbulent or bad you have other things to worry about. When I brought my knitting flying I brought blunt plastic needles anyway.


No more dangerous than if you were holding a pencil and doing a crossword


I just get carsick when I crochet in the car


Planes are significantly safer than cars. So I wouldn’t worry about planes


Maybe just keep it low in your lap and not up to your face? I don't know. People have all kinds of stuff in the car that will become a projectile, most notably water bottles, purses etc. I'm kind of freaky about loose items in the car, but knitting is usually a light item and doesn't bother me as much. I am more worried about sitting properly and not with legs mangled somehow or with improper use of seatbelt.


I mean, I once left a set of needles on a recliner, sat down without realizing it, and impaled myself in the thigh. It was fine, but it hurt and freaked me out. That being said, I 100% knit in the car. Yolo. Haha.


Totally on your side but please keep in mind that in case one of those metallic needles goes through your skin for whatever reason, they are almost impossible to get out on your own because their finish will get stuck on your flesh for some reason


And that's why I crochet


Personally more fearful of the sturdier crochet needle causing damage than my traveling knitting needles (which are either bamboo or aluminum and break/bend if you look at them funny). They’re not nearly as pointy as my regulars…but I try not to knit lace or other complicated items in the road/on vacation.


I knit on the bus.... Maybe I'm tempting fate 😬


I was an auto injury claims adjuster for many years, and I handled the worst of the worst injuries. It's made me very paranoid about cars. I'd still knit in them as a passenger (if it didn't make me car sick which sadly it does). The stars would have to perfectly align for your needles to cause any worse injury than you'd already be getting, but that's true of anything you could do in a car.


My mom knits while dad drives, and it cuts down on her critiquing his driving... for them, I think it's safer for the both of them if mom is knitting! 😂


Is he worried about your safety or his??🧶


The needle are sharp enough to stab someone; I left something I was working on out-was going out for a walk with my husband-we heard a serious cry from our big dog so we ran back in and one of my needles were sticking out of him. We think he ran across it when going to run to look out the window to see us and stabbed him.


Anything you do could be dangerous.


Sneezing while knitting scares me more.


After too many decades of knitting to count…I was first taught when I was three to get me out from underfoot and because my cousin wanted to learn…) I can literally knit stockinette without looking. So my car knit is usually a plain hat on circulars. I hold/knit it low, on my lap. Something to distract as long car rides make me antsy. But not a distraction to the driver. You know? (Yeah we both might be a bit OCD.) If the airbags are the issue…you can always be chauffeured/sit in the back seat…just a thought.


Well I think you just gotta accept that humans are fragile and can have all sorts of things go wrong. You could get impaled by a pencil. You could trip over your dog and hit your head. You could have an allergic reaction to acetametophin. A branch could fall on you while walking under a tree. I’d rather just knit in the car because it makes me happy. If I brainstormed about all the things that could kill me at any time, I would live in an empty padded room.


I think about that sometimes for sure! Also there’s an episode of Killing Eve where she stabs someone to in the neck with a pair of knitting needles hmmm 🤔😂


Sudden stop with enough force and you'd be surprised how sharp things become. I can see his concern but I'm not sure how like it'll be


Maybe have some caps on the needle so there no shape ends but otherwise no


He might not pick a fight with you while you are actively knitting


The safety of all increases when I am allowed to knit. Your husband is a worry wort. If the TSA doesn’t mind your needles, there’s no reason why he should. On the road, he needs to worry about his driving, not what you’re doing.


As a professional driver, I understand his concern. Knitting needles could become quite a scary projectile


Your not driving, I don't see a problem


Depends on the size, my sock needles could probably do some damage! My 10mm not so much