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Why does every living creature start out as a gecko?


because we were all born to save 15% on car insurance.


Honestly, it could be more.


Are you saying, that I could save 15% or more on car insurance?


As long as I know what my down payment is I'm good


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*up to* 15% or more.


Fantastic answer and I gave you my upvote and silver award as you earned them !


Because foetuses are... my newt..


10/10 :)


We basically start out as one long butthole that grows meat around it for 40 weeks.


...and some of us never evolve past that point. Edit: this was meant as a joke, I wasn’t taking sides on any issue, I just meant that some people are assholes.


So sad that you’ve gotta put a disclaimer out over a joke these days. Anyways, touché




Ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny. Bio prof said that every chance he got.


Somewhat debunked these days, but still widely taught. It's only coincidentally true for some animals, not widely true across the animal kingdom.


I know right? It's like evolution happening on a n individual scale. First it's like a single celled organism, to multiple cells, then like a tadpole with a tail, then arms and then legs like a rudimentary mammal...


You're a rudimentary mammal.


You’re an underdeveloped alien




You're right, this has been noted by bilogists/zoologists. An interesting thing is that the rudimentaty mammal is similar to a human, but other animals specialize further. It's hypothesized that humans are kinda stuck on this fetus stage on purpose to allow the brain to keep developing many years after birth. Humans make the most defenseless, useless infants (cows walk on day 1, chimps hang from their mother with their own strength), require very long parenting, but are able to achieve much greater intelligence than any other animal.


I think I also read somewhere, anyone correct me if I’m wrong, we’re supposed to spend longer in the womb but then we’d damage the mother too much and that’s why we’re kinda helpless at birth.


Don't quote me on this but part of the reason for this is because we are actually born with under developed brains and a ton of energy is dedicated to brain development. That is why we can't walk until around around 1 year old. Our heads, in comparison to the body, are very large as infants. Any bigger and a natural birth becomes impossible. Despite this, human gestation period is actually fairly long for our size. A mammal as large as a calf has a similar gestation period as a human baby.


The frontal cortex multiplies in the first two years of life by I forget how much. Then the prefrontal cortex goes bonkers in adolescence, so we have an additional developmental phase at the end of childhood. Which is pretty unusual, I imagine.


The comedy of man starts like this Our brains are way too big for our mothers' hips And so nature, she devised this alternative: We emerge half-formed and hope whoever greets us on the other end Is kind enough to fill us in


Dogs only take ~2 months and then they pop out like 12 of those fuckers lol.


I am a biologist, although I haven't studied embryology since my undergraduate degree, but I don't think what you've said is worded well, but maybe roughly accurate. I definitely wouldn't say that we're "supposed" to spend longer in the womb, but as with all of biology there are trade offs at play between the advantages and disadvantages of any trait. We definitely spend longer in the womb than our ancestors, but eventually with any trait that evolves to get longer/bigger/stronger etc. you start hitting limiting costs, which you don't see just looking at the benefits. For example cheetahs obviously have an advantage over their ancestors that couldn't run quiet as fast, but you can imagine that if cheetahs could run even faster than now, they'd have an advantage over current cheetahs - however the physiological costs of being able to run faster than current cheetahs are presumably greater than the benefits, and that's why they're not even faster than now. So to your statement, I would say it like this (I'm presuming the first past is true); "We would benefit if we could spend longer in the womb before birth, but the costs to the mother are greater than the benefit to the fetus".


Yeup, at 40-42 weeks human cranial diameter is at just about the maximum a human birth canal can accommodate. They call the first 3 months outside the womb the "4th trimester " for a reason. Humans are born underdeveloped in almost every respect. Another reason skin to skin contact and first milk are so important. Infants struggle to regulate their body temperature and rely on a mother's body to do this for them after birth. First milk provides a lot of the defenses that the babies immune system lacks.


This is right, but also I believe that after 40 weeks the developing brain requires more oxygen than is possible from transfer through the placenta - that's why after 40 weeks, it becomes fairly urgent to help get the baby out


I've heard that too. They say that's why we aren't as independent as other animals when we are born, because it was too early.


We are the best endurance runners on the planet and we also throw objects the best of any other species.




Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable or understanding.


You exist because we allow it , and you will end because we demand it.


Geckos are actually just humans that haven't reached their full potential.


because they are new....t


Aha! I newt!


Gecko is love. Gecko is life


Aawww, thanks!


Common ancestor


**~~Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny.~~** It's the other way around. And I've been told, as the truth goes, [it's not exactly correct](https://evolution.berkeley.edu/ontogeny-and-phylogeny/), though it does pose and show some interesting coincidences... # Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Basically, through embryonic development you can actually see the evolutionary path the organism took. At one point the mammalian fetus has gill slits.


Some people retain the gill slits and have small holes at the top of their ears. I am one of them. Unfortunately, I can't breathe underwater.


It’s the other way around. Ontogeny (the becoming of an individual being) recapitulates Phylogeny (the development of the entire evolutionary line. The shorter thing recaps the longer thing. Like giving a 2 minute recap of a 2 hour movie. And it’s one of those things that “feels right” but has been discredited by the scientific community.




This is the recapitulation theory, which is widely agreed to be inaccurate. It’s interesting/cool to think about it but it doesn’t actually work out. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recapitulation_theory


bless you.


Actually, the first part of humans that forms is the anus, then the mouth.


Because we all come from common ancestor.


>Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny *Ernst Haeckel in 1866*


This was debunked almost 100 years ago, IIRC. Haeckel also used this phase to push his eugenics ideology


Big fan of the “mini whale” stage


What’s wild is to be introduced to your child at this point and then watch them progress into an adult/older child. I freak out about this a lot when I tell my 3 year old how she use to be a little growing seed inside my body


Reminds me of Popplars from Futurama. "Mama?" This is a really interesting pov thanks OP.


Every time I see an old Futurama reference it puts a smile on my face. Love that show.


Dude. My hands are huge. They can touch everything but themselves…


"ewooh , that hippy is starting to kick in.."


I'm am shocked at the civility of these responses. Reddit, are you okay?


...wait for it...


\*sigh\* \*picks up coat hanger\*


No need, these fetuses have already exited the body and are being photographed while floating in a large jar of water. How did you think they got the lighting so good?


Thought they shoved a whole camera team and equipment up there.


When I was a little kid, about three and was about to have a baby brother, my parents got me a copy of a book (that must have been done by this guy cuz it's the same type of photographs) to help me come to grips with the concept of a baby growing inside my mother. Until about 5 years ago I thought that they had little tiny cameras and lights up in there, never occurred to me otherwise 🥲


I think you mean until 5 minutes ago…


Like, it doesn't matter, but this is something I found out awhile ago


The same guys that filmed "The Office" documentary.


*insert "your mom" joke here*




*cheers* I hate people.


Came for this comment tbh


Both armies are tired at this point


Still gathering our wounded from the battlefield.


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Some things never change.


My brother in Christ, we were *all* ugly back then.


came to the comments for the inevitable abortion debate dumpster fire, find just normal, regular comments. Feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.


It's obviously backwards day on Reddit


shoot i thought it was a normal day


Don’t worry, the Facebookers patrol Reddit regularly. This will be off the rails soon.


At my first ultrasound of my son, he was clearly playing with his penis. The technician shrugged and said, "There's not much else to do in there."


Narrator: He still does


So that is where shrimp come from


I know you're joking. However i like to expand on this with a fact. up till the 6th, the photos could have been from any mammalian fetus. As for the others, it could've been any tailless primate's fetus. Heck the first one could even become a turtle or a bird or maybe a lizard if that suits your fancy! Fetuses are an interesting part of animal development.


Yes and this is why we can't overturn Roe. Red Lobster will run out of inventory.


Turns out that Roe referred to the caviar all along.


Yo, I'm 3D printing a human right now and it's the most insane shit ever. They start out so tiny and you could completely ignore their existence, and then all of a sudden my stomach looks like a scene from Alien (before the "burst" happens). Nature is wild.


It took me longer than I'd like to admit that you weren't actually 3d-printing cross sections to stack to make a full sized adult human... My brain even auto-corrected your text to make it fit my internal narrative until I read the other reply to you who said they also 3d-printed a human and I was like "wow is this some new trend?" and I went back to re-read and I realized where I went wrong.


Ok so I can stop searching on Thingiverse for humans.


Love this. I 3d printed a human too. I always say it was the most unnatural feeling/experience ever. Congrats.


please tell me that means youre pregnant please say it means youre pregnant edit: because the idea of printing a human is terrifying even if its just plastic


I print humans all the time! Then I put them all in a large printed western town and give them all their own stories to play.


My son was born at 25 weeks (he’s healthy 10 year old now) . He legit looked like an angry little alien when born


I’m a medic and we had a call for a stillborn ~20 week old. Mom met us in the street and handed us the baby wrapped in a towel asking us to do something. It looked identical to the last photo. There was obviously nothing we could do but attempt to provide emotional support for the mom. As a newer dad at the time I felt like I needed emotional support too. Which made me feel guilty AF, bc I got to go home and hug my child, but she lost hers, forever. That fucked me up for a minute. Second worst call I’ve ever been on. Worst call: 3 month old shaken baby, pulseless and apneic unknown down time. We got a pulse back, but she had major bleeding on the brain. And was taken off life support after a couple days. The mom admitted to it, spent ~4 years in jail, and is out already. Shits fucked. People try so hard to have children, and can’t. But this low life trash is able to bring a child into this world, and decides to shake her until she is quiet. Fucking why? Why are people so fucked. I am fully aware of my own hypocrisy, bc I’d shake the life out of that “mom” if I ever got the chance, so I’m really no better. Edit: Postpartum depression is a very common, yet sneaky condition that doesn’t play fair, it attacks you when you’re at your weakest physically, emotionally, mentally. Often times the signs or symptoms aren’t glaringly obvious, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it can effect men and women. One thing I do know, is it’s usually first noticed by the significant other so parents need to have each other’s backs. Have the uncomfortable conversation now, bc losing your child and having your spouse go to jail is significantly worse.


For people wondering, apneic means not breathing.


(Thanks bud)


My edgey high school email/screen name in the early 2000s was ApneicSuicide. Crrrringe!


You can’t put that guilt on yourself, my friend. You’re out there taking action, being the responder that people need in the most dire of situations. The fact that you do that as a job is in itself incredible, and beyond what a lot of people would feel comfortable doing. I get that you had the advantage to see your child, but everyone has their dark times, and that was hers. You did a good thing that day, and your child will live a good life because you took that moment to recognize how important it is to appreciate what you have.




Not every child that suffers physical abuse is “not wanted”. Likewise, children that are “wanted” can also be abused. Speaking as a “wanted” but abused child.


I love when my parents say I’m the light of their life and then I ask wtf I was beaten so bad. Crickets and sheepish looks away with that way awkward smile.


A wanted child before birth can become unwanted at any given moment after birth. Every time I see a news story about a child murdered by a parent, there is inevitably a photo showing the child looking happy and cared-for before the parent lost it.


["What made you change your stance when you learned more about it? Shaking Baby"](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/uoj2nu/what_is_something_you_changed_your_stance_on/i8fe82l/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Yes, it's horrible. I'm a NICU nurse and I know the tragedy of it. But to be fair, shaken baby syndrome is basically a failure of our society to take care of each other. I'm sure that mother regrets doing that. But our society is lacking the care and support new mothers need. Ever heard of postpartum psychosis? When new mothers are expected to care for these babies alone, feel the pressures to maintain being a good wife or significant other, go back to work, clean, cook, and be that "happy blissful mother" that just had a baby, the embarrassment and shame that comes from not connecting to your new little one and getting so frustrated because someone didn't explain that a baby can cry and cry and it's okay, is devastating. Obviously, it's horrible and tragic what happened to that baby and shouldn't have happened. But should the mother be deemed a criminal when she was probably fatigued out of her mind? Possibly had postpartum depression, and likely no support? Did jail time help? Does our judgement as healthcare providers and humans help? Not criticizing but sometimes it may help to think of the larger picture.


This is a great answer. More people need to realize this perspective.


Put your babies in their crib and walk away. They will eventually fall asleep. Acting on shaking your baby can happen to anyone.


Thank you for saying this. Society pushes an image of perfect parents. I’m so glad that someone gave me similar advice to always have a safe place to set your baby when you need a moment. Often all you need is a few minutes of setting them down in a pack-n-play, then you go outside and have a quick cry or scream or whatever you need to reset so you can try again. It may seem irresponsible to set you baby down and walk away when you are at your wits end, but they will be fine, and are probably safer there, for the 15 minutes that it takes for you to reset.


Yeah my immediate reaction was empathy for the 2nd mother, though we don’t know the details. My hope is that because she admitted it, she is actually remorseful and regrets what she did. My heart breaks for her if it happened during a moment of weakness. It can happen to any one of us.


Her emotional life must be utterly butchered by guilt. A few sec of losing it and you ruined your life by taking your baby's. Simply horrible


I went to preschool with a kid who was killed when his dad backed out of the driveway without seeing him. I think he and his wife tried to work things out for a couple months but inevitably divorced quite quickly. No idea what happened to him after that but I can’t imagine having to live with that guilt


Yeah. Do not underestimate what your mind will want you to do when you're extremely sleep deprived and see no hope of sleep in that dark morning room before the sun has even begun to think about coming up. A few months of this and eventually life returns to a new normal, but in those months, thoughts may come that you never thought you'd have.


To add to this, put on a pair of earmuffs/headphones!


Oh wow good idea lol. Having a baby in a few weeks.


I've got a 4 month old sleeping in the next room. If they won't stop crying and you've got some support, ask your partner or a grandparent to take the little one on a 30-60 min drive or walk outside. The motion usually knocks them out and you get a little bit of quiet time to emotionally rest or take a long shower. I've found that if I'm at my wits end, being able to hand him off and know he's safe, but no longer able to hear the cries, is incredibly helpful. The thing is, it's not the noise, it's the emotional pain of hearing the creature you love most in the world be upset. A random baby crying doesn't upset me, but if my baby is crying I can't form words I'm so distraught. On the flip side, he's started laughing and all joy I have felt previous to this moment pales in comparison to seeing him smile or making him laugh. It's truly incredible. Congratulations and enjoy the journey of love!


It’s like putting that little screaming angel on mute!


I shook my baby too when it didn't stop crying. Not in a way that it hurt it but I did it. I was sleep-deprived and frustrated that nothing could stop it from crying. At that moment I could understand people throwing their babies out of the window. It was a horrible thought but I had it. I think the only difference was, that I didn't do it.


You aren't the only one. Most people don't want to talk about it but I remember standing there at 3am in the morning and understanding why people did it. I was rocking mine trying to get him to sleep and started rocking harder and then something clicked about what I was doing and I put him in his crib and walked out of the house and just let him scream. Thought that was better than the alternative. There is little to no help for new parents


That was the right thing to do. I took a new dad boot camp course and the most important thing I got from that was to recognize when you hit your limit. There's no shame in setting the baby down somewhere safe and leaving the room while you cool off.


And that's why they repeat again and again and have posters everywhere that say "Never shake your baby". Because you're gonna want to if it's taking a while to get their sleep turned to a good stretch at night. You just want real sleep soooo bad.


This right here is why I told a girlfriend of mine if she ever needed me to come and relieve her I would, at any time, no questions. All she had to do was walk away and call me and I would be over as fast as possible. Her husband worked on the other side of town and I worked a 10 minute taxi ride away. When her husband had to go out of town for work I lived closer than her family. I know she struggled but she knew she had a safety valve.


Good person for this! I felt terrible just sitting outside my house listening to him scream but I was at the end of my rope and knew if I didn't get away things might go poorly. I wish I had had that support system with my first. Maybe the second will be easier if we have one. I know I will hire a nanny for sure to help a few times a week


By doing this you are the exact opposite of a bad person. I think this needs to be normalized more. Sometimes you just have to walk away (knowing the kid is in a safe spot of course) because that is what is best for you both. Your job as a mum is to protect and care for that baby and that’s exactly what you did. A nanny is an excellent idea. By taking care of you, you can take care of them. You can’t fill a cup from an empty pitcher.


Yep, rockin' a little hard there, cowboy. Sooo tired... That was 20 years ago, and I will never forget what sleep deprivation can do to a person.


You aren't alone, there were times my colicky baby just cried and cried. Sleep deprivation is real and makes you behave and think in ways you would never ever think. I was lucky that I had enough frame of mind to just put baby in her cot and walk away to the outside of the house at 3am in the morning so I could just breathe for a minute. By the time I went back in I was calm enough to deal with a screaming baby. Parents weren't meant to do it all by themselves we lived in small communities where we had plenty of relatives to hold and settle a baby so mum or dad could catch up on sleep. I truly think this is why we have so many abuse cases of young babies, humans have become so isolated when it comes to child rearing and its hard bloody work


Postpartum is a very powerful thing.


Yes. If you have been there you can understand it, thankfully you didn't do harm. We went through a really rough time with my second born. We had a 17month old and our newborn just cried and cried and cried no matter what we did. We each had to set her down and walk away more than once. When you are that sleep deprived you literally cannot think straight. It's worse than being very drunk in my opinion.


I can only imagine post partum hormones making it even worse. I’d be so scared of becoming a hormonal rage monster to my crying kid


I had a baby with colic and I put him down in the crib and walked outside before I shook him on numerous occasions. I had the self control to recognize what was going on and put him down but I understand why babies get shaken.


I struggle a lot with mental health & any shift in my hormones from my period to changing birth control can cause me to have neurodiverse emotional meltdowns or episodes. I do not have children, and I can’t imagine post partem hormones on top of stress and sleep deprivation, and I’m so afraid of post partem depression or psychosis, that I’m choosing to not have bio kids. I know myself enough to know I can’t handle it physically/mentally and can admit to being unsure if I would respond post partem. Like I’ve had bad period hormones where I’ve had to get checked into inpatient for my own health and safety I feel really guilty saying that to other people bc it comes across as oh she doesn’t know if she’d hurt a baby or not, but I like to think that it’s me prioritizing mental health and doing what I can to not put a baby in that position


You aren't alone. My wife is the same way. Getting over that societal expectation of needing to have kids has been the toughest part for her and will be a constant struggle until you stop caring what other people think. Which I understand is a whole separate issue that people struggle with.


Same. I have pmdd. The rage that goes with it is very hard to control and add a screaming newborn to that? N O P E


People do not understand that nature programmed a crying baby to be the very most stressful noise to a new mom. It's useful when we need to respond to the baby's needs rather than dozing for 10 mins while a wolf carries it away, but is mental agony for the parents of those few who can't be soothed. So I don't judge, I just wish those parents would call someone to take over for a bit.


Postpartum depression far more common then people talk about, it is VERY REAL. These thoughts are very insidious if you allow them to creep in - some might be under so much stress they don’t realize it’s happening. It’s always best to put the baby down and walk away.


They do classes on this now. Teaching the exhausted mothers to check if all the baby's needs are met, and then just put the crying baby down somewhere safe and then walk away until she can deal with it. Because they recognize that exhausted, desperate mothers can make heartbreaking mistakes, and they need to have a plan of action when they don't know what else to do.


Or, and here me out, have sympathy for both mothers. One lost her child to physical ailment, the other to a mental one. We REALLY don't take post-partum depression seriously enough.


Even mothers not suffering PPD can become so overwhelmed from lack of sleep, lack of support, and a baby that just won’t stop crying. Of course you should never shake a baby, but a proper support systems for all new parents can go a long way to preventing these types of injuries and deaths.


I remember a post recently where some parents recalled being so so sleep deprived and at their wits end that they got so close to shaking their child... They stopped themselves, but became very sympathetic of how parents could end up doing so.


This is so so accurate. For many people, having a child made them pro-life. Having a child cemented me in pro-choice because the intensity of the post-partum period is absolutely life changing. No one should be forced into that especially when we do not guarantee help or support.


Exactly. And post-partum psychosis is such a taboo thing to talk about, so many people have no idea about it. All they see is a parent hurting their child.


I suppose you’re right. You’re a better person than I, bc I wouldn’t have come to that conclusion on my own.


My human brain turns off on calls. I see the problem, do my best to solve it, transfer and browse /r/eyebleach


postpartum/postnatal shit has to be some of the most taboo, misunderstood and completely ignored/not talked about mental health issues today


Its disturbing how fragile a parent's psyche is when they're extremely sleep deprived and frustrated. Especially when all they hear is screaming.


you have no idea what went through that women’s mind. postpartum depression is fucking real. fuck all republicans who think that women and children don’t need help after birth.


I know everyone is down voting me for saying you should share your worst call with us but thank you for sharing it anyway. I'm sorry you have to see horrible things like that but thank you for doing what you do. I have mad respect for first responders and anyone who has to be with people and support them on what is likely the worst day of their lives. I could never handle that.


If roles were reversed I would’ve asked too, I get it. And honestly now that I think about it, unfortunately I don’t know if those are the worst. Fortunately I have managed to forget a bunch.(finally ADHD has been a benefit lol) the worst always invoke kids in some way. A parent unable to provide a “good” Christmas so they hang themselves in the basement, or young teens overdosed and their even younger siblings find them. It’s no good. I appreciate your kind words. What’s crazy and so so cliche it’s unbelievable, yet true, I’m just doing my job. Being a firefighter/paramedic is, in my opinion, the best job in the world. Even if I won the mega super lottery tomorrow, I’d still do the job. I may have Stockholm syndrome at this point though. Lol


>It looked identical to the last photo. That's because they're pictures of stillborns and miscarriages rather than being taken inside the womb. They look like they're floating because they have been placed in aquariums filled with liquid. There's a set of pictures that has actually been taken inside a womb but they're only partial views.


One huge reason why safe abortions need to be easily available. As well as anonymous births and ways to give up babies without judgement. Sometimes a situation can be saved with counseling and support for the family. But if you want to reduce the number of maltreated and killed infants, make it easy for people who aren't fit to care for one to not have one. Don't force them to be parents. You won't reach everyone this way. Parents might think they'll be fine, or hope their partner won't do anything to the child, and then things still go tragically wrong.


Totally agree. And in addition, we really need to have a realistic view of what pregnancy birth and parenting are actually like. Those things are HARD, and not everyone should do them, or be expected or pressured to do them. We will likely have less infant harm when having children stops being the default assumption for every person in society.


I feel that kind of guilt on a much smaller scale now when I read articles about babies and toddlers dying. Since becoming a father every time I hear one of those stories I just think about how much I love my daughter and find myself just slipping in to a moment where I visualize what I feel like it could be like if that was her instead of some strange baby I don't know and only read about on the internet. I've gone to some pretty dark places because of that. I also have a weird sympathy for the parents that do those fucked up things or those stories where like a parent just completely forgets there is a baby in the car and walks in to a store or something. Its not an excuse for those actions and its tragic and horrifying when it happens but being a new parent was one of the most difficult times in my life and sometimes the straight up exhaustion and that feeling of not being able to communicate or reason with a screaming child just really pushed me to my limits. It obviously never happened to me but I had times where I felt a temper I wasn't used to rising in me and I could see how a person in that state could just snap, even for just a moment. I dont know man, it's all just really intense and the world can't prepare you for it.


As someone who is 18 weeks pregnant, this really is interesting as fuck.


Is it just me or do these seem more like drawings based on photos than actual photos. I just dont know how you could capture so much color in a womb photo


I hate having to break it up to you but those photos were most probably not taken from inside a womb.


Like how would they even get these kinds of photos from the inside 😭


medical-grade selfie stick: $17,450


After insurance


US price: $180,000


Miss Frizzle could do it.


According to OP's comment, most of these photos were taken of aborted fetuses, so the photos were taken outside the womb.


A lot of them are macro photos so the subject is incredibly tiny. They were lit to make them look warmer and more "alive" and in some cases posed.


Was coming to post, "Banana for scale, please." Google tells me at 18 weeks, the fetus "is around 14.2cm long from head to bottom, and weighs around 190g. That's approximately the size and weight of a sweet red pepper."


> the size and weight of a sweet red pepper *length If your fetus has the circumference of a sweet red pepper, you're doing it wrong.


Salamander mf


The timing here is -not the same- as how many weeks pregnant you are. If a woman has a regular 28 day cycle, when she's '2 weeks pregnant' she literally has not had the sex that will make the child yet. This may be 3/4 weeks after implantation, so it's actually 6-7 weeks, and the last would be 21-22 weeks. Edit: also to the person who asked if I was dumb and said that's not how women work, that's how society counts how many weeks pregnant you are. It's from the first day of your previous menstrual period. You can be 'one week pregnant' literally while your body is still kicking out your uterus lining. It makes no fucking sense, but what else is new about women's health care?


That’s something I never knew about until I became pregnant. I was like, how am I 4/5 weeks pregnant when I just conceived a week ago? It’s odd.


Which is also why a 6 week abortion makes it basically impossible to get one. By the time you realize you missed a period, it’s probably too late.


To your edit, I had this argument with my SIL. I found out I was pregnant early at week 3. Obviously at that point, there was no baby yet. Just implantation. She was convinced I lied to her about not being pregnant while we were visiting the weekend before. And she just couldn’t grasp how it’s calculated. I was ovulating then. There definitely wasn’t a pregnancy at that point. Pregnancy week calculations don’t start when the baby is “made.” They start at the end of your last period. Ugh.


They start at the start of your last period. Day one is the first day of your cycle. That’s the count.


Oh shit I mistyped. First day of last period. Sorry about that lol


Yea and the embryo/fetus is the size of a poppyseed or grain of rice in several of these


Just a fun little side note, the photographer staged the fetuses to be sucking their thumbs, and displayed the skin as a light pink instead of a deep red. Fetuses that far along in pregnancy don’t have the cognitive function to suck their thumbs, [scientists have actually found that they do it naturally.](https://stopthumbsucking.org/thumb-sucking-in-the-womb/) [However, the artist received a lot of controversy for editing/staging the photos to make the fetuses appear more life-like.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Child_Is_Born_(book))


I have no idea how he made the photos so I’m not disputing that, but it’s not accurate to say fetuses at that age cannot suck theirs thumbs. Many people see their baby sucking their thumb at the 20 week ultrasound. Source: I’ve been pregnant 3 times.


I have a picture of my sons 12 week ultrasound where he’s sucking his thumb


Legally speaking, women are in a continuous state of pregnancy which happen to reset monthly, until they reach menopauze after which they are legally pregnant indefinitely.


I don’t get that. Wouldn’t they be indefinitely un-pregnant. If an egg doesn’t drop from the ovary, then how does the process start again.


They start counting from your last period. So if it is 20 years ago that you had your last period, you have been pregnant for 20 years


I don't know the true answer to that question. But what I do know is that the people making these laws *also* know nothing about pregnancy.


This is such a great point. And very important distinction if your opinion about abortion has anything to do with how far along the pregnancy is - ie age of the fetus. I totally get people thinking "baby" by the 6th/7th photos. Which would be about halfway, so 9 or 10 weeks. But 9 or 10 weeks "pregnant" is more like pics 4 or 5, which is not - to me anyway - a "baby" yet. And, of course, legally (for now...) in most cases, it's not a baby until viable outside the womb which is a lot farther along. For the record - I totally support safe, legal abortion.


I remember on our first day of college we were shown a fetus while touring the departments and it was so tiny man, you know one of those potion bottle necklace charms? It was in a bottle that size


The first couple look like gummy bears that were in a microwave


Random question, is this what most embryos look like? Does the embryo of a lighter-skinned person differ dramatically in color than that of a darker skin-person? Or do we all start as the same pretty much?


I don't think they have skin yet at the ages shown in the photos. So they are a surprisingly dark shade of red.


For people who just can't handle the NSFW tag, OP is offering respect to those who have miscarried children, and may feel triggered by seeing them here. Also, these babies are mostly not alive, they have been aborted. Another reason to NSFW. Also, who's work place appreciates seeing fetuses on their employees phone? It's nothing to do with being naked. Christ.


dumbass baby probably can't even beatbox


The fourth photo is what I like to call *"the frog phase"*


This helps me be kinder to myself at 4 months pregnant. I get angry at myself for being so sick and tired. And then I see this and my brain says, oh yea, you’re growing a fucking spine, brain, and a whole fucking human. Maybe it’s ok to sit the fuck down.


Oh my goodness cut yourself a lot of slack! I had a horrible pregnancy all the way through. Sick and exhausted the whole time and had to keep working. If I could go back to that me 25 years ago I'd tell me: " take another nap, eat the Twinkie and just survive and for the next couple of years survival is enough. You are enough." So I'm telling you, have the cookie, take a nap. Be kind to yourself


I know that it happens this way, but it is still cool to see it.


Source\~ [HERE](https://books.google.de/books?id=UVMEAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&hl=sv&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false) ***This image comes from Lennart Nilsson's photo essay published by Life Magazine in 1965 known as the "Drama of Life Before Birth".*** ***These photos revealed to the world what a developing fetus looks like. The clarity and detail of the photographs is explained by the fact that many of these fetuses were outside of the womb having been aborted for a number of different reasons.*** ***Years later, Nilsson's photographs still give the clearest and most striking view of human life at its earliest stages.*** ​ **EDIT \~ This post is intends to be interesting as fuck and not pro-life as fuck**.


Wasn’t the photographer criticized for, among other things, misstating the age of the fetuses, altering their color to look more pink than deep red and posing the fetuses do have their thumbs in their mouths to look more life like? lmao, but sure bad faith arguer, no agenda here


Yes he was. And considering a 3 week old fetus is just a blastocyst, I’d guess that first picture is a little farther along than what is stated. Maybe closer to 5 weeks.


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My wife is 15 weeks so this is really, really cool to see right now.


#I miss being 7 weeks old


are you telling me these Shrimp fried my rice?!