Local POS keeps 2 dogs locked up in this box. Let them run around for 20mins all evening. Have seen her walking around town like this before.

Local POS keeps 2 dogs locked up in this box. Let them run around for 20mins all evening. Have seen her walking around town like this before.


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I want to get mad but confusion sets in


I want to get confused but madness sets in


Call the cops/animal control/spca, that can't be legal


Have the dogs rescued or you might be a pos, too


Indeed. These dogs need helped. Anyone who sees abuse and does nothing is complicit in my view. If I can get details and share my hope is someone in that area can step up and intervene. Animal cruelty is a federal crime.


Is she actually mentally ill? I’m not totally sure Whats going on here honestly.


I think if she were there would be someone looking after her, to make sure she doesn't do something like this. We do live in a wealthy town so care would be provided.


Can you give me more information in a private message? I’d like to get this stopped/ resolved. I can put this on my animal activism Instagram and get the dogs rescued, I hope.


All information I have (this picture and a shop I have seen her occasionally) will be forwarded to the local animal protection services. But sadly I do not have any information on her person.


Thank you. Sometimes the authorities cannot do anything to help. If that turns out to be the case, please let me know. Rescues in the area can often do what the authorities cannot — they can work with folks to surrender their pets. Praying for these two dogs. Deepest gratitude for you caring enough to report.


Hello ASPCA...


Why don't you report them then? I would immediately