What are the unwritten rules to playing FO76?

What are the unwritten rules to playing FO76?


You better not fucking start the encrypted event unless is your fucking assaultron recall keycard.




First commandment: *Thou shalt not fucking start encryptid with another man’s keycard.*


Now this is what we needed... the 76 commandments lol


Haha, that would be awesome. Idk if we can come up with 76 of them. Maybe just can just repeat them every so often.. like object rotating through the atom shop.


This 100%


Agree 100%


That can be a bit situational. I've showed up to events and the one who used the recall keycard was a bloodied stealth commando crouched on top of the shack with no intention on moving as the timer goes down. Usually someone or myself starts it when that happens.


Bloodied stealth commando can easily solo that event.


DO NOT start encrypted by using the terminal unless you are the one that used your card to start the event!


WOW I had no idea that was a thing I started one the other day cuz everyone was just waiting forever. Thank you for informing me won't happen again.


Why do people have to wait so long? We got 3 people, let's get on with it.


Because two out of those three are dipshits who camp on top of the building, not taking pylons. That’s why…..


I'm always the one that does all three pylons, as long as the other two can take the sheepsquatch out quickly it's all good.. plus if the person who put their card in doesn't know to take pylons then fuck em, they're starting an event and expecting others to do it for them.


Do your own thing and let others do theirs. If someone does you a random kindness pass it forward by doing a random kindness to a random stranger. Never trust what anyone else is saying about 76. Always make up your own mind based on your own experiences. Videos and articles always lie.


Steal wards cup and teddy


haha I do this every single day!!


That's all you can steal!! Never anything in the doctor's bag or the first aid kit.


And his pencil. So he'll have an even harder time keeping track of what he can't keep track of. Then stand on his desk and drop a bag of spoiled fruits and/or vegetables.


Steal his pencil and coffee pot, shoot his cup off the desk.


I feel like having vendors only in your shelter is something to avoid


I only have one down there as a way to restock if someone’s using it.




I was at a camp with no above-ground vendors. I went into the shelter for the “visit another player’s shelter challenge”. Saw the vendors. Still didn’t buy, just on principle, even though I was already there. No above-ground equals no sale, ever.


Is there some reason behind this? I can't seem to puzzle it out. Seems counter intuitive to have a vendor in your shelter since it doesn't activate indicators on the map. But it doesn't seem that suspicious to be in the shelter.


Dont start events unless the turn out is good or its your event, encrypt etc


Never sell ammo for more than one cap.


Even cores?


I usually sell cores between 50 to 75c


I do 25 for fusion and 10 for plasma. But that's just me, I often have either Monongah or Poseidon running so I'm usually overflowing with fusion cores, and don't use plasma cores so they're basically just weight to me, nothing more.


I don’t know what others sell them for but I sell them 1 cap per charge level. So for example 100% is 100 caps and 50% is 50 caps.


I farm core so I normally sell them for 100 cap each they don’t sell right away but they do sell fast enough


Why so? Caps are so easy to come, they say, hitting limits every day, they say.


The less price you keep, the more players purchase, for example you got 9k ammo of X caliber, you price it at 2 caps because you feel it's difficult to get or something, that's 18k caps, anyone would just ignore your ammo and move on or buy only a small quantity, now price it at 1 cap, someone will definitely buy all 9k rounds, easy 9k caps.(Only works with ammo that sells well though)


I go scavving and looting and craft my own ammo because of the overpricing assholes. I can craft enough .50 to last a few days,then go rinse and repeat. Also gives me something different to do to keep me busy lol.


I do buy ammo for 2 at same rate as 1, .45 or 5.56, and if totally lazy - that's main factor and rare occassion, so just can say thanks for any price. If not able to provide yourself enough ammo, better should think "what am i doing wrong" and change blow-off habits, not ask for cheap ammo donations. 2mm i used to set for 2 caps, because dislike guass users. Don't really care if buy or not, they mostly don't and i stopped selling my findings, now just throwing in cases - my price is 0 then i guess. Ultracite ammo can't be cheaper than 2 caps, it's luxury, feel free to craft as much as you desire, or pay whatever asked, pretty fair.


what about ultracite ammo, especially the more expensive types


would you consider 2mm acceptable for 2 caps? or any ammo for that matter. obviously none of the lower caliber ballistics.


Everything except Fusion cores are 1c. I base the cores price on however much charge it has.


I sell plasma cores at 10 caps daily, fusion cores at 30 everything else is one cap, never had a day go buy without them selling!


yeah I've sold a decent amount of 100% cores at 40 caps lately. I don't use Power armor alot and this seems fair to me I think


The blue suitcase in every train station is where you should dump unwanted ammo and plans. Don’t be a dick and take everything in the suitcase, take what you’ll use and always try to leave something else in its place.


Don't ask for a revive in daily ops unless a teammate is already right next to you Have more than one vendor at your camp (no I really love waiting in line just to see you're selling a bunch of cursed harpoon guns for 40k) If you see folks at your camp/vendor, try to give them 20 seconds before you log out Let folks tag the legendary-no one is impressed that you paid real money for a duped/hacked gatling plasma of fiery doom


I actually do ask for revives in Daily Ops sometimes to help my teammates see where the baddies are. But only for a few seconds then I allow death to overcome me.


Use group up emote on events if you saw a legendary enemy, and don't melt it down in seconds, so as much people as possible will have ability to tag it for loot.


I'm a full hp heavy pa, I'll tag a legendary, then make it follow me to other players if they don't come to my "come here" emote. It's kinda fun to play the Pied Piper.


Most important rule ever, sick of those fucktards jumping everywhere with their explosive laser melting anything that dares to come out.


Depends, I had 6+ ppl for Uranium Fever today, min lvl between 60-75. I was running a melee build so once I heard the bullets fly I didn’t stop swinging until I could loot it’s body


No thanks


Nuke the Queen and the mine in a way that prevent bloodied builds from being irradiated during the fight/for as little as possible upon leaving (if they leave).


Nah. They'll just kill the queen in seconds. Make em suffer.


There's only one. Don't be a dick. You can pvp at workshops without being a dick. You can have a trap camp without being a dick. You can let people get hits in and still obliterate the last 95% of a boss's health bar in a matter of seconds. Just don't be a dick.


Um.... Don't afk while using train station vendors and workbenches


Unless someone shoots you then take all the time you need.


Items aren't worth there sell value look at other players vendors to get an idea for prices


I’ve been gone half a year, been using fed76.info to at least get in the ballpark


Don’t steal other peoples nukes especially when they have taken forever to get to the launch point. I might be salty about this because it happened to me this morning


Pipe is life...


If your not going to launch nukes sell your keycards for 500 caps or less. It’s better to join nuke events than stash the weight.


Don’t shoot or punch someone when they’re using a workbench or looking at a vendor. If you decide to be rude and do this do not proceed to get pissed off when they decide it’s time to walk the dog or take a shower while they leave their character on the vendor/ workbench.


Don't share rad reducing cards in a team with bloodied players. (they NEED their rads) Don't put fissure site prime in the center of the nuke. (nobody likes the nukezone sound in their headset/some players don't have rad protection gear on them) Don't start encryptid if it wasn't your card give other players a chance to join difficult events, don't rush in and start it right away (PP, RR, guided meditation) Don't ask/beg for the popular ammo (like .45 or 5.56) but instead ask people to show how to farm them. I don't mind people buying and reselling my cheap stuff that is meant for noobs but please try to restrain yourself.


Play and enjoy it for what it is, not what it should be. Don't get frustrated. Nothing really matters. Getting frustrated about the scoreboard, what features should be in the free game or in FO1st, how someone MUST have a hacked weapon because you got killed, why on earth this year old bug is still in the game/is back yet again, why on earth can it take up to 72 work hours for yoiur FO1st to activate, etc. etc. Some valid, some not valid criticisms, whatever they are, getting frustated isnt going to solve it. It is what it is.


Well said


Don't be a dick and do that trap camp shit, I entered someones vendor one time and the dude was in my team, then left my team? did some voodoo shit and I fell through the floor onto spikes and he watched me die, I don't know what annoyed me more, the fact that I had my suspicions about the camp and the placement of the vendor and I still used it or the fact that he left my team just to kill me..


>Don't be a dick This in general.


I will jump in here and state the obvious. Do not charge 2c for .45 and 5.56 ammo. It’s just not ok


While I would never, under any circumstance, pay more than 1c for any ammo, as far as I'm concerned, change whatever you want. It's your stash space. I see people "overcharging" for all kinds of stuff. That's their choice. It's also my choice not to buy it.


Agreed, I only charge 2c on the ammo I actually use as a back up stash and double that at 1c. If someone pays 2c for it their likely also just trying to get by with an emergency stash that’s a stop gap. I’ve bought it at 2c before because someone launched a nuke and I was out.


Open all the camp doors. Push all the buttons


Lol, lots of people salty about encrypted faux pas 🤣 don't steal from people while trading is a big one. Oh, don't sell stupid shit for 40k.


Don't buy it, I have a note in mine for 40k to prevent the vendor bug where people can take your stuff, is that not a thing anymore?


I still keep something in there for 40k but maybe I’m just paranoid now


Explain this bug please?


Supposedly there is a vending machine bug that makes it so if your vending machine is empty then another player can see and take items in you stash. To counteract that most people put a useless item or whatever really at top price which is 40k caps so people won't be able to empty your vendor and thus take your items. At least that's how I think it works.


Hmm, I've heard something similar from several people


40k item(s) are to prevent vendor bug...


Vendor bug? Please explain?


Don't claim a workshop without reading the notice that shows up on your screen.


Don’t force pvp on others


Just turn on pacifist mode.


Ik I’m just saying for people who didn’t know that option even existed I learned the hard way after get killed during an event


I was in Pacifist and some high level player came after me with a minigun. Pacifist lowers the damage but doesn't totally negate it. I managed to fast travel back to my camp before he did too much damage but it meant that I'd left a bunch of loot behind. Thankfully that was the only really bad incident.


Pacifist negates damage unless you have armor that damages attackers. There has not been slap damage for years.


Don't know what to tell you. This was two weeks ago and I could see my HP dropping as he kept hitting me. No I was not in a shelter, nor was I doing Hunter/Hunted, and Pacifist mode was still on. Maybe it was a glitch.


A glitch wouldnt be unheard of.


Nah Edit: I really am not gonna kill you, if you see me on the roads one day stop and say hello, I give everyone I meet something neat from my inventory


Found the Ahole who does it 👆


Didn’t have to look hard. Besides if they’d just hand over their tech it’d go much easier


Well jokes on you, I store my junk :-)


Drats, i guess I’ll just have to scavenge for Sensor Modules


\^This! \^ Including killing people in workshops just to be a dick. PLEASE, Remember that often there is a score challenge of claim a workshop - however, not everyone has FO1st Private Worlds, they have to use the workshops in adventure world in order to achieve the score challenge points. So maybe some folks ought to get off their high horse ragging on players getting popped in Workshops. There really is no choice, despite the pop-up "warning" BS.


Always help new players - give them ammo, medicine, recipes, etc. Don't scare and be gentle with them :D


Meh. Wasteland. Suck it up, work it out. Nobody was there for me in beta, I made it this far and still going strong. Let newbies work for it. Don't coddle them, let them earn the right of passage. I'm only half kidding here. I help others when they need it. But I'm not into giving people lots of freebies for the fuck of it. But sometimes I feel this goes too far. Kitting out newbies with everything, whats the point? They need to struggle in the early game to get stronger for the non-existent end game. If you're given everything, you get entitled and don't learn how to do it on your own. Ultimately all there is is the struggle, and the grind. The long, excruciating, pointless grind.


I run a vamp pa build so I tend to have an abundance of stims so I toss those out when I see pretty much anyone under lvl 100


Amen to that. People seem intent on trying to remove what little peril is left in this game. I miss actually having to scrounge for stuff and managing my resources.


How do you notify people of a legendary


Follow emote


Have excess loot? Drop off by train station. Used to hear people putting loot in the green suitcase


Also store junk before coming into another camp


In case its a trap camp? or is there a problem with dropping stuff off in someone else’s stash box? Because I do that sometimes if I stumble across a camp and need to dump some weight.


Trap camp. If it kills you they can steal your stuff. Sometimes not bad but rough If you had flux or screws


Don't be overcharging on ammo, and don't say that's how much a plasma gatling(no legendary) sells, if you still got it, it obviously hasn't sold. Sorry dealt with an ass today, donkey sounds included.


Don't fucking pvp. A giant steroid pumping bloodied build badass will sniff you out...


When capturing a workshop always be couched and standing on the edge, unless you like pvp. If someone cleaning out both tunnels in radiation rumble with a laser/plasma explosive weapon that's them telling you to get a hazmat and finish the mission ASAP. Don't fall asleep on vendors. Don't shoot the queen with stagger weapons when she flying otherwise she might never land. Don't steal people's nukes/encrypted. Avoid using explosive bait in events. It kills friendlies.


Let everyone get a hit on the legendary


Do not run in front of other players while they are clearly trying to loot a body. Always end up picking up something I don't want because of this.


Whatever you do, DO NOT steal everything from the overseer’s house. Im tired of going there and somebody already took it all. Those damn pumpkin pies are addictive and delicious….. 😂😂 On a serious note, on Rad Rumble, if you are not running for ores, try to AT LEAST protect one freaking scavenger.


Agreed I’m always the ore guy and the one or two other people just shooting enemy’s are not anywhere near the scavengers


Workshops are a safe space and carry as much junk as possible at all times


This the most important one right here ✅✅


Pls put your shop in any easy accessible location. If I've spent longer than 30 secs looking for your vendor, I'm out. Guaranteed loss of a sale.


Do not sell the most basic plans and recipes for 250c because the game set this amount. Seriously, do you really think that someone is gonna buy the Revolver ivory grip plan for 300c?


Assume that any time you are killed by a player, it's griefing and they must have used a hacked weapon.


Pretty sure thou shou not scam should be numero umero


Change the team objective to casual when you’re done doing daily ops, I had to server hop for an hour because most of the daily ops teams were full and the ones that had space refused to join me since they already done it. Also don’t start a decryption op if it’s only 2 people, I know some people solo it but it’s way easier with a 3rd teammate.


If containers at a camp (water purifers/crops/resource collectors/etc) are locked, even at level 0, that means the owner doesnt want to share. If they arent locked, their resources are fair game for all to take at will. Either outcome is acceptable, most of those sorts of resources are relatively easy to come by from other sources.


This game has a free market the “don’t over charge for ammo” isn’t really a rule lol


Oh, Bless your heart


It true though Same thing if I kill legendary monster without waiting for other players


Don’t charge 20,000 for a plan, no one will ever buy it