What’s so good about “The Fixer”

What’s so good about “The Fixer”


* Highest initial and moddable damage out of the semi/full auto rifle weapons. * has built-in legendary effects that are always on the gun: * Improved stealth in shadows * Faster move speed while sneaking * +20% damage * it is in .45 which is a very common ammo to find on enemies, so it is easy to resupply your ammo * the mods are the same as the combat rifle. so it is easier to find combat rifles and scrap those to learn mods compared to the handmade rifle (AK) * comes pre-modded with suppressor and reflex sight


So it’s worth it, any idea on how to get 2k caps for the assaultron recall motherboard, or is there another way to get it


you can buy them from vendors. here is the list of vendors that sell them according to the wiki https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Recall_keycard_circuit_board. the first one you get is free, and that is by doing Wolf in Sheep's Clothing side quest.


The Fixer, has a great quest behind it and the highest damage for commando


I Got it from some Quest few days ago, dont remember which


There is a quest for the fixer? Guess I need to check the wiki... Edit: Ah, that quest. Yes that quest was really fun. I don't think I even realized it awarded a Fixer (not Plans, just the gun). I did that quest after level 50 and long after I'd already bought Fixer plans off a player vendor and rolled my own good ones.


I prefer handmades ... i like the look and feel of them ... fixer is too sneaky for me


The look of them, the taste of them, the schmell of them




Quest is fun


The Fixer is one of the best weapons in this game. A good roll on it depending on your build will be very useful. This weapon does rely on stealth and sneak for full effectiveness when it comes to damage. If your more of a “guns blazing” type, then you should look at heavy weapons. Gatling Plasma, Gatling Gun & .50 cal are the best options, but that’s my personal preference. Also to note, legendary effects are **crucial** for maximising DPS potential. For high health, I believe it’s Anti-Armor, but for low health, it’s Bloodied.


I am more of a guns blazing type that's why I stupidly have a double barrel shotgun build, pull up straight in the face and release haha. and for the life of me can't find great armor.


For armor work on crafting and then rolling good effects.


If you like commando it’s the best commando weapon. If you like heavy weapons it won’t do you any good.


I beg to differ. I do heavy weapons and still use it as a speciality item.


Handmades have better aiming than fixers. Fixers have higher recoil.


Stabilized barrel and stock. It makes a huge difference. It almost has no recoil . The hand made does have higher ammo capacity. It is way harder to get mods for. I had most of the mods a fixer needs by level 30 except prime receiver.


The Fixer in my opinion is the best Gun in the Game. One with FFR is also great for P v P Really Funny when Griefers shoot you initiating PvP And you turn around and melt them. I gave a level 1100 a life lesson the other day. I was scripping Legenderies when he started shooting me, One quick burst, job done. Love my Fixer nothing compares,


It is, arguably, the best weapon for stealth build, right of the bat it will has 3 effect, Improved stealth in shadows, Faster movespeed while sneaking and +20% damage. These effect, plus, additional legendary effects like bloodied, make it one of the highest dps in game (If you are stealth build ofcause, 2/3 of it's effect will be useless to non stealth build)


overrated IMO, if you are a VATS commando the railway is way better, and outside of VATS the handmade is better(fixer has too much recoil)


choo-choo is shit if youre trying to sneak..


But I can go "choo choo motherfuc*er" after every kill.


Sneak Commandos who use VATS will find the Fixer probably the most beneficial. Non-sneak commandos who use VATS will probably find the Railway Rifle better.


For public events, where you often lose your sneak bonuses (when they're not being lost due to a bug) anyway, railway rifle is better, and ammo crafting only requires steel, as gunpowder and lead are not needed. I usually carry both and swap depending upon the situation (or ammo).


Yeah that’s definitely the best approach to it. It’s best to carry both 👍🏻 I love using my Fixer, but should take my Railway Rifle too just in case.


Maybe best solo experience.It may not have OP dmgs,but effective for secret operations.


Someone else asked about The Fixer earlier. It dropped for me with a long recon scope and silencer/muzzle whatever. Don't know if the last one is standard. Probably. I was surprised how good it is. I do a heavy weapons build but I carry this for occasional stealth jobs like rescue missions and Vital Equipment. That's just how I like to do them. The recoil is amazing. It snaps right back to the same position, making it easy it to keep hitting the target. The recon scope tracks targets after you've hit them once (like any recon scope). It's really helpful and the magnification makes it extremely accurate. I rolled quad ammo and reduced weight on it (can't remember the third) and thought that was great. I don't get weight reduction on rifles normally. ​ EDIT: Oh yeah, with covert operative and chameleon armor, it really does come into its own.


I'm quite the idiot. Got the fixer last night and for some reason thought it was a shotgun, couldnt figure out why my .45 ammo was depleting so quickly (also using a lever action) now I know!


My Q2525 Fixer is hands down the best gun in the game. I have a bunch of legacies, and with the right perks, this gun can't be beat.


Its terrible in VATS unless you get one with a +33% VATS hit chance.


That's not true of you're spec'd for perception. Also it's +50% VATS hit chance now, it got buffed a few patches ago.


Correct. And with GunFu you can kill 4+ enemies without breaking VATS