Tell them that the doctor thought that your schlong was too big, and that they needed a second opinion. Make sure you put “too big” in bold and caps, like this: **TOO BIGGU**. Regardless, bear in mind that anything that you tell the HRE Manager will become public knowledge about 8 minutes later.


The "Too Biggu" got me good


Are we talking girth or length here? Maybe draw a 'to scale' diagram to help them. There should be some A1 paper in the office But to OP, they won't fuck off about this so you will either have to tell them the 'results' or fob them off until the next fiscal year when everyone in the HR offices changes positions.


Hm, OP would need to supply that data, but I’m assuming generous proportions for both the X and the Y axes. One of the OLs should know where the sellotape is. If I recall, the multifunction printer will only go up to A3, so it’s going to need some extra work for the presentation handouts. Either way, the HRE Manager’s going to have to blur their eyes, and mentally extrapolate the details.


He could just flop it onto a desk, but I find my office is quite cold, so in OPs case, it might affect the results.


Yes, but the HRE Manager probably requires a *hard* copy.


I am reminded of the sage words of Nick "The Dick" in the famously autobiographical Tom Hanks film Bachelor Party - > Mrs. Thompson : Is that the foot-long? > Nick : And then some.


Ask them to pay for the surgery. After my third penis reduction, the boss said "Jesus bro, leave some for later"


Oh, I don’t think that the HRE Manager is worried about possible operations, they just need some hot gossip.


You are obliged by law to hand in the results of your yearly 健診 to your company, if your company provided one. (Which they also have to by law and you even have to take it by law.) Follow ups that you paid for in private or general doctor appointments do not underlie that law. https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/労働安全衛生法による健康診断 条66/1-5


I had this happen to me very recently - basically my company was not interested in the details but said that if I don’t have a follow-up, our health insurance will hound them about it. You probably just need to give proof that you are already seeing a doctor about this issue to your insurance provider / company.


For my annual company health check, I always refuse the chest x-ray and Barium meal. Never had any issues. I just have my regular doctor send them a chest x-ray once a year. I also lied about/omitted the medication I take every day. The company is just jumping through hoops, They couldn't give a shit about your health, so no way am I disclosing my medication to them.


Alright you're getting a lot of answers but not the context why, and I feel it's important. Work wants to know if you're sick because they're possibly responsible for any stress/work-related new illnesses that pop up. Any illness you had when you joined and still have is yours to deal with. This is for your health and safety.


You don't have to tell them anything you do on your own. The company is required to provide the testing for you and any support you need. If not they get flagged. A friend who worked in the risk department and I had a chat about this once. It's all on them legally, not you. The designated clinic mails me my paperwork directly and I bring it with me for the checkup. In my case the company provides the healthcheck and we both get copies of the results. HR gets one copy that gets locked away and only gets looked at by the "industrial doctor" of your employee insurance org, who visits from time to time - if you want to meet with them. I've been taking these for 15 years and have skipped several times. I also get flagged everytime because my metrics don't for their ranges. I get "how to eat and exercise" pamphlets which get promply circular filed. My HR is in on the joke and no one cares.


Your company has a legal obligation to look after your physical and mental health and well-being. That’s one reason they pay for and require you to get a checkup every year. The company decides how involved it will get in your health in order to meet that legal obligation. As long as they are meeting that legal obligation, you don’t have to disclose anything you don’t want to. Typically telling HR “I’m dealing with it” is enough. Note that if they are paying for the medical checks etc you have already agreed to sharing the results with HR. Anyway as long as the company won’t get in trouble with the Ministry of Health, they really don’t care. Just help the HR person check the box.


From here [https://t-pec.jp/work-work/article/349](https://t-pec.jp/work-work/article/349) なお、健康診断結果が従業員の自宅に直接届くケースもあります。その場合は、従業員からコピーを提出してもらい、会社が状況を把握できるようにしてください。 Looks like you have to let your company see it, so they can offer your further check ups. 異常がある従業員には再検査を受けてもらう


That's not correct - the quoted text there refers to the original 健康診断, not follow-up care. OP already provided the results of the original healthcheck and is asking if they need to provide details or results of any follow-up care to their employer, and the answer to that is 'no'.


I have this happen every year due to health issues I have. I go into the annual health check knowing they will flag certain things, then I take that report suggesting I go to a doctor for follow-up to my regular doctor and, without going into intimate details, have them write up a letter saying they are aware of the issues, they are being monitored, and I am good to go in regards to work. I send that letter to my company and repeat annually.


If in an educational setting, your health checkup record may be required.


maybe it depends on the work that you do and the issue that you have? For example, driver/electrician - unconfirmed epilepsy...


You don't have to tell the company anything. You technically don't have to go to the annual health checkup. It's mandatory for the company to pay for you to go, not for you to actually go. Lots of companies say it is mandatory and will scare you into going, then try to get unfavorable information from the doctor to use as leverage against you. The company has no business knowing unless you become medically disabled or have an ailment that requires the company to accommodate your specific needs. The only time the company must learn of your full condition is if they are challenging your ability to actually do the job because you are significantly injured or sick. Even then, the company must make arrangements for you to do light duty or have an easier schedule before they can medically retire you. They are often only allowed to know if you can do X task, certified by a Japanese doctor. So unless you need work changes to support your condition, HR and legal have no business knowing your personal issues.


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