"I don't have any specific sources, just Google it!" This statement has become synonymous with "I know I'm making this up and I don't care"


i love how she said Facebook.


“And where are you getting this information from?” “My aunt Cheryl heard it from her drinking buddy, Bubba, who heard it from the Facebook page ‘Librulz r stupid’”


Its called networking!


Gosh! You liberals just don't get it, do you?


"Do your own research!" [Proceeds to do my own research and share it with all relevant sources] "😑🤬 NOT LIKE THAT, STOOPID LABRUL!"


"I did my own research!"


It's universally recognised that if *both* Google and Facebook say a thing, it's legally true. That's just how it works now. Do try to keep up /*intense sarcasm*


How in the age of information do we have such idiots?


Because, previously, information had to be collected, reviewed, and physically published before it got to the end user. At any stage, an editor (or similar) could stop the process. We are now at the stage of publish first then edit as need be.


We have entered the age of misinformation


It comes from a deceptively edited video from FOX https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-encouraged-illegal-aliens-to-vote/


They don’t realize we all don’t see the same facebooks feeds and that individual Facebook feeds are personalized to the user based on what they click on. They think that Facebook feeds are like a newspapers website, where everyone sees the same articles and memes no matter how they access it.


Right, as if Facebook doesn't also have thousands of opposing views as well. The interviewer can easily counter her argument by saying she also went to Facebook and found pages that say the opposite.


I posted this to the parent comment but it’s relevant to yours as well > They don’t realize we all don’t see the same facebook feeds and that individual Facebook feeds are personalized to the user based on what they click on. They think that Facebook feeds are like a newspapers website, where everyone sees the same articles and memes no matter how they access it.


Holy shit. They’re morons.


And when you call them out on it, they say stupid bullshit like "WaKe Up LooK aT wHaT's HaPPeNiNg". It's infuriating that they are this fucking stupid.


I work with a guy who says that covid is manufactured, the infection rates are a hoax, and the vaccine is a hoax. I asked why he believed that. He said that all the information that proves it is right from the CDC. I asked, what information specifically. He said that it's all there and I just need to look. I asked, look at what, *specifically*? This exchange went back and forth a few times. Finally after not being able to name anything specific that I'm supposed to look for he said, "you obviously don't want to hear the truth so I'm just going to leave, and turned around and walked away. These people don't actually have anything specific. They just say shit that they think sounds official or impressive.


My mom is like that. It’s always some fact she can’t verify. Some scary sounding language that doesn’t mean anything. Once it was Hilary was waging a war on Christianity. I asked her what it meant, wanted to know how she was waging war on Christianity, and she didn’t know. A couple of days ago and she says Biden is going to destroy this country. I asked what is he doing that’s destroying the country? She said it’s going to happen soon. I asked what was going to happen. “Just you wait and see! You wait and see!” I reminded her he has managed to avoid destroying the entire US this last year so far and she got mad at me. I just can’t. They need zero facts to believe what they like.


Foxnews and Conservative radio.


They also have no idea how to argue a point so they go into the argument confident as hell but then just get frustrated when they realize they hadn’t thought past step 1. They’re straight up not smart, and this bleeds over into literally everything they do because it’s who they are—dumb. The only thing these people actually “believe”, the only one true belief they can fit into their brains, is that everything bad about their lives is the Democrats’ fault. That’s it. Everything else is either blindly followed or made up on the spot because it serves that belief.


My coworker thinks the vaccine is actually making covid worse. She thinks all these new mutations wouldn't be happening without a vaccine. And that the vaccine is accelerating the spread of covid.


As soon as you relay to them accurate information, the first thing out of their mouths is "you can't keep listening to the media!"


"Google it!" Me: "Okay, let's look it up right now" [pulls out phone] "Nah, I don't really wanna get into it right now" Every. fucking. time.


And Googling it almost always instantly brings up something saying it's b.s. and why. They never Googled it in the first place to check their original source. Which was probably a screenshot of a headline or tv news chiron. Or an altered video like in this case.


Except that Google returns different search results based on your profile, so it's probable that these people get supporting sources instead.


They often get the same stuff, or rather even if they did, it just doesn’t matter. I used to lurk regularly on /r/asktrumpsupporters. They wrote off Snopes and literally every news network, so even if they are all of these studies, articles, whatever come up first on their Google search to immediately disprove what they saw on Facebook or Reddit they won’t even look at them. Once you write it all off as false it doesn’t matter anymore. By the end most of them had even written off Fox for being too left wing. Especially once they started calling states for Biden. You should have seen what they were saying in there. I saw people threatening literal attacks and referencing “the four boxes of liberty” all over. Something I’d never heard of before. I would see people post a video clip that supposedly proved the vote tampering, someone would point out that there was a Russian flag in the background of what was supposedly a government building in Georgia (state Georgia not country obviously) someone else would track it down to prove it was from a different country years ago, and they would just keep right on posting it all around as proof of vote tampering regardless.


Or the usual technology illiterate person: oh but Microsoft Google is a dot com, that means they will post anything that furthers their agenda to get money!


The minute someone says ‘Google it’ or ‘research it’, when you ask them to name their source to prove something they’ve said, you instantly know they’re an idiot.


Enh, not necessarily. Sometimes when I'm arguing with a MAGA moron and I reference something I read months ago in a reputable source and they ask me to cite a source, I respond "fucking Google it." When they're not asking in good faith, I'm not going to dig up the source. I'm not an idiot.


You could return a video of whatever they are questioning confirming it to them in a personal address accompanied by a affidavit, a blood, hair and stool sample signed in blood by cheeto himself and they would not believe you. They ~~want~~ have to believe the worst to continue the falsehood of them being right and not that they are just shitty, racist smooth brains that want everything to go back to "the good ole days".


I absolutely understand the frustration. With that said, within more public forums it is really important to keep in mind that there are usually more people reading the comments than just the person one's responding to. If one already believes the person they're responding to is unlikely to budge on position, the next best thing when responding is to address the response to the incidental viewer coming across the comment in the future. If an idiot isn't participating in good faith, the goal should be to dismantle their argument for others.


It doesn't even matter. No source, no matter who it is, is valid if it disproves what they are saying. They will never, ever admit they are wrong about something, just deflect when cornered by facts, so having arguments with them is lunacy.


Oh yeah. I got into an argument with someone on Reddit about the quality of life between the generations. He was saying boomers have had a worse life than millennials. I posted articles showing that in fact no, they hadn't, and actually made life much much worse for their children. Then he started combing through my reddit history and started making attacks based on my post history. "Oh you're just a weed smoking, video game playing millennial. You've never known a struggle." I went back and forth, asking for actual evidence of his claim, but he just kept going back to attacks. So I just stopped feeding the troll. I could have mentioned any number of struggles, but why bother? At that point he wasn't looking to debate, he wanted to be right. And you can't change the mind of someone like that.


Yeah, these are often the same idiots that think that Jews rule the pedophilic New World Order, that the Holocaust is a lie and zyklon gas was just a de-lousing agent, and that genocides occurring today as reported by the media and nonprofit groups are false flag operations. I had a really fun time grading their essays when I taught Holocaust courses at a university. There were always 2-3 every semester that would be *way* too into their personal collections of Nazi memorabilia and very much *not* into actually reading reputable sources or engaging with the work.


Hey, do I know my specific sources for why global warming is real off the top of my head? No.


'The world scientific community' would be an acceptable source for global warming


You chould probably say something to the effect of "I believe Nasa has some readily available statistics on that."


Ah, well, but you see, they would tell you that NASA is a government-funded agency and you can't trust the government!


I bet they would x3. Though, my point was that without really knowing you could still fish a credible source out of your ass. Im positive you could do better than "Google it"


to be fair google does wonders. I last used google to learn how the mRNA vaccines work, and [Hank Green delivered](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPeeCyJReZw). Knowing there are lots of videos like this I'd definitely tell people to google how the vaccine works.


It's pronounced 'gov'ment'


You don't have to. The expert global consensus comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Just say, the IPCC says so. Then, when that doesn't work, tell them to fuck off because they are a pinko, commie fascist climate change denier supporter... You can't change a mind that's full of shit with reason, just out crazy their bullshit.


Well it was a planned interview. Pretty sure if ur gonna be on a show to talk about a specific topic you would be allowed to prepare and bring papers and stuff. It's not like they just pulled random people off the street to ask then these questions


I'm sure they were allowed to prep. Probably even encouraged to do so but they're too full of themselves to feel the need to.


"Do your own research" = "my research was ignoring mountains of actual peer reviewed evidence while accepting something directly contradictory that my drunken illiterate cousin Billy Bobby Joe posted to facebook"


You can find anything to fit your narrative online. But they don't trust actual trustworthy sites.


Find it on fb


If you're here in this country illegally then one of the last things you are going to want to do is go and vote.


"The president said we can vote and I'm here illegally" Jesus fucking h christ. Lady because you're dumb enough to think that shit doesn't mean that professional hide and seek players are going to pop out of the woodwork and give up all their hardwork and declare their immigration status because the president said its OK.


Look, there’s probably some iota of truth in it. Like I can imagine people showing up to vote and they can’t provide the proper identification, and saying some stupid shit. Illegal or otherwise. Anecdotes are not good evidence, and the leap from interpreting some interactions that people have had to wide spread voter fraud is astounding - especially after so much investigation that has failed to prove it.


I don't get how people think this fraud occurs, have they never been to a polling place? I have to show up to MY polling place and provide my full name to be able to vote. Without more information about me they wouldn't even be able to identify the right polling place, and if they show up after me they are screwed, if they show up before me I can show my ID to prove the first one was a fraud and their vote doesn't count... Do they think all the illegals just obtain a list of people who aren't voting and what polling place to show up to to vote?


Conspiracy theorists are always short on details.


Unless a loud Orange man and the friends he’s mostly nice to say otherwise, anything and everything you can say to convince her will be deemed wrong.


It doesn't even begin to make sense. 3 million people illegally voted in California? Do they even know how many people 3 million is? Even if there were 3 million illegal immigrants in California, that stat would be way too high. Do they really think over 5% of California's population are undocumented immigrants, *AND* they had a 100% voter turnout, *AND* nobody gave a fuck? It just blows my mind how little some people use their brains.


Also, what's the point? California is reliably blue, what does adding extra illegal votes to the total do for anyone, other than expose the illegal voter to criminal charges?


Yeah Biden won California by like 5 million votes. Even if there were 3 million illegal voters and they ALL voted for Biden, he still wins the state easily without them. Makes zero sense.


I've said that "there actually were 5 million illegal votes, they all voted for Trump, Hillary actually won by 8 million votes not 3 million, but they are hiding the truth"


This is an argument I've tried to make many times. Every reliable and independent poll leading up to the 2016 and 2020 elections indicated that it would be a win for the Democratic party. However, both elections ended up being much closer and any of the data suggested (in favor of the Republican party). Logically, if there was any voter fraud, the data would indicate that fraud was in favor of the Republican candidate. I mean, it stands to reason that Trump would stomp and yell that there was election fraud, and was easily telling the truth (because he knew it was going on to benefit him). It's like someone who cheats at cards, then throws a fit because they believe the only way they could have possibly lost is if someone else cheated more or better than they did.


Its the number Trump went with because it was the number that differentiated him from Hillary Clinton in terms of popular vote. Its just blatant.


The 3 million lie came after the 2016 election where Trump won but lost the popular vote by... 3 million. It was never anything more than soothing his ego


I live in SF, and they did pass a law here where undocumented adults can vote in local school board elections _only_. Not state, not federal elections. But of course that distinction is omitted as soon as it enters the right wing media echo chamber. source: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/san-francisco-now-allows-non-citizens-to-vote-in-school-board-elections_n_5b4e301ee4b0de86f48775d0


Fun fact: You didn't have to be a U.S. citizen to vote originally. You only had to reside in the U.S. for a few years to fulfill the minimum the requirements. It was only in the early twentieth that immigrants were stripped of their right to vote, which ultimately benefited conservatives running nativist campaigns.


Where did you get your information? Facebook. We’re done here.


Facebook is a plague on society, I hate it so much


It’s like the alt-right bible of misinformation


The weird thing is how much they hate Facebook, claiming it to be basically a tool of the communist Democrats. They don't trust FB, they claim it censors right wing views, they hate FB fact checkers... yet every bit of 'knowledge' they have is gleaned from Facebook.


They're mad accounts get banned for using outright racial slurs.


I find it weird that to them social media is now conflated with news stations. Like when people say "the media" you're usually referring to the news media. But these people are treating memes on Facebook likes it somehow on the same level as CNN. Its fucking bananas man.


Whatchu mean man, its right there in the gawdang name, social medier. Globalist mainstream medier ain't got a monopolies on the news anymore bub sorry to tell ya. And its gotchu CNNerds scared as a cat in a dog park, scramblin like eggs in the mornin to discourage the real truth seekers from seekin.


Not that weird. Evolution spent millions of years developing our defense mechanisms to protect our fragile egos. Projection is as natural and normal as trees and rocks.


Weren't they all supposed to go to Parler last year?


As long as the alt-right spend money on dumb shit and the dumb shit stores pay Facebook for targeted advertising, Facebook continues to have a financial incentive to keep growing the trove of idiocy and misinformation that keeps the dumb shits glued to the screen.


Facebook is literally a backalley public toilet where people take the vandalism as gospel.


Fucking fact.


I love how they don’t understand how sources work, and still think they deserve a seat at the adult table to participate in important scientific / political discussions. Facebook and Google are not sources because they are not publishers of information, and therefore cannot be sources - unless they like said this in a press release or something…


These are the SAME PEOPLE who warned us 'don't trust everything you read on the internet'. Then they found out that the internet is a great way to stroke their biases to full completion and started trusting everything they read on the internet.


I mean really, these things always boil down to a small handful of wealthy zealots. These misinformation campaigns are designed and operated by some millionaire in Ohio and his wealthy buddy in Florida. We don’t hold the sources of the information accountable at all, instead blaming the individuals for falling victim. These people show their hand from the jump though. It’s all based on anecdotes, “Googling it”, Fox and Facebook posts. They don’t look into it themselves because Betty from high school shared the post and it led to an exchange that made them feel less alone for a minute.


Oof did you have to put in those last 6 words? Well put. Hits the feels. Sympathy first. I forget it prolly feels really good to be part of a team and knowing a secret.


>These are the SAME PEOPLE who warned us 'don't trust everything you read on the internet'. They said don't trust the internet because they hate and distrust anything new. It's pure coincidence that they happened to be teaching the younger generations a piece of good advice for once. Can you imagine if they had adopted the internet with this fervor back then and taught kids to trust it? Daaaaamn.


They can't differentiate between actual news and b.s. garbage. It's an incomprehensible firehose of information. All sources are equal because they've been taught everyone lies and you can just pick what you want. They have no interest in checking sources because AP News and some opinion blog by a random person hold equal weight for them. But they consider themselves expert researchers just because they take so much in. They think quantity leaves you more informed than quality.


[They’ve been told since the 80s not to trust the government](https://hartmannreport.com/p/why-the-reagan-revolution-scheme). We’re seeing the payoff of that ploy more now than ever. We have a completely out of touch generation living in a fantasy world because they’re isolated from their loved ones and on Facebook too much. Their isolated from their children because their children are being worked into an early grave and have no resources to travel or take time off.


That was a great read


I used to be a bit of a fb keyboard warrior during the election. Made it a mission to refute and put sources under the insane shit some of my conservative acquaintances posted. The only time I got one to actually give me a link to source what they were talking about, it was the Trump campaign website. and I argued with a looot of people


I did the same thing. And looking back, it was all wasted effort. Anyone with a hard-on for Trump will NOT listen to reason. Challenging their views just makes them dig their foot in even harder.


You can't put anything that's not true on Facebook! Source: I read it on Facebook, so it *has* to be true.


The fact they tried to say CNN reported the absurdity is wild. Like, they can literally check right there. Anytime someone says 'the media says' or 'google it', they very often mean 'facebook social media's and 'fox'. Absolutely wild.


They need to add "Google it" to urban dictionary as "I have no idea what I'm talking about nor can prove it. But I do know Google will have at least 1 thing about it if you look hard enough so that should cover my ass". Or something like that... Edit.. it's there.. "Google It" can be used as an answer to any question that you dont know, and does not result in you feeling stupid.


I resent that is the current definition of it so much. I tell people to google shit every day, for work related things, when I consider it is knowledge they should be able to find and use themselves. I do it as a means of educating people into using the tools at their disposal to do their job. ​ Not to weasel my way out of a corner. ​ :( fucking GQP man.


Sometimes they are even quoting crap that Fox said and then had to retract... which is one reason why they loudly claim whatever they want and then very quietly issue a retraction. The misinformation has already been disseminated.


And then she says "if CNN didn't report it, then..." which implies she's full of shit and just assuming CNN did because her other sources said so. That's why she said "it's all over the media" what she means is she's seen it all over her Facebook feed and on fox news ...


This poor, brainwashed idiot doesnt even realize that the sole source of "3 million people voted illegally in California" was Trump, and only Trump, and he picked 3 million because that's what he lost the popular vote by.


She doesn't care, she wants to believe the lies, they want to believe whatever Trump tells them. Trump gives these people convenient targets to blame all problems on, that's why they love him so much.


Germany circa 1940


Yeah! Remember when Trump told Georgia's top election official Brad Raffensperger "I just want to find 11,780 votes" because he lost with 11,779 votes in Georgia state to Joe Biden.


Wild isnt it? Trump saying "many people are saying 3 million voted illegally-" became a memory in her mind of seeing it "coming all across the news channels". These people don't even have a grasp on their wits enough to recognize where their beliefs are being implanted from


I know what you mean but still ... POOR THIS IDIOT?? No, poor every other sane people that have to face the consequences of their actions.


I think what is crazy is these peoples lack of ability to think of the “how” for this apparent voter fraud. 3 million fraudulent votes is A LOT of people voting. Because the voting and counting process is such a hierarchical system, you would need thousands of people in this plot and not have anyone spill the beans. What are the chances of out of thousands of poll workers and vote counters, not one would say something about this massive scheme? Probably zero. It’s just insane thinking to think that 3 million people voted illegally. Now, if Trump would have said 50,000 people voted illegally, and there was someone who gave possible evidence, that claim would be credible. It would still need to be validated, but it sounds credible. 3 million is just an absurdly large number that there is no possible way it would happen.


And this is the problem. That woman is so fucking certain in her beliefs, that you cannot convince her she is wrong.


Reports say the ‘psychic service’ industry generates 2.2 billion dollars a year. She absolutely illustrates the type of people that contribute in order to speak to their deceased pets.


I'll be honest, after the past few years of bullshit, I'd happily pay someone 10 bucks to lie to me that all my pets are happily rolling around in the great beyond and getting along great with each other :(


No need: I’m here to tell you (free of charge) that that is exactly what is happening. Not only that but they’ve made a ton of new friends + there are enough sun spots for everyone to lounge in.


How about tennis balls? And my German Shepherd loved beer.


Tennis balls *everywhere*, but not so many as to be overwhelming. Ditto every pet’s favourite treat: tons of beer on offer for your pup (others get cheese, carrots, ice cubes, etc)…but never so much that it doesn’t still feel like a special treat for being an extra good boy.


Well aren’t you a drop of sunshine in a barren hellscape? Good on you mate.


2.2 billion is nothing compared to religions.


Religion is like 1/10 of all money, so about 2 trillion per year


The psychic service industry is a religion. It helps people cope with the realities of death (and the imagined perceptions of life after death), just like a religion does.


just amazes me how dumb & easily influenced people are.


She already knew what she wanted to believe. She found someone in "the media" who would happily tell her that. So it's a done deal. It's real to her now. And she thinks anyone who doesn't believe it, because they didn't already want to, is wrong.


Not me. I grew up in the military. People believed in all sorts of crazy bullshit. You'd think being military you'd have at least sole sort of brain. Apparently, they don't check for brains during the physical. EDIT: so, I was being facetious when talking about the military and brains. I expected agreement but I didn't expect so many comments flat out talking shit about the US military. It makes me a little sad seeing people treat them this way. A lot of military are very smart people. A lot of them are serving because they want to. Not because they have to. The idea that military are dumb grunts just goes to show how disconnected some of you are from those who serve. I'm not here to argue about the military so if you'd like to find somewhere else to do it. If you have legit questions feel free to PM me.


Hate to say it but...people in the military are notoriously dumb as rocks. Smart people don't waste years of their lives because merica. No offense to you. I'm making a general statement. It's a meme that women shouldn't date men working in the big three, military, cops or oilfield workers. They just have zero intelligence most of the time lol


Yeah that was a weird choice. Like yeah there are outliers, but marines are literally stereotyped as crayon eaters. Like yes, obviously there are outliers, but it is NOT known for having the best and the brightest.


Michael Flynn, John Kelly, and James Mattis were all *generals* in the armed forces. All three of them agreed to work in the Trump administration and went along with him until they were fired/resigned. None of them had a bad thing to say about the guy in public. They were generals.


Ridiculous to link Kelly and Mattis to Flynn. Flynn is a total nutjob. Mattis and Kelly both criticized Trump, particularly Mattis who wrote one a SCATHING condemnation of Trump including >"Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people— does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us." In general the military tries to avoid openly playing politics so this was a very serious condemnation.


Flynn is a traitor and a nut job. Mattis tried to be the adult in the room.


His resignation letter was also a pretty big fuck you to Trump. He basically said he believes we should treat our allies with respect and stand up to Russia and China, and since "you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours" he was resigning.


Actually, she’s right. There is voter fraud. And it was perpetrated by republicans - dude voted for his dead mother, another voted twice, another voted in two different states. She’s right, she just has the wrong party.


The contractor accused of murdering his wife in Colorado got caught forging her mail-in-ballot to vote for Trump after she disappeared. https://abcnews.go.com/US/man-arrested-wifes-murder-now-accused-voting-trump/story?id=77692708 Virtually every single person caught doing voter fraud have been republicans and Trump supporters


You say virtually, but has there been even one case of a democrat committing voter fraud?


Not one that I can recall done on purpose but there is that poor lady in Texas serving 5 years for casting a provisional ballot as a felon. The screwed up aspect to her case was that she checked with authorities prior to doing that act and they recommended the provisional ballot. She got completely screwed over by the Judge


Unbelievable. What was dude going to do if she won?


Uh, maybe I wrote that out wrong. A Republican voter took his dead mother’s ballot and voted for Trump under her name. The best is that some of these situations were found out because the person bragged about it online. I think the thought process was that they would prove voter fraud exists by committing voter fraud. But in nearly all cases, votes were rejected prior to being counted so it actually showed the system worked and there was no voter fraud.


“It's easier to fool people than convince them they've been fooled”


Many people lack the ability to reason and refuse fact driven evidence if it goes against their narrative. The statement ignorance is bliss comes to mind


I was visiting California a while back and this guy starts talking to me about how unseasonably chilly it was. Without skipping a beat he then tells me that it is due to Planet X coming towards earth. TBF, astronomers think there may be a Planet X orbiting the sun far out beyond Pluto, but it is not coming towards us and is not influencing our climate. He was more certain about his “fact” though than I have ever been about anything in my entire life. It is frightening.




Trump supporters have to be some of the dumbest people ever produced. Bravo America


“I never thought hyenas essential.” -Trump probably


The smugness on these fucking morons' faces is the worst part to me. Just accept you are an uneducated moron and go through life being dumb and happy. Leave the real world stuff to the adults.


That’s really the issue. It’s not the stupidity, it’s the foolishness, lack of wisdom. Even someone as stupid as Camancho had the wherewithal to know he was ill equipped to deal with the Idiocracy he led.


man that guy was a real leader and pretty damn smart compared to these backwards imbeciles. thats a scary thought -- a fictional character whos supposed to be a caricature of idiocy is actually smarter than almost half of real american people lol


Actually to be honest he’d be a good leader now. Imagine we actually made policy decisions based on economic and scientific studies instead of random former lawyers arguing their cases.


They will never admit it, because in their minds, they're the smartest people they know.


The saddest part is that they very well might be.


> Just accept you are an uneducated moron and go through life being dumb and happy. The morons *used to* be "dumb and happy". "Blissfully ignorant" was the term. That was until someone in the right wing media realized that those idiots can be easily manipulated and mobilized through a firehose of propaganda. Now they're fully convinced of their superiority and they're all pissed off all the time because their chosen media machine keeps them in a constant state of outrage.


Weaponized stupidity.


When you are unwilling to accept that you may be an idiot ….


Am I an idiot? No... everyone ELSE is...


Lady in gold is showing some belly.


The buttons on that shirt are working harder than any of these dumb fucks ever have in their entire lives.


The shirt is embarrassed to be seen on national television with these idiots and is trying to escape.


Just throw the whole earth in the trash at this point.


We are


Enjoy your silver because your comment made me sad


We are already in the trash and getting incinerated by the sun in a few decades.


I love how they constantly rant that "you can't trust the media" What's your source: "The Media"


Anyone else notice the buttons on the gold shirt screaming for help?


Been looking through the comments to see if anybody else saw them. May those poor things get a break soon.


They need to issue safety glasses to everyone within fifteen feet.


War on Intellectualism The dumbasses are winning


The dumbasses won


A post fact society.


No wonder America is such a mess* * as a brit, I accept the British are hardly pillars of sense either




WE GOT it ^(from you...)


Ngl mate every time I see an update on Brexit I go, well the apple didn't fall to far from the tree. Nothing but love for my British friends.


pot and kettle to be honest


Legit watched this poor woman die inside repeatedly throughout this interview


"you can find it on facebook"


Fact checked right in front of them and they continue to make stuff up. If you think Facebook is a news source you are the problem.


"I belief millions of illegal people voted." "I also believe in magic."


Even if there was three million illegal votes for democrats in California, since California is a blue state, and the US doesn't care about individual votes as much as it cares about the votes in each state, would it matter?


That's why it's so flawed. It would make way more sense for them to rig the vote in Texas because then it would be impossible for a Republican to ever win the presidency. But obviously the dems didn't do that. So either they're so incredibly stupid that they only rigged the vote in states they would already win anyway, or they didn't rig the vote.


They don’t really believe it. They just say it, because it’s easier than admitting your team sucks and would lose in any kind of fair vote


They want to believe it, it gives them a convenient target to blame failings on. The evil dems and illegals are rigging elections to destroy USA etc.


It's easy to fool people when they are afraid. The GOP is fantastic at conjuring a boogeyman to whip their supporters up into a frenzy. The Democrat stormtroopers here to take their guns. Illegals are here to take your job, bring drugs and rape your daughters and wives! Socialists/Communists want to work you to death, take what's yours and cause you to live under a dictatorship! They are the opposite of freedom!! This is a good Christian nation. You cannot reason with these people, they really cannot be saved. Honestly at this point, let the red states get by on their own without help from the blue states. Fuck it, let them dig their own hole.


This is also why they hate vote-by-mail. They know it's not voter fraud but they also know that they will lose if everyone actually votes.


They are following the conviction of a narcissist. This guy is their leader who ties up all of their beliefs in a neat and tidy bow. He knows marketing, and propaganda, and is using it to create an army of blind followers


I think that everyone should at least once volunteer to work in a poll station and actually see what measures go on to stop voting fraud. Worse case scenario is that someone fills out a manual ballot that is then reviewed by a public panel before being allowed to even count. No one is refused to be able to vote, but your vote may not be counted later. Most of the time your just told that you are at the wrong poll station and are told where you can vote but even then you can still vote at the poll station you are at manually.


I heard pigs can fly so yeah this is an issue we should all be generally concerned about. Evidence? Well pigs exists and flying is a thing and I've heard many people talk about pigs flying so i'm just saying I don't really want to be caught outside when that happens that's all and that's why I believe we should ban immigrants from eating bacon.


You can’t reason with idiots.


Too stupid to realise how fucking stupid they are


She is so proud of her stupidity.


What a dumb fucking bitch


Man. This should be the title of the post.


Awesome! It’s so rare that we get to use the term “facepalm” literally


The right is so fucking stupid lmao


It'd be comical if they didn't have so much voting power.


If 3m illegals voted in California, Trump still loses by 2m. What would be the point?


This was the 2016 election. Donald’s Ego couldn’t handle not also winning the popular vote so he threw out the 3M illegal numbers because that is what he lost the pop vote by


Stop asking them what they believe and start asking them to prove or at least show facts that support their position.


I agree with you in spirit. The problem is with these clowns is that you get a response like [this.](https://redstate.com/stu-in-sd/2021/03/16/new-report-shows-significant-election-irregularities-in-many-states-n343947/amp) Spoiler alert: it’s bullshit. Population changes are a very poor indicator of vote count increases. The “researcher” not only used his “status” as a MENSA member to try to establish himself as an expert, but he also ignored the most important factors. The most obvious one was the increase in voter registration. Secondly in some states, fewer people voted third party. These figures were freely available on the states’ election websites. I did the research and the math and showed this family member my work. He still believes the lie and I don’t think he really looked at my proof or just couldn’t understand it.


At least you have a jumping off point then. You can’t change beliefs unless you can frame a position that they can’t counter. It isn’t easy, and it can take a really long time, but arguing beliefs boils down to vigorously shouting “uh-huh” and “nuh-uh” back and forth.


This is a microcosm of all conservatives. Ignorant, arrogant, incompetent, bigoted, racist and willfully stupid. May they all rot in their belief in hell


These people vote. They vote every year. They are deciding the direction of this godforsaken country.


Behold! The power of dumb


Ugh that gold shirt is terribly ill-fitting.


These people are so fucking stupid they’re single-handedly dragging the country into a shithole


American Republicans are the dumbest humans on the planet.


Belief over facts. Gotta over the religious fanatics


These are the dumbest of the dumb


I know that usually US and Americans have a ad rep for tinfoil. I’m going to say this to any person reading from that country while I type from Europe (being European). You are not… Somehow the rest of the world gets more knowns from you and so it sounds like it. I love your spirit (every American I knew is super kind might be biased but that’s my experience). You seem to have a real issue to get the difference of “I got her because of this hardship” rather than “I got her in spirit this hardship”. I hope one day, in US as in my Country of origin, the concensus was even an temporary job as is fast food worker and summer jobs deserve dignity and proper salary.


Thx Facebook


Badass interviewer


I love that reporters voice. She kinda reminds me of Roz from Frasier


Lets say its true. California isn't exactly a swing state.


This is why this country is doomed.


the most common party that commits voter fraud? republicans. accuse others of that which you are guilty of.


Gaslight Obstruct **Project**