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This comment, especially: > If people are interested in doing good for the sake of doing good, they tend not to make a social media personality around it. Compassionate people do good even if they get no attention or kudos for it. Like yeah, that's great... But doesn't most of this guy's money come from his YouTube stunts? Does this person expect him to somehow be able to do charity work like this while simultaneously not having an income?


Yeah…I see this complaint about him showing off, but he makes money to give it away how the fuck could he give so much money away without making money. Also dude made his own food bank that is bankrolled by him that someone else manages idk how anyone can call this guy bad tbh. Even if they think he is a prick


Exactly, dude isn't born rich He makes money from doing crazy YouTube videos and getting sponsors, turns the noney around and gives it to people, then rinse and repeat


My sister literally is able to eat because the food pantry they saved is where she goes


Right? Im not a Mr Beast fan boy at all, but if he gets rich by giving away money and making peoples lives better then I’m all for it. Can you imagine what our country would be like if every rich guy acted like Mr. Beast? I really don’t think poverty would be a thing, we wouldn’t have private penis shaped rockets, the earth may actually be healthy again, and everyone would have a chance at happiness. Again, I’m not a fan boy, but I think he found a very commendable way of getting rich. Go Mr. Beast!


Why you gotta shame the poor rockets? Not their fault.....


You’re right. I do feel bad that those rockets have to carry penis shaped billionaires to space. :(


Personally, I'm mad at the rocket for bringing the penis shaped billionaire back to earth


He'll probably become the first YouTube billionaire.


If any YouTuber is deserving of that title, it’s Mr. Beast.


Probably not. He plans to give away almost all the money he gets. Would he have accumulated a billion over his lifetime (if we count the money he spends as well?) Probably yeah


This is more ethical than most careers


Plus, you know, he's still doing the actual actions. Just because I film myself giving $100 to a homeless person doesn't mean that $100 stops existing or stops being a good deed.


Yeah. I hate this argument that just because someone filmed something they aren't really a good person. I often find that the people saying this stuff would never do it on their own. So what if a guy filmed himself giving food to the homeless or volunteering at a shelter or picking up trash at a park. 99% of people complaining the the action was filmed would never do it in the first place. I'm pretty sure it's well known that seeing or experience a kind act encourages others to do the same. #trashtag anyone? It's just a way for people to feel morally superior for not doing anything because "at least they didn't film it like that dick influencer" You see it everywhere. Why is celebrity/church/company raising money for this cause? They could easily just pay it themselves. Well yeah, they could. Or they could pay it themselves AND get a bunch of people to donate for a larger net good. The people complaining about being asked to add a dollar to their total grocery payment to give to the children's hospital are probably not going to be running home to donate online


I’m very particular about what my kids watch on You Tube. Mr. Beast is one of the channels I’m totally okay with BECAUSE of the fact that he does acts of charity like this. Is it performative? Probably. Does it still instill in viewers the importance of giving when you can? Absolutely.


Yeah, that asshole taking ad money from Google and whatever other corporations and donations and buying stuff for poor people! What a jerk! Social media has made the world so much worse.


Not sure why Mr Beast is everyone’s target lately. It’s like people don’t want other people to be good/better then themselves.


It's all just crazy. Sure his channel is charity porn, which could be veiwed as problematic, but MrBeast does some really good things for people. If society was right in the head people should want to help him out with his charity videos and not drag him down. Though I guess if society was right in the head people wouldn't need MrBeast to help them eat food on thanks giving. Edit: can't belive this is gonna be what reddit remebrs me for. Just wanna say that some of you seem to misunder stand me, I am not one of the people that thinks all charity porn is bad, some of it is very distasteful but I don't think that MrBeasts is, I'm not trying to knock him for being charity porn here just saying it is and some people don't like that type of video. Edit 2: also because it seems to be a common question: charity porn (broadly not just MrBeast) is frowned on by some people because they viewed as distasteful and sensationalizing very real problems in society. Overall MrBeast handles things very tastefully and humbly and treats the people that come on his videos with respect and wants them to feel better about themselves. Not all charity porn videos are like this, many do not treat the people that come on the video with respect and they act very entitled and the whole thing comes off as very scummy. So I can understand that criticism of the genre it's not a criticism that applies to Mr Beast, and not one I fully agree with, but it is a valid criticism of the the genre.


I watched one of his videos where he helps a shelter adopt dogs for a day. He put out billboards, advertising, and incentives like 10 years worth of food, or $1000 Petco gift when people adopt the dogs. Y the end of the day the dogs were all adopted to families but some comments were rather hateful or envious. Like he’s literally doing something good


I used to run an animal shelter and I can see a few issues with that. The main problem is some of those animals are going to go to a home that wasn’t necessarily looking for an animal. We didn’t do adoptions during Christmas because of this. I can see both sides of this argument but the vets I worked with would rather euthanize an animal than put it in a bad home. I don’t know the specifics of what he did with that shelter so I can’t really say one way or another. I just see how some people would find it troubling.


He said in the video that there was no incentive until after the papers were signed and they did background checks on the people who adopted the pets so that they went to good homes.


I could definitely see it working out, depending on the shelter. I’m not sure about the financial incentives, we used that to help weed people out. If you can’t afford dog food you can’t afford a dog. But any decently run shelter could turn that kind of thing into a huge win. I would have tried to make it work just for the spike in donations and volunteers, both of which are essential for pretty much any shelter.


I got my dog from a foster rescue that has a partnership with a pet store to do meet-and-greets with the dog. I thought that it made sense because you can't have random people going in and out of all your volunteers' homes, but _after_ I had been approved to meet the dog and _after_ we had spent and hour bonding and _after_ I had all the paperwork signed, they gave me several hundred dollars worth of "free" stuff from the pet store. It was like "buy one bag of food, get two free," "get a free bed (no maximum value) with the purchase of any crate," and it wound up saving me so much money. And by saving me money, I still spent all the money I had budgeted for the pupper, but he came home with _way_ more shit to be spoiled with. I assume stuff like bones and toys has higher margins than beds and crates and bags of food, so everyone wins.


So, that’s kind of best case scenario. We gave stuff away with our animals too, it was just one tool we had to make sure the pet was taken care of. A lot of people don’t realize how much a pet can cost. Especially if there’s unexpected vet bills.


“We used that to help weed people out.” I sat here for like a minute thinking wow are there a lot of potheads who try to adopt dogs while stoned? Then I realized what you actually meant.


Lol. In my experience potheads are fantastic pet owners. I don’t partake but I wouldn’t hold it against anyone.


My local shelter stops all adoptions for the month before a gift giving holiday such as Christmas until a week or two after the holiday. Stops people adopting before and promising an adoption immediately after. It’s helped mitigate the issue of people adopting as a gift that gets returned. Gives people time to think about it.


Yeah that was our thing too. Too many would come back and no shelter has enough funding to throw away that much labor anyway.


Like those people who mass adopted dogs during quarantine and later gave them back because they had to go back to work


Yeah, that would have been a nightmare honestly. I took the director position at a shelter in ‘07. Back then it was because people lost their homes in the crash but I could imagine how bad it got after covid


Charity porn is still charity. As long as he's being respectful to the people he's helping then there's no downside for anyone there. He gets content, which funds more charity, and people who are in need get help.


Exactly, surely it's just a win/win/win. The people in need get charity, he gets more money from views/sponsors, and we get some wholesome viewing.


Charity porn is still bringing in attention to something and getting people to care. He has a young audience thats easy to influence so its better to show that doing the right thing and helping people is good.


This right here. My daughter is 11 and loves Mr Beast. She is obsessed now with giving to charity because of Mr Beast and will say daily that if she were rich she would give the money away to the poor. The guy is using his popularity to make altruism trendy and popular among the youth.


see while a decent amount of his channel is charity porn, he also runs a foodbank that he doesnt video. I think hes a geniunly good guy


I'd rather have 100000 Mr Beasts than any amount of Jake or Logan(s) Paul. I would trade 100000 Paul's for one Beast in fact. This world needs more good. It needs more people inspired to DO good. I don't care if he's making a mint, or even a bit of a douche (I don't think he is really) - it's hard to call it a bad thing. Reallll hard.


While I don’t disagree it’s charity porn he does way off camera than on an example is the food bank he runs that’s funded by his fast food chain and vids


Lol, holy shit. Why did I look at the comments Edit: Thank you for all of the awards, kind strangers.


My favorite: "This guy is terrible. He "plants" 20mil trees for the climate and he has his own hamburger line and shit like that... It's all about the money... Class ass d*ck head"


My favourite: “how long would it have taken to hug each of those turkeys just once?” Bro if you ever try to hug a turkey your gonna lose your eye


People are always mystified that chickens and turkeys aren’t gentle grass eating birds, especially the males. They have foot spikes specifically for slashing each other. That’s not something a friendly bird has.


Farmer I was doing some HVAC work for once regaled me of a story about when he didn't make it home in time to put the chickens away for the night. Came back to find the rooster had absolutely wrecked the *shit* out of something that tried to sneak into the coop. There was blood and bits of fur everywhere. Not a scratch on the rooster or any of the hens.


When I was a child, my family had chicken and a lot of snakes in the garden. Those chickens went bersek on any snakes suicidal enough trying to come at them. They cut into pieces any snakes trying to come in their cage. They don't fuck around. At all.


You are witnessing the little dinos bloodlust. Infact if they see blood on another chicken they will kill it.


Apparently the chicken is the closest living relative to the Trex


[Saw a documentary on that the other day](https://youtu.be/kZ9x25yTwdU)


I clicked fully expecting an hour long doc on it. Turns out to be this guy, fucking love him xD


When I was a twisted little kid I used to think it was fascinating to toss mice into the middle of about 50 hens and watch the carnage. They would immediately switch from docile to the most evil, bloodthirsty cluckers you can imagine.


Birds are agents of chaos they're on earth just to fuck shit up, like swans man, that's crazy


When I was a kid, we witnessed a hawk snatch up one of my grandparents' roosters. There was a scuffle mid air and then they suddenly both fell to the ground. That rooster had clawed both eyes out and tore it's throat open. Fucking hawk never stood a chance. It must have scared my grandparents because the rooster was dinner a few days later.


Holy crap - that is one sickass story! The rooster that got snatched up into the sky slashed the hawk’s throat and poked both his eyes out??? Damn!


It was a rooster of focus.


They where so scared they killed and ate it to defend themselves? I'm not delusional, animals are sometimes raised to be eaten, and that was likely going to be its inevitable fate, but that logic is hilariously weird to me.


I asked my grandma who's got a small coop of her own. Her answer is: *Chickens aren't scaredy cats pecking at bird seed and corn all day. They're omnivores. Once them rascals taste blood they get wild. I definitely believe they came from dinosaurs.* She's a great grandma.


My fiancé was in Kenya and saw a chicken destroy a scorpion and eat it. He thought that was wild, but apparently it was normal there. I'm now even more aware around chickens lol


According to my mother, any hen that had a rooster like call was put down ASAP… farmers are weird


Also, chickens WILL eat each other if there’s even a hint of food shortage. Or sometimes just for spite.


Chickens are monsters. I had a bunch of chickens, years and years ago, when I tried my hand at being a "self sufficient small farmer." Lol. One of my girls was just a born victim. Every other chicken hated her, and would actively try to stomp her to death whenever she came anywhere near the food or water. So I moved her into my workshop, and for the next couple of years she was my work buddy, sitting on my shoulder like a pirates parrot, or snuggling up to my dog on the floor. I ate the others. I'm vegan now, for a bunch of reasons including health and that I prefer to kill my own meat, but get attached to animals in my care very easily and therefore end up with expensive pets instead of dinner. But I took great pleasure in plucking and roasting those nasty bitches, all those years ago. (I also don't own the farm any more. It was way harder that I realised, I was well out of my depth) I don't know why the other chooks hated her so much. She didn't look any different to the rest (Isa Brown hens, they all look exactly the same!), except that she had a bald spot on her back, but they did that to her. She didn't behave differently to the other chickens. They just hated her. The same chickens caught a crow in their yard one time, and ripped it's wings off before I could help it escape. He was a big bugger, and those comparitively small chooks just tore him apart in seconds. She's the only chicken I ever owned who got a funeral instead of a casserole. RIP Munty the Chicken.


My husbands grandma had a chicken like that. Same thing, the others were just awful to her. They would pluck at her feathers until she was bald. Grandma had to give her her own pen so the others would leave her alone. Eventually she got a friend, another chicken that the others didn’t like. So they had a special pen for the outcasts. Lol.


“I ate the others…” Haha that escalated quickly!


I’m sorry but the transition from the second paragraph to the third was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


Omg, totally agree. I am cracking up reading that


I know this is supposed to be heartwarming, and it honestly is, but the last paragraph sent me Edit: spelling and phrasing


My family has chickens and we had something similar they bullied one of the chickens so badly that it had a sloping back once we separated it from the rest it managed to recover thankfully.


The German film director Werner Von Herzog famously has Alektorophobia - the fear of chickens. He once said "Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world." And he's not wrong in my opinion, they are fucking savagely insane little dickheads, mini velociraptors on PCP. I know some can be great pets, but I'd rather pet a wood chipper. They taste good though, so there's that.


I thought all animals did. Dog, cats whatever


Some animals will cannibalize in times of hardship. Chickens will eat other chickens if they’re bored.


My family has always had a lot of chickens, so I can confirm that they do indeed cannibalize for no good reason. This can be prevented by keeping a dominant rooster though. Roosters introduced during the pecking order stage will fight and beat all of the other chickens, stopping most further violence between the hens.


Men always doing the hard yards. ‘Bitches stop eating each other for fucks sake’


"Tastes like chicken !"


No one knows chicken like chicken! Gentle farms.




My chickens favorite meal is the turky carcass. The eggs get better the more protein they eat. Its were the deep yellow comes from. Free range they get alot of bugs and such. Chickens are savages. If they were 6 feet tall we would have some real problems lol.


You mean like when they used to be dinosaurs?


They’re still dinosaurs in disguise, just waiting for the oxygen level to rise again.


Oh Jesus Christ, let’s hope I’m dead before that happens


I had no idea chickens were so brutal, I grew up in the city and all and never got taught. Well my husbands grandma lives out in farm country, and actually we do as well now, and she has always kept chickens. Well, on one of my first stay overs at grandma with my husband back when we were dating, grandma asked us to go out and get the eggs. Little did I know, grandma was testing me lol. Not even gonna lie, I went in confident as hell. “Oh it’s just some cute little chickens. So fluffy.” Nah. Nope. Those bitches are mean. They got all clucky and flappy and I froze for a sec and was just like, “listen bird, she’s watching. Imma need you to not be a dick.” Grandma told my husband to tell me how to grab them (she’s Spanish speaking only) and I grab the first one like a wet slippery baby and just held on. All’s good until I hear some craziness in the next coup. Apparently a field mouse got into the coup. Apparently chickens like field mice. I did not know this. I did not know that chickens could completely eviscerate a field mouse. They can. And they do. Happily. Holy shit chickens are brutal. Grandma laughed her ass off at my horrified scream.


Chickens can also see ultraviolet which makes bugs light up like candles in the grass


I've raised chickens since I was little and never knew this. You're awesome.


That’s pretty cool. And also explains how they can see such tiny bugs even in grass.


Exactly! I just helped my dad butcher 3 deer and he gives the carcass to his chickens. The protein boost gets them to lay more eggs all through winter. Yep, some things only country people know 😅


If a chicken dies in the coup the others will eat at it whether there is a food shortage or not. Source: was raised by chickens.


“You adopted the chickens. I was raised by chickens. I was created by The cluck and the peck.


Also if one of them is suspected to be weak or injured. They are modern day dinosaurs.


They are ducking brutal. I keep chickens and recently the flock caved in ones head, for unknown reasons.


I will never look at chickens the same way after witnessing their utter lack of mercy when it comes to food. My friend has these chickens and I went to visit him during spring when there were lots of grasshoppers. I took a grasshopper and dropped it in their pen. These fuckers move like dinosaurs. Their reactions were so quick and autimatic. They snatched at the bug with their beaks and tore it in pieces as each chick fought for his portion. Fucking cruel predators.


Chickens are literally just small dinosaurs. Have you seen the protective equipment chicken catchers need to wear? I have a friend who did that job for a couple months and now has some really bad permanent scars on her arm cause she was wearing the gloves that stop at the wrist instead of the ones that go up to the elbow like she was supposed to


I give my turkey hugs all the time, but I hand raised him from a chick.


"Guy plants trees for the environment then flies in a private jet. It's all for views."


I don't doubt it, but the fact that he gave away, I think about 10 Lamborghinis and doesn't own his own to my knowledge, given away several houses at the low low price of [1 Kromer], gave away probably about ten million if not more in total so far and on multiple occasions now, tried to survive in the wild with Chandler eating all the food they have, I'd say it more than just counters the private jet


Also the amount he gives to charities and helps the less fortunate. he has multiple videos where he buys entire stores worth of products to give to food banks and homeless shelters. With the amount of money he makes, and percentage he puts towards helping others, he deserves a private jet


He's a rich person who uses philanthropy to help people instead of just avoiding taxes.


Exactly, if a big corporation starts a fundraiser, they expect you to do all the donating and all they do is the promoting. But Mr. beast has team trees and team seas and both times donates $200,000+ to set an example


Mr Beast isn't just a philanthropist. He truly wants to help people, and when he helps people, he throws his financial weight around. 10000 turkeys isn't cheap, nor is $200k. Mr Beast doesn't gain anything from these, yet he still does it.


I mean, he does gain from his videos that he posts, but I do 100% believe he is genuine with his intentions. Just look at the dude, he’s wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, any other YouTuber at his level is wearing a $10,000 supreme outfit with another $5,000 in useless jewelry to ‘flex’. He’s very honest in admitting he has a shit ton of money, but does as much as he can to give most of it away


Tbh they don't seem like they need it They are already blind


My favourite: >That's fucked. I'd rather he didn't give anything away than this "gesture" Like, wtf? He just fed a crap ton of people, possibly saving them from starvation. Jesus, that sub is full of zealots.


My favorite is the guy who replied to someone who said “10,000 corpses” with “10,000 tasty corpses”


Who tf hugs a turkey?


Someone who has never been on a farm and seen/smelled one.


Saw that comment and had to read it again, literally couldn’t believe that was an idea that someone had. Turkeys are easily #2 on my list of “birds I’d never hug” right after Geese


“He plants *a bunch* of trees then takes a private plane home” is my favorite one.


The hug comment has to be a joke doesn’t it? Doesn’t it…please say yes


My favorite was the one saying that Mr. beast fans are cultists


My favorite was the response to that one. Awarded and in the negative.




I rolled my eyes so much, I started getting dizzy. I don't mind veganism or vegetarianism, but some of them need therapy.


As a veggie, these commenters are why I really am not a fan of the vegan mindset (the meat-shaming side of it anyway). Eyes rolling uncontrollably!


I think it’s mostly people online. I’ve talked to actual vegan people and they’re normal people who happen to be vegan i.e., its not their entire personality.


These people are why I only say I'm vegetarian when I'm specifically asked. And don't say anything about it otherwise.


When people buy into an ideology so much that they have to ridicule all who disagree and cut them out of their lives entirely when possible, it’s really problematic. Like, I get what vegans believe and that it matters a lot to them, but those who take it this far that they can’t even appreciate gestures of goodwill by people who believe different things have a problem. Even if veganism is the one truth of the world, it’s inevitable people will think differently. That’s just how the world works.


The 0 (negative) upvotes had me excited to see people in the comments actually use sense there.


Well you can’t comment unless you’ve been a long active member from what I can gather so that has clearly been shut down lol


This comment inspired me to go visit that post... Just wow. I know that place (like most of Reddit) is an echo chamber, and Mr. Beast isn't without his flaws, but GD vilifying a man who has previously and is trying to feed the needy is some next level assholery. At least the mod there made a sticky post about donating vegan meals to those in need in response, and that's not worth nothing.


I noticed they mentioned tofurkey. I was vegetarian for 20 years and I still love me some tofurkey. Thing is it’s not cheap and you get a very small amount of it. To feed as many people as those turkeys did woukd cost 10x what those turkeys did, maybe more, and I sure don’t see the vegan sub opening their wallets.




Absolutely. If folks are going to nit-pick and demand low-income folks eat a certain way, they need to put their money where their mouth is. The vegan diet is often too expensive or almost impossible thanks to available resources, and shitting all over someone who's genuinely helping just because he donated something they don't like isn't helpful. Especially if they aren't providing other options themselves. It doesn't help with the "kind and caring for all living creatures" look they're going for at all.


One person was like well you can eat rice and eating fruits and veggies is inexpensive and someone replied something along the lines of I guess I will eat a singular apple and rice for every meal for the rest of my life how nutritious and tasty.


Problem with that is you’re not getting a balanced diet. You need protein.


Beans. Let’s not even mention if all you’re eating is apples and rice you’re gonna get fuckin’ scurvy. Enjoy bleeding gums, blindness, and shattered bones. Edit: hey, y’all it was a bloody joke. I’ve had like 10 of y’all correct me now. I get it. I guess you aren’t looking at nestled comments under mine and are just correcting me.


I love how there's so many comments along the lines of *what if dogs instead.* Bitch, maybe I love BBQ golden retriever on a stick.


“How long would it have taken to hug each of them once” They’re turkeys bro. Have you ever met a wild Turkey? They’re not overtly friendly


I have multiple scars to prove hugging live turkeys is not a good idea


Why did it take multiple lessons


Oh no, they are all from one lesson, turkeys can be mean mfers


Okay but. Who's meaner. Geese or turkeys


I would say geese. The turkeys in my neighborhood run away from everything. However, I have been hissed at and chased by geese while on a golf course.


Oh geese hands down. Turkeys are pretty dumb and Will usually run away, geese will hiss and chase you down


When you see birds as equivalent to human lives….doesn’t it make you feel like vegans are actually devaluing human life? How many of those individuals have made posts or comments about mistreatment of certain groups? Just makes me wonder about their moral compass to be frank.


Listen I am not a fan of his videos but God damn he seems like a good kid, people are just assholes. Keep doing good stuff Mr Beast


i personally like his videos but i get why people might, but i really dont understand how people can hate him people make the argument that he just does it for videos but... so? he gets money from making videos to give away. and even if it was just for money and views he still gives away a ton of stuff like the motive doesnt make the actions not really generous


I hate people like that. "He just makes videos for money!" Okay, so? That's literally how society functions. People create products or provide services in exchange for vouchers that can be exchanged for products or services created by others. Mr Beast's product is charity videos so people can feel good. He ain't doing it for free. There's maybe some valid complaints when people are receiving disproportionate amounts of money for the value they create (*cough*CEOs*cough*), and I have no idea how much money Mr Beast actually takes home, but that's a different matter.


Jimmy does a lot for his local food banks off camera. You are definitely right to think he is a good kid.


I live in the city he's from. The amount of stuff he does that isn't filmed or promoted is fucking astounding. He paid my friends entire apartment complex rent. Like hundreds of people suddenly didn't have to worry about rent for the next month. Dudes bought out car dealerships and given away the cars for free. Honestly an amazing guy


Like it boggles my mind how he knows he makes ridicolous amounts of money fron YouTube and chooses to help others and make more videos to end up helping more people. He really is out of this world


I'm not against vegans but that whole r/vegan sub is a facepalm.


It's the same with any ideology. Every time, the associated subreddit is filled with extremists.


unless it's r/dogs


r/Christianity is surprisingly not the most toxic sub known to man


That used to r/atheism during its default sub days in early 2010's. Now it's more tame.


There are like zero normal vegan responses though. It's filled with insane PETA like responses. It's kind of ridiculous.


Yeah exactly. If you put people with a strong view together in a room it becomes an echo chamber where their view gets reassured so much that it makes them think it is the norm. Nature of the internet sadly.


I am vegan and I stay tf away from that sub.




^https://www.reddit.com/r/ShittyVeganFoodPorn/comments/r28359/popcorn_mushroom_gravy_pasta/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share What even is that, lmao I think I am in love as well


They said it's a fucking baby spoon lmao


same. those extreme people are the reason i never tell anyone im vegan


It's almost like the problem is extremists, not a vegan life style. I took a look at r/vegans. I'll be honest a lot of the food looks solid. To bad all that's buried under layer upon layer of toxicity.


I posted there when I learned my OB is a trophy hunter a week before she was going to deliver my baby. I mentioned that I felt like there might be some valid arguments for it regarding conservation but I was still really disgusted at her bragging about her zebra rugs, etc. The top comments were people taking issue with me being anything but vehemently against hunting. I feel like there is absolutely no sense of nuance or room for anything but abolitionism there and I wish we had an alternative subreddit.


Oof yeah, trophy hunting endangered animals is not exactly great, but conservation hunting is vital in places where big carnivores are extinct. Otherwise, you're just killing the ecosystem


Pick-me vegans are worse than vegetarians.


The comments say he's terrible yet he's feeding 10,000 families and what are they doing?


Damn bro, that dude planted 20 million trees and just started cleaning beaches? Sounds like a horrible person


Yeah he’s doing it all for the views man. Which negates 100% of the good from the action apparently.


How horrible can this "Mr beast" guy be? I also heard he gives away free things with fun challenges, how far will his cruelty go?


His depravity knows no bounds




Giving people free shit is bad because then other people get sad that they didn't get free shit REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Leading a charity event to help clean the oceans and prevent more waste is a pretty dick move innit


Not even, he’s constantly doing charity work behind the scenes, owns a food bank and delivery system that provides homeless people a warm meal. If not for people who personally know him no one would’ve known.


Don't forget that he dished out tens of thousands extra for his food bank to have a freezer and fridge, which many food banks don't have due to cost. This increases the amount of food they can accept. It is easy to think the guy is shitty and doing it for the views because that is extremely common on Youtube and the internet in general. If you think this way I implore you to look further into it. He uses the huge amount of views he gets to get millions in sponsorships and advertising, which he turns around and gives to other people. He fully pays off cars that he gives to people, leaving them with zero additional costs (which is unheard of, when people give out cars there is almost always some cost the person is stuck with). He does a ton of charity work with no cameras around with no media coverage. In my opinion, he is a genuinely amazing person that deserves only the best for the good he does. He has a very good heart and there's hours of proof, while I hear literally nothing bad about the guy (nothing legitimate anyway), which makes it genuinely depressing to see the amount of people that jump to hate when his name is brought up.


I wonder if r/vegan would prefer no free food to the poor families in poverty or 10,000 turkeys I’m thinking they’d prefer the poor to go hungry instead


they would, thats literally the comments. they would rather have the turkeys poke their own eyes out instead of feeding homeless people


Read the comments they literally say this.


One of the top comments was “it would be better if he just didn’t do this and not help anyone by slaughtering animals.” Like sure, let’s sacrifice under privileged families just to fit into the vegan narrative!


God, the people in the comments on r/vegan are out of their minds


One idiot talking about how much time would it take to hug all the turkeys. I’m 100% sure that same idiot doesn’t hug his mom even if she asks it.


I saw this one and I laughed so hard I startled myself. Absolute caricatures of the vegan culture.


Of course he doesn't hug his mom. She's made out of meat.


It’s funny how they’re calling his fans cultists yet they freak the fuck out if someone doesn’t have the same food preference as them.


They deleted almost all of the comments they didn't like. Lol . How mature.




Yeah right? Lmao that one comment referring to cultists, yet their insane subreddit and these posts are basically that


what the actual fuck is wrong with people. the comments are all upset because "it isn't vegan food" and "it's all for the views". first of all, if I was starving and I would prefer vegan food, I'd still eat what he gives me and thank him, you know, like a fucking sane person


Also why tf does it matter if it’s for the views? Of course it’s for the views, literally anything posted publicly online is made because someone wants other people to see it. Especially if it’s how you make your living. It’s a good deed helping thousands, put it on a Times Square mega screen for all I care.


not to mention all the shit off camera he does with his food banks. I think the dude just likes helping people


He's been saying for years that he doesn't give a fuck if he retires broke, he would prefer it, and that he just has a passion for doing good The dude could have gone in literally any direction and remained insanely famous in terms of the internet, instead he chose to dedicate his career and sponsorships he could have just as easily pocketed to helping others, it takes a genuine dickhead to find reasons to hate on that


Not to mention the views give him more money which means he can help even more people.


I suppose they think those families would prefer their children go to bed hungry tonight.


If I’m poor and vegan and starving with my children and I get offered a turkey, fuck being vegan me and my children are eating tonight


It is r/vegan , they’d prefer he’d give out 10,000 Tofu’s.


Actually... Yes, that'd be great


You could buy a lot more tofu than turkey.


according to the comments, they'd actually prefer if he'd give out nothing o-o


Better people starve than feed them meat -r/vegan logic


Someone there equated 10k turkeys to killing 10k humans so yeah


“Why do you believe that 10,000 human lives are worth more than 10,000 turkeys” is one of the most intentionally brain dead comments I have ever read.


These fuckturds got mad at him for #teamtrees and #teamsea because "no matter how much someone acts like a good person, anyone who owns a chain restaurant should be punished for genocide" (yes, this is an actual comment I read on that sub)


So we both made the same mistake in reading the original post


> Something tells me his subscribers’ responses to the video would be a little different if it were dogs L O L


[Reminds me of this gem](https://www.beefmagazine.com/sites/beefmagazine.com/files/uploads/2016/05/1323989511048463328708894824687441021069060n.jpg)


Been a vegan for nearly 4 years, I stay as far away from vegan groups as much as I can because they attract the types of people who give veganism a bad name. Good for him for doing something to help people rather than spending his money on something pointless. Would I have preferred he did it another way? Sure, but am I gonna shit on him for doing good? No


r/vegan gives vegan people a bad name


Remember, it’s more important to be vegan than it is to be alive.


I’m leaving that subreddit for good this time


Imagine being privileged enough to turn down food??? These assholes have clearly never had to wonder where their next meal would come from. And if they did, they'd understand you take what you get. And giving ANYTHING is better than giving nothing. If I'm starving and someone hands me a ramen packet, I'm not saying "ooooh wow you're really giving me something wrapped in plastic? fuck you for hating the environment" because it's FOOD. in a FOOD SHORTAGE. How about we actually keep enough people alive to even support a vegetable industry before judging what they eat. Fucking jerks man


What type of first world bitch u have to be to be upset. Some people need to have a rough time in order to be the better person. Fucking jerks.


100% and the fact they can’t see it is laughable


I looked at the comments of the vegan post and i started losing braincells by the second


There was also a comment on the vegan post saying "Alternative title: Murdering 10,000 turkey's for thanksgiving!" Fucking hell