Replicating a Block of the Great Pyramid with Copper Chisels - It took 4 workers only 4 days to cut out this 2.5 ton block.

Replicating a Block of the Great Pyramid with Copper Chisels - It took 4 workers only 4 days to cut out this 2.5 ton block.


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Why "only"? [Because at this rate the 2.3 million core blocks could be quarried by just 3,500 workers in the ~27 years it took to construct the Great Pyramid.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pyramid_of_Giza#Workforce) Only replicas of tools were used that were found in an ancient abandoned quarry close to this block. Edit: No, it's not perfect in the image as it's still in the quarry and hadn't been smoothed yet. It doesn't attempt to prove everything, stop deflecting.


Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. How do we know it took ~27 years to construct?


The diary of Merer documents stone transports from Tura to the Great Pyramid of Khufu in his 27th year of reign. We also have other documents that indicate the length of his reign, hence the educated estimate.


Of I was a billionaire I would absolutely build some shit like this. Seems totally doable.


Like the Bezos 10,000 year clock inside a mountain? https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a31156395/jeff-bezos-clock-long-now-mountain/


It took four days for inexperienced block cutters to make a block. Obviously the next ones would go faster. For instance they already have two sides of the next ones almost done.


Sorry but this is way off. These guys were very experienced stone cutters; they worked on projects in and around the pyramids for close to 20 years. On top of that, if you read, they found the stone mostly quarried. The sides had already been quarried back when the Egyptians were cutting stone. They proceed to finish the job and then use it so it would be the closest thing to an actual original stone.


Okay, but the one quarrying the stones for the pyramids would have been experienced stone cutters (contrary to popular belief, pharaoh *was* paying them and there's no reason to spare expense when it's your literal eternal afterlife on the line.) Even if they weren't they'd certainly be by the time the project was well under way. Also, even if some of the sides of this particular stone were already quarried, all that means is that the re-enactors found themselves in the same position the original cutters did after the first couple blocks.


Do you have links to articles that say who was getting paid? I was under the impression most of the labour was slave labour.


[here](https://www.discovermagazine.com/planet-earth/egypt-finds-tombs-of-pyramid-builders-and-more-evidence-they-were-free-men) and [here](https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/history/tombs-pyramid-builders-discovered-giza-egypt-1865227.html?amp) to start.


Cool thanks!!


Throw in a society of disposable non-royals


It took 4 days..


For only four inexperienced guys testing a theory. Imagine what they could do with 10000 slaves whose lives depend on getting this shit done?


I thought we were pretty done with the slaves theory, I thought they were conscripted workers. Like, that's the going theory now anyway, isn't it?


Ya from archeological digs it shows the workers were well feed, almost as good as the Royals. (At least that’s what I remember, I’m a chef not a historian, watched some shit on YouTube so I’ve got to be an expert now)


Have you ever made a single serve beef wellington? Is it possible to make it


You’re right I am not a historian for a reason. No matter their liberty, they point stands. Beyond this loads of others are pointing out that high skill level workers were the only ones allowed to touch this - if that’s the case makes my point for me


More than 10,000


But these inexperienced cutters didn't have to transport or construct the pyramid, either.


Cutting rocks and constructing a pyramid with tolerances tighter than a razor blade are two different endeavors. Let's see these guys stack a few hundred of their freshly carved rocks to same level of precision and I will be impressed.


The vast majority of blocks were neither precisely cut nor placed, presumably to save a lot of time and work. This can be seen in various intrusions, like the [Vyse hole](https://i.imgur.com/EjBEgPH.png) or on [top of the pyramid](https://i.imgur.com/LN0F1xm.jpg). Precision blocks were used to make facades (exterior, rooms, tunnels) and in structurally significant areas.


Anyone in construction today will tell you that if you won’t be able to see something and that thing isn’t structurally integral… it will not be pretty. I’d guess it was the same way back then


I think it was done intentionally to add structural integrity. But the point on this thread is just that it was possible by human hands alone. And given past technics that may be lost to us, could also have been constructed quickly with incredible integrity


yeah, no one here knows how educated these men were to cut out that stone, and even if they have the modern education to be a stonecutter, how well will that correlate with how they did it back then is just anyone's guess. Especially since we can only go on what we found later.


I mean I think it’s pretty widely accepted that master craftsmen were the only people *allowed* to work on them


There were basically whole towns just outside of the pyramids, full of rotating peasants and farmers from other regions who'd come in to work on these, like a seasonal jobs program; this also attracted the various professions looking to service this mass gathering of workers. Just a short bit away were the residences of the master stonecutters and engineers who'd oversee the work and were given prestigious burials for their service. Even the peasants who died while working were given relatively honorable digs in a local cemetary. This was a highly organized and professional endeavor and could be compared to any number of more recent undertakings: lots of unskilled labor to do the majority of work, and more knowledgeable career professionals where needed to make sure it all gets put together right.


> the point on this thread is just that it was possible by human hands alone. As opposed to what? Industrial machinery?




What are your thoughts on the geopolymer explanation? I think the ideas of poured blocks made from reconstituted limestone provides a pretty solid explanation for the fast timetable as well.


Kinda begs a lot of questions more than answers any, really. Why are the tool marks, why are so many of the stones irregular. Why can we see the spots in the quarry where the stones came from. How did they manage to match up fossil and deposit layers to the rocks of the waurry itself. Where did the get the needed wood to fuel the fires needed to produce the elements needed. Why isn't there evidence of these fires on site.


Most of the blocks in the pyramid are fairly rough. [Here's](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/Several_people_gathered_at_the_base_of_the_Great_Pyramid.jpg) a good image. They're not fit to any great deal of precision, there are gaps between them, and a fair amount of mortar is used. The chambers and casing were worked much finer and fit with higher tolerances, but the majority of the material is rough.


I can't remember if it was Egypt or Mesoamerica, but I saw some archaeologist talking about how you can also get a pretty tight fit between 2 stones by just stacking one on another, and then dragging it back and forth to sand down the surfaces that are in contact.


The chambers are also granite


Not saying you’re wrong, but a few thousand years of blowing sand and day night heating and cooling cycles will also do that to rock.


There are gaps filled with smaller stones and mortar, which fairly clearly indicates that the rough fitting is original. Not to mention, there is well preserved masonry of higher quality on the plateau, including some casing. We know that the core masonry was rough because we can directly compare it to areas that aren't.


…deposit mortar between them? Not to mention it would make them smoother. This is not accurate.


The tolerances are decidedly not tighter than a razor blade. I’m not really sure where you got that idea from.


This idea comes from confusion with those monolithic rocks in South America that are stacked up and are very tight tolerances between them


Yeah, Machu Picchu is the best example of tolerances like that. Although I think equating them to a razor blade is a bit much.


who told you this? where do people learn this shit lol


The History Channel has filled a generation of minds with complete bullshit since it stopped broadcasting actual History.


ancient aliums


If the pyramid held tolerances as tight as a razor blade you wouldn’t even be able to see the cracks separating each block from any kind of great distance. You’d have to be literally inches away to see them if that were the case.


It’s actually not that hard. It’s been replicated by people. One person can move that easily using technologies from that era. It’s completely possible to do.


Took Technology and Civilization in college years before Ancient Aliens ever premiered. And our Prof went right thru the construction of the pyramids almost like.......wait for it....like a bunch of archeologists and engineers knew very well how it was built. And then he taught us. Because that's what they and previous generations in their field had studied. Unbelievable I know, but it actually happened.


Don't forget all the the aliens gave them


Pickle Rick


Don’t forget to build the chambers as your stacking block….impossible!!!


If John has to build a pyramid in 12 years that is double in size, how many workers are required?


What ? No aliens ? All those documentaries lied to me.


You can have only two out of three: Fast, Cheap, Accurate.


Time is money, friend.


Well met


True, increased value depending on skill.


With that said, I think speed is the least important. I wouldn't want to pay too much for garbage work. If they are perfect I will pay them. It'll get done eventually. I'll just hire more if I want speed.


Right! Patients is typically a rarity from the American consumer. Particularly when in comes from skills craftsman products.


Time was beer back then. IIRC the pharaoh paid workers in beer.


More general terms: cheaper, better, faster. Pick two.


The pyramid trilemma


I know they know what they are doing, but that one worker who has both his arms under the block makes me nervous.


Know what they're doing or not, one mistake and there's no way he gets out fast enough.


If you've ever done any masonry work you would know that you can hear the rock cracking long before it makes any movement.


Now do the whole pyramid


The Inca had precision cutting .. that had a better finish look.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inca_architecture


That one was actually aliens tho, bad comparison


And I wanna say it was NOT slaves who built the pyramids it was paid (currency included beer and bread) workers. Pharaoh = god so not surprising citizens wanted to help build his tomb.


Also to add, most of the workers were likely primarily farmers. When the Nile floods the fields get flooded and can't be worked. So they worked on the pyramids in their off season.


Hm, now I'm wondering if the Pyramids served a dual purpose as a jobs program too. Plus making sure young, strong men are busy working when they're not farming does cut down on the time they can sit around and think about their dissatisfaction with the government.


That is very likely true.


That's one of the big suspicions, also ties into why we see the pyramids decrease in scale as Egypt turned more expansionist. More soldiers mean fewer workers. You also add in more capabilities with finer building constructions that are less labor intensive, and their system of government requiring them to parcel out more and more pieces of power to priests and nobels, makes it a hard time to assemble the power needed.


wasnt a tomb


You do realize it was disproven awhile ago that the great pyramids were built and or used for royal tombs right?


Disprove, really? Where?


Weren't they whipped ?


You think because the slaves got fed they weren’t slaves?


4 days is pretty good. I imagined with beatings as incentive, they could have done it in three days flat.


They actually said they could have done it in 3 with more experience. They only worked 6 hour/day, hence it could be done in 1 with 18 hour work days. Whips would reduce it to half a day. Some extra incentives like better pay and a flock of whores and it's done in 20 minutes.


All that time whoring with money laden pockets would really slow you down though.


Can confirm


Considering how the great pyramid was done at the height of their pyramid building power, they'd probably have a huge amount of stone masons with decades of experience doing this even faster.


>a flock of whores Unusual collective noun, but okay. "Bevy" might be better.


Actually made me chuckle, thanks


*beatings and booze


Yeah, I was wondering about the whip factor!


And it only took the aliens 27 seconds.


Who gets their arm cut off when it falls?


It’s incredible that there’s no evidence on how a pyramid was built. 4000 years and all we have are theories. This must have been common knowledge for ancient Egyptians and they must be laughing at us from their afterlife for still trying to figure it out 😂


Now I want to see them cut granite.


That’s not nearly as precise or as large as the stones used in the great pyramids


Not to mention four workers four days. An article the other day said there are so many blocks in the pyramid you could build a 3 meter wall around France. This is not including the number of people needed for transportation and God knows what else Edited for wrong unit of measure


The blocks could actually create a wall 3 meters tall, and one meter thick (9 feet tall, 3 feet thick)




Those chisel lines look like shit. Must have been aliens confirmed now I am an ancient astronomy theorists


Wow, how did you become plural?




"That's a compelling argument. Aliens, is there anything they can't do?"


4 workers 4 days and only one was crushed when the block came loose.


Soooo this thing weighs 2.5 tons and you want me to put my hands underneath and chisel away with the risk that it could break off and fall on me for an experiment??? Nah I’m good


That’s not the crazy part. The unexplainable part is how they got them to the top and with such accuracy.


That was my first thought as well


Also they had way cleaner edges than this


Yeah, that's kind of an important thing, here. That block looks like the ones on the pyramids (and actually perhaps a bit rougher)...which is a *problem*. The stones on the pyramid are not fresh cut. Regardless of how accurate our estimates are, there's no question that they've been there for the last 4 to 5 thousand years. A fresh cut stone looking like the ones with four millennia of weathering is not entirely compelling. Given how well-fitted the stones of the pyramids are, the stones would have needed to be considerably less rough prior to being placed.


Joe, watch your fingers! Joe! See, told you that thing would pinch.


those don't look like aliens


Quality control says you need to redo the block


And BTW the UI guys asked for a small change, really tiny, just rotate the half-pyramid you've already built a degree to the West.


Congrats! Now do it for 1000 years and see if you don’t improve that.


It’s mind boggling to me that people can’t fathom how they could have possibly built the pyramids while we are flying a helicopter on another planet. Like no shit we could stack some blocks, it’s not rocket science. People are so stupid.


It's not only the pyramids that stand out in Ancient Egypt. The diorite artifacts are very impressive as are the sub millimeter tolerances on granite pieces. The Pyramid is also within a degree of perfect North/South alignment, and the dimensions of the pyramid are near perfectly correlated with the diameter of Earth, which we shouldn't have known back then. There is a lot going on with the geometry of the pyramid that shows advanced knowledge of the Earth's dimensions, as well as cosmic scales.


>are near perfectly correlated with the diameter of Earth, which we shouldn't have known back then. Why not? The Greeks got that close like ~2k years later. We know Greeks revered Ancient Egyptians for their wisdom. Considering the time spans, and the fact that for certain disciplines Ancient Egyptians actively hid their knowledge it's quite plausible they knew how to calculate the diameter of the Earth. I mean, it's really not that complicated, and we know Egyptians loved numbers in general.


Isn’t that kind of the point of the above comments? Saying that the Egyptians “stacked some blocks” is very dismissive of the intricacies of the pyramids and other artifacts. I think the lost wisdom of the ancients is something worth exploring, and we shouldn’t assume that we already know everything about them and the significance of these structures.


I mean Pythagoras stole his calculations from the Egyptians who knows how much they really knew


Haven't you heard? Ancient aliens made the pyramids with their laser swords.


you obviously know nothing about the structural elements that make it so unbelievable. please research


Have you ever seen pyramid from bottom up? How do you explain straight down shafts 60 meters down? There are shit ton of tunnels below pyramid. There are saw marks on blocks etc.


The fact that tons of credentialed experts are still running experiments and research on the wonder of the pyramids to this day makes your comment embarrassing. People are so stupid


Only 4 days


Yes, but they only worked on it 6hrs a day, and it was their first one. Now imagine you have A LOT of highly skilled stone carvers/masons with decades of experience working on many stones separately for more than 6 hours a day and suddenly this part seems kind of easy.


The Technology involved in the great pyramid is staggering. Cutting a bit of stone roughly isn’t anything close to the extremely high precision feats evident in it. This is like saying hey it only took 4 guys with hammers a while to beat a bit of metal kind of flat. Clearly building a Golden Gate Bridge, is going to be easy.


To paraphrase Louis CK: “We just threw human death and suffering at it until it was done.”


Most of the builders weren't slaves and many had actually alright living conditions for the time. They were mainly farmers helping during the seasons the Nile banks flooded.


Now, do that with a granite block weighing, oh say let's make it an easy 5 tons, using the same copper chisels. This little exercise proves nothing more than limestone is softer than granite or basalt. Of course, the irrational servants of the academy will want to project on to this one limestone block proof that this solves the means of pyramid construction, but there is vastly more needed than a single limestone block.


> using the same copper chisels Why assume that those were used? Academic sources generally restrict the use of copper tools to softer stones, or in use with abrasives. > Although the tools used for that work are still the subject of discussion in Egyptology, general agreement has now been reached. We know that hard stones such as granite, granodiorite, syenite, and basalt could not have been cut with metal tools * Arnold, Dieter. Building in Egypt: Pharaonic Stone Masonry. Oxford Univ. Press, 1991. p. 48. There is more evidence for the use of stone tools for much of the working of hard stones, a range of polishing technology to finish the stone, and copper tools for sawing and drilling.


What accounts for the drill bores found on numerous ancient granite and basalt blocks at Giza, for example, and the obvious radial saw markings -- even on the stone box in the "King's Chamber" of the Great Pyramid? Petrie analyzed the granite core still in his collections in London, and described radial movement at speeds only available to a power drill.


This was Petrie's explanation 130 years ago. [Recent experiments showed that hand-powered flywheel copper-drills produce the same marks.](https://i.redd.it/8h2f38olmos51.png)


> What accounts for the drill bores Drills? While reconstructions of the specifics are to some degree speculative, the presence of sawing and drilling technology in Egypt is well attested to. ____ > Petrie analyzed the granite core still in his collections in London, and described radial movement at speeds only available to a power drill. I haven't seen convincing analysis of drill cores that indicate such high speed feeds. Nor do the striations in those cores really provide evidence of such drilling technology - they aren't always parallel and can overlap. I have seen comparisons using data from scanning electron microscopes between drill holes from antiquity and contemporary experimental archaeology. > It is clear from the drilling experiments that the random movement of the large sand crystals contained within the finely powdered sand, particularly in deep holes, gradually scrape striations into the stone...These striations generally run horizontally around a core and the hole’s wall, but some striations cross existing ones at various angles. The spriral striation, seen by Petrie on the granite core from Giza (see note 21), can be explained in this way. Gorelick and Gwinnett’s scanning electron micrographs (SEM) of the epoxy model made from a silicone impression of the bottom of one of the drill-holes in Prince Akhet-Hotep’s sarcophagus lid show that the concentric striations were not always regular and parallel. Some fade into adjacent lines, while others converge and diverge: they are rough in appearance. **The present experiments demonstrate that the crystals in the dry sand do indeed produce concentric striations in granite cores, and in the holes’ walls, that are similar to the depths and the widths of ancient striations.** * Stocks, Denys A. Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology: Stoneworking Technology in Ancient Egypt. Routledge, 2003. p. 128.


I’m figuring someone else already did this but I googled “how many blocks in the great pyramid”. The Google machine says 2.3 million. So, 4 people working 4 days = 1 block would mean if those 4 poor souls were the only guys working on this it would take 9,200,000 days to carve out enough blocks. That’s only 25,205 years of work. Estimates say 100,000 people were working on these things. That would be 25,000 blocks every 4 days That would still be 92 separate 4 day sessions or over a year of carving to come up with enough blocks


The OP stated that it took approx 27 years (some sort of educated estimate) to build them, and that the guys shown in the pic above said they could've done it in 3 days had they been more experienced. They also worked only 6hrs a day, so possible they could've been done with a block even faster had they any incentive to work longer. It's quite awesome how close you came to the actual time taken with just those variables.


That number is sorta false. They came up with that number before they knew about things like the stone outcrop that was worked into the pyramid, the many empty pockets, and a good look at how irregular the stones are once you get past the current exterior. The stones aslo get smaller the closer you get to the top, meaning their quarrying rate would have steadily decreased.


4,000 years later, we're still trying to figure it out.


I've touched the great pyramids two times over the years, and none of them look as shitty as this one... I still don't think we know how they cut those blocks, but they are WAY better than the half assed image shown above...


As much as this doesn’t prove anything, it sure is interesting!


Exactly! The day when archaeology becomes more of a science and requires experimental proof before accepting a theory the amount of nonsense in our history will greatly reduce (and the number of archaeologists too). If physicists can live with probabilistic modeling and being able to say "we don't know but here's 10 our bests theories and how to test them", archaeologists can too.. right? Right?


Now let's see them carry it up a thousand steps and place it in position. Just a small detail.


I thought they found the tooling of massive circular saws and smaller 4 inch hole saws


Now make it as perfectly smooth


I really don't understand the comments here. What are people trying to prove? That the pyramids were build by aliens? Or the ancient Egyptians had better technology than us? They were humans just like us, but far more hard working.


There is a common belief among some people that the Egyptians had technology that in some ways was greater than modern tech. That these old societies had greater knowledge that was lost and humanity took major steps back. A lot of these people attribute this tech to aliens.


The mechanical abilities of our ancestors is absolutely amazing at some times and at others about what we would expect. To imply that our ancestors would need aliens in order to create such wonderful constructions is insulting to our ancestors. Our ancestors display amazing accuracy, precision, and overall knowledge that is absolutely amazing. Look at this work and how non percise it is. This doesn't match the quality of many of the blocks used, and we also don't know how tough this rock is. I would say this video is more evidence that they were not made with copper chisels alone. If you look at the evidence of the structures and items that still remain today they seems to suggest the ability to machine things, it seems obvious they had advanced technical abilities that we have not discovered yet. So many readily accept that we perfectly understand the past, rather than realize how much we really aren't sure about and assume strongly that past scholars were undoubtedly correct. I think it's silly to come in and say aliens built them. I think it's just as silly to say this little experiment is evidence we know how they were built.


>Look at this work and how non percise it is. This doesn't match the quality of many of the blocks used, and we also don't know how tough this rock is. It's made specifically from limestone, same type of rock as the pyramids are built of. For precision, most of the blocks in the pyramids are similar to this one in fact; because most are hidden. There's various theories on how you make the blocks more precise, and most of them don't require any kind of advanced knowledge or technology. The basic theory is, you stack a couple of blocks on each other, then you drop sand inbetween them and together with the weight and some basic movement, you grind them down. In that scenario gravity and the blocks are helping you, and with a lot of patience and time you can approach very even/level ground. >I think it's silly to come in and say aliens built them. I think it's just as silly to say this little experiment is evidence we know how they were built. If you hold these two things as equal, that is really strange. The picture in the OP is a literal real example of something happening, and thus by at least inductive reasoning makes it plausible and possible as to how it was done. Saying "aliens" is just woo-woo, no solid theories, no factual evidence, nothing.


Just another cringeworthy example of Reddit embarrassing itself by pretending they know more than the actual expert in the thread. Because history channel told them so.


Men back then were 10 times stronger than today so the block would have been finished in 2 hours using two men.


All men were 10ft, all women pretty, and the copper was like hardened steel back then. Then their mummies shrunk of cold weather.


Well, that + if you chisel stone all day every day for 20 years you're probably better at than 4 randos who've never held a copper tool before.


These men weren't noobs. It helps to read the article.


if not the article, atleast read the comments (adding to your comment)




"Only 4 days"


Ok. Now move it hundreds of miles and pull it up a pyramid




I've seen on Discovery that they actually used a cement like solution.


They’re obviously aliens


Not uh! Aliens built it!!


lol mystery solved!


Yea that’s all well and for the limestone blocks but what about the granite slabs that make up the interior architecture. Copper tools can’t shape granite. And I see you arguing with someone else about the building of the pyramids in kufus reign. The only documents recovered indicate that boats were used to ferry blocks from the quarry and that they were for use for work on the pyramid. It does not say whether these blocks were used to construct the pyramid or if they were to do a renovation. Essentially their purpose was not stated. Only that they were brought and were for work on the pyramid. It’s a solid assumption to say they were used to build it but it’s still only an assumption not a fact. And it is a fact that copper tools can’t shape granite.


That stone looks imprecise and rough as hell. Have these guys ever looked at the pyramids? 1.: The stone blocks back then were perfect, required no “sticking” material and were smooth to the surface. And in different shapes and sizes. They fit so perfectly together you couldn’t even stick a razor blade in between. 2. They used different stones of different hardness for different purposes. 3. All these different stones were used at different heights, positions and were transported. Conclusion: These guys wasted 4 days to prove nothing. The alien theory is dumb. But we have no idea how our ancestors build this and what tools they had and ultimately, how advanced they truly were. Also most people underestimate the true age of these monuments.


That is because this is how they were 'harvested'. After this phase they (probably) would have been placed in water and smoothed to perfection. Using the water both as a sanding/polishing agent as well as a level.


With tic tac ufo evidence etc, I don’t think it’s now inconceivable that there may have been extra terrestrial involvement somewhere.


This comment section smells like burgers and lack of civil rights Edit: Yeah a lot of people actif on r/Conservative here


Only??? I can only guess that you weren’t one of the workers…smh.




Most blocks came from quarries only a few hundred feet away, the rest was transported via boats. To complete it in 27 years 250 blocks/day needed to be moved. Which is doable by about 5,000 people if teams of 20 move 1 block per day.




\*clap\* \*clap\* \*clap\*- They cut one 2.5 ton rock. Only 2,300,000 more to go.........and some of the largest stones of the Pyramids are closer to 50-80 TONS. Now let's see you move a them, from a quarry 60 miles away.---and then stack them into a Pyramid. I'll wait.




I like how they say “only”


How did they do the granite? That sand stone i can understand, i could do that in 7 days with a stick.


That's soft limestone. Try doing that to granite with copper chisels.


Why is this even remotely satisfactory? You'd have to drop every single critical point for it to even make a point. Cutting out a block is one thing, but what about cutting its surfaces perfectly flat? There's 6 surfaces to level off, that's where the real work comes in. And no, you wont get a pyramid like that if you leave them as is (pictured in the post). Furthermore, all blocks would need to be perfectly symetrical from one to another, across over 2 million blocks. no margin of error can be tolerated. And this is more true the larger the structure and the more units of blocks are used. I really dont think most of you realize the logistics and the level of perfection/detail the great pyramid has... And of course, you'd need to haul all those block from the quary, which was apparently some few hundred miles away, on primitive road and means of transportation (if any).


Now just do it with granite and move the stones 500 miles😂 Edit: if im wrong, and granite was not quarried and moved. Prove it, dont just downvote. Or if you think this proves thats possible, explain it to me. I love to be wrong. I just want to see some experiments on the hard stuff.


It’s funny scrolling through this thread and every few posts I see a moronic comment like this but the distances all change. It’s like you all half remember some episode of ancient aliens.


So granite was not quarried at aswan to be brought to the pyramid? I never said a thing about aliens. But 4 guys cutting a single sandstone block in 4 days is not impressive. It leaves more questions than answers. Edit: im glad to see people actually trying to prove how they did these things through experiments, as i would like to know how they did it. But this is not a convincing method. Also, ive never seen ancient aliens.


The colossi of Memnon is 720 tons and a single piece of quartzite. Most modern commercial ferries and cranes couldnt move it, and its sitting 421 miles from its quarry. I want to see any number of thousands of people try to drag a 1.44 million pound block even half a mile. Maybe they could, and i believe they did somehow but this video doesn’t answer those or really any questions.


You get out of here with your logic and common sense and the humility to admit that we just might not know everything


Why would they waste their time doing this? Obviously the aliens just zapped it up from the ground I wonder why humans thousands of years ago made these amazing structures across the world. But humans now a day don’t really have this stuff


We have giants skyscrapers all over the place. It’s the same thing.


... Skyscrapers.


It could have been a way to keep the populous working during non harvest/crop growing seasons. Maybe?


Yeah well I bet they used aliens and didn’t tell anybody


no bro. allens mak it


That’s because they were getting paid, if the same task would have done in extreme pressure and torture, it would take one day..


The people who built the pyramids in ancient Egypt were paid labor. Part of that pay was in beer. The pyramids were not built off slave labor.


I agree with you, even some sources support that but still, I doubt.


They volunteered to work 15h a day in the desert under the sun in the dust lifting heavy rocks all day. Plus we know humans are really kind with each other treat each others fairly and this part of Africa is absolutely not known for slaves but yeah




Hahahaha 😀😀 that’s funny


Now I want to see them move it


Four men can easily move a 2.5 ton block with levers.


I wonder how much testing of Egyptian things have been checked for geopolymer properties, H blocks of puma punka and were tested to be geopolymer, which makes sense for old megalithic construction especially in South America, baskets of powdered stone easily hauled and mixed with vinegar and then hardened with bat guano, makes more sense than people carving and hauling some megalithic, especially multi sided, stones


[Here is an analysis for the stones of the great pyramid.](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/288698728_Evidence_from_detailed_petrographic_examinations_of_casing_stones_from_the_great_pyramid_of_khufu_a_natural_limestone_from_tura_and_a_man-made_Geopolymeric_limestone) Geopolymer doesn't make sense for a lot of reasons: It's a lot more expensive in terms of time, material and labor. (Vinegar, burnt lime, etc is expensive.) If they used casts we would expect uniform blocks as casts would be reused. (The blocks we see aren't uniform at all.) Curing takes a loooong time for big blocks, hence cast blocks are usually small or at least narrow (slabs).




It would take 4 men x 4 days = > 36.8 million man days to chisel out a pyramid of 2.3million blocks. Assuming a work force of 10,000 that’s *only* 3680 days, just over 10 years.


10 years is about right as the pyramids for a pharaoh would have started building when they took the throne and finished soon before they died.


Actually as mentioned elsewhere in the thread, we have good reason to believe the Great Pyramid took about 27 years to build, because as you mention the project would've started near the beginning of the Pharaoh's reign, and we have records of it being worked on in the 27th year of Khufu's reign.


Like anyone really knows how they did it. If you say you know exactly how they did it. Then you are full of shit and you need to just shut up.


There's an almost finished ancient stone just like this a few feet away, which was found with the ancient tools still laying around. This experiment is based on the tools and techniques the ancient stone was produced with. So yes, this is how it was done.


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I'm always amazed at how people underestimate the abilities and intelligence of people who lived thousands of years ago. The main difference between them and us is the technology that was available to them. They were just as intelligent as we are now (which isn't saying much lately I supposed given the Einsteins taking horse dewormer medication for a viral infection but I digress.). It didn't take aliens to build the pyramids (as these gents proved).