It's a bitter sweet symphony

It's a bitter sweet symphony




ALL OF IT. Finally got my right leg I’ve been grinding for since it dropped, got all the recon in like a week and that right leg had been a thorn in my side


Thank God I have to hop on lol ty


They go for 1k each I believe for limb parts fyi Edit: prices here https://twitter.com/innovsurvival/status/1432380084124626953?s=21


Finally got my last missing leg from her, oh well.




I had enough gold bullion to buy all of it except the helmet. I was only a couple of hundred short. If its still there tomorrow I can sell Treasury notes to get enough. Question is, is the helmet worth 2000?


If it's like the secret service one, it's entirely decorative. I couldn't say, though, not having the set myself. I'm sure the wiki could tell you.


Heads up on Smiley at the Wayward - You can buy 300 bullion for 6000 caps (1000 caps = 50 b) once a week.


It'll still be there until Wednesday.


Even if you miss it now when she does her big sale at the end of the cycle it will be back so no worries, the helmet doesn't do anything though (except for environmental hazard protection), just like SS and all other helmets.


Its just there for show like other helmets


I didn't 😭 I did have enough if I could have traded in all my treasury note. But I was grinding meat week so much that I didn't even realise how many notes I had, and totally forgot to be trading them in!


See, I have to step away from Valdez, not like she hasn't enthralled numerous other Wastelanders with her sublime smile and dulcet praises; I believe Minerva is *the one.* She's Charismatic, outgoing, has the spine to travel and expose herself to the perils of the wasteland, with only a former-man with ten left toes to assist in security; and a mind like silly putty to boot (not to mention dem overalls; *hubba*-***hubba.***) ...but, most importantly; she saved me from a personal Hell even Sisyphus would be appalled at. A fate so damning, so despair-inducing, I fear it's victims believe they actually *enjoy* it now. Minerva - my goddess of bootleggery - saved me from the horrors of servitude under the BOS, and their incessant "Daily Operations." I felt trapped having to endure undying, wallflower enemies, crickets the size of a Pomeranian, with mandibles sharp enough to pierce even the most unyielding of armors, robots with the chilling touch of Jack Frost himself; but no more. Never again. Minerva is my - and I'm sure many others - savior, and while the fearsome Vikings of our day have had their spoils of war given to the lowly shadow-stalkers and field medics, their sacrifice is *not* in vain, for they have near-instantaneous access as we wait for her doodling to be finished, I'll gladly count down each day over the next two months before I receive the schematics for **true,** covert scout armor. She has given me the blade of the gods without once stepping foot into a Burning Mine, the ability to imbue said blade with the gelid bite of Cocytus' crystallized coast, the infernal breath of Phlegathons' fearsome flames, and the electric endowment that even Zeus himself would think "huh, neat;" without once having to hear the raking voice of the Dodge ditchweed. Pipe is good. But *Minerva* is Life.




bruh, you good?


Yup, slow day at work, was bored. How 'bout You? Hangin' in there?


horny and its consequences have been a disaster for humanity


Having played MMOs for 2 decades now, I am pretty used to this. It's why I'm so casual about gear. I know it'll typically be outstripped by generic quest gear with the next expansion. I'm just glad to finally get the chest.


Haven't played MMOs anywhere near as long as you, though I'm at the age now where I've lost track of time, so I've probably been playing them longer than I realize. That being said, yup, every expansion's gear is typically better than the previous. At this point, since I play medic anyway, I'm just aiming for god roll solar armor. I can't be arsed with anything else. If I get it, I get it. If not, no huge loss to me.


Hi fellow MMO dinosaur, how are you today?


Oof I have a ton of treasury tickets but I forgot about the limit on cashing them in. At least I can get one piece.


Don't worry you got next week too, she'll come on Tuesday and sell all previous 3 weeks stuff so gather gold till then.


In bird culture, this is considered a dickmove.


Yeah, that's me. Very disappointing.


I feel this


I don't understand the logic of getting sad or mad because someone else doesn't have to "suffer" the same as you did and can enjoy the same thing a while later with less hassle...


Separate thing, but me and my friend have had our legendary armor pieces just dissappear on log out, completely gone from inventory and not in stash, dissapears whether is was equipped or not, and they were painted to avoid accidental scripping.


What's she at today??




Thanks much


Yes. This is me. 100%.


yakuza 0,nice


Only to have me, the dumbass who has owned the game since day one, not have enough bullion to buy it


To be fair its like, 1k bullion a piece


Who tf has that much bullion. I only need the helmet and right leg but i dont have 3000. I can only afford the leg. Are the plans still awarded in ops?


idk what else to spend it on so i just pile it up. I already have full SS / SH armors + all mods. I had about 5k when i saw minerva at foundation. The trick to piling it up is hoping on for 20 min every night and on the days where you put hours in, you stock up for the off days.


I was honestly stoked it came out, at any price. I'd been grinding the DO every day for almost a year and still hadn't gotten the chest piece, plus I was about to hit the bullion cap. I need things to spend that gold on.


Not really I’m grinding for the set tho. I just want to do the scoreboard task and all have come together without a care before legendary crafting come.


Way she goes, boys


Glad I’m not alone in being completely annoyed at the massive waste of time.


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I wouldn’t mind seeing more BoS around the world


Mmm mm


It’s always great to see a Verve reference…and that I could buy the whole set without ever grinding DO. God bless John Henry Eden. America is being rebuilt.


Is recon really that much better than BOS combat armor? How do you get mods for it?


What’s the point in brotherhood / covert armour when you can get SS shit!?


I looked at that and said wow... ouch... its kinda an insult coming to her so soon. But damn if you like need one piece....


...i've restarted on pc about 2 months ago and got the entire set from daily ops? is that fast?


Why isn't Covert being sold