Just finished making the Fourth Doctor's scarf! It's absolutely huge, impractical, and definitely not perfect... and it makes me so happy!

Just finished making the Fourth Doctor's scarf! It's absolutely huge, impractical, and definitely not perfect... and it makes me so happy!


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Good bot! Love that this bot exists. We don't need negative self-talk about perfectly lovely work and great accomplishments! Proud of you OP!


Thank you! Still learning to look past the little mistakes and be proud of my work, and I love how supportive this community is!!


The little mistakes prove it’s handmade, and make your scarf unique!! Embrace them. I giggle a little when someone compliment my knitting on looking so awesome because I know they can’t see the “mistakes” which means they don’t matter as much. Your scarf is beautiful!!!


You deserve a ton of support for all that work and creativity! Plus I love your scarf and hope you wear it proudly!




I feel like having some mistakes actually makes it more perfect for the Doctor’s scarf.


In many knitting traditions the mistakes are seen as having a spiritual function - making sure the life force of the maker doesn't get caught in the work they made. Or it was just someone's granny being a wise-ass, either way I love that attitude.


I am going to tell myself this from now on.


I love that! I’m making a Yara shawl atm and I saw all these perfect ones on Instagram and got downhearted and so I’ve started telling myself “my mistakes are my own and they make it mine” whenever I’m in doubt.


I wish I could knit like this. Hoping my next project turns out half as nice as this one


The pattern was self drafted, mostly generated by looking at images of the Doctor in his season 13 scarf. The yarn is Fio Mollet by Círculo (I'm in Brazil, and this is a local brand). This was a simple project, if time consuming, mostly knit while watching Classic Who!


For those who want to make their own scarf but don't want to try and figure out their own pattern a great resource is [DoctorWhoScarf.com](https://DoctorWhoScarf.com) they have patterns and yarn suggestions for screen accurate copies of all the fourth Doctors various scarfs. The reason I learned to knit was to make myself a season 18 scarf which ended up around 18 feet long.


I made one in high school. One of the advantage to this particular scarf is it when it was winter, I could wear it while I was working on it.


Oh! Nice! Amazing work!! Do you have a list of the colors in order? :)


Ameiiii 🥰


I have a massive scarf (bigger than this) that I used to use at the office. Everyone knew it (and I mean an office building of at least 1000 people). It's called my blanket scarf. It's huge, comfy, warm, and looked somewhat professional. I had sooo many people ask me to. Make them one... And eventually most of the knitters at my office ended up making versions like mine so they could also have their own giant blanket scarf. It's honestly one of my favourite things. Anyway, I tell you this so you know that's yours is completely useful and practical!


That sounds like a truly legendary scarf!! Mine already feels like a warm hug, so I can imagine how nice yours is!!


Okay, I have to see this scarf.


Lol, I think it might still be at my office which I haven't been to in a year and a half (cause... You know... Pandemic)... But I'll see if it tucked it away in a box somewhere at home and post it if I find it


I’ll be looking forward to seeing a picture as well!


Adding my following dot on this! .


Well you gotta pay the scarf tax now and show us! 😄


ITS AMAZING! I love dr who so this made me so happy


Thank you so much! Now I’m just waiting for the TARDIS to come pick me up 😂


It looks splendid! I’m very impressed. Who cares if it’s practical or not, it’s fantastic. Also, where is your dress from? I’ve been looking for gingham stuff for awhile and can’t find a good dress!


Thank you so much!! I actually sewed this dress myself. I also love gingham and couldn't find the type of dress I wanted so had to make one!


Very nice! Did you make the pattern or buy it? I love the sleeves.


I adapted it from a blouse pattern I found online for free ([https://marlenemukai.com.br/top-cropped-com-manga-fofa-camponesa/](https://marlenemukai.com.br/top-cropped-com-manga-fofa-camponesa/)), and the sleeves are just a basic sleeve block I made extra wide so I would have the poof I love!


Even better! Look at you rocking that totally handcrafted look! You’re awesome 😎


Love it! Have you weighed it at all? When I made one (for someone else) I used knit picks Wool of the Andes...the scarf was very hefty! For anyone considering a Dr. Who scarf project, I found this site to be helpful for planning! http://doctorwhoscarf.com/


I haven't weighed it as I don't have a scale close-by, but it measures to just over 3 meters (9.8 feet). It is quite hefty though!! That's a great resource! I wish I knew about it before I knit the scarf!!


That is some wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff.


Exactly what I was going for


You mean it's perfect? The best sort of scarf is the huge, impractical and imperfect. They are extra cozy. Looks lovely!


You are absolutely right! Thank you!


I love it! But I kept thinking: what doctor? What doctor has over four scarfs? Probably a lot. Allllmost to that point that I wanted to ask "Doctor who?" (Okay no I didn't that's lame. Sorry). Love the colour combination!


Thank you so much! (Also, I laughed way too hard at this 😂)


Hahaha oh pfew😅


This is so great!


Thank you!!


It's beautiful 😍


Thank you so much!!


I'm literally sitting with this scarf in my lap that I finished seconds ago! Very cool! Can I ask you how you wove the ends of the stripes in? I carried mine along the back of each stitch for 10-20 stitches or so on every new colour change row, so I wouldn't have to go back and do it all manually at the end, but now I'm terrified they'll unravel at the first trip through the washing machine...


That's such a funny coincidence! I sewed the ends of the stripes in after I had finished knitting, which was a bit boring, but I think they'll stay in (at least I hope so).


Definitely recommend looking up the origins of the actual scarf. From what I understand they gave the costume knitter a bunch of yarn to choose from for the scarf and she just used all of it. Because if they give you so many fun colors why wouldn’t you just use all of it.


It’s so gorgeous and looks luxuriously squishy! I made a scaled down version several years ago, and while my colours didn’t quite match, I have a nice fall colours scarf with a Doctor Who easter egg.


The colours were hard to get right, I even had to go back and switch my green yarn at one point, so I completely get it. But a nice fall scarf is always fantastic!


I love huge impractical scarves and shawls and also the doctor, so this is the best thing I've seen all week. I don't know that i have the willpower for that much garter, I'm super impressed with you.


Thank you so much!! :)


I remember when I made my Doctor Who scarf about 10 years ago. I found a glorious website that had made patterns for all the doctors scarves from all the seasons. And I think I made season 13 or something. I can't find the website anymore but it was a great resource.


That sounds like a great website! Mine is season 13 as well, I think it's one of the most reasonable of Baker's scarves


I love it! :) making one is on my “someday” list.




I love it!


I think it looks wonderful! I have one that I made myself and I recommend a large safetypin stitchholder to keep it looped the way you like.


Oh that's a great idea!! Thank you!


Tom Baker is my favorite doctor and you did an excellent job with the scarf!


Thank you so much!!


But really pretty. I love the bright colors!! That’s for me


It's fantastic and so is your gingham dress!


Thank you so much!


It looks great!🧣


Yep. Because happiness is huge and impractical :)


My thoughts exactly :)


This looks so good! I love the colors you chose.


Thank you!!




That is a true labor of love! All that garter stitch...


Ah maze ing! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! ❤ I made one, too. It was my first project and man have I learned a lot since then. Like why yarn weight and fiber content is important etc. I ended up with a super heavy, fairly stiff monster of a scarf! I love it so much! Your cor choices are so so good! I hope you enjoy that scarf and all it's doctor-y goodness!


It's such a fun project! Mine didn't end up suuper heavy, but definitely heavier than all other scarfs I've made. The colours were so hard to get right, but I'm quite happy with how it came out!


My nana did this for my brother years ago, he too found it completely impractical and yet never took it off 😂 enjoy!!


Making me happy too!


I made one when I was first learning to knit. It’s a great project.


Omg I love it. Could you please make me one ???


Its beautiful and Im happy your happy !!


Oooo I need a big project, maybe I should try this!


I highly recommend it! It was really fun.


Ahhh this looks SO GOOD!!! I remember making mine and it took so long!!! Great Job! Well done!


Thank you so much :)


Great job! I’m working on some socks with those colors


I love it!!! I’ve been thinking of making a dr who scarf for my friend- do you have any guidance? Is there a chart or should you just make something up?


A few people have shared a very useful website on this thread that seems to be really helpful: http://doctorwhoscarf.com/


I love this! It looks better than the Dr's scarf I'm currently making for my aunt who's a huge Dr Who fan. But I'm also only using scrap yarn (her request) so colors are a little wonky


It’s a project you completed for a fandom you love that will make you and others around you smile and can keep three people warm at once. Seems pretty perfect to me!


Thank you for such a lovely comment :)


I did that one a couple of years ago. It’ glorious right?


It’s absolutely fantastic!!


I made this scarf a few times. It's a fun project.


Brilliant work! I finished one off these in February and it was 14 feet long, so I really understand and admire your dedication! It looks amazing!


Lovely! I made one of those some years ago.


Brilliant. I wish I had a bag of jellybabies to send you. 🍬


I have made one of these. Yours looks amazing.


Huge, impractical, and not perfect, make it absolutely ideal! It is gorgeous and who would not want to snuggle into it on a blustery day? Self drafted to boot! If people want “perfect”, practical, moderately (or let’s face it, skimpy) sized things they can find those anywhere. This is a masterpiece!!!


Thank you so much! :)


I love those wonderfully lonnnnng neck scarves!!!


Is there a pattern for this?


It is VERY practical! >:( I wear mine daily


Big scarf energy!