Designed a colourful dress for my nieces birthday

Designed a colourful dress for my nieces birthday


Designed this dress for my niece. All made from scrap yarn. I have never used so many colours within my design and this just opened so many unexplored colour ways. Love when trusting the process goes so right!


Would love to see your notes or general process if you are willing to share!


Seconded! I'm particularly intrigued by the beautiful stitch pattern on the skirt, is it just sideways seed stitch in many colors? It reminds me of those gorgeous Mexican woven blankets.


Not OP, but it looks like it may be linen stitch. It mimics weaving with slipped stitches!


That looks promising, thanks!


Hello, sorry for the late reply on this! this is not a seed stitch, instead of purling you \*K1, slip 1 purlwise (yarn at front)\* and on the way back its \*P1, slip 1 purlwise (yarn at back) The stitch is called **Double Woven stitch**. It is worked on a multiple of "2+1sts, + edge st on each side. *Found on p. 141 400 knitting stitches*


Thanks for your reply! Great stitch choice, it's absolutely beautiful with the colour variation you've got there


Thank you! I do recommend trying this stitch out, it was a great surprise!


Thank you for wanting to recreate this! I would love to share the pattern with you, but have to write it up better as my notes are never really understandable for other people haha I'll let you know when I post the pattern!


Came here hoping to see the pattern notes! That’s lovely and both of my daughters would love it!


So beautiful! And really creative design, I love it!






Oh wow this is so lovely!


Your niece is very lucky to get a dress this nice custom made! Wow!


It’s absolutely gorgeous!!


Literally said "Damn!" out loud. Really impressive, nice work!


Beautiful future family heirloom💕


I want to knit more dresses, but my sister-in-law is a witch and won’t put my niece in anything I knit


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