I can't believe that happened

I can't believe that happened


Random encounters are great. There's a Mr Walker handy that just goes "here doggy doggy" after his hoard of mongrels attacks you. Storytellers that can spawn cryptids. The observant radstag will lead you to a cache of supplies. The Random scavengers will usually give you a magazine. Once, I found a Mr Veterinarian leading stray cats to his clinic that wanted an escort, but sadly wasdoing an event and couldn't find him afterwards. Only seen him that one time.


I found a Mr Veterinarian, he was bringing kitties somewhere. I followed to protect the babies as he called them


People like you desrve op legacies


That would be me irl in an apocalypse, protecting kitties and probably have a cat farm


Me too friend me too


Never seen the mr. walker but damn that sounds gold lol


I've caught him at Pricketts and Charleston. He's typically following 5 mongrels. I've had more than 5 attack when I catch them, but I think the extras came from nearby instead of being part of the encounter


I have a camp by the pond by Grahm’s BBQ spot and the scavvers that spawn there are always giving me recipes and magazines.


I did the kitty escort awhile back. PiA long slow moving cats! Found him along the River Road near the Deathclaw Island. There's the Eyebot playing Pied Piper to radrats. The Miss Nanny that wants you do help her (need a recon scope) Many of the Settlers/Raiders will give you stuff or ask for items from you. (slivers of Settler/Raider xp if you are still doing that) So many fun things. Notes that have you do a quick retrieve/revenge for a dead guy. Definitely worth traveling on foot and interacting in this game!


Where the hell is that dead guy talking about!? Found the note in the Bog and am itching to avenge him.


It's usually a location close to where the note came from. One I did in the Bog was at one of the Blood Eagle bases. But you can find them in different areas.


My favorite is the Pied Pipper eyebit


One time me and my friend found that robot while traveling the highway and when we went back down the road the robot was gone and the cats were dead.


Ohh.....I didn't need to kill the observant Radstag.


Theres also a dude who loses his shit because he's getting chased by a chicken


That one is so funny!!!


Yes! That's how I finally got my chicken photo and cleared that damn milestone


Oh god damn it!!! I could have used Meatweek to take pictures of the small critters I'm missing... I'm an idiot!


I'll help best I can: Foxes at the BBQ hut Use the vox syringer daily from Monongah to get beaver and opossums Squirrels roam the hills just sw of grafton station There's an owlet just inside the Deep cave entrance Rabbits pop on the hill above whitespring bunker Then the chickens... they're supposed to spawn outside foundation by the little garden, but never have seen them. I got mine on the random encounter while running down the wolves for Leader of the Pack event. I've also seen them below Campfire Tales at the unmarked camp with a treasure map cache


You have my grattitude! I'll see if I can hunt them down! :)


Wait till you find the guy with the beatboxing eyebot


Lol. Love that one.


There is a Ms Nanny and Mr Handy both stuck in vocal loops that almost sound like he's asking her out.


Yea I ran into them multiple times


Is that a happy can't believe or offended can't believe?


Happy of course


Cool. I am constantly amazed at the details and beauty in this game. I've stumbled across some very awesome things


Some dude asked me to take a photo of them today and gave me some shit after I used my camera when he said ‘cheese’


I once blew up a traveller on the road as I was trying to help fix her robot companion, that was a sad moment :(


"I got this, I know electroniks good"


\[Intelligence\] Ungh..!! ("Yes, regretfully, despite having the best of intentions, my lack of deeper knowledge in robotics brought an horrible fate upon this poor innocent.")


If you walk more and take your time, there are a lot of encounters to see. Existential philosophical robots discussing is a good one…


My favourite is the Pied Piper Eyebot. Seen it the most near Charleston Station. It's an Eyebot playing a recording of the "British Grenadiers" march on fife(pipe),and being followed around by a bunch of Radrats.


Gives very Fallout 3 vibes with the eyebots speaking randomly


The cats grave was good. Found it after so so many hours.


My favorite is the screaming ang running guy


I love that the story is a sponsored fairy tale.


I seem to get accosted by the Appalachian Prize Bot, and the Insult Bot at least daily.


I found that to


I've seen that one once, myself; she told me the classic Goldilocks and the 3 bears story!


I’ve only seen the Prize Bot and the guys that always want drugs. Have to pay more attention now.


Even better: She has half a dozen different stories!


Well that just makes it better


Everyone's talking about the random encounters but no one mentioned PIPE... If you don't know, it's just a pipe in the ground you can interact with. There should be a body nearby with a note, PIPE..., or some such, that basically says pipe is life, which, technically it is.