Try to retrace your steps. I lost my Visconti Homosapien for about 3 weeks. I was heartbroken and also came here to grieve. I went to every store, looked in every lost and found, cleaned both vehicles, my couch, and dumped out every drawer, every jacket and backpack pocket. Stupid thing was on an office bookshelf I rarely grab from and tucked away on top of a binder. If I had truly lost it, I wouldn't have been able to afford a replacement. It doesn't leave the house anymore. Even though I found it, I still beat myself up for losing it in the first place. I say keep looking, but if you can afford a replacement it may help. Then if you do find it you'll have a spare. Good luck


Thank you!


Pelikan M800, an anniversary gift from my wife. She initially got me the plain black version, because I'm very much a function over form guy, and she said (after I opened it) "This isn't the pen I really like, but I think it's the one you'll like." I told her to get the one she liked best, that I like and have wanted a Pelikan for a long time and I'll love it. At the time, I was on sabbatical from my university and working out of town during the week. When I returned the next weekend, she had a blue/black stripe M800 for me. I actually preferred it to the plain black. It was stolen in a burglary of our house while we were gone on vacation about 10 years later. I haven't replaced it yet. I do have two TWSBI 580s and an Eco that feed that piston filler need. I would like to figure out how to replace the TWSBI steel nib with a gold nib. I'd consider such a pen a worthy replacement for the Pelikan, although I still miss that pen.


So devastating. This may be my karmic payment for once finding an older and well-loved green striped Pelikan M300 in a forgotten junk drawer in the hospital I work at, also my first gold nib. There has to be a way to get one on that TWSBI.


I broke a lamy 2k. It was really disappointing and didn’t really forget it until I got another one. I also lost my first fountain pen and it was a red lamy safari.


I think that’s ultimately just what’s got to happen if it doesn’t turn up!


This is a pertinent post for you, u/pandaspear. :(


Ahahaha. Yes indeed it is. Tbh I don't feel that bad about it. Like yeah it sucks but ultimately it's something that can be replaced.


Feels bad man. I swear to God, I hope they find it - especially in a weird place! That could be a worthy story to make up for losing the pen :) I lost my Metro once, and found it in a random slipper under the sofa… after looking around for weeks


Pelikan M1000 with a barrel and cap that had been customized with a starburst pattern by a local artist using a gold (au) based lacquer. I was running late to a client and hadn't noticed it was slipping out if it's sheath. The pen hit the lobby floor and ink and pen went everywhere. Now I'm even more late, I'm doing my best to clean up a giant ink stain that is not coming out of this marble, and I'm secretly mourning a custom, one of a kind pen which was my first and only M1000, and my first and only pen haul from my first pen show. Oh, and the pen wasn't inexpensive, also. 😪


**Lost & Found**: [Lamy 2000](https://imgur.com/TWZTbtU) - cat knocked it under a cabinet for 4 months. **Lost Forever(?)**: Desiderata Daedalus - brought it camping, and I swear it got put in one of the camping boxes, but I haven't seen it in years, so I guess not. Eventually bought a Desiderata Sorbet, sort of an upgrade.


Mine was a vintage Aurora 88 in need of a clean and new piston seals. I paid just under £100 for it and figured I'd have some fun doing it up. The section was a real bugger to remove and, well, let's just say that the temperature at which the adhesive releases is reeeeeeeeeally close to that at which the barrel softens and I ended up on the wrong side of it.


I heated up a bunch of those and thankfully never melted or damaged the barrel. You gotta be patient with it and keep heating it up lightly. One time it took me 40 minutes of heating and screwing until the barrel finally budged.


Oh yes, I know that now. 😁\ \ There's nothing like an expensive mistake to teach one patience.


My dad used to say, “Experience is something acquire immediately after you need it”.


Mine is a Parker Sonnet in black lacquer and chrome. Not a particularly valuable pen, but my first fountain pen and a gift from my wife. I think it got lost at work but I can't imagine how.


A special kind of value to be your first! No idea how I did it either but I’ll probably just stick to Safaris from now at work.


Would being cheated count. Have got many great deals on the local olx (classifieds) so I got comfortable sending money in advance to strangers 😬. Had set an upper limit of 10000rs (150$ then) Came really close to losing money twice , but did not learn my lesson ). sent someone money , he kept making excuses(aunt died and busy with funeral), then tried to renegotiate (asking more) before he sends the pen, and then the number got disconnected. This was in 2019 … but not do not trust my intuition to judge people anymore. So, no more classifieds ( have come across a few rare and a few nice deals… but strictly window shopping).


This is part of why r/Pen_Swap insists on Paypal goods and services.


That was me being simply reckless… it was direct account deposit as there was not many secure payment apps here in India… still aren’t.


I lost two Sailor pro gears and a Galen leather pen case while traveling in January. I think they fell out of my bag while I was on the airplane and I didn't notice. I filed a lost item search request with the airline but they didn't find anything and considering it was an international trip I don't think I'm seeing those pens ever again. I was a bit bummed at first, but ultimately I took it as a lesson learned--dont bring fancy pens on vacation, haha. And I coughed up the money to replace the one I really liked. I hope you find your pen!


Faber Castell Loom Gunmetal Matte. It was among one of my first pens branching out and it had been on a lot of adventures with me. I'm absolutely certain it fell out of my pocket on the way home from a wedding. Someone in a parking lot got penabled that day.


True, at least I may have penabled somebody too!


I was cleaning a bunch of pens a few months ago and had taken the nib and feed out of my Pineider Blue Bee Arco. Got everything really clean and had the nib wrapped up in a paper towel to dry. Never saw the nib and feed again. I assume that I accidentally threw it away with the other paper towels I was using to clean. Quite annoyed at that…have to source a new nib and feed now ☹️


not a fountain pen, but i used rotring isographs for art for years and i once dropped one nib down and killed it. body was already cracked so i had to chuk the whole thing. only ~30£ really, but i couldnt afford to replace it at the time and i still feel the sting of it 😭 i'm absurdly careful with my fountains as a result