I realized something funny about The Lone Ranger

I realized something funny about The Lone Ranger


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I met a Hispanic girl at a Halloween party and she was wearing a Zoro mask. I asked her what she was and she said, “like a female Zoro”. So I proudly asked, “so… Zora?”




Wow!! That's just ***wrong!***


Well, it was a Native American name, so I'm sorry it has a different meaning in a different language. I just did an English to Spanish translation and it doesn't say jack ass. It does say stupid, silly, but not jack ass. You don't need to exaggerate to make a point.


Ladies and gentlemen here we have our first Tonto reply... Yet another person that thinks their 30 second google search makes them right. Hey Tonto do you believe everything you read on the internet? See I live with someone who grew up in El Salvador speaking spanish and didn't learn english until a few years ago. She opened my eyes to many things. One of them is english to spanish translators translate to the spanish commonly used in spain. Which although similar is a far different dialect than what is used in Latin American countries. Although many of the base words are the same. The slang term between the 2 countries are different. So I trust the words of someone who has been speaking the Latin American dialect of spanish for 40+ years over your Tonto google search. So when you open your mouth without knowning wtf you're talking about you look like a complete TONTO...


Well, I live in Costa Rica and "tonto" is equivalent to "dumb". Jackass is an upper level of insult. BTW: during translation, the character 'Tonto' was named 'Toro' to avoid this kind of problem for Spanish speaking people.


Okay, Tonto.


It's closer to "fool/stupid person" in the Mexican Spanish for the setting. But effectively the same thing. Source: my ex wife born and raised in Oaxaca.