Surprised that they haven't addressed this in the rules for public transport.


Mods need to get their act together


Imagine you're on the bus and the person blairing music gets dragged off by a bunch of people in parkas, taken away on the back of their Vespas.


In this situation, its the guy asking for it to be turned down that gets dragged off


In Australia it's posted all over their transit




Not 100% sure but I think we can adopt their approach to earphones on public transport without also having to call native peoples "fuckin abos" and Chinese people "chinkies" I dont think they come as a bundle


That’s the premium package, we can settle for the standard package




You're right, what's the point in even trying. We should probably take down all the no smoking signs too because I heard a few aussie's ignored them too.


And while we're at it just get rid of the laws because I heard a few people broke them anyway too.




It was the answer I felt your point deserved.


Reductio ad absurdum. It's showing your logic is faulty by using an exaggerated example of it in use


True answer actually.


Yeah and you're a cunt so lets avoid your advice


It's "cues" you thick racist cunt.




Calm the fuck down dude it’s been like 200 years


U ok hun? xoxo




You reek of autism


We can't reject everything a group says or does just because of one trait, that isn't even among all of them.


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Yeah a lot of them treat their woman horriblyyy. If their not hitting them or verbally abusing them, they're fucking every other woman they can find. Some aussie men are truly disgusting.


So are some Irish men and some British men and some American men and some Polish men and some Vietnamese men and some Algerian men, and I could name off every single country but they don't stand for everyone here, there or anywhere.


Australia is a brilliant country, top people, great culture, proud history (in aggregate) and a great place to live. No wonder people want to move there from all over the world.


Wha. If they're adults, it would be the exact same inconsiderate clowns throwing racist abuse around on our public transit. The same entitled shitbags that think the foreigners took their jobs. Yea, I'm generalizing but I've witnessed enough of it and noticed a theme.


I believe it’s on the Luas, isnt it


There’s a rule for it, but None of the rules are ever enforced


They have. But theres absolutely zero mechanism or willingness to enforce it.


I’m on your side anyway. There’s always someone blaring shite music or something on the bus


In Brazil there are laws requiring people to use earphones to listen to anything in public transportation, and people/the driver could legit call the police to forcibly remove the offender from a bus/train. Of course this never really happens, and people still blast music out of their phones anyway, but it's nice to know that they're literally committing a public order violation so they're 2x as cunts as otherwise.


I find a lot Brazilians here in Ireland can be a nightmare for it, full video and loudspeaker calls on the bus and luas. Once had to sit through an episode of RuPauls poxy Drag race on my way into town one day.


Funny part is that they think nobody else on the bus understand Portuguese... I have heard so many kinky stories on the bus that you wouldn't imagine.


okay please share please and thank you


Only the biggest douches and special kind of cunts do that, OP. You were right


Exactly. You were right OP. Keep up the good work.


A special kind of mental illness.


There's a lot of scumbags in this country who think it's their human right to do whatever they want even if its a nuisance to everyone else, and they'll defend other scumbags right to do it too.


Can we please stop making every thread about Fine Gael


Nah surely you mean Fianna Fáil


What's the difference?


Spelling i think.


That was the joke


Well I'm glad someone explained that to me, I voted Labour ffs.




True dat.


Because such behavior is widely tolerated. Not only by the people but also by law enforcement and the judicial system.


Exactly this


Don't put up with it, I've taken someone's phone off them on the train before. You infringe on my inner peace and I'll mess you up


Check out this hard sham, scary stuff




Everybody else silently agreed with you on the bus.


Exactly. Reasonable people are usually quiet in these situations because they don't want the confrontation. Fair play to OP, despite the clown that responded.


Non-silently disagree. By playing the opposite musical genre from your phone, much louder. Meet fire with fire. The other passengers are already annoyed so only people left to annoy on the bus are these scrotes.


Next time ask them what song it is and start bopping away to it. Then ask them to play something you like and annoy the shite of them to keep playing tunes you want. They'll turn off fairly rapid then and if not you will eventually end up with an impromptu disco on the bus.


Or use Shazam to find out what they’re are playing and play the same song from slightly ahead


>Chaotic Evil


Disagree. Chaotic good.


This is a different level of evil, nice.


You are an extremely sinister individual, I love it


Fuck me I love this the kind of random scenario based humor we have and it’s one of the best parts of this subs comments. Mental image of this has me in bits


Wow, I love this song! I particularly like the part that made my ears bleed


Well you're 100% right, so don't give it a second thought


You're right. My own fault for getting on a bus without earphones of my own to drown out the shite.


I once asked someone to turn off their techno on the bus and they spat on me. So ya can see why other people dont want to get involved. You were completely right though.


Did you call the police? Whoever spat at you needs locking up


Scrote-cancelling earphones


Also known as a car. After years of dealing with this shite on the bus, I'm delighted to have my own safe space to listen to my own shite music.


AKA, house arrest (for the scrotes)


Least you had the balls to say something. Most people wouldn't.


I live in Taiwan, and here, hilariously, if you hear loud phone sounds blasting an otherwise peaceful environment it's almost certain to be... An old person. They have fully embraced mobile.technology, and it's not at all unusual to see them chilling in the park or walking or cycling with their phone or a little radio pumpin' those traditional Chinese tunes. and they do not give a fuuuuck.


A few years ago downstairs on a packed bus a guy was playing careless whisper


[I’ll allow it ](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/036/003/I'll_Allow_It_Meme_Banner.jpg)


Nobody else on the bus said anything? It would be nice if someone took your side. The idea that this twat can do whatever he wants because it's "public" is horseshit.


Next time it happens and they won't turn it off play something they won't like, live the vengaboys or baby shark... Or if you can find an annoying sound in a frequency that only teenagers can hear. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/10/739908153/can-you-hear-it-sonic-devices-play-high-pitched-noises-to-repel-teens


Tongue in cheek I know but it ends up a battle of two arseholes. The rest of the people on the bus deserve better.


Then those people can back you up or shut the fuck up. Like they were doing before.


He was easily in his 30s.


Ah come on, why should all the other teenagers on the bus have to suffer along with the ass playing music?


That is a genius tactic oh my god. Definitely gonna employ this


I'd bet most were glad you spoke up but wanted to avoid any attention being brought to themselves. The ones who want peace and quiet are less likely to make a public display of it.


It's so annoying. I don't care what you're listening to, that's why we have headphones. They are the worst humans.


Get the porn on, full volume


As weird as this looks at first, it’s a fair point in the context of OP’s post. - Some other lad, unrelated to this guy. Tells me to shut the fuck up and your man should be able to do what he wants as it's " public transport" Same rules should apply for a bit of dirty off pornhub at full blast, too.


Start blasting crazy frog and annoy the shit out of them


I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they were listening to.


I was on the Dart yesterday and security asked a woman to turn off her phone as she was watching videos at the maximum level. Good to see as it was incredibly annoying. I would have been on your side


Question: Do people do this because they like listening to music that way in public, or as some sort of primal desire to assert dominance?


I think it's part not being raised properly and part showing their power. But only a very pathetic person would do it and take pleasure it


You were correct to call him out. He's a cunt. The other cunt is worse. Braindead asswipe doesnt know the meaning of the word convivial. These are people raised to believe that the only thing that matters is numero uno. They stick up for each other because the alternative to living like a completely selfish fuckhead is to live like a decent thoughtful human being which they are not capable of doing. Not by a long way


It's so rude 🧐 you were absolutely right.


When this happens or someone takes their mask off right beside me, I just glare at them til they realise something. Doesn’t really work but it did once!


Crack on PornHub at 100% volume and see how quickly they tell you to turn it off.


The one who told you to sftu was the vocal minority. The decent folks didn't want to get into an argument to they did not say anything.


Maybe earphone usage will become mandatory as well


It just means instead of 1/50 scumbags on your bus you had 2/50 scumbags on your bus that day. No non-scumbag wants to enforce their shit taste in music/sports/porn on everyone else in a public space and its generally only cunts who do it. Keep the faith. Im sure everyone else on the bus was glad you said something but either had their earphones in and it wasn't that much of an inconvience to them. ​ I actually have a story about one such event. I was on a greyhound from L.A. to Vegas and it was maybe 8 hours? I honestly cant remember as it was years ago but it was a long haul bus. There were 2 women in front of me on the same phone talking to some guy saying "Oh so what are you doing? Oh yeah It ill be cool, Oh yeah we will get so drunk, Oh so what are you doing? Oh yeah It ill be cool, Oh yeah we will get so drunk, Oh so what are you doing? Oh yeah It ill be cool, Oh yeah we will get so drunk Oh so what are you doing? Oh yeah It ill be cool, Oh yeah we will get so drunk" for an hour straight. Legit hour of basically that conversation while yelling and laughing. I drop my head into my hands, clasping my face in desperation looking like I want to kill myself when the guy sitting beside me starts laughing his head off LOUD. He says "OH SHIT MAN LOOK AT THIS WHITE BOY HES GONNA FUCKING KILL HIMSELF LISTENING TO YOU "Forgot name", HOLY SHIT HAHAHAH EVERYBODY LOOK" and then it just turns into a free for all of everyone looking at me and laughing (i didnt realise there was maybe 20 people all travelling together) and they all start shouting "SHUT THE FUCK UP "forgot name" SICK AN TIRED LISTENING TO YOUR SHIT CONVERSATION, YOU KILLING MFER's BACK HERE WITH YOUR NONSENSE, NO ONE WANNA HEAR THAT" and she stopped and I said "Ah lads you've made my night" and unironically everyone cheered.


If it makes you feel any better, this happens on our Chicago “L” system (public transport) ALL the time- I usually say something but most people don’t. We run a real risk of being shot, I suppose. People do this because they need attention. And negative attention is still attention, you feel me?


Some guy asked me for $20 on the loop once, and then asked for my address so he could return it when he had it. I got off at the next stop!


Wait- you gave a stranger $20 just because he asked for it? And when he tried to figure out how to pay you back you ran? Lol.


No - I did not give anyone $20! And I was not gonna give some random man on a random train my address!! Coulda done with a $20 myself 😂


So how did the convo go? "hey got a 20?" "Sorry no" "Give me your address and I will pay you back" ??? Sounds like a nutcase anyway


~~No dad and stop following me~~


Pretty much and defo an absolute nutter!


Oh good! Smart.


so you gave him 20?


"People do this because they need attention. And negative attention is still attention, you feel me?" This ☝️☝️☝️ Same with the young lads modifying (?) their shitty old cars to make as much sound as possible.


Yep! The most obvious example of this is Donald Trump, of course.


One of the reasons that I drive.


Along a similar vein, it’s one of the reasons I live in a nice area.


“Nice Areas” are not exempt from arseholes.


I agree, but there’s definitely less of the type of people who blast stupid music on the bus.


This is true. It's so obviously true that debating it is nonsensical


That would piss me off no end! What's nearly worse,imo, though.. are the ones that wear headphones and then turn up the music so loud, they might as well not be wearing them. Yes, I know sound can leak, but when it's so loud, I can hear the lyrics crystal clear above my own headphones,whilst you're sitting on the other side of the bus, wearing headphones worth 10x what mine are, that's NOT sound leak.


Shit I think I need to apologize. I've got bad hearing so it's usually me who's got my headphones on full blast,


Blue saying it - best thing I've bought in the last few years is decent noise cancelling headphones.


Next time steal his blood. That'll show him.


That's really weird that the other guy was okay with the YouTube watcher... How could that not annoy you?


Scrote #2 was the YouTuber that Scrote #1 was watching. He needed the view, damnit!


Its for these reasons noise cancelling headphones were invented. Get a pair OP because other people are just dicks


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think noise cancelling works like that. My physics teacher back in fifth year told us they only really work against continuous, non-fluctuating noises, like the sound of an engine or such. That's because of the way the technology works. It detects a particular sound wave, inverts it, and broadcasts that along with whatever you're playing. That way the annoying sound wave and its inverted form cancel out (destructive interference) and you only hear your own music. Again, I don't claim to be an expert in sound technology. But if my understanding of the concept is correct, noise cancelling can only do so much to combat a continually-changing sound wave like annoying leaking music. What you need there isn't noise cancelling but noise muffling.


Yea I think he means ear plugs


Yea, you were right, that dude and the dude that defended him suck.


Well done man.


Thanks for trying at least!


Only one possible solution - baby shark on youtube at max volume. If he's free to play shite, so are you.


I keep Fuck that Shit on my phone to play equally loudly when this happens.


The only thing that guy hates more than some lad playing music is some lad making assumptions about what he wants to listen to on the bus.


The opposite happened to me years ago. An older woman asked two lads to turn down their music and they told her to fuck off. I called them out and asked the same with a similar response. The bigger of the two lads asked me "do you want to step outside?" I said "you first" (we were on a moving bus) which luckily shut him up because he would have battered me. The music kept going though.


was there just 3 of ye?


I bet you didnt say please you rude cunt


this is one of my pet peeves. I don't understand why people insist on listening to music or any random shit out loud like that. But it's been going on for generations since they started being able to carry a big boom box back in the 80's


On Japanese trains/metro, it's considered normal etiquette to speak quietly, use headphones &/or mute your phone's ringer. I remember many trips on Dublin bus, the back of the upper deck full of teens listening to music full volume through shitty phone speakers. You get all kinds of people talking on the phone, usually hands free so you're only hearing half the conversation. However, I noticed if someone is having a phone conversation in a foreign language they tend to speak louder; could be a cultural thing, or subconsciously knowing the other people on the bus probably won't understand and they don't feel like they're giving up their privacy surrounded by all these strangers within earshot.


This is something I've always hated about public transport.(Cities and large housing estates also). People are selfish and don't care if they're bothering other people. It's what they want and fuck everyone else. (Also, I have hyperacusis, which makes loud music excruciating. Ear plugs help,but they don't always block enough sound.)


Just blast Rick Astley back to back.


Why not just play yours as loud beside him. Drown it out.


You should have kicked his phone up his stupid arrogant ass. I hate fuckers who act like this in public. Good on you for telling him to ware headphones.


Pricks like that make public transport a pain


I'm with you OP. ​ Carry a wireless speaker just for this. Blare some Architects or Doom OST. Fuck 'em.


Or Converge


Sit and look over their shoulder and annoy them. They'll turn it off for sure.


We’re now living in a society where peace and quite and good manners don’t matter because the agenda has been about other more important “liberal” matters of freedom, when it’s ironic that we have less now than ever before, get headphones with noise cancellation and move on, but yeah it’s very annoying.


Wouldn't be so bad if most of the music from the last 20 years wasnt shite.


It wasn't even music. It was, what I can only assume to be, a scene from an Eastern European ( possibly Russian) action film.


Hahah, terrible end to your day


The statement 'suck my balls' usually suits them up quickly.


I'm really sorry this happened. Your post assures me of my dream of living in the woods someday and not having to deal with people....




Honestly I wish phones didn't have speakers on them. Literally so many people I know just blare out tiktoks, voicenotes, or have phone calls on loud speaker wherever. Have loads of family who'll randomly be playing shite while sitting around the table. I think it's pure obnoxious but if I ever say anything about it I feel like Abe Simpson shouting at the clouds.


*Honestly I wish phones didn't have speakers on them.* How would that work? 🤔


By any chance was he a skanger?


The fella blasting the video was Eastern European I think. The fella backing him up, skanger. Kind of heart-warming in a weird kind of way.


You'd not fare well on the NYC subway mate


Good thing its Dublin and not New York, mate


plenty of young scrotes carrying knives in Dublin, I wouldnt risk telling them to shut music off in the pretty rough area my bus goes through, its not worth the hassle (and it will be hassle)


Not gonna lie OP you came off as a douche. >I suggested nobody wants to listen to what he was watching You can't be snarky on a public transit of all places


Does the bus driver care or have a say ?


He's too busy trying to avoid, pedestrians, cyclists, trams cars, and tree branches.


A bus driver in San Francisco would have people being disruptive kicked off the bus.


Country’s gone to pot


Should have told the wee prick to fuck off out of it


Should just use the fart phone app and just tell him excuse you


Well this thread is a disaster.....


Both wankers


Law number 1 of every constitution should be: "Your liberty end when the next person liberty starts!"


The solution is to pull your own phone out and play Cazwell - Ice Cream Truck - Ft. Cazwell. You can even dance along to the video if you like.


Thread on impolite behaviour descends into personal abuse - hmmmmhhhh?


There is no karma points out in the real world, beware and act accordingly.


I hear these stories in which strangers are talking to each other on the bus and I think all of these people are mental. I sympathise with none of them. There was an old man arguing with nippers who were fishing off a pier today near our house and I had my opinions about who was in the right, but I 100% didnt get involved. NONE OF MY BUSINESS.


You were right OP!


With you completely; it's the most antisocial thing ever that people just tolerate. I've got into so many altercations on public transport cos of cunts doing this. Best one though was one guy listening to music ludicrously loudly, but he was a teenager and I thought best leave it cos I didnae want to get stabbed. Few minutes later, a group of teenagers moved down the train and kicked his head in for being annoying. The kids are alright.


The guy listening to youtube was a low-end person and so was his supporter. To attain their levels of ignorance typically requires a combination of poor parenting, low educational attainment and innate stupidity combined with deep resentment and bitterness. My guess is that his ignorance runs deep. You're not going to make him less ignorant by being polite; youre either going to kick the shit out of him or give him an opportunity to sneer at you. Best to ignore him or wear earphones yourself.


The people who do this always have shite taste in music too.


If I took an L this bad you couldn't bate it out of me.


Love it - mind your business, the public bus isn’t your personal space.


Found the cunt that blasts his shite taste in music everywhere.


This makes zero sense haha So you're telling this guy that the public bus isn't his "personal space" but apparently are more than happy for the other lad to treat it as his front living room. Are you alright there or?


If you're interested in blasting something probably more crass and more hardcore and more disruptive. Put on the Irish band Pink Turds in Space just a little louder than theirs. If they're already playing Pink Turds in Space, just enjoy.