When in doubt… 😅

Anyone else just get frustrated with certain fountain pens? 😡

*Disclaimer: no fountain pens were harmed, it’s just my frustration with it. 🤣

Pen: Sailor x Bungubox pro gear realo Cinderella’s slipper Ink: Diamine night shade & Pilot iroshizuku kon peki (3:1) Paper: Endless TRP


SO PRETTY! and it is always astonishing how ink looks so diff in diff nibs! (what are you frustrated with about the pen, if you don't mind the question?)


Thank you :) it was a hongdian fountain pen, it wouldn’t write despite brass shimming, smoothing and with the wettest ink. 😅 I concluded it wasn’t worth the hassle


lol glad to hear it wasn't this beautiful sailor!!


Why tag this as Meme? :) I think that your post fits perfectly to what this subreddit should be about, which is pens and what we produce with them. Anyways, that photo is well lit. Good job.


Apologies, it’s a “when in doubt” meme but I changed the wording reflecting fountain pens. And thank you photoshop has my back for the lighting :)