Hey it's Holy Mack. Let me explain about this Jack Clishem situation.

Hey it's Holy Mack. Let me explain about this Jack Clishem situation.


For anyone wondering here's was Jerma has to say: [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/260457447523745794/704425732490657832/Untitled.png](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/260457447523745794/704425732490657832/Untitled.png)


Honestly, bringing in new editors for the official channel is way better than having 10 different unofficial channels that all kinda do their own thing. At least on the official one it's all concentrated and you know what to expect.


> but no there really isnt a problem at all, mack talked to them already i guess Okay, that left a really bad taste though.




Hope you hire him, because given the quantity and quality of his work he's the prime candidate and would really help increase Jerma's exposure.


Why would they hire him instead of just replacing him with a much better editor though? He's much faster and does better content. What more could you want?


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Do hire him, his edition of highlights are really good, they’re longer and include community content. 2ndJerma has way too much of a backlog of over a years worth of content. We could use another couple “Fuck It February” situations (1 video each day of the month if people can’t recall) to close that gap.


Holy shit when was that




honestly, all i care about is that this: > I've been talking with Jack for over a week now over the possibility of hiring him before this happened. is still on the table. jack's doing great work and getting punished for it. it's not his problem that the algorithm is favoring his videos. it makes sense that it would, considering he's uploading much more frequently and much more relevant (read: current) content than 2ndjerma.


That’s my main gripe is that 2nd jerma vids are less frequent


It just seems like such an outdated policy, Jerma is earning more than he used to ages back. Please hire the guy, he's really good.


I think a lot of the anger against you stems from the fact that 2ndJerma takes *forever* to upload highlights. I understand that there's tens to hundreds of hours of stream footage to sift through, but Jack's uploads were much more timely, had better integration with chat (which can be pretty integral to certain clips), and he just uploaded faster than the official 2ndJerma channel. Anyways, I hope that you guys can come to an understanding. At the end of the day, we're all Jerma fans.


I don’t have time to watch streams. I want to be able to watch jerma content without waiting fifty years. At the moment I get far more entertainment from watching old original channel videos cause at least there’s a decent amount of them. That should indicate the current system is flawed.


Ok that's well and good but you are addressing the symptom of the issue. This whole thing started in the first place because the 2nd channel is almost a year behind. The backlog could've been tackled with more frequent uploads over the past years but that didn't happen. Hiring another editor also would've helped but from what I'm reading, you are also dragging your feet on that solution as well. I don't know how you manage your time or what other obligations you have. But you said this is your only source of income so that makes it your job so you should put more time and effort into it. At the end of the day, you are hired to do a job and obligated to meet some expectations. I'm guessing Jerma would never say these things to you so I'll say it. Having this big of a backlog is not acceptable, so do your job.


Honestly, this. Most of the recent edits on 2ndjerma aren't particularly high effort, most of them are literally just cut down versions of the streams. The videos aren't even being uploaded every day, so the amount of labour going into the 2nd channel seems incredibly small. Watching a stream, cutting out about half an hour of funny jokes, and uploading one video a week seems like WAY less time and effort than your average 9-5 job, so if it's really his only source of income, why is the channel a year behind? Edit: I hate sounding like I'm attacking Holy Mack but come on, if you're working THIS little on what you're claiming is your ONLY source of income, and someone comes along doing a much better job than you, and they're doing it just for fun, it's kinda fucked up for you to tell them to stop.


Editing videos is still a lot of work, you have to watch the streams (takes a really long time), figure out what the funniest moments are, pick out only the best ones because you don't want the video to be too long, add some funny edits, add an interesting intro and potentially some songs, etc. It's a creative job (since you have to balance humor, pacing and overall just good clips), and that can also lead to burnout. Your creativity isn't endless, and if you constantly try to be creative with your videos, the quality will suffer. Honestly, Mack's videos have all been really good so far and I really can't complain about the quality. And honestly, if it means the guy isn't burning himself out, I don't care how long it takes. Even if he gets paid, I don't want someone ruining their life for some free entertainment online, no thanks. A much better solution is hiring more editors to give Mack some room to breathe. But telling him to "just work harder" doesn't work. You try doing the same thing for years and see how you feel then. I bet that if any of those fan editors did that, they'd end up in the exact same place.


this is really really really pathetic, counter productive and overall just meaninglessly aggressive


How so? From looking at it now, the only thing I agree with you here is that I should've worded it less bluntly.


No, you are absolutely right and were to begin with, u/akoyaseishu is just a limpdick redditor


To add to my [other comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/jerma985/comments/g973vk/hey_its_holy_mack_let_me_explain_about_this_jack/formww6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf), there’s an entire community of talented editors here that can help with the backlog, even as just a one off commission. A second (potentially more) “fuck it February” is very possible if organised correctly. Editors given guidelines, highest stream renders available and a decent commission payment for their services. It’s very possible.


Shit, I'd sit down and use my years of experience with Premiere Pro to edit down a Jerma stream for the fun of it. I also like the idea of a month where each video is a different editor, like the editing equivalent of an animation collab where the animator changes each couple seconds to keep things fresh and reduce work load on everyone.


Best hire him. He had reliable and early highlight uploads. There’s clearly a need for that in the community, otherwise people wouldn’t have started watching his highlights in the first place. Real shame that I have to wait months to see a highlight of a recent stream now.


>I decided not to tell Jack to stop making videos at first. I was taking so long getting back to him that it felt like a dick move to go "I haven't seen your videos yet and also stop making them". ... So have you watched any of them yet? You and Jerma should totally bring him on as another editor to help catch up on the year of content that's missing because not only is he nonsensically fast at making his highlights, his are on-par with actual 2ndJerma highlight videos, and that's definitely not a knock on your work. He's probably 1000x better than that one random guest editor who put a bunch of Tuber memes into the vid he made for you! The community still loves you Mack, hopefully you and Jerma can figure this all out together.


"The community still loves you Mack" ... you sure about that, chief?


If this drags on and becomes an even bigger problem with all sorts of Jerma-centric youtube content, then well...


I think people are getting (*rightfully*) annoyed by how far back 2ndJerma is, and having Jack/Golden\_Winged swoop in and fulfill the need the main channel isn't serving is great. Now that one of them is being ended, the symptoms of no content for non-twitch viewers has come to a head.


People love witch hunts way too much. All it brings is drama


> He's probably 1000x better than that one random guest editor who put a bunch of Tuber memes into the vid he made for you! Who


That's a very old policy from when Jerma did shorter streams, streamed less oftenly, and had less twitch viewers. He gets hundreds of dollars worth of donations every time he streams and has like 8-10k subs, so I don't think youtube accounts for much revenue. I would've talked directly with Jerma about this.


Just hire the guy. The official highlight channel is a joke. Videos can clearly be made way faster with the same quality as the 2ndJerma videos.


If this is your only source of income how come Jack can have a better highlight video out in 2 days than you can have in a literal year.


The only reason that other highlight channels exist is because YOUR channel is MONTHS behind on content. There would be no need/market for other people to edit streams if we wouldn't have to wait half a year in the first place to see a highlight video of Jermas most recent stream.




I dont know if mack is gonna reply to these. But he IS hiring guest editors. you can see in the description of the last couple weeks of videos


Wait... So what you're telling us is this is a jermaOneguy moment?


Jack could do Jerma with Chat because I love Chat interactions and the 2ndJerma videos feature moments where that interaction is not present because of the context but Jerma talking to chat makes some of the best moments so 2ndJerma is not showing the best of the stream in my opinion.


This seems a little silly. When i search for jerma on youtube, I get videos from 2ndjerma first, then from the stream archive, THEN from jack. Obviously this will be different for different people, but even still. And even if his videos are coming up first, is that really a surprise when 2ndjerma videos come out much less frequently? As other people have mentioned, it's not even like 2ndjerma views have gone down at all... Overall it just seemed like a decision that goes against the openness that jerma seems to want for his content. If a channel making jerma memes instead of stream highlights was being preferred by the algorithm, would you have asked them to stop?


>Today though, a Discord user pointed out that it was messing with the algorithm, when you searched for Jerma, Jack's videos were coming up first. They started to come up first because they are better, much more up to date videos, lol.


I think the biggest problem with this stance is that you're upholding a policy that Jerma said **years** ago back when his channel was still new, bringing the proverbial hammer down out of nowhere without making any kind of community post or some kind of update that this is still a policy, or having Jerma state that this is still currently a policy, up until after that fact when the content creator is being asked to stop making their content. Content, that by the way, wasn't being monetized. There are a few people that have heard Jerma state he doesn't actually care whether or not someone uploads highlights, because he's not that type of person. He would never draw people away from the people that love his content, regardless of the income or algorithm. It doesn't make sense for him. For you, yeah, it makes sense. But nobody believes that Jerma would uphold something like that for money or publicity. Also in Jacks YT community post, he states explicitly that he is not hired on the team. So obviously there is gonna be some kind of a misunderstanding when nobody says anything about anybody being looked at for a possible candidate for the position. You can't blame people for thinking the worst because of your poor communication to the community. Also people think it's hypocritical on your part because you started off doing that exact thing that Jack is doing, highlight videos. I highly doubt you were ever told to stop by Jerma. What you're doing is causing a huge rift in the community, and now everybody is going to be afraid to upload anything Jerma related because of the fear that you're going to come out of the blue and tell them to stop just because they get a little more publicity.


I think I speak for everyone when I say to bring Jack Clishem aboard as an editor. There’s no reason NOT for you to do it.


Outdated policy.


This is symptomatic of people really, *really,* ***really*** wanting up-to-date content; with Jerma being so damn funny and memetic, it was bound to happen. In my opinion, if the main channel isn't going to be able to keep up and SEO is being driven away, then something has to change. I enjoy 2ndJerma and its style, but when I saw it had just released its best of 2019 in late April, I realised just how far behind it is. I watch twitch VODs if I miss it live, so it's not a big deal for me, but for people who can't make that commitment they're just not getting served. Though I do admit I've been binging those Jack and Golden\_Winged videos, too. I wager they're driving viewers to Jerma's streams as well.. his viewercount has been a lot higher lately on stream.


> and there was no sense in creating competition for what is Jerma's own content. While highlight videos by other channels certainly use Jerma's content I disagree that they **are** Jerma's content. Competition between highlight channels is good, it supports better Jerma highlight content being made. I don't support 2ndJerma holding a monopoly over all Jerma highlight videos, especially when they fail to provide them in a timely manner.


I appreciate you giving a statement, but this seems like quite silly reasoning. Videos on 2ndJerma consistently get 100K-200K views, so it is in no danger of being threatened by channels like Jack's, and the community should have a way to view highlight videos that are closer in time to when those streams actually happened.


Hire him or get gud.


I dont really know anyone debating the competition thing, the moreover is, didnt you get your start literally exactly like this, making jerma highlights then you got hired? if someone is doing a, im being honest here because lying isnt gonna get anywhere, better job, faster than you, quite frankly they should be given the job, or be brought on along side you. I think its kinda actually crappy the idea behind this policy that its "competition" . this was a rule back what like 5 years ago at this point? things within the last like year have changed astronomically, and for the other 4 i left out it changed even more, and while i dont think youre using it like an excuse, it comes off as one, as if you havent been able to get in contact with jerma about this, which i think you should because that policy is absurd. again, heres how this comes off to me, youre upset that jack follows the guidelines better than you can, and does a better job FASTER than you, and youre using a rule instituted when the context of "jerma" was entirely different to save your spot. Id like to hear jerma readdress this whole situation because quite frankly that rules fucking asinine, and that part is not your fault


>I said the quality wasn't quite there Oh c'mon. 1. Don't cut out good shit 2. Cut out bad shit I haven't noticed a quality change since the Jump King highlight video. "Little guys... big guy-little guys have big things in their uuh-in their brains..."


Thank you for making a statement on the situation. I hope he gets hired, seems perfect for the job.


Please consider hiring Jack for the second channel. His highlight vids are great, dare I say better than what's been going on over at the official channel recently. The vids are starting to feel low-effort and rushed, probably due to how far behind it is.


i'm for a 3rdJerma channel where jack makes highlights for recent streams while 2ndJerma tries to catch up


Well, I apologise for any past comments I have made. This was just a weird thing to wake up to. I hope you do consider hiring him, and I hope this situation blows over quickly.


Hiring Jack now is the obvious correct decision. I hope you make it happen.


If this is your only source of income maybe try to upload more often? Like someone else put Jerma won't want to hurt your feelings but seriously. Do your job. There is no reason in my mind right now and the community's mind to not to have Jack take over instead of you Mack. No harsh feeling but the edits have been barebones and you're a year behind. That's insane for something being a main source of income.


> There is no reason in my mind right now and the community's mind to not to have Jack take over instead of you Mack Well I said that and am sitting at -30 right now soooo ...


If the combination of your slowness to produce and people doing fan highlights is hurting your actual livelihood, maybe get a different source of income instead of ruining everyone else’s good time. edit: I realize that I may have come off more harsh than I intended. I’m sure you’re getting enough people jumping on you as it is. I’ve loved your edits for years up to this point. But those are my honest thoughts on the matter


They're trying to claim a monopoly on Jerma highlight videos while performing an incredibly subpar job. An entire team of editors, with the lead editor literally claiming it as his only source of income, but it's outdated by a year. This is ridiculous


i hope that you do end up hiring him. i'd like for there to be more up to date 2ndjerma videos.


Hire him. It's a win win for everyone involved, more content for 2ndjerma, more income from better, timely and relevant content, more exposure for Jeremy, etc. PLEASE let him work on the channel.


Hire him. DO it.


Glad to know that everything is good. I think Jerma has a passionate fanbase and got worked up about it, but in the possibility of hiring him, I think it would be a great idea. It would make the work load easier for you, produce 2ndJerma highlights quicker, and he was doing it for fun in the first place so I don't think he'd ask a lot to join the team.


Talk to Jerma, get yourself a fixed rate per-video payout, or a bigger cut of the ad rev. This way, everyone wins. You still get paid to make official Jerma vids. Jerma still gets growth from highlight reels made by both you and the fans. Increasing both his income, and yours (as new fans can be directed to 2ndJerma) The community also gets to make highlight reels. They fill in niche's that 2ndJerma doesn't. For example, there's one guy that makes hour-long videos instead of the 15-20 mins that 2ndJerma runs.


Ok yeah for real, while this situation sucks Holy Mac has done absolutely done nothing wrong and is in fact doing what Jerma has told him to. If anyone is at fault here, it is Jerma himself, and you should be levying complaints at him instead of at Mackerel or any of the other mods. Let's be civil y'all.


Jerma only said he didn't want any edits off the main channel YEARS ago, obviously the context was way different back then, considering how he'd only just started streaming and most of his revenue came from youtube. Now that he's an incredibly popular streamer, the money he makes from twitch is overwhelmingly greater than the money he makes from youtube. Mack is saying that editing videos is his only source of income (basically his job) but somehow he (along with a team of other editors) ended up a year behind the streams. Jack is putting out good edits super fast, and all on his own. It's pretty shitty of Mack to tell him to stop because it's making the main channel look bad, especially when he's taking something Jerma said years ago as gospel.




people are worked up right now, so people probably got 3 words in and instantly downvoted lol. im on jacks side in this but in the end i blame this on jerma weird bullshit "no competition" policy, and i actually think thats ultra scummy if thats still upheld


As far as I know, it's not a 'policy'. It's something Jerma briefly suggested when 2ndJerma was created (2016), and hasn't been brought up since. Holy Mack suddenly enforcing it as if it's anything official seems strange.


Correct, I read “Ok yeah for” and INSTANTLY downvoted that son of a bitch


It doesnt seem like there was even a full discussion though, You just told a channel to stop producing videos.... exactly like how you started.... it is blatantly hippocritical. People know the reasoning behind it but have now seen how much better videos can be (time wise at least this is just a fact) and dont want it to go away.


Maybe if you were a quality editor that could get videos out close to when it streams in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. This is all on you.


"Jerma asked people to hold off on making highlights" Proofs or I'm not buying this. Jerma is the last guy who would be concerned about his "youtube monetization". Jerma himself needs to address this and say something about this. "Several years ago Jerma said something to me" is not trustworthy. Competition is always good, if you're losing it then there's a reason to improve instead of asking others to stop.


It was basically his official stance back when the 2ndjerma channel originally launched. He had no viewer base built up on it at the time and if you ask me it made sense *back then*


I thought people were are acting like kids and not thinking with their minds. I thought it was obvious that you were acting on behalf of Jerma. But the more I read, the more it looks like you acted on your own... so this chaos was to be expected. I hope this gets sorted out quickly, this drama has no reason to exist.


I understand hiring other editors probably hurts too because YouTube is so FUCKED these days that revenue is inconsistent, so I know having another person on that list probably makes it difficult. I guess the balance would be more workers = more videos = more revenue, so maybe my point is kinda invalid.


The highlights on 2ndJerma are good, but not so well edited that it deserves a monopoly, even if the money from it is going to Jerma. I don't think Mack is an asshole or anything, I just don't think he's a good or expedient enough editor to make this kind of request of people.


Please hire him, his edits are good and not back logged by a year


If you can, please hire him. Jack makes great vids and overall seems like a kind guy


You’re completely justified here, and it’s insane to me that anyone disagrees. The Jack dude has no right to use Jerma’s content and leech revenue from the legitimate highlight channel.