https://youtu.be/pNKnHYTkb3k No personal experience, but I think all Figbootonpens videos are very informative. This is his how to spot a fake


I agree, and think they are worth a watch, BUT also think SBRE Brown shows some better details


I typically watch both if they reviewed the same pen. I like SBRE's disassembly line the best


Be aware that ballpoints/rollerballs are easier to fake than fountain pens due to being mechanically simpler.


I absolutely do not make videos for profit!!! Nor was I trying to have big production value here, so please don’t judge. Just trying to help someone out. I was simply answering another Reddit persons questions last week and put this video up for them. It talks about Ballpoints, Rollerballs, and Fountain Pens. After that, he asked more questions and I posted 2 much shorter videos, one Ballpoint specific and one Rollerball specific. Here is the long one: https://youtu.be/h9P8jrnT6JY


BTW, if you wanted to see something in specific to help you, feel free to let me know. I’ll happily make a short video to help you (and hopefully others in the process)! Again, I’m not doing huge production value, and I’m not trying to make some sort of a fountain pen YouTube page to make money… I just know what it was like when I was trying to figure all these things out and it didn’t seem like anybody out There was really helping with explicitly talking about items to look for in a quick video.


You could go ask on r/pen_swap Be sure to follow the sub rules and only talk to people who comment on your post (known scammers are blocked from commenting) . also if the seller asks for anything apart from Paypal goods and services Nope right on out of there.


I bought some on Izods, which is a good site for second-hand pens 😊