Why am I so squishy even with full SS armor set with buttressed?

Why am I so squishy even with full SS armor set with buttressed?


You don’t have any damage mitigation perks like blocker.


You can't be tanky as Bloodied with them. Armor itself is less important than Damage Avoidance and reductions. OP went with sneak and QoL perks, and possibly missed out on Legendary Specials.


Yeap blocker is a must have for any build


You literally have no defensive perks.


blocker, serendipity, ricochet


This. Also when you have more specials available you can throw in lifegiver which will give you a better hp pool to work with. On a personal note I'd remove suppresor and down one rank of tenderizer to squeeze in inspirational. You're still gathering points so you'll need any xp boost you can get. Edit: I forgot dodgy.


Suppressor is also broken currently.


So is tenderizer. ;)


I thought suppressor broke tenderizer?


Well, technically it's latency that broke both. Servers are not responding fast enough.


Yeah ever since this last patch I have had to dump a few rounds into a super mutant and wait for the server to catch up.


On my heavy I don't even bother with rounds anymore cause of the rubber banding health. Shredder go Brrrrr


Well i just ran 2 daily ops, one with and without tenderizer and i didn't notice any first shot damage discrepancy with or without, first shot did about the same with both.


I'm not sure if Tenderizer ever worked. Some friends and I tested it against each other a year and a half ago and it at least didn't work against players. If it works against mobs and bosses I haven't been able to notice the difference.


Interesting, i did not know that.




dodgy was also helping a bit :) But dunno how / if it works right now.


It might be more worthwhile for bloodied users since they need it more but I ended up taking it off after the newest update cuz now it drains AP again


I run nuka cola perk and colas, even the base one, cover AP pretty well :\]


To each their own but it does work very very well with those cola perks as well as honey and coffee on the favorites bar.


Blocker, fireproof and I generally swap between serendipity and ricochet depending on if pa or not


Well serendipity will make you twice as tanky right off the bat. And dodge is a huge buff as well


Dodgy is good, but maybe not the best option if OP heavily relies on vats. It sucks having dodgy leech your AP pool when you want to unload a full mag in vats.


Very true. But if their ap refresh is quick enough it hardly matters with the cool down. And the pool should be big enough it never runs dry against non bosses anyway But I don't know a ton, been a full health pa damn near my whole time in game


hey hey suppressor perk is broken since an update or two ago, remove suppressor, test your weapon damage and see it go up reequip suppressor perk and you'll see your damage go down I know you are interested in armor but I had to tell you if you want to be more tanky try blocker,barbarian, evasive,serendipity, richochet, the perk that reduced energy damage etc etc, dense armor for explosions, fireproof for explosions I have to not recommend dodgy unless they have fixed it, it was draining my ap too fast


Wait so Suppressor is currently suppressing our own damage?


I was unaware also…


You have none of blocker, dodgy, serendipity or ricochet. you can’t just throw on the best gear and be good to go, it’s 90% about perks


If you dont run stealth build you need every damage mitigation perk and in some situations you need vampire weapon to be ready.


Damage reduction perks and armor are way better than damage resistance,if you are a bloody commando try to get a set of unyielding sentinels or overeaters armor and equip serendipity and blocker.


me at 15 strength, hmm idk why


Well your Endurance does sucks big time looking at your stats.m


You might be blowing yourself up at close range if you’re using demo expert I assume you’re using an explosive weapon you probably want fireproof in the endurance tree. I’d probably drop suppressor and radicool and pick up fireproof 3


Theres so much stuff that you could switch around to make you alot more tanky without taking a noticeable damage drop off unless it's against the queen or earl. IMO it's a waste of points having the commando perks maxed out since you'll be killing pretty much everything except earl or the SBQ instantly anyways with the right weapon. Theres this weird misconception that you have to be as powerful as possible which isn't true at all since its super easy to kill pretty much everything without having your damage maxed.. It only takes one point to get 10% damage but then you have to spend another 2 points to get another 10% damage and that just isn't worth it IMO since that would free up 6 perk points for you. I would take 5 of those 6 points and put them towards the perk under Endurance that will give you 50 damage and energy resist(can't remember the name of the perk). Then I would work on getting fire proof and dodgy. Then I would work on getting a set of armor with AP refresh and getting rid of action boy since that will free up another 3 points. Taking one for the team isn't all that great IMO, I would definitely swap it out for another special Stat like strength so that you can eventually get the blocker perk plus a little extra carry weight. You've just got to weigh out the pros & cons of each perk & see if you might benefit more from something else. This is all subjective tho. This is just the build that I use as a lvl 480 full health since beta and I couldn't tell you the last time I died and I still kill pretty much everything instantly except the SBQ or earl with non legacy weapons. Hope you find a build that suits you my friend!


Blocker and Dodgy are amazing for protection. And if you’re good at killing things first before they get you for the most part, you don’t even need serendipity / ricochet if you have dodgy. Now serendipity and ricochet are still great perks. I just need the other Luck perks more. But I will swap in serendipity for daily ops.


DR overall, especially late game does not mean Squat against the big boys. % damage reduction is what you need


You have no endurance, therefore absolutely minimum hp and no Damage Reduction perks like Blocker, Serendipity, Dodgy, and Ricochet besides Nerd Rage. Nerd Rage helps, but only a bit. So you're taking a lot of excess damage without the hp to soak it up.


Some great advice here, just want to add that with starched genes and class freak there is no reason to not have every mutation except herbivore/carnivore. Also unless every second shot is a critical the benefits of better criticals aren't worth it mathematically, dump it. Action Boy/girl is also not worth it if you have one piece of armour with AP refresh. That's six points you can put in Serendipity and Blocker that won't be missed. Dump gunsmith also.


I very much disagree with removing gunsmith. Guns will break alarmingly quickly without that perk, especially automatics.


The only gun that I would see that benefitting my build would be my quad railway, which needs repairing every 10 or so reloads (400 rounds.) My explosive handmade and vampires fixer are good for 2-3 hours of gameplay before they need repairing-both auto. I only use my railway when facing Earle because it is too good at destroying everything.


then fix them? gunsmith is not exactly a min max perk


It just saves time and effort, in my book. The less time I’m spending in a crafting menu and actually playing the game, the better. Besides, what else am I going to do with those five points, spend it on demo expert when I never use grenades?




Even regular non explosive guns break down really fast since Bethesda can’t get their head out of their ass and fix weapons degradation. So a few ranks of gunsmith is extremely useful. An absolute must if you use explosive weapons too.


Only time I ever take off lvl5 gunsmith is when we have the repair challenges for the scoreboard, I only have to repair once a week or so with that equipped, without it I’m repairing every hour or two.


These are actually really good tips cause I’m like this guy in the same boat .. in full ss armor and got a explosive lever action .. what other rifles work good with rifleman build ? Thanks for perk card suggestions


If you add the pistol perks to your rifle build you can use the bolt action or revolver pipe rifles and the rifle and handgun perks stack. May not help you take dmg but it will up the amount you giving out.


>If you add the pistol perks to your rifle build you can use the bolt action or revolver pipe rifles and the rifle and handgun perks stack. I thought beth "fixed" this?


I love how your wrong info has a +1 and my correct info is -1. This is why it irritates me when someone says they thought they "fixed" the perks stacking when they didn't change anything. Now people are going assume they "fixed" it when they didn't do anything just based on our comment scores.


>Now people are going assume they "fixed" it when they didn't do anything just based on our comment scores. That is a problem with this social platform, and it's also a problem for those that do not read for comprehension. Neither are in our control. Additionally, I cannot image lots of folks will read this far down a negative spiral. \+1 for correcting my misinterpretation of memory! Be well ex-dweller.


I don't think it was broke. Please don't comment if you are not sure what you're talking about that's how misinformation gets spread. https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/n2zw58/do_pipe_revolvers_still_get_benefits_from/


Uhmmm, by "fixed" I meant beth took another benefit away from us. Additionally, the "?" at the end of my sentence indicated that I was curious if it still worked/stacked/double dipped, whatever... todd is not a fan of double dipping, just ask anyone who once loved their meat hook! Appreciate the link.


I know it sounds like I'm being a dick but I'm not trying to be, but every time I post that info some says what you said.


Then stop sounding like a weiner when you correct someone and you message will be heard the first time.


You said "weiner".


I asked because I was fairly certain that they did at one point; remembering because it pissed me off. Week one player, 5600+ hours, and lots of time on the old beth forum hashing out what works, what doesn't work and etc. I also have a gunslinger that takes advantage of the double dip, which is why I was irritated. Have not played her in well over a year; so, I do not know first hand. Nonetheless, glad to read that it still works.


Suppressor is bugged now. get rid of it until they fix it.


Nuka colas


Idk if the stacking effect for Empath mutation has been removed yet (Haven’t log on for 2 years) But I’d join a public team with the mutation Empath and hope your teammates have them too. Used to be a non-PA meta where people run empath + serendipity + dodgy on 20% health with unyielding armor. You’re able to solo the assualtron sheepsquatch event easily with that. But I’m sure with the updates there are more ways now.


Damage Resist doesn’t mean much. It’s all about that percentile reduction.


Well I’m a tank but there is a lot of things I’m not strong against but if in a team the strange in number should do you a treat


I had the same problem at level 100 ish, its nice to squeeze out every bit of damage you can but, You have all dps perks on and no defensive. Loosing a few points out of your dps perks and investing in some defense would be the way to go imo. Any combination of barbarian serendipity dodgy or ricochet will increase you survivability alot. Now that all damage is addictive you will barely notice a reduction in dps from loosing some perks. I would, remove bloody mess and replace it with serendipity. Drop gun fu down to 1 point and put 2 into dodgy. Remove suppressor and put the 2 points to into fireproof wich will also give a bit more hp, or barbarian wich will give you some extra carry weight. Good luck.


im tanky as hell and i use only 1 rank of blocker to answer without resorting to the overused and preached bloodied based perks senedepity, dodgy and nerd rage, the secret is in the legendary armor that reduced damage by 15% when standing still or sprinting.i have 3 standing stills (aiming for a 4th) and 1 sprinting, 3 overeaters for roughly:45% damage reduction while standing still + 3x6% over eaters for a total of 63% damage reduction, throw in a single rank of blocker and im practically never seeing my health bar drop low unless its decryption (those hits hurt hard even though reductions) this is all on a full set of BoS armor btw. if i did this on Power armor (which im working towards) thats another 45% damage reduction due to the passive equipped power armor pieces, you become so tanky after that point that you should never die ever unless its decryption.


I would equip Serendipity 3\* in place of 3\* Critical Savvy - or- a 2\* Serendipity and a 1\* on Mysterious Stranger (to occasionally revive you when you get downed), also, for mutations, I would get Scaly Skin (increase damage resistance, I forget what the negative effect is, I think it's for an AP reduction, not sure), and just keep grinding for better SS gear. The Sentinel, AP, Unyielding pieces are the ideal - and I understand the BS RNG, I've been rolling for awhile, I've yet to even get one piece with those attributes, I do have a full set of Unyielding, but only one has Sentinel. When I know I'm going to go into a tough situation, I equip 3 other pieces of SS I carry, one is a Sentinel Bolstering, and the other 2 are Sentinel Life Saving (and brought me back to life more times than I can count.) Just wearing those 3 pcs of Sentinel and my 1 Unyielding Sentinel piece, you can definitely see the difference in damage taken.


Bloodied builds are glass cannons. I main a vats bloody gauss shotty build and 1-2 shot almost any mob but can only take couple hits before I go down so I spend alot of time jumping


serendipity, dont miss that, its like essential for bloody builds. Also lifegiver will make you tankier. I also add silt bean soup for extra END. can tank quite a lot.


All these perk cards mentioned plus BARBARIAN JUNK SHIELD. Also find a Vampire weapon. I'm a similar build my health bar is a hair away from death. As long as I'm shooting enemies I'm invincible.