What's something that seemed impossible until you tried it?

What's something that seemed impossible until you tried it?


Knitting from a chart. A friend told me about Dee O’Keefe’s Ashton Shawl and I loved it. It’s got a chart reading tutorial and it’s perfect for a first time chart knit.


Brioche. Of course I spent about 8 hours straight doing it and undoing it to really understand it. 😆 I used to think cables were so scary! First time I tried cables I was mind blown how easy it actually was!


Magic loop 😝 I just figured it had to be something super arcane and complicated to earn the name “magic” loop. Turns out it’s not that difficult, and there was no reason for me to have to avoided it for so long.


Cables! I avoided them for years until I finally decided to just try a practice swatch. After realizing how easy that was I've pretty much just tackled anything new I want to try head-on instead of fearing it will be too hard.


I had the opposite - I avoiding seaming for years and only made things in the round!


Socks! I thought turning a heel would be absurdly difficult and complex. It's ... not, and there's like eleven ways to do it if you happen to dislike one.


magic loop, and short rows. tbh knitting a sweater top down in general seemed so hard to me for a while, because when I'd started knitting, the majority of sweater patterns I found were either knit flat & seamed, or knit bottom up (this was early 2000s so pre-Ravelry, and barely even online patterns in general).


First for me it was anything that wasn't a sock or a simple mitten. Having knit dozens of both, including TOE SOCKS and fingerless glove -mitts, i thought i had seen it all, until my mum dared me to knit a sweater. Seems that it's not that complicated after all - i'm halfway there already!


Ooooo I happen to be doing my first pair of toe socks right now (and I've never done gloves either).. any tips for the toes?


Oh no, sorry for the late reply! I definitely do have some tips: firstly, don't listen to the pattern's toe measurements, your toes are unique and wonky, you need to test (and redo 100 times) them! Secondly, if you're knitting with wool, choose a really thin yarn. they will give in with time, so make sure the fit is right (mine is not, so my little toe keeps escaping lol)


No worries! I decided I don't have enough needles so they're on hiatus for a few days while I wait on the delivery.. I think so far, I'm on the right track as far as not listening to the patterns measurements but I'm not looking forward to the "redo 100 times" part lol. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get them right 😂 btw what pattern did you use? I'm basing mine off [this one](https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funky-five-toe-socks) and I think it's got great ideas to really get the toe placement exact.. so far, anyway, not having done any toes lol.


##### ###### #### **PATTERN:** [Funky Five Toe Socks](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funky-five-toe-socks) by [Lea Brook](http://www.ravelry.com/designers/lea-brook) * Category: Accessories > Feet / Legs > Socks > Knee-highs * Photo(s): [Img 1](https://images4-g.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Leabrook/439146031/P3030429_crop_short_medium.jpg) * Price: Free * Needle/Hook(s):US 0 - 2.0 mm * Weight: Light Fingering | Gauge: 14.0 | Yardage: 504 * Difficulty: 0.00 | Projects: 6 | Rating: 0.00 ***** [Im seeking feedback on new features!](https://www.reddit.com/r/knitting/comments/9q0y2v/meta_seeking_feedback_on_potential_new_features/) | *I found this post by myself! [Opt-Out](https://goo.gl/forms/0B8m4Ra8czpw4gzw1) | [About Me](https://github.com/TN-1/LinkRav_Bot/wiki) | [Contact Maintainer](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=randomstonerfromaus)*


[This pattern](https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=3713&cid=19) is what i followed for the toes - there's photos and more info in my post history. The pattern definitely wasn't that exact!


They are cute!!


Turning a heel. But I’m sure colorwork is eventually going to be my big thing- once I attempt it


Fair Isle. Fair isle gets this reputation in the knitting community as being super hard but in reality it’s pretty easy. You just need to follow the chart accordingly.


Yes color work scared me for a long time. Not the chart, but worries about the tension of the floats being terrible. Finally got brave enough to try it a couple of years ago.


I recently did a multi stranded colorwork hat. I was so nervous to try colorwork I put it off for a really long time. I had to use both hands for feeding the yarn (first time doing continental style knitting, too). Other than just getting the hang of tensioning, and not letting my yarn tangle, it was much easier than I built up in my head. Now for brioche! Haha


Tubular cast on


Provisional cast on and the Italian bind off! It's so clean and beautiful, I wish I learned it earlier!


Möbius cast on. I've knitted three scarves. It's addictive.


I'm currently just eyeballing my first top down raglan sweater...and it's going okay! I have obviously made it super complicated for my first try by doing custom sizing and cabling the raglan seams....😅 but I think I'm hooked! I've already bought more wool for my next one so can't be going too bad!


Which video did you watch? I’m avoiding sweaters out of fear. Just started a tank, but it is done in panels, not in the round. Sleeves scare me silly!


Turning my first sock heel


Continental knitting. I have been an English knitter all of my life but I started having hand and elbow trouble. I thought Continental looked super difficult and would take forever to learn. Tried it recently and lo and behold.. I love it. Picked it up relatively quickly.