Daily ops rant - removed from team

Daily ops rant - removed from team


It happens. People can be weird about kicking if you don't join certain events or 3/4 of a casual team decide to do DO and they kick you for not doing DO. Shrug and move on. Also, if you're on PSN and would ever like a hand with DO, feel free to give a shout.


Just so you know, there's this bug sometimes you randomly get kicked from team for no freaking reason at all, happened to me many times.


Have you ever been to the DMV? I laughed so hard at that quest because it was way, way too accurate. Sorry for your DO woes, though.


I only recently (pre COVID) experienced that kind of mind numbing dmv trip. My home town is quite small and the dmv serves several towns. You go in and barely have time to start paperwork before being called up. On a busy day you almost finish it when you get called. I thought it was a made up media troupe.


Team group is also buggy. Players sometime get randomly kicked. However it seems to happen more frequent after recent update.


This. I run two PS4s side by side on the same internet. I get removed from a team of two when I'm not the leader constantly. Sometimes the group just disbands. Sometimes one character is shown at the main menu when I am standing right next to them. Sometimes I try to fast travel to one of the characters and it says "join" even though we are in the same group. Sometimes it just works.. kind of. Either way don't take it personally when it says your removed from the group "oftentimes" it's just the game being broken.


The team thing really is buggy AF right now. I often notice nearly everyone getting kicked at the same time, and most teams disappearing even. I was a leader the other day and some error message popped up saying that kicking someone from the team had just failed. I have never kicked anyone from a team. Not long after, I (the leader) got kicked from the team. I've recently tried traveling to a team mate and a few times now its kicked me out of the server entirely to the home screen. Ugh.


> 10 mins later and I was so close to killing the final Enemy. If you were 10 minutes into the op, you weren't going to get any good loot out of it anyway. Not that this justifies being kicked, but ...just in case it makes you feel any better. That op was a bust anyways.