Halo won the Best Microsoft Game Award at Gamescom

Halo won the Best Microsoft Game Award at Gamescom


Obama giving Obama a medal meme


And the winner for best Halo game goes to..... Halo! (Oscars music starts playing)


>And the winner for best Halo game goes to..... Halo! (~~Oscars~~ Halo music starts playing)


That was immediately the first image that popped into my head. Glad to see someone else thought the same thing


first thing I thought of as soon as I saw the title


Is it Microsoft giving the award?


No, Halo was awarded the best MICROSOFT GAME, i.e the best game developed by Microsoft.


Nope, was the price for the best game on Xbox. The other nominees that got in the top three were Farcry 6 and Elden Ring.


_The judges were given a minimum of 10 minutes of gameplay footage to review._


Elden ring as well?


Yes. Eden ring won the best PS game.


It lost to halo for best Microsoft game. Which is shocking


Because its rigged and nobody cares anyway these games arent out


Which is even more funny to me since Elden Ring's not even a PS game.


It’s games releasing on those systems. Halo was up against games like Far Cry, Call of Duty, and Elden Ring I believe. At least that’s how it was presented in the stream yesterday.


Can’t believe halo beat call of duty /s


The campaign for the new one looks pretty good though.


I don’t trust it. It’s the same people responsible for the wreck that was Cod WW2 and it’s another WW2 game.


Goddammit WW2 again? Bah, humbug.


Remember when everyone was excited for it to go back to WW2, only for that horse to be beaten to death and back because original ideas aren't CoD's strong suit?


Worse, *tacticool* WW2.


Oh damn a good cod Campagne? What is this 2003?


The last two were good though are you still in 2006 or something?


do we get to see the gameplay?


No, you get gameplay footage an hour before launch




With a live feed of your house sent to you from Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA and a message saying "Buy the game or else..."


You'll get your gameplay footage when you fix this damn door!


343: You'll get your gameplay footage when we fix our damn game!


>343: You'll get your gameplay footage when you fix our damn game!


So sign up for the Halo Infinite flights and remember to check for green marks in your profile. Otherwise we wont let YOU fix OUR game.


Waiting for this footage to leak


It’s just gameplay review…? Nobody actually plays the game? This is a joke LOL


The category is Best MICROSOFT Game... No shit Halo won lol.


Elden ring was the other nominee lmao. Which means it somehow beat whatever elden ring gameplay was submitted


So they vote based off the gameplay the devs send them for their game and how much they like it?


Yes. And it’s the same panel for all of the categories


I bet they got to see campaign gameplay for them to win against elden ring




Hopefully that is a good sign of the campaign's quality in which case.


I would hope the campaign is quality if there’s no forge or co op.


Same. I want those features in but at least the issue of Co op wouldn't be a reflection of the campaign's quality but rather how the multiplayer part of it works.


I don’t know man, I feel like the campaigns have declined in quality over the years and if this is the saving grace it better exceed a lot of expectations.


it isnt. Remember when cyberpunk won last year? Game awards mean jack shit


That’s because they were shown the 48 minute gameplay that we saw. It’s not the judges fault it did look good it’s just the CDPR hid a bunch of stuff


Lmao every company is going to show their best gameplay available, no shit CDPR lied harder than anyone ever about the quality of the Cyberpunk, but every company is going to submit their best fucking gameplay to be reviewed. Video game awards don’t mean anything.


i know but the same could be the case for halo. lets not forget 343's track record


Tbf, Cyberpunk is a great game. That wasn't its issue.


idk about that. The game feels like its still in Beta rn.


It's a great game if you haven't played any other game beforehand


Elden Ring was also nominated for PC and PS, but only won PlayStation. Also on switch there were just 2 Ubisoft titles, because Nintendo didn't do anything for Gamescom The rewards are pretty mediocre if you ask me :p


You’d think they’d have Metroid or SMT or even Pokemon tbh


Nintendo is in a very unique position to take as long as they please and still produce shit tier offerings. We won’t hear anything about Metroid or botw2 till both are near finished and being polished .


They probably meant Metroid Dread


So by that logic, Sony's best upcoming game is a cross platform, and the best upcoming game is on Xbox... Wild times. I don't pay much attention to game awards, it usually means whoever paid the most or something equally as irrelevant, like someone else has said, cyberpunk won in the past, and as someone who actually liked cyberpunk more than I thought I would, I can acknowledge it as being bogus. That said, I'm hopeful for Halos campaign.


Cyberpunk only won because they probably showed the first 15 minutes of the campaign that we saw in all their promotional stuff.


How do you know? That was the confusing thing is they were seemingly giving out awards for fuckin trailers. Is it like e3 judges week where the "journalists" actually have to play the game to give an award? Edit: I also wanted to know if we have any idea who actually voted on these? Was it all Europeans? Did anyone actually vote, or was it just geoff keighley giving awards for promo money like he did with Amazon?


Yeah they have a whole panel to judge the gameplay footage


I couldn't stop laughing at the auto-fellatio


This reminds me of the meme of Obama putting a medal around his own neck


This feels like when a police department investigates itself and finds nothing wrong


Brings a whole new meaning to the term "rigged".


Actually, the category is "Best Microsoft XBOX game".


I’d say that’s a pretty decent deal with Forza Horizon 5 and Elden Ring.:)


“I’m so glad I won the award you created for me to win!”


It included multiplat games.


Beating elden ring is no small feat




Man if only we’d have gotten to see it too…




I understand they have a lot more important stuff going on for the team right now… but I feel like what they need to put out wouldn’t require much work/editing. Give a single guy a capture card and Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas and let them make a 15-minute mission long-play that cuts off before the end of the mission and maybe cuts to the end part of the multiplayer trailer with its cool effects if they want some fancy ending. It just seems like they think they need to create some fancy directed campaign trailer featuring key moments from multiple missions professionally cut to go along with the music and emphasize the coolest parts of the game… but they don’t. Just give us a recording of a mission.


There's two ways to look at it: the gameplay release doesn't fit their marketing schedule yet, or the gameplay is not ready to be publicly shown. It's not likely that it doesn't fit their marketing schedule, as they posted campaign gameplay at last year's E3, so presuming the year-long delay was simply for polishing they should have still been on track to release footage at this year's E3. So it's more likely that the campaign simply isn't ready to be shown publicly, and they probably want to avoid publicly releasing a doctored vertical slice (like Cyberpunk did) as that will cause issues if it doesn't represent the final release (as with Cyberpunk). I really, *really* hope it's good, but especially with work on co-op campaign and forge being halted to shift resources to other areas, it just screams that the game is *still* behind schedule.


Yeah, but much of this game, its developer, and even Xbox Game Studios as a whole, has been operating on "we promise it's coming" for several years now. They touted the return of split-screen campaign for Halo Infinite, but we're actually getting NO multi-player campaign at launch and Forge is massively behind to boot. We were told Halo was coming in 2020, with the Series X, but we're a year late and getting less than we are being sold (since you're paying for Forge and co-op campaign on the promise we'll get them later, with no significant repercussions if they delay them again because they'll already have your money). Beyond Halo, the most recent Forza Motorsport is getting delisted in a couple of weeks because its 4-year licensing deal is about to expire, with no imminent plans to have a successor release. A franchise that's usually updated every 2 years is looking at AT LEAST a 5-year gap in releases. That's Xbox Game Studios in a nutshell right now. They've bought up studios, but 3+ years of buying up talent has barely produced tangible content. Psychonauts is, like, the first big title to launch from a team after being pick up by Xbox, and calling that "big" is a bit generous. Their big sell job on "The Initiative" is 3 years in and didn't seem anywhere close to finishing the Perfect Dark we JUST found out is happening. There's a lot I want from Microsoft's game teams, but there's only so much "we promise it's coming" one can take before you tune it out.


Haha you wanna see gameplay that won an award apparently for being so good? Fuck you. All you should know is that it won an award!!


Cyberpunk had won last time as the Best PlayStation game at Gamescom 2020, in addition to four more categories. They in fact, used the awards thing as an advertising gimmick on the box (Recipient of over 200 awards) even before the game released. Video game awards are equivalent to participation trophy in sports. They mean nothing, especially before the release.


like the game of the year awares means nothing


Cyberpunk bought off all their reviews and awards lol


I just assume those are all fake. I don’t buy a game until it’s been out and someone I personally know recommends it or if I happen across it for free.


Meh, they basically said the game would be fixed on launch with a patch (it wasn't) and it isn't hard to cobble together a gameplay hype reel for this kind of award.


Creating what's needed to get an award running on a predetermined system and creating a full game for general use are *worlds* apart.


Lmao Cyberpunk won a lot of awards too.


We don't speak about cyberskunk


Let us forget about that unfortune incident.


laugh at the fools who preordered


We warned you, you preordered anyway, got mad when the devs lied, then preordered a game 9 months later. The cycle continues.


I liked the game apart from the fact that it made my ps4 sound like a jet engine (cooled it with a box fan) and would crash as most big games at launch do. The kids looked like adults but smaller and other various things were wrong, but i still had fun exploding heads with the comrads hammer, and still had fun dash glitching. I played a while and now im waiting for all dlcs/expansions and ng+. The devs got railed while the top execs got away with fucking over the workers by pushing out an unfinished product, had it came out a year later, itd be much better, but it didnt. The devs did lie... technically. They said they were going to do all these amazing things with the game, but it got rushed to be out holiday season for max profits. Short term gain for long term pain.


I got my money's worth :)


*"Biggest CGI Wiener of 2020"*


For what ? A CGI Trailer and a controller ?


The nomination requirements state that 10 minutes of gameplay footage must be submitted. So the people that give the awards got to see a bunch of gameplay that isn't public yet -_-


My thoughts exactly. Unless they spliced together all of the trailers we’ve had so far, including some content from MP maybe?


Could be but I highly doubt that would be enough to win it an award, unless the judges are super biased or the competing submissions were trash.


Elden ring was under this category too. So mashed up multiplayer trailers definitely aren’t enough to beat elden ring


God I would hope not, unless Elden Ring is in a bad state... but I don't even want to consider that possibility lol


But it’s all speculation right? Cause we only got a 2 minute trailer and that definitely falls short of the required 10 minutes. If they did get a longer one maybe there’s something in the pipeline for us content wise. Bias doesn’t surprise me either tbh.


I mean according to my understanding of the rules, they had to submit ten minutes of footage. That's a fact, we just have no idea what that ten minutes showed or if it'll ever be made public.


It's not required to be shown publicly but it probably will be at a later date.


It just doesn’t sit right with me. Feels a lil disingenuous. Fair, the CGI short was incredible. But others there had much meatier content to debut.


Oh yeah I totally agree, like if they had something to show why keep it for the judges instead of making it public? They have really been needlessly stingy with information and footage of this game.


My guess is they're keeping the story really close to the chest. It's total strategic shift for 343's marketing, but it's what Nintendo's done for a lot of their stuff, to amazing success. Nintendo didn't show gameplay for Metroid Dread until 3 months before release, and only now is providing much detail about 5 weeks out. The hype levels are reaching a crescendo on Nintendo subs. So it works as a marketing strategy.


Think about the extreme reactions this game as created in the fans. They probably don't want to show anything until they know it will be seen positively.


Yeah, when people kept posting about that and speculating that we would see it, I had a feeling it wouldn't be for the public to view.


> So the people that give the awards got to see a bunch of gameplay that isn't public yet -_- Yes they get given custom crafted gameplay from the latest build running on insanely powerful systems in perfect conditions. That said **every** game submitted does this. The awards are kinda meaningless.


And we just have to take their word for it that it's worthy of an award. This is so stupid lol


A system and release date


AND a console!


Winning an award before the game is released. Wow. That reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077 winning awards until the game got release in a buggy state. Here is hoping Halo Infinite will launch without an issue, with no glitches,bugs or game crashes.


A Microsoft game winning a Microsoft award, truly an innovation


Elden ring was it’s competition as well


I'm hyped for Elden Ring, surprised but not surprised that it didn't win.


Someone! We need the Obama awarding Obama meme! FAST!




Thank you Mr. Corona Beer


Came in looking for this. Not disappointed.


The JD Power of gaming awards


*Inser Obama award meme here*


Microsoft didn't decide the winner, genius


Just like cyber punk! Yay!


Watch Dogs had over 100 awards prior to launch, history doesn't repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.


Cyberpunk apparently over 200


*Que the Obama giving Obama a medal meme*


It won the "Best Microsoft XBox Game" - the title is misleading. Nominations were: 1. Elden Ring (FROM Software) 2. Far Cry 6 (Ubisoft) 3. Halo Infinite (343 Industries) Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpU35rl9lKo


That's like giving an award to star wars for being the best scifi series by Lucas films


I find it funny that a game that hasn't come out yet wins a best game award.. But hey! Congrats!


Best beta of 2021


This is an example of why game reviews are meaningless.


Gamescom trying to compete with the Grammys to have the world's most meaningless award


nothing says "Everybody gets a trophy" than giving an award to a game that's not even out yet.


the award is based on raw gameplay submitted by the dev and it competes against elden ring.


I mean... are people not aware of every games convention award ever? They're all for upcoming games and have been a LONG time.


And the winner for the most useless award goes to...


It's not even out what the fuck.


Neither are the games it was competing against…


That's like giving a pregnant mom an award for best child.


Okay, that comparison actually made me laugh out loud. Gamescom definitely could’ve worded the award better by saying something like “Best Xbox Game in Show” or “Most Impressive Upcoming Game”


...are you not familiar with how these awards work? All convention awards are for upcoming games.


Halo always have been best Microsoft game, I thought it was obvious enough XDD


Did i miss anything at the end of gamescom today? I tapped out at the indie games awards i couldnt take it anymore.


Please! Please! Please! Please, for the love of all the gods in the place above the sky, be a good game. I'm not asking for epic (although that'd be very much appreciated) I just want good.


I awarded myself the coolest dude award today.


Shouldn't the game be presented on Gamescom to win a gamescom award? :D


It’s not out yet?


So the gameplay they submitted is clearly good enough for an award. Would be nice if, you know, **WE COULD SEE THIS GAMEPLAY FOR OUR-FUCKING-SELVES!** ^(Seriously: anyone else smell a rigged race in this?)


Rigged to beat elden ring which won for PlayStation?


Dude, the gameplay was shown privately. >Seriously: anyone else smell a rigged race in this? Do we suddenly give a shit about gamescom awards? They won against Far Cry 6 and Elden Ring in comparison to their presentations, it's not that wild a win man. We're not even comparing two games here we're more so comparing two ten minute presentations


Yeah I'm seriously confused here... people are being angry about games awards working the same way games awards have always worked.


LOL what? this is literally a meme, Microsoft giving their biggest IP an award???


It was Gamescom judges, based on a minimum 10 min gameplay video. It was up against FC6 and Elden Ring for reference


What's FC6?


Far cry 6


Far Cry 6 I think


I dont understand how games win awards before they are even released. Seems like a paid promotion to me idk


So many salty people in these comments.


Yeah like I get that these awards are pretty meaningless and always have been, but can this sub just...not be outraged for ten minutes?


Wtf LOL. Don’t get me wrong I love halo to death, but it sure as hell doesn’t deserve it based on what we’ve seen.


The judges saw at least 10 minutes of gameplay, and they were obviously impressed enough to give it to Halo over Elden Ring and other games.


Elden ring is a Microsoft game?


It was in all three platform categories.


[wow, i genuinely was not aware of this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GD6qtc2_AQA)


The award was best game for microsoft xbox. Not best microsoft game for xbox.


My favorite part is how they made a big point about how campaign and multiplayer will ship together, something every other game in the history of games has managed to do


It's things like this that make me worry about how the game is actually going to be.




As a Halo fan, what the hell even was that award? None of those nominated games are out yet, and even if we are going off gameplay trailers alone, Halo won? I dont get it.


Oh great another fortnight generation of halo… halo will never be the same, last good halo is halo 3


Is this a joke? If it’s true that 10 minutes of gameplay was sent and it won them an award publicly shouldn’t at least some of that footage that won them the award be made public too? This is bizarre.


My guess: they blew a lot of their marketing budget last year before the delay and so now they’re going to wait until they’re 1-2 months out from launch before starting up the marketing engine again - which includes showing off more campaign footage.


I think this is the case too, which is why the whole Gamescom situation is even more puzzling because if they already had to make a 10 minute gameplay video for the nomination you think they'd want to show it off when a bunch of people are already watching


I can only assume that they only want to show off campaign footage again to the general public when they’ve polished up as much as possible so they can maximize their chances of avoiding the issue they ran into with last year’s footage.


For no co-op campaign?


Sorry but even as a Halo fan there was absolutely nothing shown or revealed that justifies this Award for HI. Forza Horizon 5 showed 9 Minutes of amazing looking unedited gameplay and did 1 hour of stream with even more real gameplay footage going into a lot of details. Halo just revealed a relasedate, a CGI trailer and hardware cooperations. How does this justify an award? And yes I know 343i had to send in 10 minutes of gameplay, but I highly doubt they send it anything that we haven't seen before and risking even more leaks. This shows how useless this whole award is and is a slap in the face to Playground games who did an amazing job in showcasing their game. And just to be clear: FH5 releases just one month before Infinite, so there's no excuse for 343i to be that level of silent.


You basicly create your own conspriacy theory about avoiding leaks and not showing new gameplay and then form your whole opinion on that alone You know this best elden ring. I’m sure the judges wouldn’t of done that if all they got was a rehashed multiplayer trailer


I like how your justification for how useless the award is is purely based on your own speculation. We have zero information on the presentation. What's the worst thing that happens if the 10 minute presentation that won an award gets leaked? It couldn't have been that bad, or it wouldn't have won.


what we got was amazing. seeing too much of the campaing right now would make the wait to december even longer an dpainfull


One month is a long time for marketing, and that ignores that there are different ways to market.




Hey OP maybe shrek want the other nominations were for this one. Because right now it looks really rigged when in reality it had elden ring and Far cry 6 as competition


Obama giving Obama a medal


Best game available on Microsoft's platform, Xbox, awarded by gamescom judges after seeing 10 mins of gameplay...


That doesnt mean jack-shit to me lmfao. Critics are garbage.


Best MICROSOFT game. but still, Halo would've kicked Elden Ring's ass.


It was up against Far Cry 6 and Elden Ring. And since Elden Ring won for PlayStation, that means it beat everything submitted for PlayStation too.


Awards for games not out yet are dumb.


None of the games it was competing against are out yet either, so it evens out.


Was there anymore Microsoft games shown? I’m not talking third party, purely Xbox games.


FH5 mainly


Not suprised. Halo is like Microsoft's cash cow, like Call of Duty and Activision


What other games does Microsoft have? Gears of War? Combat Taskforce 121? Flight Simulator?


Obama putting medal on Obama.jpg


Feels like a participation award


these awards mean absolutely nothing. who falls for this shit?


Can it be? The return of the king?


Awards for game show presentation don't mean anything till the game comes out let's wait for the game to come and judge it then. we've seen to many games within the last decade have hardly any resemblance to what was show off in trailers and demos and im sick of it


You will get none of my money




I don’t understand…was there some unreleased version us normal people didn’t get a hold of?


Yeah, that's the whole point. They submit footage.