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Do the instructions show the IKEA man in the crane?


How big is the Allen wrench for this project?


It’s a 9-3/4. You need to be a mother fucking wizard to assemble it.


I did not understand how the water supply and drainage are connected.


Looks like the kitchen and bathroom are on the same wall. I’m betting it’s a very lightweight system and those two areas are put next to each other for strategic purposes so you don’t have anything that bends or is folded.


Agreed. My house is a site built block house from the 60’s and all the plumbing in kitchen and bathroom connect to the main septic line within 10 feet. Literally all the plumbing could easily fit in one arm load. Lol.


I would assume the floor is pre-plumbed. Looks like there are input output spots on the front side at the beginning of the video.


Yes, you are right. It can be connected to regular utilities.


Piss in bottles and reuse Artisanal composting AKA shit in a pot


Ahhh, the Amazon technique


Usually there’s a dedicated wet wall in a home and all of the plumbing follows it. The wet wall in my house travels from the bathroom in the garage, through the washer and dryer hook ups, through the kitchen in the middle of the house and ends at the bathroom by the bedrooms.


Assuming a low cost, you can buy some cheap land with a electrical and sewer hookup cost. Probably be quite cheap overall.


Exactly. Costs 50k


2 years of rent at 1,650 is about 40k. I'd live in it a few years and you could probably still rent it out for a few years after. Assuming you have land somewhere people rent. I spent 3 years at a place for 1800 and I'd have rather had this thing at the end of it than nothing.


It's the same price as a trailer home but 1/3 the sq footage. What's the advantage over a conventional trailer home (other than maybe the stigma around trailers)?


I don't have enough information here.


I 100% agree, but this pre built might actually be able to repack and relocate whereas a trailer will not be after sitting for a few years.


Moving parts, weak points in the hinges, weatherproof seals on every wall. They probably advertise it as repackable but in practice it would be hell


Why is a trailer less relocateable?


Small, so cheaper and easier to ship longer distance or get to more remote locations. Fast set up. VIP suite for a remote festival like burning man. Alternative to an RV trailer for the start during on location filming. Toy for the rich.


Yeah, you can get a fixer upper where I live in the rural Midwest for $20k. You’ll just have to put $30k into it to make it liveable.


*Cries in Austin, TX home prices*


Yeah but these kinds of things are never low cost. Volume is too low and the young architects just out of grad school have to pay off their loans. Maybe if there were a million of them….


If only they could find a way to mass produce these in the millions at lower costs. They could be sold all over the world as a great humanitarian solution to refugees or emergency housing after natural disasters. Imagine if we could take a plot of land, run in the sewer and electrical and and set up thousands of those little homes in a matter of weeks or sooner! It could be used as permanent housing opportunity in crises, and if the situation is temporary and their current need has passed…have them cleaned, sterilized and packed up again for future use.


its called Boxabl. they cost $50,000 fully furnished excluding shipping costs and utilities. i would check out their website.


$49,999 according to the website. You can get a full size manufactured home for the same price.


How much, and where can I get this?


Starting at $49,500 www.boxabl.com Shipping is $3-10/mi from Las Vegas


Well, 7$ minimum for shipping. Thanks. Hopefully they actually get to production/shipping stage.


The idea is a good one and lots of people tend to want it. I would guess that adding your name to the reservation list will help them secure financing (if they need more of it) by being able to show a lender that there are people waiting to buy one. So if you want to help them out you can put your name on the list. One of the lists is free (end of the queue) and one is $200. Read the fine print before signing up for anything though. I would imagine that this is a great option to people with a large enough yard to add as a second unit to rent or extra family. With financing it seems they estimate you can have it installed for $500/mo 30 yr term. That’s a great deal in a lot of areas. In San Jose CA for example a person could do that an ADU and rent it out for $1000/mo pretty easily and get $500 cash flow from it. Would raise the value of their home as well as help pay the main hose mortgage.


Definitely. I threw 2 reservations on there


What if I'm a poor 30 year old who just wants to live alone. I still live in my room at my moms house and it's super depressing. I have about $20k saved but a very small income. Would land and electrical, sewage hook-up cost a lot?


Short answer: it depends. Which sucks as an answer. So for you need land. If you can put on family land for free you win otherwise depends on your land costs area. For power depends can you hook up to a meter like at your folks? If you can it can be $2k or more if you’ll be setting up farther away from meter and need to run the line far. Otherwise maybe 8+ for a new line assuming power to the property. Or you can use solar for it you’ll probably only need a small system so maybe $15k max. Water will be harder you need plumbing in and out. Depends how easily you can hook up to existing plumbing, running from property line, is there a sewer? Could be anywhere from $3k to 50k. Basically you gotta figure out where it’s going and calculate from there.


They used to sell ‘em in the Sears catalog


I know that they used to sell house building kits, but you still had to build everything yourself.


I am not sure about it. The side connections seem like just no insulated well? Like how the roof is folded, might mean that there are gaps where heat during winter could escape and wind blow in.


Yeah what's the waterproofing detail there too?


It’s nicer than my last apartment


Nicer than my CURRENT apartment


I would honestly get rid of the half wall and put a couch at the foot of the bed so both couch and bed face a mounted TV. Other than that, it's a great idea.


Stack them on top of each other, or better yet bury them underground !


Now I too can live like Elon!


Except he doesn't actually live in one.


I hope he does https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10272863/amp/Elon-Musk-officially-owns-no-homes-Tesla-CEO-sells-lavish-Silicon-Valley-estate-30-million.html


Why does that link just open up source code for me? Anyway, try not being a biased elon fanboy (yikes): https://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/no-elon-musk-does-not-live-in-a-boxabl-tiny-home-heres-what-he-tweeted-2611563


Yikes, try to read the sarcasm in my previous comment. Not a Elon fanboy, random anti Elon fanboy Redditor. Lol


These things may look nice at first, but they're built with very cheap materials and are not suitable for areas that get any kind of snow fall more than a few inches.


I was considering building a workshop/barn with living space in it. This would be a perfect drop in for a cheap barn...def wouldnt leave one of these things outside in Colorado...


You can add a pitched roof to it on site. Their website says that they are snow load rated with the flat roof, but they don’t say how much, so that might be bad news.


How fortunate that will soon be most if not all places on earth very soon


They use high tech material better than any stick built.


That giant hinge on a flat roof is going to leak in a few years time. I actually I reckon every hinge point on this thing will be a leak soon.


Sealed full surface geared continuous hinges would like a word with you. They've existed for a while now and are, quite literally, completely waterproof when properly installed.


Fuck these hinges have gained sentience, we are all doomed. But seriously all seals fail over time, sunlight and thermally cycling turn best intentions to shit. The flat roof just makes leak more certain. If not through the hinges or any number of seams/sheeting panels in the roof. The hinge point will at least focus the water into the middle of the room, maybe put a water feature in call it a day.


Why do you assume it's completely flat? It only needs a couple degrees of tilt for water to run off it just fine.


We must of been watching different vid, looks pretty flat at square. I agree just put the whole thing on a lean.


You literally wouldn't be able to see the difference between a flat roof that complies with building code and a perfectly level roof. The code requirement for a flat roof, which will allow water to run off sufficiently to avoid water issues, is only ***1.5°***. Edit: Oops, I looked it up and I was wrong. It's generally listed as every 12 inches of a flat roof must have a ¼ inch must step up or down. That results in a 1.2° slope. So it'd be even less of a slope than I originally thought off the top of my head. There is no way you're going to be able to see that kind of slope from this video.


You should buy one as you have so much faith in the design. It seems like you've done your homework and absolutely nothing will go wrong.


It isn't that nothing will go wrong, it's that *this is a solved engineering issue*. Do you think nothing ever goes wrong with other rooves? Shingles have "gaps" yet when properly maintained they generally do not leak. Flat rooves with exist already which, when properly maintained, also do not leak. Both of these have penetrations for various services which need to be sealed. What makes you think the company who makes this never thought about that and solved for that particular engineering issue?


Why, because engineers rarely support or guarantee their designs past 5 years, and it has been my job for the last 17 years fix and clean up the mess created by their best intentions and clever solutions. I like your optimism, but I don't share your faith in engineering or engineers.


That's a load of crap. Engineers have liability if a design they certified is defective. Water leaking from a roof in only 5 years is *clearly* defective. I suspect you're talking more about shitty contractors than engineers.


Looks like their first Minecraft home


That TV won't last very long in that spot


It’s on a swivel tho


Ah yes, the cubicle tenement cells of our dystopian future.


? Bro it’s a fucking house


It looks nice and I like the concept, but I wouldn't call it instant


It's not. Faster than a regular house, sure.


Can see this sort of thing being deployed on longer term construction/dig sites. Seems too heavy duty to be disposable, and not heavy duty enough to be permanent.


I’ll just have a sit on the couch and then look at my dead high telly and it’ll be great


So it is a fancy mobile home?


Looks super comfy ngl I’d live in one of those in a heartbeat


A couple hundred thousand of those and you could solve the homeless problem. 🏘


A lot of these types of designs just seem to add unneeded complexity to something we already have. I think the main differences between these tiny homes and mobile/manufactured homes is marketing. Both have the same concept except one is adored while the other is "trailer trash." Any home can look good in terms of interior if you put enough love and care into it and/or (probably more importantly for this particular video) have the disposable wealth to buy the most expensive interior pieces to fill up.


Can we build a bunch for the homeless?


Yeah and for us poor single folks who just want to move out of their parents.


These aren't cheap or particularly efficient use of land. Rich persons instant vacation cabin maybe


Waterproofing that thing will suck


Just put a big tent over it :D


That’s worth $850,000 if it has a California zip code


Where’s the closet auto wash


Elon Musk lives in one of these


No he doesn't.


House for ants


Where can I get one???


Want, as a mountain cabin.


Never seen that transformer.


Sydney be like; now that’ll be $5 million dollars


Boomer Australians “I’ll take all of them.”


Great, now you just need the land and the permitting and the utility hookups!


Capsule Corp.


Also go out in an instant during disasters.


Just a fancy CHU


Yep! Instant home! Just speed up the video of the process, then cut to the end when it's furnished! Presto!


Still can't afford it :/


Looks great except for those bar stools


do you also deliver to Austria?


This will be fantastic establishing camps of it for refugees on borders


This mini home has more cabinet space than my actual house. 😭


Cool, affordable housing for homeless. Hahaha if only


This is amazing


Nicer than my apartment


How much would this cost?


Nicer than my 3000/Mo apartment


Elon musk lives in one of these


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Aannnddd yet there are still homeless people


There's literally no toilet. Check the website


Check the faq of their website. They have a floor plan that clearly shows a toilet.


Instant home that can be instantly wiped away by a gust of wind.


Cool. Now how much does it cost?


$49,500 or $250/mo https://www.boxabl.com/ Not bad, comparable to other modular and mobile homes.


They act like the furniture was already there tho. Yall aint slick