Can you share your build and the weapon you use?

Can you share your build and the weapon you use?


No, it's a secret.


nod and wink.


Full HP heavy weapons power armor tank. I use every heavy weapon, and T-65 power armor with the max ammo weight reduction legendary effect (I am a heavy weapons arsenal), but I use the gatling gun and minigun for most encounters. My weapons are junkie's, vampire's, quad, and two shot (for the launchers). I run with max heavy weapons damage perks, but I switch it out for tank perks or explosive launcher perks depending on the situation. The legendary perks I use are What Rads?, Electric Absorption, Taking One for the Team, and the rest are legendary SPECIAL. I'd probably use Power Armor Reboot, but nothing in PvE ever brings my HP that low anyway. I'm the guy holding all three pylons, and facetanking the imposter sheepsquatch without breaking a sweat.


Casual build, Nocturnal Cryo Plasma Cutter


[Bloodied non stealth commando](https://nukesdragons.com/fallout-76/character?v=1&s=5f385aa&d=pp2p00a02l71lu2ii0s01pg1ph2pi2eh2ce0ir2la2sg2s72cu2ik0c62po2am2lk2a30eu0lv0a12lb2ee2cr0a71&w=ic4if2iq2at1ij2lm2c22&lp=x43xb2x63x11xp3x83&m=051c2fe87ba&wp=w6&wm=142434&ar=0102030405x1u3&am=182731-182031-182732-182131-1827-x6-ue&n=Donald) with B 50crit 15fr railway and Q 50hitchance 15fr Handmade.


Besides a crafting build, I have three: 1. Stealth Vats Commando. Can go low-health bloodied or full health, as I have two great bloodied weapons (fixer and explosive handmade), and two great nonbloodied (quad ffr fr fixer and a TSE fixer). Doesn't have to do stealth all the time as plenty of tankiness built in, but I prefer stealth for normal running around as it saves so much ammo. 2. Heavy. Two vamp weapons (.50 and explosive gatling plasma); two nonvamp (Final Word and AA ultracite gatling plasma). 3. Rifleman. Enclave plasma flamer. Need a backup weapon for this build, but no idea what to go for. Repairing a weapon in the middle of a tough fight is stupid compared to switching weapons.


I have about every good weapon out there and great rolls on most of them. A few months ago I just ran around with a hacked 50 cal which did basically everything. After all of the good weapons were destroyed I had to get a little bit more inventive. Two shot exploding Gatling plasma, bloodied explosive flamer. Those two are probably my main weapons which don't require any real specific loadout. Usually keep tank killer going, demolition expert, Grenader, bloody mess, starched jeans and that one that lessens the negative effects. A lot of times I'm running the commando cards just so I can swap over to a fixer, an automatic Tesla rifle or an automatic enclave plasma if I'm just running around wanting to do something different than blow everything up. The only thing that is kind of annoying is to get The enclave plasma flamer to do Max damage you need to be running rifleman so if I use that on a boss fight it means card swapping. That's probably one of my favorite weapons because you can use it without blowing yourself up which is a problem with the good legacies and all of the hacked weapons. Well actually there are only a couple of those that are even worth using anymore and they are kind of average at this point. Cryolator minigun basically plays like a god roll fixer. Orbital strike is just crowd control. you can vaporize half the screen. I never really use the same things day after day, it keeps it more interesting to switch it up. About the only thing I don't do is run an invisible sneak build. I think I would have to go on estrogen therapy to enjoy that. Who knows maybe I'm just jaded since every whiny person I have ever met in this game ran a invisible sneak build. It's like the Hallmark of the fallout beta player


Food build. Handmade.


All around build and everything weapon basically


Strength, con/per dump, balanced for the rest. Power armor and a shredding minigun. Bash damage and weapon durability perks.


Primary toon: stealth commando w quad fixer/vamp fixer Secondary toon: PA shotty build using peppershaker


Main: stealth-crit-commando, with a AAE90 fixer as the primary Alt: unarmed-bitch slapper, WiP build so no real weapon yet


Melee, high INT, hella mutated, possibly a food build I'm not sure if I meet all the criteria to make that claim but I do have a bit of a focus on certain foods. Basically min/max? I think I have 3 points in Perception, sometimes gets up to 8 with perks etc. And like I said high INT is crucial for me. I particularly love using a baseball bat, so I have the 2h melee perks for sure. I'm working on an alt right now for my s/o to use that's going to be heavy gun no PA


Unyielding SS armour, explosive X light commando ( one star perk cards) and I use 8 different guns because they all have uses and I have terrible roles currently, I have basic mutations: eagle-eye, marsupial, birdbones, adrenal, carnivore, unstable and 1 or 2 more, always looking for grenades and will buy at any price (RP my character has an addiction)


Mutant heavy gunner build using an aaffr gatling plasma.


High endurance tanky unarmed build, with ghoul slayer mole miner gauntlet. I can hold that encryptid pylon all day, play an instrument all violent night or hold the line and keep a turret constantly repaired during rad rumble.