Flying with knitting?

Flying with knitting?


So what I do is I always declare them out loud at every point. "Who packed these bags is there anything dangerous?" "I did, and nothing dangerous but there are knitting needles that look funny" TSA pauses in bag in scanner "Oh look! There are my knitting needles!" They search the bag (usually for snacks not needles). "That pouch has my knitting in it, I'm making a (blah)". I'm also fairly young white female so I don't generally get hassled by security for seeming "dangerous". But by being open and friendly I've never had an issue. I used to fly A LOT.


Thank you!


I've flown with needles and never had a problem.


Great, thanks!


Bring an already addressed mailer just in case so you can always send it back to yourself if they try to take them


I didn't know there were mailboxes at TSA checkpoints. Great idea, thanks.


I always use interchangeable needles and bring the stoppers incase I have to take the needles off - that way I don't lose my project. Never had an issue though.


Thank you


I've never had any issues, even managed to convince the baggage inspection that my punch needle was a crochet hook - fools :D


Great to know, thanks!


I honestly hear more tales of woe on needles being broken than taken; they are allowed and are usually recognized since there's a lot of flying knitters. I wouldn't take your wooden ones, esp in smaller gauges, if you can help it.


Flying knitters just gave me a funny image in my head. Like us all on brooms flying around whilst knitting. 😂


I'm writing this from an airport, and have knitting in my carry-on. I always fly with knitting. I don't use metal needles, they're wood. Not sure if that makes a difference


I have always taken wood circulars and made sure a pen or pencil was in with my knitting for a size comparison. The one time I took metal needles was in New Zealand and they questioned my needles. The minute I was off the plane in Wellington I headed to a knit shop and got some wooden needles to prevent the issue.


Some airlines have different rules about knitting needles on flights, so it might help to check there


Ok, thanks


I use bamboo circulars when I fly—the tips are shorter than a pencil, and look harmless. Also like the response above, I declare them and I show them in a ziploc bag in a wip.


Thank you!


I've never had an issue with my entire needle sets, chiaogoos in all sizes. I've even accidentally brought those circular yarn cutters that aren't technically supposed to be in a carry on with me multiple times (I use my carry on for road trips too). I've been stopped for a couple bars of soap in my carry on, but never my knitting needles.


Why can't you have the circular yarn cutters? I would think those would be better to have than actual scissors on a flight


Because they can be taken apart to have a singular circular blade, the same reason razor blades not in a cartridge and safety razors with blades inside are also not allowed.


Whenever i fly, i always make sure the project is already cast-on and has some progress to it. Then i show it to the check-in agent and say, ‘i want to make sure this is ok to have on the flight.’ I also take the project bag out at security check and show them that it’s a knitting project before it gets into the X-Ray machine Only once have i had anyone say no, it can’t come on the flight, and that was right after 9/11. I checked the project with the rest of my luggage and it was fine. Every other time, the agent generally laughs and asks for a pair of socks as a ‘bribe’ but then waves me through and it’s all good. Takes about a minute longer than it normally would and everyone feels good about it


I always knit when I fly - never had any problems


Thank you


I’ve flown hundreds of times with them and never had them questioned.


I travel with my circular needles and have never had an issue. Coming back from Mexico, they did fondle the yarn balls I assume looking for drugs. However no needles here for jury duty. Yes lock me in a room all day and don’t allow me to knit.


Oh, gosh, I feel your pain. Too bad, hope it's just a one-day ordeal. Thanks for the reply.


I never had them confiscated, but I always bring bamboo neefles...


I’ve only ever brought crocheting, but I’ve heard knitting is fine. I have heard some airlines/airports put length restrictions on the needle part (they don’t care about the cable, just the needle), so I’d give them a call in advance just to cover your bases


I almost always am knitting on the round. I put stoppers on my wires and put the needles with my pens and pencils (I always seem to have a lot of those). I've never had a problem, not even in Europe where they always take my scissors and almost took my crochet hooks.


There's usually a 6cm limit on blade length in Europe. I've never had issues with tiny very sharp scissors but my father had his extremely blunt butter knife taken that he'd forgotten to put in his suitcase.


I had tiny scissors in Italy and they took them because they were too sharp. I was so sad, I had no way to cut yarn on the plane. I used my keys and sawed it.


I have TSA Precheck, so your mileage may vary, but I haven’t had any problems since about 2004 when British TSA equivalents wanted to take my size 2 bamboo needles. I opted to pack them in my checked bag rather than give them up.


I never declare them and never had a problem. I take the interchangeable tips off, stow them in a case with a couple of pens and pencils and put caps on the cable. I started doing that way back when you could fly with pens and pencils but not with wooden needle tips. I only started knitting on flights after the rules changed and for a long while only using wooden sock size needles. I had one friend have a problem, one time, not long after the rules changed to allow knitting both in the country she was leaving from and on the airline she was flying. The security guy opened her bag, pulled out her knitting, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the tips off her Addi circ and tossed then in the trash, then threw her project back in her carry on bag. He never said a word to her.


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You won't have any problem flying domestic, but I have heard of needle being confiscated from people flying back from Mexico and Turkey.