Orto parisi - teroni. Didnt like it off the tester strip, too smoky, but smelling it a few days later wowed me. Now i cant get enough and it and have bought a bottle.


I got an oddball one that I didn't think I'd ever like. At The Barbers by Maison Margiella. I hate shaving( more I dont like my face without facial hair ), Hence the beard me and my Reddit Avatar have, so it was kinda out of left field for me to get it. But damn, this smells exactly like Barbasol and leather... It reminds me of my dad( he used Barbasol every morning for shaving ) Brings me right back to my childhood. Edit: reading it over I kinda made it sound like my dad's dead, He's not dead. I moved out like 4-5 years ago so I dont see him a ton.


Rich Rose by Judith Williams


a really obscure one, maison nicolas de barry Wu Zetian, love it so much it's incredible


Ysl 24 rue de l’universite is the best fragrance iv smelt in a long time


I love Armani code ultimate is and amazing vanilla fragrance unisex and last a long time so bad was discontinued. Another one I love is intense Cafe and mancera roses vanilla they are the same they last for weeks on clothes . Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil oh my godthats not a fragrance is a journey.


500 Years by ELd'O. Roses and chocolate with a saffron edge that's a little camphorous (which I love) and some cardamom (always my soft spot).


Memo Paris Irish Leather


Love don’t be shy. Debating on purchasing full size. I want to hold out to try oriana by parfumes de Marly first.


Parle Moi Orris Tattoo and Sigil Amor Fati


**Invictus** by **Paco Rabanne** **Eros** by **Versace** I am addicted to these two. They’ve gotten me TONS of compliments as well


Liz Earle no 15. So rich and warm


Montale - Intense Cafe. I went straight to the ristretto version at first and didn’t like it much. Months later I got a complementary sample of Intense Cafe with a fragrance purchase. I can’t stop going back to it, I love it!


Britney spears private show!


Xerjoff’s Golden Dallah. Just pure masterpiece.


Azzaro wanted girl!


Tom Ford Ébène Fumé… a Christmas tree that caught fire lol


Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Poets of Berlin. I was able to sample this in person at Saks and fell in love! I also smelled Morning Chess (liked but not enough to spray on my skin) and Mango Skin (surprisingly didn’t care for this one), but only sprayed Poets on my skin and am definitely considering purchasing a bottle!


Mancera Red Tobacco. I really like it the next day.


Been wanting to try that one. I hear it’s a great winter scent


fresh cream by philosophy. I just recently switched to the one with warm cashmere it smells so rich and sweet.


I love samples as well and I got one of Les Indemodables Vanille Havane last week and I absolutely love it!


Kilian L’Heure Verte


Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton. It is really expensive but it really has some magic to me. As soon as I smell it on my clothes or just apply one little spray it smells like heaven for some reason. It had to grow on me but now I just start daydreaming when I smell it.


MM Whispers in the Library. I'm a big fan of woody vanillas and can't get enough.


I’m late but Thierry Mugler Alien smells amazing! Like blueberry muffins on a spaceship.


Fear boutique Sahmain perfume


Just fell in love with Women in Gold byKillian today at the mall 😂😂


I’m deeply in love with Black Phantom by Kilian and I don’t even usually like gourmand’s. Really wanting a bottle but that 300$ price tag is rough lol


Check out Insomnia as a cheaper alternative. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Faviol-Seferi/Insomnia-61363.html


I’m really considering making the purchase, have you sampled it yourself?


I got a bottle a week ago, blind bought. Don´t have BP to compare it with, but I quite enjoy it as a standalone scent. Good longevity and sillage, big pluses in my book.


Lush Confetti. Strange, green, sweet, powdery, and earthy. So unique and interesting I'm so happy I got my hands on it!


Bohemian bluebells, the Zara Jo Malone Collab. I love Jo Malones original bluebell perfume but I love this one even more. I feel so comforted wearing it. I also tried water lily tea dress which was pleasant.


I was so disappointed that the formulation for my Chanel 22 changed, so I have switched over to Creed Fleurussimo and I love it!


I've really fell in love with Triumph of Bacchus by Argos, Soul by Costume National and Mula Mula by Byron Parfums. I bought a bottle of Triumph, and I'm pretty sure I'll get bottles of the other ones soon enough.


Hi, just curious what is the prominent note you get from Triumph of Bacchus?


I smell both the tobacco and vanilla most prominently


I just got a full bottle and tried it for the first time...It smells very medicinal to me from the opening to the drydown. I'm wondering if I need to let the new bottle sit for some time so it can macerate and get better? Did you experience the same when you first got it?


I see! How is the sweetness of this one, would you say it is very cough-syrupy sweet as I've seen some people mentioned that?


I got a great deal on Givenchy L'interdit Millesime and it's my new dumb reach. It's really soft, fresh, slightly sweet, and not overwhelming with projection. It's safe but still enjoyable. Not my absolute favorite in my little collection but lovely nonetheless. My current favorite is Musc Ravageur. I reach for it so much and just absolutely love it. I could wear it all of the time but it isn't appropriate for every situation. Same for Psychedelic Love. It's delicious, but not always appropriate because of the way it projects.


My two are a sample of 1Million Prive (just in time for them to discontinue it before I can get a full bottle that isn’t price gouged 😫) and Insurrection Pure ll Wild. I was a huge fan of insurrection at first but after its sat for a while and the temp outside dropped I kinda can’t stop wearing it.


> Insurrection Pure ll Wild I have this on the way! Apparently it's extremely similar, albeit less complex, than the discontinued Pure Havane. Excited to try it. Do you think having both of those you listed would be redundant, or are they different enough for you to have both?


Not really. They’re both sweet tobacco scents but take pretty different routes. 1 million prive is spicier and less fruity while insurrection is heavy on the cherried tobacco note. Insurrection does smell a lot like Pure Havane, definitely not the same quality and misses that “gooey” honey but still good.


Dolce and Gabanna the One EDT for women




I went to get the rollerball of Givenchy Irresistible in August or something and received a sample of Flowerbomb (the original). Having tried and hated in in the past, it gathered dust on the shelf until I grabbed the wrong sample a few weeks ago and I sort of like it now? Not love-love, it hasn't become anything I'd wear on the daily, but I could see myself wearing it to a friend's wedding or some occasion like that. Very pleasantly surprised at how my nose seems to have changed.


Diptyque Tam Dao, Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin, and Etat Libre d'Orange Noel au Balcon!


I’ve been really into TF Noir Extreme, Versace Oud Noir, and Polo Supreme Leather. They’re all perfect fragrances for cooler weather IMO.


Just got a bottle of oud noir, it’s so good and it’s such an easy to wear oud.


PdM Herod - I know this isn't new but it's new to me and man I can't get over it. The tobacco note reminds me of Grandpa, and that is just wonderful


kayali invite only 🥰


Savauge Elixir


Givenchy - Gentleman Intense EDT. Beautifully refined take on iris


With a bit creamy. I can eat my arms.


Dior Amber Nuit Luxurious airy Amber with a beautiful fresh roze, perfect for a cozy evening.


Terre D'Hermes. I got a sample of it two years ago, at that time it seemed okayish to me so I gave the sample away after a single spray on my wrist. Recently ordered the TDH discovery set and I'm literally blowned away not just by TDH EDT but also by every flanker it has. Eau Tres Fraiche is such a beautiful fresh scent with so much character and Eau Intense Vetiver is an amazing twist to an already great DNA. My next purchase could very well be the EDT.


TDH EDT I had the EXACT same experience. Gave the decant away immediately because I didn't like it. Revisited out of curiosity and I'm so glad I did. I gotta score a bottle now


Right. It grows on you. The other influencing reason must be the timing, when I tried the sample, I wasn't really into vetiver based fragrances. Fast forward two years and Encre Noire is one of my favorite fragrances, that kinda made the bridge to connect with TDH.


I try to sample not too much. Almost every sample I try, I like. Poor wallet 😩😩


Amouage Bracken




Guerlain Jicky


Hermes h24


Tuscan Leather! It is repulsive and attractive at the same time, with the sweet notes and the harsh leather in the beginning, and the absolute fantastic dry down!


Lalique Lion and Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli


Lion is just so cool. Kinda like an amalgamation of old school masculine scents. I like the idea of that scent being affordable, because it tries to address "masculine" traits of character, which every man can find within himself, if he chooses to do so. When costly niche fougeres look to make a wearer a "unique" man and make him stand out from the crowd, Lalique Homme Lion doesn't draw attention. Crowd, or solitude, it's wearer is himself in any situation, because he is honest and true. Rarely I get a picture, image or an idea from a fragrance, and I am happy to stumble upon it. I recommend you to at least get a taste of it to see if it resonates with you


There are two: Winter Palace by Memo and One Umbrella for Two by Floraïku, I’m on a tea kick lately. 😂


Sauvage Elixir. It's so lush!


MFK BR540! I’ve never smelt it before and finally did last week. Gave it a sniff but wasn’t in love with it because I’m not usually a fan of sweet scents. The next few days I kept thinking about it and I could almost recreate the scent in my brain. Now, I really want it!


Thomas Kosmala - No 7 Le Sel de la Terre.


at first, I hated how Jazz Club smelled... then it grew onto me but I can't afford a bottle ..


Love jazz club, went through the 30ml so quick


I loved Jazz Club when I smelled it at Sephora. Once I ended up getting it, I was disappointed by the performance. Simply doesn’t last or project on my skin


I loved jazz club from the first whiff. I'm already on my 2nd bottle. Lol


MFK’s Grand Soir. Literally love at first sniff. It’s probably the best fragrance I’ve ever smelled.


MFK - A La Rose. I think I found my signature scent for life. There’s a note in there that just makes me swoon for the stars. It’s so beautiful.


PDM Carlisle. Just got a bottle a month ago and it's the number one in the collection easily right now. Love it coming into winter here right now!


I‘ve been looking for an apple-pie-spice type scent for the holidays and not having much luck, then I randomly picked up CK One Shock on sale and what do you know, it’s exactly what I wanted plus some really nice tobacco notes. Very solid scent for not much money at all.


Bdk pas ce soir. Got a sample in my order for rouge smoking and I'm very tempted to buy a 100ml bottle if I can find it on sale.


Angel Muse Edt!!!!


Even as a man I love to wear this one. It's great


Agent Provocateur - Fatale Intense, Zara Rose Gourmand


Guerlain Iris Torrefie - a friend gave me a sample, and I've run nearly through a decant...


Zoologist Civet. I know it's polarizing, but on me it comes out really sweet, woody, and musky, and dries down to leather and amber. It's starting to really turn cold where I am, and it's just a perfect winter scent.


just purchased YSL Y Edp!


I almost bought a bottle of this the other day. Might be my next purchase. Though my wife wants me to get Bleu de Chanel and, well, she's the one that has to smell me, so....


I went into the store wanting to buy either Allure or BDC however i was offered to try Y and thought it was the best (for me) out of the 3. Keep in mind i'm in my 20's


Got this for my brother for Christmas!


Me too. Just an hour ago


Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors. It smells gorgeous and I can’t get enough of it at the moment.


Hawas Rasasi


How has your nose evolved towards this perfume? I remember being delighted at first smell, but then I started feeling that bubblegummy sweetness too dense. I haven't finished my decant, I'm waiting to see if my taste changes because I really want to like this, I love apple and I'd love to have a perfume with that note


Recently I used this [perfume brands](https://twitter.com/genericperfume) and their perfumes are very nice fragrances to have.


Botega Veneta and Balanciaga Paris. Came in a mixed sample lot from Poshmark and hadn’t been on my radar. I’ve smelled and tried over 50 samples in the past month, and these were both instant winners for me. Thrilled to find both on sale, can’t wait for the bottles to arrive because my samples are long gone.


Lazarus Douvos Rose 1845 Guerlain Shalimar Millesime Vanilla Planifolia


In the past 2 months, I've gone niche fragrance crazy and have gotten 121 samples from online fragrance purveyors. One of my faves is Byron Parfums' Mula-Mula Extreme Red (Rouge Extreme). I'm not usually a gourmand person, but I do enjoy this scent. Head notes: strawberry, cherry, raspberry. Heart notes: caramel, amber, patchouli. Base notes: oud, patchouli, vanilla, musk. I love the description: "A perfect fragrance for cheeky libertines. Champagne sparkles in glasses made of the brightest and purest of crystals and offers its so beautiful acidulous greediness. The socialites dress the room with their woody and heady scents. The promise is made and will be honored, the night will be full of naughty socialites and stolen kisses." I can see myself as a cheeky libertine. LOL. I'd wear this year round.


That sounds amazing and like something I need to try. Why do I always fall in love with the very expensive fragrances lmao


I wore my sample today. Glad I did so I could give an update: it's fruity, but very patchouli. Now I can see/smell the cheeky libertine and naughty socialite. It's not a cheap patchouli, but a very sexy, heady one toned down a bit with the berries and vanilla. But, IMO, the patch is center stage while the rest of the notes tame her naughtiness.just a bit.


I love me some fruitchouli! The only note that makes me wobble is the vanilla, because that's a hit-or-miss headache-inducer for me :) guess I'll be on the lookout for a sample too! Thanks for the update!


You can get a sample on Lucky Scent. Haven't tried the regular Mula-Mula...just tried the Red Extreme. I don't find the vanilla overpowering. Seems like it's there to tame the patch.


This is sort of embarrassing... Mugler Alien. Years ago, I was perusing the perfume department and some how I got Alien mixed up with Angel. I didn't give Alien a second thought. Years later, I ended up with Angel as gratis, which was the scent I didn't care for back then. Yet still, I did not try Alien. They're both so polarizing, I had it in my head that Alien would not be for me. And then I finally tried Alien and I loved it. Bought a travel size and will probably buy a FB when the travel is finished. I really regret not having tried it before the reformulation.


My wife has been looking hard at Alien. She tried it in a store recently and really liked it.


Dior's Vanilla Diorama. I have avoided their prestige line in the past as I wasn't crazy about how many releases they come out with but this one I really like. I wish they sold smaller then 10ml sizes though. I know they have 7.5ml miniatures but I haven't been able to find one for sale.


I just read a very positive review on Vanilla Diorama. So anxious to get a sample from Surrender to Chance. Sounds divine if you like/love vanilla.


I’m ashamed…ultra male. Y’all wanna be snobs I coulda said Aventus but I was keeping it reals


I have other expensive niche but I really like ultra male, specially in the colder months. Just found out about it last month from a friend.


No shame, champ! Tbh Aventus WAS amazing when it first hit the shelves. But now, the complete and utter redundancy of dupes/clones/etc has ruined it.


I can only imagine how potent the old creeds used to be. Just recently got into fragrance and I got a bottle of aventus in 2020. I’m always showered with compliments and people treat me different when I wear it


PDM Habdan. I almost never hear anybody talking about this PDM fragrance or find any good deals on it. This thing is just delicious and incredible! Wish it lasted longer and more popular so that it’d see more frequent sales and users. but for winter, just gives a warm caramel-woody vibe that’s hard to beat!


I love Habdan. Everyone I talk to agrees that it smells like a rich, old money man!!


I love Habdan so much. I don’t understand how it is so underrated.


Versace Pour Homme. It lasts forever on me and smells fresh and clean. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum. It’s like catnip for my wife.


I've always avoided Le Male just because I find the bottle to be so douchy looking. 😄 But, damn, it does smell quite wonderful. I'm gonna have to give in.


JPG La Belle and La Belle Le Parfum are catnip for boys instead 😂 JPG definitely knows what he's doing


Found a test bottle of So Scandel for a really good price at a flea market yesterday and decided to grab it for my wife. Wasn't expecting much, but wow. Definitely my favorite of the few fragrances she has.


Yess! 😍


Le Male Le Parfum is seriously intoxicating


Le Male Le Parfum is so good, Love it.


Moschino Toy Boy


Angels share, Naxos, and Ebene Fume.


Gucci guilty pour homme, nothing special but it smells really good.


Amber Oud Tobacco Edition by Al Haramain is a clone of Tom Ford tobacco Vanille. Only $50 and LASTS FOREVER. Literally, I smelt it on my shirt the next day and I sprayed it twice on my skin. 10/10


I got this recently too, but I'm not so keen on it and it's hard to place exactly why. I think I could do with it being a bit more honeyed, and the star anise and incense don't mix too great to my nose. No arguments about the longevity though, Al-Haramain do not mess about when it comes to performance!


Just recently bought Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl and Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad. I love them both.


My wife just bought Good Girl a few days ago. Definitely good stuff.


Musk Aoud by Roja. Hypnotic and long lasting!


Rose Atlantic


V from Lush! I cannot stop thinking about it


The only Lush perfume that I've ever fallen in love with is Karma, the solid version. I love the citrus-pine-patchouli especially during summer because it's so fresh and not cloying when a lot of sweeter perfumes can induce headaches during such weather. Or during the heart of winter when I can hardly smell anything. It's so versatile. But it's a divisive one because my best friend only got dirty patchouli from it somehow, which is why I don't wear it nearly often enough. The tins also last forever and are dirt cheap for the amount of wear you can get out of one.


honestly im not a huge fan of most lush scents, they're usually just a bit too strong and overbearing for me which makes it hard to include or pick out subtleties, but V proved itself an exception for me (though it still is a pretty strong scent, i dont need more than a single spray with it.) i've tried lord of misrule and enjoyed it quite a lot! its on the more subtle (which, for lush, isnt super subtle) end of the scale and i really enjoy citrusy scents! its definitely a good pick to come home with from lush


I've tried them all one by one when I came to shop for something else (sensitive nose so I need to smell it outside of the store on my skin) and none of them did it for me, the Karma spray didn't even work for me either, only the solid version blended with my skin works for me and really brings out some of its subtleties. Lord of Misrule gave me peppery Play-doh for some reason, even though I should love it in theory!


Mine's Kerbside Violet from Lush which is, well, lush 😍 dry, dusty green- tinged violet Having not used Lush for donkey's years nor looked for violet scents either ( the one's I tried were always sweet whereas I was after something more akin to Jolie Madame ) I've been having a bit of a thing for both. If you know KV was wondering how V compared ?


unfortunately i haven't ever tried kerbside so i can't really compare the two- but if you're looking for something a bit powdery and big on violet, you'll enjoy V is a pretty dark, musky violet scent and if you're looking for something bright and green, it's not that! its this deep, gothic, mysterious floral, i love gothic scents like that and it drew me in immediately once i tried it. it's definitely a bit of a sweeter scent but the spiciness undertones balance it out! i dont usually like sweet scents at all and this one absolutely spellbound me because it just tackled sweetness in a totally different way than im used to!


Although I do like the greenness if KV, I'd really like something "gothic" and spicy too. The florals I really like spicy like lillies and carnations and I think it has ylang ylang which I also enjoy. It was just the sweetness that I was unsure if but it sounds like that won't be an issue. It's funny but another Lush frag that I was surprised by recently was Lord of Misrule and I'd always been but off as it has some sweet almost toffee notes which I normally avoid like the plague ( anything vaguely gourmand and I run a mile ! ) but the other, spicy notes mean I really liked it ( especially on Guy Fawkes Night 🌉)


Ylang is actually V's top note! and honestly while i havent personally tried it myself (although i wish i had!) i could see you really enjoying death and decay from what i've read about it! i agree with you, i totally hate gourmand and because of that i thought i hated anything sweet, but in reality it's not sweetness so much as sweetness without balance! i think you should totally give V a try if theres a lush store near you where you can smell it! if there isn't and you'd like me to mail you a paper strip with some of my V sprayed on it, i'd be totally happy to!


Death and Decay is another I'm desperate to buy because of the lillies, even though most people do consider them funereal ! I have cats so I can't risk having the flowers themselves in the house as they're poisonous to them but I love the scent. That's such a generous offer but I do have a store in town so will go and give it a try. Thank you so much for your advice and insight. 😺


Kouros Paris


Omg discovered so many new loves! Commodity Gold flew to the top of my must buy list, Valentina born in Roma also surprised me so freaking good! Also one of the Tom Ford Soleil scents but can't remember what version XD came in one of those Sephora samplers and I just fell in love :)


tom ford noir pour femme. it reminds me of armani code but more creamy and rich, not for the faint of heart as it is a rather heavy scent.


Arizona Bloom by Floral Street


MFK masculine pluriel. I don’t know what it is. It has almost a dark-ish moody vibe to it that I found very alluring. I don’t want to use the word mature-that’s not how I’m thinking about it. It’s handsome in a grown up kind of way. Been to the MFK boutique three times at my local Bloomies, kept spraying it on me, kept going back. It got my attention and I pulled the trigger yesterday. Happy I purchased it. Nothing else really stood out, except BR540. Waiting to purchase that later. Anyone own this? Thoughts?


BR540 was just “okay” to me. Maybe it was too hyped up that I just wasn’t impressed with it as I thought I would be. It’s not a terrible fragrance by no means. It has a very warm amber note and a tinge of sweetness to it. But not sugary candy sweet. If you ever get the chance to spray Burberry Her, let that dry down for a few minutes and it’ll smell very similar to BR540.


Masculin Pluriel is high on my wishlist. it has two of my fav notes, vetiver and lavender. When I can afford to spend enough on a frag I am gonna get a 200ml of it.


Chloé EDP. Ended up getting a sample with another fragrance I ordered and I’m so glad I did because just judging by the notes, it’s not something I ever would’ve thought to try


1 million lucky. Wanted a super sweet syrupy fragrance since I don't have anything like it. This stuff just cuts through the cold.


How's the projection?


Longevity and projection are pretty good. Projection 5-6 hrs and longevity 10. Fragrantica has reviews with people that say the same.


Tonight I fell in love with "Replica —By the Fireplace" It's a nice woody scent, that reminds me of camping.


That fragrance was one of those I chased for a while, looking to find something that had the same impact… still one of the best fall winter holiday scents. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow.


I really enjoy it, but my problem with it is that I think i want the *room* to smell like that, rather than being a scent i would want to wear


I have the candle, highly recommend! But fair warning it is quite dense so probably within a bigger space it would be better unless you really want it to consume a room then small works too!


they make candles of the fragrance, or you can try spraying the fragrance in a diffuser if you own one.


They do candles I believe, I can’t get them where I am but I’m sure I saw them somewhere


Love Tuberose by Amouage. It’s stunning!


TF Fougere D’Argent. Like nothing I’ve ever had before and so damned nice. It lasts days on my clothes.


I find it very similar to Sauvage elixir. I also find it similar to beau de jour with bdj being a softer, dantier version.


That’s so interesting. I have Sauvage elixir and don’t see it, although I love them both. But it’s cool how everyone’s nose is different!


Gucci Guilty Absolute, I’ve been reaching for this just about every day for the last month or so.


Just got my bottle yesterday and had my first wearing. So unique especially for a designer.


Just got a decant. Saw it in a store but couldn’t test it. Wasn’t about to blind buy it since it was not discounted. I’m really digging it and understand the comparisons to dark lord. Although much cheaper, I still like dark lord better… but GGA is pretty darn good


Lolitaland by Lolita Lempicka. I got a sample because people on here said it was overwhelmingly sweet, and I was curious, but I actually love it! I finished my sample and got a bottle at a good price and have no regrets!


Showing my age here, but I loved the 1997 1st Edition of Lolita Lempicka EDP.


This isn’t recent per se, I’ve owned it for some years now and have always loved it… But I haven’t worn A*Men in a long time because I’ve been sampling, buying new things, neglecting my babies, you know. I’ve started wearing it now that it’s getting colder, and I forgot how great this fragrance is. So it’s a new found love again! For being 25 years old it still smells so original and dare I say modern, it’s just beautiful. Anybody familiar with Snaps licorice candy? The opening reminds me exactly of the smell of Snaps. Anyway, I feel bad I haven’t used it in probably over a year and I used to wear it so much. For those with a big collection, don’t forget where you came from. Some of those old loves you don’t spray anymore in favor of your newer offerings, they might surprise you when you revisit them!


A*Men is still one of my favorites and a regular reach.


Bought a used bottle of Acqua di Parma Gelsonimo Nobile and love it so much! Super sad that it’s been discontinued. If anyone knows a good replacement for it I’d love to know!


No 5 Channel. Such a beautiful scent for men


I have not tried anything new recently trying to go through my samples and being financially responsible. I have two that I would like to highlight though. Hèrmes Hiris - such a beautiful green iris that manages to be soft, elegant and calming. It's so lovely that I feel like I should reserve it for a special occasion. Bruno Fazzolari Lampblack - something I really enjoyed on my first wear but revisited recently and wow! it's dark and smoky. The sundered pepper opening is stunning. Technically a rediscovery, but i'm still utterly enchanted.


Ooh, I want to try Lampblack!


Tiffany & Love for him. What a stunning fresh/citrus scent. Has a luxurious tone to it. I need to get this for the summer.


Tom Ford black orchid parfum


The gold or black bottle?


Both are good but the gold bottle especially


Absolute stunner. Love the presentation of the bottle too. Makes me feel like a boss when I put it on. I wore this to a cook out and I was showered in compliments the whole time I was there. To the point where all my female cousins keep hugging me over and over again telling me how good I smelled lol. My favorite thing about this scent is it’s amazing performance. It just keeps on projecting


Obvious Parfums Une Vanille - such a gorgeous, simple straightforward natural-smelling vanilla


Amber kiso


Diptyque Do Son. My first impression of it was jasmine milk tea, which I love.


I loooove this scent! I received a hair perfume for the scent and I can’t wait to buy the EDT!!!


Ooh, I wish I got milk tea from this but it's such a green jasmine for me! Lovely anyhow, though.


Username checks out


I love Do Son so much!


This might sound silly but ariana grande rem! I quickly bought Cloud after reading maybe hundreds of rave reviews and testing in person at ulta, then there was a sale and i snagged the smallest size of rem to see how it was. I love it so much better than Cloud, which smells musty and gets sour on my skin, a heartbreaker because I really wanted to love it! But, im thrilled that i got rem! needless to say, I returned cloud promptly and am happily spritzing rem nearly every day


GUERLAIN HOMME L'EAU BOISEE Super fresh and green. Very uplifting and refreshing. Performance is great when sprayed on clothes.


Yup it's delicious - super woodsy


Kate Spade Live Colorfully. Surprisingly long lasting and reminds me of Beach Walk. And, affordable!


I really love Fenty. I hope it is restocked soon so I can get a full size bottle.


Xerjoff Naxos. I got a small decant recently and it is as good as the hype around it makes it out to be. I was expecting heavier tobacco but I don’t mind at all.


Same. Wanted to buy it but I can’t justify having a bottle while a 100ml of Pure Havane sits there, seeing periodic use, but with nary a dent worth mentioning.


I’ve heard they are similar but I have not smelled pure havane. Naxos is dainty like tobacco vanille, but I think I like the ruggedness of tobacco, and price, in Red Tobacco.


Tygar by Bvlgari, holy shit this is such a good grapefruit and ambroxan fragrance. It’s performance is beastly too, lasts 12 hours on my skin and projects pretty well. Also it’s been on my hoodie for 3 days, 1 FREAKING SPRAY FROM A SAMPLE LASTED THAT LONG?!?!


I got this sample too and it does last forever. Unfortunately that grapefruit opening reminds me of viaiting some elderly relative from childhood in the mid 80s. I can't specifically place the scent memory, but it's just enough to put me off.


I got that elderly feeling too, it smells like some type of incense my grandma used to burn in her house. But I got over it after how surprised I was with the performance!


Incense could be it. It's really specific and I can't quite place it. Such a cool fragrance otherwise. Probably good, I suppose. That per bottle cost :-o


The cost is the one reason why I cannot purchase it, I mean $332 USD for a fragrance is way to much. It’s very basic but in the best way. Instead I might opt for a clone like Alexandria’s Black Panther, I’ve heard that it smells just like it and performs even better than Tygar.