Just got banned for being a terrible socialist, apparently.

Just got banned for being a terrible socialist, apparently.


Hi, everyone. The post has been removed and we feel like the users deserve an explanation. The post was originally removed for not censoring usernames. While we acknowledge the ban was a heavy-handed decision it's still NEVER okay to brigade a subreddit, it not only breaks subreddit rules but also Reddit's site-wide [rules](https://www.redditinc.com/policies/content-policy). Moreover, we recieved this message from the head moderator: >"Hi folks, >This thread is just one big massive brigading thread. Please remove. >I contacted the user in good faith and removed the ban as I agreed with the characterisation that it is over the top but they have refused to and said "you deserve it". At this point they are just intentionally trying to incite brigading. >Cheers." Everyone makes mistakes, but it's wise to accept the person's apology instead of doubling down and creating more drama.


Sucks that you got banned. You are welcome in the Netherlands, tho.


Thanks! The Netherlands is definitely on my list. I've seen pictures and the countryside is spectacularly beautiful. UPDATE: A mod from r/TheRightCantMeme dm'd me to inform me that my ban had been lifted and that they would be having a chat with the mods on that sub. They then asked me to remove my post as it's was making it difficult to fix the problem. I said, While I appreciate you taking steps to correct this issue, I have no intention of returning to that sub so the ban is irrelevant to me, and I will not be removing the post because it's not my problem anymore. I'm paraphrasing but that wast the gist of it. So they banned me again. LMFAO!


If you want countryside, go to the north-east (groningen, friesland, drente), as those are some of the least densely populated provinces. Also, unless you really have something on your bucketlist, try to avoid the larger cities. With the exception of Amsterdam and maybe Den Haag, many large cities really don’t have much to offer, in mu oppinion


Do some people get upset over the distinction between 'Holland' and 'The Netherlands?' Or is that more of an older generation thing? I refer to the country as 'The Netherlands' because 'Holland' is what it was called during the Nazi occupation, no? Maybe I'm mistaken...


Holland is a part of the Netherlands. It’s comparable to calling the UK “England”.


People need to stop doing that too.


Holland is actually the name of two Dutch provinces (North and South Holland) and not of the country itself, which is officially called 'The Netherlands', but we don't take offense to 'Holland', or at least I don't, but I'm originally from South Holland. Lol


Im Frisian and i am disgusted! Jk


In Hebrew the Netherlands is holland


There are 2 provinces called north- and south-holland, where most of the big cities are (amsterdam, rotterdam, the hague). If you call the netherlands "holland", some people will get offended. But at this point, most people here are used to foreigners misnaming their country. It is not an older generation thing


i alwase said the Netherlands then I heard more and more people say holland and I thought I was wrong


People getting irritated about it is more of a meme. Holland refers to the provinces of South and North Holland but a lot of foreigners think that it refers to the entire country.


Then, who are the Dutch?


People living in the netherlands


"the Dutch"= the tribes, the Dutch from the Netherlands= the tribes from the lowlands. It does make sense in old English. And i am from Groningen, and that a strangers don't know the difference i don't care, that my own government does not gives a shit about the northern parts of the country is way more irritating. *edit grammar( may not have got it all)


"Holland" refers, IIRC, to [provinces within the Netherlands](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Map_provinces_Netherlands-en.svg) (North Holand & South Holland). As they include the largest population centres (A'dam, Den Haag, Haarlem, Rotterdam) they have become colloquially associated with the whole country. BTW, this is all IIRC, Ik ben neit Nederlands, Ik ben een Kanadianer, and so welcome any further clarification from our Dutch friends.


Pretty much spot on. People outside of Holland might not like being called ’Holland’ though, so if you’re ever in a place that’s not those big cities, it’s best to use The Netherlands, just to be safe. Also, just as a friendly tip, in Dutch it’s ’niet’ instead of ’neit’ & we call people from Canada ’Canadees’, I think ’Kanadianer’ is German :)


It’s a thing Americans think is offensive to people. Most people wouldn’t care. Standing in the bike path on the other hand…


You got band for this?


Yup. And muted when when I called them out for it. Edit: Permanently banned.


That’s ridiculous, rightcantmeme is not even a distinctively socialist subreddit. It’s just there to make fun of terrible right wing memes.


Well it’s a fucking Reddit subreddit of course the mods are losers


Most of the time it takes a special type of power hungry narcissist to mod a subreddit for free.


Wait wait wait.. People are out here charging AND being paid to be a mod for subreddits?




Hey now. My sub is just so small I don't need to do more than 30 seconds work per day. If it ever hits 100k subs though... That's when I'll start dwelling in my basement like a goblin.


I believe in you and fully support that goal.


I'm digging the basement as we speak. Send trilbies and whatever the fuck cheetos are.


You forget the second ones run hundreds of subs at the same time lol


How do I delete the second types example from my brain? Like, just wanna unread that and move on with my life.


Your missing another one: Mods who are very active in their reddit but do little to no moderating because their subreddit is too small to have frequent issues. Most mods don't run giant subreddits.




I mean, there are subreddits that ban you for commenting on other subs


Yup, I recently had to request that an auto-ban be removed because I had commented to disagree with another user in a different sub. I was surprised to OP get that much direct communication out of the mod in question.


Yup. I still can't get why the Internet janitors are so angry and ban happy all the time


Because it's the sum total of power they have over other people in their sad little lives.


That was its original purpose, but it was taken over by tankies. I was banned for pointing out that one of the mods was a denier of the genocide in Xinjiang.


Brb unsubbing


At least make it worth while and get banned


No kidding, I just want to make fun of trumpies and psuedo-confederates. Don't need no facist dictating that




Same. Banned for pointing out their denial of the Uighur genocide. "imperialist propaganda" they say. Goddamn tankies ruining everything they touch.




The first time I visited that sub it took be about 15 seconds to get perma banned


Taiwan number one


This can't be real right?


It is. They largely believe it's Western propaganda and China already invited the UN to prove there's no wrongdoing. Only issue with that invite is that it's essentially a guided tour. The UN would need to look behind the painted set pieces and investigate on their terms for it to be valid.


It very much is. One of the mods is here actively dodging questioning lol


Alternatives: /r/RightJerk , /r/TheRightCantMemeV2


I apologize if this is an ignorant question, but what are tankies? Edit: Thank you all so much for the great answers!


Authoritarian communists. Particularly those who forget about the "communist" part and just dive headfirst directly into the "authoritarian" part.


Hardcore communists. They’ll deny Chinese or Soviet genocides, believe that the countries are perfect utopias, call any evidence that the Chinese government may not be perfect “imperial propaganda” and believe everyone a smidge to the right of them (aka about 99.5% of everyone including most leftists) “Nazis” “fascists” “imperialists” etc..


What even is this reality anymore? Whatever people want it to be, apparently.


Oh, so much for socialist given that china is run by an imperialist (or more reasonably up and coming imperialist but that is a bit of a stretch) totalitarian capitalism head group who care more for profits and image than its people and environment. Like seriously people who don’t think the CCP/ current Chinese political party and government isn’t imperialist hasn’t heard of/ doesn’t accept how they treat Hong Kong, Taiwan, their neighbours and the minorities in their country. I live in a South East Asian Country and have seen how they are trying to take over the sea here with artificial islands(there are even rumors and evidence of them arming the islands with missiles as well), armed vessels and unregulated by international fishing rules fishing boats that also act as a cover for their military ships. It has been a bloody mess how the situation in the sea here going. God why are people like this. A socialist state/country can work but using the USSR and the CCP as examples is completely misunderstanding how they aren’t especially due to their treatment of their people. Again while it is an economic system and one that countries can’t really risk now due to how influential and useful capitalism is in the short term.


“There is no war in ba sing se” - Joo dee


Tankies are communists who support dictatorships and support, ignore or deny any of their crimes as long as they hate America and wave red flags, especially China because it's the main "communist" power nowadays


I believe nowadays it generally means communists. Historically, it was a name given to communists who followed the party line in the USSR, specifically those who defended the crackdown against the Hungarian revolution with the use of tanks.


Defenders of soviet(or sometimes Maoist) communism no matter what human rights abuse or regime intervention took place. You'll commonly find them denying holocausts, human rights abuses etc. It came from a new form/rival of communism emerging in Hungary in 1956 and the Soviets sent in tanks to crush it(widely criticized amoujg other communist states) The tankies were the apologists who said "send in the tanks".


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tankie Basically people that justify the usage of tanks (or armed repression in general) by communist/socialist countries to suppress popular revolt. By extension, people that will defend any action of these states, regardless of the morality of the action.


You can't throw a rock without hitting a sub that has pro-china mods.


Oh ouch. That's very disappointing


Any sub that is friendly to socialists will invariably be ruined by tankies. You gotta make a deeply hostile atmosphere for them, for their own good. This parallels real life, where the only way for demsocs to flourish is under a hated capitalist system, since their beloved Maoist allies will put them up against the wall immediately. Even faster than liberals or anarchists.


It is explicitly a "leftist" sub, which means anti-capitalist. Holland is NOT true "socialist" because.... theory reasons. PURGE THE HERETICS!


tHeY’re cOmpLiCit iN IMpErIaLisM As if the United Soviet *Socialist* Republic wasn’t an empire either.


"Imperialism in defense of the workers is no vice!" - Tankie Goldwater


RightCantMeme is a tankie sub, but the Netherlands isn't a socialist state.


Of course, but from the perspective of a Right Memer it is. That’s part of what makes the meme so stupid: rightists don’t understand Socialism either!


I think OP wasn't banned for saying the Netherlands is socialist but for being... may Stalin have mercy on our souls... a SOCDEM 😱🤮


This is correct


Aren't their mods tankies?


"Achshually" - Mods


The mods actually do say on like every post that it’s a communist subreddit and that liberals are on the right, but yeah this is a stupid thing to be banned for


They self identify as socialist. Literally the first comment of almost every post is the auto mod saying “this is a socialist community, not some half ass liberal community.” And put the list of socialist subreddits out there. That said, it’s still weird that that one comment got you banned. I expected one of the mods to try to roast and ratio you in the comments or something


Lot of this over there right now. But its a tankie sub, and what could be more tankie than a purge?


Sorry I am out of the loop, what's a tankie? I am very confused with comments around what the rightcantmeme is. I feel like what I followed it thinking people are saying it's something else. I just like the shitty memes and don't participate in the comments section.


Tankie- someone who supported the decision of Khrushchev to send in Soviet tanks in 1956 to crush the Hungarian Revolution. And, by extension, all the other acts of authoritarian repression carried out by “socialist” and “communist” states. Read the sidebar in the sub. The mod also just pinned a meme equating “liberals” - a term meaning “left of center” in US politics - with fascists.


This fucking trend with "liberals are just pretty much the same thing as fascists" that I've seen around leftist communities lately is the cringiest shit. Talk about cannibalizing your own userbase and allies with needlessly essentializing sweeping judgements


Well okay then. I don't really understand how they are making that leap of thought. I guess I can un-sub from that place then.


Lmaoooo why are Reddit mods so fragile


Dave Chappelle would call that "a brittle spirit".


I think you hit the nail on the head with "reddit". Some of these guys are pretty sensitive. The best are the ones who completely ignore opposing views while requiring you to understand theirs. Lol.


Not all, but when you include politics in the mix they become wet bags of shit who refuse to question the side they've chosen. Happens on both left and right.


fragility is attracted to fortification being a mod fortifies a poster, even if only a little


I know right. I recently got a PM from a mod of a popular sub telling me to "Stop mentioning violence." The closest I came to mentioning violence was saying that insurance companies need to go die in a fire.


Maybe you got banned because you called it Holland and not The Netherlands. 😄


Possibly, and I would correct it but... I'm banned! Womp womp.


Still would probably end up in Holland. Most people who choose to spend a year studying here choose universities in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or Delft. Which are technically "Holland". But yeah, Holland is only ⅙th of the Netherlands...


That's rough too. Same treatment here. I think it might be the same ban-happy mod. Did they comment at you and express jubilation in their banning you?


They added a "lol" in one of their replies. But it's not worth raising a stink over.


It's the same mod. Probably a fucking 12 year old


>Probably a fucking 12 year old They certainly behave like a 12 yo. They muted me after I called them out.


Me too. I wonder how many more... Be sure to complain. I'm pretty sure something happens to a mod if they get too many complaints for mod abuse.


They get promoted to larger subs?


No, reddit doesn't promote people unless they are pedophiles or they aid and abet pedophiles


Where do you complain when you've been muted? And how do I tell which mod banned / muted me?


Well obviously, I can't name drop. Just saying that if they follow the same pattern, they are probably the same person. And here's the link for moderator complaints: https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=179106


Same here. Junior Beria fan club right there.


Just as an FYI: the right can't meme has been taken over by true-to-god tankies. I got banned for saying *AOC* wasn't a member of the establishment.


You are welcome here. And we all speak English.


You're the second person to invite me to the Netherlands. I was joking before but you're all so friendly. I definitely need to make a trip over there. Also I haven't been on vacation in 3 years. Lol.


I mean that's some "socialism" for ya. Say something slightly different then their agenda and you are sent to gulag.


I got banned from there I forget exactly why but I think saying anything except "so and so bad" gets you banned. I think I said Biden not totally bad and some people who claim to criticize him from the left do so in bad faith and I got banned.


Tankies doing tankie shit.


Fun fact: A lot of these "far left" subreddits are run by right-wing propagandists that are attempting to fracture the Democratic party's Democratic Socialists from the Centrists. Republicans know that their party is shrinking and dying out, so long term this is their only shot at remaining relevant.


Jeezus. That's some r/sino shit right there. Won't compromise or listen to reason what so ever.


I got a permaban just now at my request in solidarity lol, I like the sub but didn’t comment much there anyways. This is one of the stupidest bans I’ve ever seen, gatekeeping socialism, seriously… I’m French and they would probably ban Socialist party members because they’re not lefty enough


OP do you have room for another guitarist?


I got permanently banned from /politics for telling someone to "go outside sometimes".... The mods on reddit are prone to the same weakness as all people with power... corrupt use of that power when it suits their narrative.


I was banned from the Donald for making a Crack about Trump in an entirely different sub. I didn't really care and the sub was shut down a few months later. But this is insane. This mod is clearly just on a power trip.




Since when can you see other users' votes?


It happens. I got banned from /r/JusticeServed because I commented on a /r/NoNewNormal post (correcting misinformation). As soon as I commented an auto mod banned me with a note saying ‘if you promise to never comment on that nasty sub again we will unban you’. Apparently you shouldn’t even acknowledge the pretty large and dangerous echo chamber they’ve got going on because that is the tried and tested way of making bad things go away, by ignoring them.


Yeah I hate the way some subs autobahn you for commenting on other subs. Like, I was arguing against them! What are we supposed to leave them completely alone in the echo chamber? No, we should be fighting back


I wish a sub would autobahn me…do you get a car, or just get dumped on the side of the road in Germany?😂


Yeah I had that, all because I made a troll post trying to get banned.


Same thing happened to me


I messaged both mods of rightcantmeme to ban me as well if that's what they think "moderation" is. Also that they should be ashamed of their arrogant ignorance.


I got banned from AITA because I asked why you couldn’t ask if someone’s (not OP) name was Karen. In the thread OP’s neighbor told her she couldn’t have a conversation with her sister in OP’s yard bc neighbor could hear their conversation. Some mods are very sensitive.


> I got permanently banned from /politics for telling someone to "go outside sometimes".... Proof?


Mod on power trip... Nothing new and surprising. However the worldview and echochamberism of that subreddit will be its demise..


Fuck, I made a really long response explaining why this is happening but responded to a text from a friend and my page refreshed. Here's an ultra condensed short version. Spez doesn't give a shit about this website anymore, nor do any of the other people that actually profit off this website. After the debacle where they appointed a pedophile as an admin, they didn't change anything and just conduct the admin appointments in private now. The admin team is so extremely hands off that you get mod power trips like this where they're openly pushing a socialist agenda. Worldnews banned nearly everyone that commented on the Canadian church burning topics. These are becoming more and more frequent. Another topic where a comedian made a funny video had comments flooded with people just talking about her tits, it's fucking absurd. It's not an echo chamber problem anymore, which happened when admins were forcing their own political narrative. The problem is that mods are completely uncontrolled now, there's nobody on the top hammering down anymore


I got banned during the Canadian church burnings. I simply commented that at the rate churches were being burned, most countries would consider it terrorism and at least condemn the attacks. I don't get why I was permabanned, and mods ego are always so high they will never admit their mistake and unban you.


I'd pick Holland (actually The Netherlands) too! Oh wait, I already live there. I must be a socialist then... (It's awesome here btw!)


Mods! Ban this guy!


Lol. So I keep hearing. Clearly I was right to make that comment. 👍


It's definitely not socalist but it does seem nice






Already got banned for saying Biden wasn't that bad or something


Those firing squads eventually get circular.


Mod on a power trip


That’s echo chambers for you. Get banned for really minuscule things that you shouldn’t even have gotten into trouble for


It was good for an occasional laugh. But even the ban were lifted, the sub has been permanently tainted for me.


Authoritarian communist aka "tankies" have been taking over a lot of leftist subs. I consider myself a communist and I hate imperialism and all that, but they banned me for saying you should vote for Biden because Trump is worse. I just want Star Trek Communism. Can the authoritarian dipshits stop fucking it up for all of us??








But..... the Netherlands aren't socialist. In fact, we're considered one of the founding capitalist countries. We're never going to get past this bullshit as long as we keep equating social democracy with socialism.


That’s the point. Americans will point to European social programs as something we should bring here (like healthcare). Right wingers will then call that American a socialist because they want social policies. Than that right winger makes a meme saying that these socialists should try to survive in a “socialist” country that represents the policies they want, but the policies we wanted can be seen in Europe.


I think this is how it works, even though things like cheaper healthcare isnt necessarily socialist exclusive, many Americans take it to mean that just because it's a foreign concept here. I don't think people who call for socialism in America really want socialism either as looking at countries like the Netherlands aren't really socialist. They just implement some socialist concepts while being predominantly capitalist.


Yep same with the Scandinavian countries that are often used as examples of socialism in the US


It depends on the narrative the US want to push. If they want to make socialism seem bad, they use South American countries. If they want it to look very expensive (on the surface only, disregarding the advantages of those tax-paid services that improve the lives of everyday people as a whole ), they use Scandinavian countries.


That’s what he’s saying… and that’s why the mod banned him


Still a really stupid reason to ban someone lol.


Jokes on them, the Netherlands is fucking great.


Amsterdam has a statue of an elderly woman beating a fascist with her handbag. The Netherlands sounds fucking great. My bad. It's actually in Sweden and I've heard Sweden is also a wonderful place.


I think that's in sweden tho


Should have Googled. You are indeed correct.


I was gonna say I went to Amsterdam for nothing if i missed that statue




Banned for calling it holland, it's the netherlands, not holland.


Depends what part of the country he wants to go to.


Treu, but the post says country, holland are 2 provinces. Edit: sorry, just a pet peeve of me.


You’re absolutely right, doesn’t help our tourism office’s website is holland.com…


It's a good reflection of the politics priorities though


I'm not sure it warrants a ban, but Holland definitely isn't socialist


You are correct. Holland has a free market economy with strong welfare and social safety net. It’s like a whiter American with more social programs. If OP wants that, be my guest…I’d rather fix what we have here while keeping our diversity. Social democracy ≠ Socialism, and modern American Democratic Socialism ≠ Social Democracy.


As someone who has also been the victim of a mod on a power trip banning for made up reasons, I feel ya! Some people take the tiniest iota of internet power and flaunt it just to feel special.


I never realized how insecure people were about the fact they didn’t go to college.


This "way of thinking socialist" is so dumb.... It could be surprising bit it's just desperate...


I never even said I was a Socialist, although I support certain Socialist policies. I enjoyed that sub but even if the ban were lifted and the moderator with a chip on ther shoulder tossed out on their ass, I want nothing to do with that sub anymore. It's been tainted for me by a tool with a God complex.


You did imply you were a socialist though, by comparing yourself to a "socialist college student". The problem is mostly with the idea that there's only one way to be socialist and socialist countries are pure of imperfections and perfectly embody all of socialism


> It's been tainted for me by a tool with a God complex. I could say the same about multiple subs. If you are wondering where all the snowflakes went, they became mods....


Since when are the Netherlands socialist?


in America anything vaguely left wing just seems to be "socialist" its funny with the NL because its a Constitutional Monarchy which currently has a conservative PM


That's the point of the post. when people ask for things like universal healthcare or affordable education or social safety net, you're branded as a socialist and are told that if the US adopted these measures it would become Venezuela or Cuba (or some use China). They completly ignore places like the Netherlands or most other EU countries. That's why she was banned. They never thought of the Netherlands and knew it made the meme look stupid




You're like the 5th person to invite me since I posted. You guys are so friendly!




It doesn't really matter. Even if the ban were appealed, it's tainted for me. It gave me a chuckle before but I'm washing my hands of it now.


I understand that. There are certain fan subs that never banned me but I got sick of the crazier redditors fetching their pals to brigade my comments they didn't agree with. I didn't want my fandom for those shows to be tainted by them so I just left.




Friendly reminder that they pinned a post denying Tiananmen (I hope I spelled that right) square.


Their mods routinely deny the Uyghur but call everyone else Imperalists somehow. That's tankie logic for you.


That's because it's controlled by tankies, just like shitliberalssay. They're authoritarians who worship anything anti-American or anti-west. I get the west and the US kinda suck but let's not pretend China and the USSR are so much better.




Same shit happened to me. On the same meme too. I said most of Europe, mod asked what’s socialist about a bunch of imperialist countries. Like dude, get off your fucking high horse for a second. Compared to what we’ve got I’d say a good chunk of Europe is very socialist. If you’re going to pull from history and pull the imperialist angle then there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ country. We can’t be choosing beggars


Especially when those are the EXACT countries that the meme authors are refering to, because they also dont understand social democracy.


And they were complaining about the cancel culture


The Netherlands isn't a socialist country.


So if you get permanently banned, it’s only from the specific sub?


Correct. So not a huge loss.




They took their ball and went home. Muted for 28 days! 😂


Mods of Reddit are ultra sad people. Imagine working for free to satisfy your powertripping. They dont even care to justify a ban. If you ask questions that would result in the lift of your ban you are muted.


Reddit mods are some of the pettiest people.




Power tripping mods are the most pathetic creatures.


Yeah, that sub is about as radical as those it ridicules


Shit like this really pisses me off. Being an absolute gatekeeping douchebag is the worst way to gain support for your cause, but I imagine that they feel like they are part of an exclusive sect of people that just "get it", despite the fact that almost everyone learns and grows at different paces.


I have a feeling those moderators are more into communism than socialism.


What a terrible mod, wish there was a way to remove awful mods


lol i got banned because "liberal"... shame, TRCM was such a fun sub before I realized that 1. they were ccp supporters/genocide deniers and 2. they just banned anyone who disagreed with them


You were muted because they know you are right


Wtf, The Netherlands are veeeeeeeery liberal especially compared to the US. What was the correct answer? Cuba? Fucking Venezuela?