What’s Your Favorite Memory Trick?

What’s Your Favorite Memory Trick?


I use the phrase, “ she LEFT through the FRONT door. I’ll be RIGHT back”


This is mine too!!!


I just use brb, left is thus the other one ; )


For m1l and m1r I use similar to the other post - “I left through the front door but I’ll be right back” to remember left/front, right/back. And there’s ‘kNit Now, purL Later’ for remembering how to slip a stitch; kNitwise if you’re doing something else with it Now like as part of a decrease, purLwise if you’re not doing anything else with it until Later/next row. And lastly for K2tog and SSK, the ‘slope’ of the 2 and the S show which way the decreases lean. 2 leans right, S leans left.


I just look it up on YouTube for every project, lol.


Someone on this sub once said they used “m1r is my BFF” to remember to pick up the bar from Back to Front then knit through the Front . That’s the only way I remember! I used to just look it up every time.


This is what I do too! M1R is my BFF. (So M1L is the other way 'round, as long as the stitch still twists, haha)


This is perfect!


Thank you for this! I haven’t had to look it up since!!!


These are good. I just remember right is rear (r&r).


“Right” = “rear” LOL that’s how I remember


M1R-insert needle through REAR of stitch. R=rear.


I find M1R to be more difficult to execute than M1L, so I think of them as "the harder one" and "the easier one" 😬


I do this too!


When pattern has M1s I look at the which way the twisted stitch points. If the picked up yarn is twisted and pointing left, it is M1L. If it is twisted and pointing right, it is M1R. None of the phases work for me, I over think it or use a different technique for picking up so it doesn't apply.


I think about it as m1r is the "right" way to knit since you knit the stitch how'd you knit a normal one once you've pick the bar up and m1l is "wrong" since you knit it through the back loop


None of the phrases work for me to remember, so I rely on looking at the work each time. If I’m working a M1R and I’ve accidentally picked up the bar the wrong way, it will be slanted toward the left on my needle before I knit it. Then I know I’ve done it wrong and need to pick it up the other way!