my man doesn’t realize stars are essentially the Sun, ask him if the sun moves next


He thinks the sun is a reflection on the firmament so I'm not sure how well that would go


Their heads will explode if you ask them why the air we breathe gets thinner the more altitude you gain? In a closed pressurized system the air should stay the same. Also the ones who take a Bible verse literally that they take to mean the earth is flat. Get really upset if you ask them why they don’t take up serpents if you are taking the Bible literally.


>Their heads will explode if you ask them why the air we breathe gets thinner the more altitude you gain? That's just what NASA wants you to believe. If you try to find out for yourself by gaining altitude UN Black Helicopters will capture you and freeze your body to make another brick in the ice wall surrounding the Earth's edge.


Oh shit!! I completely forgot about the Ice Wall of Death!!


That's because the chemtrails include a hypnotic agent that impairs memory. Check the fit of your tinfoil hat for snugness. Sometimes the 5G can sneak in if you don't have a good seal.


Keep an eye out for the Lizard People too!!


Always do, friend. Thanks to my nictitating membranes I never have to close my eyes.


WELCOME........TO THE ICE WALL \*Psychedelic synth noises\*


If there was an edge to the flat earth you know someone would put a hotel and fly people out to the tourist attraction.


Just a correction. In a pressurised system gravity or any other external force still creates a pressure gradient. You can float a balloon in the pressurised cabin of an airplane to easily prove it.


If this nonsense could be whatever, why a flat earth? Why not something more adventurous, like ants are super clever and learned to travel between galaxies with the power of their minds, or there is a ghostly being that watches all of us day and night, and will punish our bad behaviours; there is no bound to ilusions right? A flat earth seems pretty dull.


Bro that second ones already been done its called religion.


Beat me to it


You can't logic someone out of a headspace they didn't logic themselves into


Sit in a moving car and throw a ball up in the air. The ball won’t hit your face or fly away, it will go up and drop straight down. This isn’t prove that the car isn’t moving.


No. No. No, you have to nail it to the roof of the car. 😂


I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna use logic… if the ball is nailed to the roof, it’ll stay still until the car accelerates or decelerates, so unless the earth stops spinning, dumbass is gonna wait an eternity for his pencil to move.


But show him a helium ballon moving forward, not back in a car as you accelerate and watch his head burst


Wait. Is that what happens. Edit: Here is what happens.[ballon experiment](https://youtu.be/2-UzBitLmf8)


Fun fact If you have a balloon in your car and accelerate forward, the balloon will go forward! The reason the balloon floats is because it is less dense. The denser air goes back, pushing balloon forward


He could put his plumb bomb(?) In the car and once you were up to a constant speed and no changing direction, it wouldn't move either.


Plumb bob. Or plumbob if you're playing The Sims


![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8412) This person is allowed to vote, and procreate.


I love that he thought including the amount of time he had left it hanging there mattered in any way


Yeah we need some kind of empirical test. Keep people like this from doing both. OR a way better way to break their echo chamber


The best way to avoid having people embrace nonsense and pseudoscience would be a well-funded, quality education system that not only taught science, but also taught people how to critically analyse everything that they're told. Unfortunately, the politicians who determine the education funding levels do not want an educated populace, and the voters and school board members do not want children taught critical thinking skills because it would hinder their ability to indoctrinate their kids into their religion and/or political leaning.


Taught middle school math and science (Earth science, biology and physics) for 18 years. I always imparted critical thinking and utilized open-ended questions in my lessons and discussions. To further support your point, I recall a parent angrily criticizing me because she said her son complained that whenever he asked a question in class, I oftentimes began my reply with "what do you think?". I always encouraged students to give an answer, right or wrong, with supporting evidence. She wanted me to just say the answer. I told her "that's not teaching. That's just telling." She did not accept or appreciate my response.


Some people think that a teacher asking a student what they think sets the student up to be ridiculed by classmates if they're wrong. Maybe that had happened to the parent when they were at school? I'm old. My education was the three R's. Read, Rote and Regurgitate. Thankfully I was naturally curious and critical, and had a school librarian who was a better educator than many of my teachers were. In some places you'd not be permitted to teach critical thinking. To use a phrase that has been unfairly restricted to one segment of society; Thank you for your service.


And you forgot that the underfunding for government provided education from kindergarten to highschool often forces teachers to be overwhelmed, overworked, and even buy Thier own educational and school supplies out of pocket.


I tried to keep it brief. Mentioning everything that's wrong with the American education system would take hours.


Hours? Optimist.


True that


Boom ....


In school we were told to question everything. Now even basic agreed facts are being questioned.


It wouldn't matter because we would still have religion and religious schools. Most of these flat earthers are also religious.


>Unfortunately, the politicians who determine the education funding levels do not want an educated populace, and the voters and school board members do not want children taught critical thinking skills because it would hinder their ability to indoctrinate their kids into their religion and/or political leaning. Bingo. 10 points for your house of choice!


Ain’t that some shit!? You nailed it right on the head and there’s nothing we can do about it. Makes me sad for my son’s future.


Very much true. Several actors have been striving for decades to get where we’re at currently and are pushing for more of it. They won’t be happy until everything on earth resembles Idiocracy…🤦


When Idiocracy came out I thought the creators should have written it as the public being idiots, but they were ruled by an aristocracy of devious, but smart people. Then I looked at the intelligence of some senators and congresspeople and realised I was very wrong. There are politicians today who make President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho seem great by comparison. At least he recognised that employing a smart person was a good idea.


Idiocracy received no support from the producers and distributors at all. Fox, their distributor, refused to support a wide release and blocked Mike Judge and Ethan Cohen at every step. Movie studios saw the movie as making fun of the American audience and refused to participate. The movie came and went with showings in only a few local markets. It was till the DVD came out that the movie was widely seen and gained cult status because of the satirical take on nationalism, consumerism, capitalism, and anti-science views. Who would've thought reality is stranger than fiction? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8412)![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8484)![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8485)


In another delicious twist of irony, apparently many of the big name consumer corporations who agreed to product placement in Idiocracy were literally too collectively stupid to anticipate that a film of this sort probably *wasn't* going to portray their brand in a sympathetic light.


Unfortunately the sequel to Idiocracy is life as we know it. Edit: my bad we are in the *Prequel now.


Scary how much that movie is mimicking life today. Mike Judge = genius


Do a kick ass job and you get a full pardon, no jail time. Now hand me a beer, and get yourself one too. 🫡


And now the derps that come out of that system are homeschooling.


Put them in a van and go a constant speed of 60mph, hang a pendulum from its roof, and show these idiots it won't move when in a constant speed, and if that doesn't convince them just jump out the van and let it go off a cliff...


We just need a swampy, semi-isolated peninsula that we can banish these people to, and let the ocean slowly cut them off and consume them. If only there was a place like that… 🤔


And carry a firearm


This person don't know what is gravity... And should not be allowed to vote or procreate.


They probably ~~think~~ believe gravity is a hoax.


A flat earther’s greatest fear is…. Sphere itself


Love it


Bravo! Take my imaginary award


Ooh that’s good!




This s what I imagine Q followers to be like


I'm starting a new campaign: Make Q Star Trek Again.


Same logic


That is a plumb bob.


Used to make a pengelum.


More like Dumb Bob


So how do you explain the day and night cycle which is different in some countries,if earth was flat wouldnt norway be rid of the midnight sun


Ah, no, you see, well, it is, as per, well, like... sun is a spotlight. Not kidding, that is their explanation, that sun is magically blocked from shining to anywhere else but where it is allowed to shine. It also has wild orbital mechanics, does not circle us but wanders around the plane. And the Moon cycles? Magic.


Its kinda dissapointing,i expected them to have a good explanation


Me too but they have great difficulties explaining days and seasons. I mean, they have some hypothesis how it would work but it does get quite silly, quite fast. Like.. what is holding the sun in that orbit and why does it have larger and faster orbits during the northern winters, where does it get all that extra energy from, and how does it cycle back to slower, tighter orbit for the northern summer so it can shine 24h above arctic circle... but is still straight above your head at equator every noon... Cause their sun is also what, 6000 kilometers above Earths plane.. So for sun to do all that, it has to have quite a wonky orbit or it has to be at multiple places at once..


Nope, it doesn't work like that just take their word they're "experts" at experiments they know what they're talking about, they just don't have a working model yet because of......reasons you know


Reminds me of that flat earth doc on Netflix (I think) where they had a team of pseudo-scientists and they did all this research trying to prove the earth was flat, and one guy even spent a huge chunk of his savings on a highly calibrated laser and measurement device to set up an elaborate test. Then, the test proved that the earth was round. I'll never forget the look on his face when the realization kicked in. The thing I don't get, is if these people are so sure that scientists and researchers are wrong, then WHY do they have any faith in any of the tools or devices that have been created BY and FOR these same people?


You see, there's two different kinds of light. The one we see with and the one that makes things bright. The latter is slowed down by the world's thaumic field... Oh wait, I mixed up our world and Terry Pratchett's Discworld.


Only suckers believe that “Norway” actually exists. Do your own research!! This guy has been sold a bill of lies by “Big Norway”


Wait,is Ohio not real?


"Please learn how to critically think." Sir, you've done it wrong.


Even to think would be a bonus.


What he is trying to replicate is this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foucault_pendulum Had one at my university. Very neat. Will even shift axis as the Earth does too. Anyway his looks too short and too light.


True but it has to be swinging to be a working experiment


Yup. This dumbfuck in the video conveniently missed that part.


Dumbfuck also needs to invest in a tripod


He’s missed a lot of things in life


And it needs to move first. As the pendulum direction won't change, you can see the earth moving under the pendulum. Here the pendulum is static...


It's like Newton's laws WORK!


Griffith Observatory in LA also has one. Quite neat to watch. I thought that was what he was trying to do, but forgot the key step of setting it into motion.


Foucalts pendulum will eventually stop too, it needs external forces to start it.


There are versions which have a magnetic coil which pumps it on every swing.


It also helps if the thing is actually swinging.


Amazing how thousands of years have passed from ancient times when they knew the world was round, minds that shaped worlds… and people who failed HS science now have a voice.


Two things which have not been accounted for: 1) Centrifugal force. 2) Newtons laws of motion.


Congress changed Newtons laws last week, didn't you hear?


“Let me conduct an experiment the wrong way, and use that as evidence for a theory that can’t be proven otherwise” 🤦‍♂️


That’s how they do science. Sometimes they conduct the experiment correctly and it proves the earth is a sphere, so they discard those results and tell you the conclusion they wanted.


This video changed my 37yrs old mind about Earth spinning. I just learned to critically think. Thanks !


Np glad I could help vicariously through this genius of a human being


If so, you just leaped from the 98% to the 2% IMO.


You're assuming you know in which direction his mind moved.


Wow. What a genius this chap is. I have a question for him. It's 08:39 where I live and it's daylight. 1 hour ago it was dark. How does he explain this?


They're still working on the model he'll get back to you lmao


You silly muppet, that is because sun is a spotlight. Not kidding, that is their current "model". They can't explain how it is a spotlight but since it has to be a spotlight for their theory to work, it means.. sun is magically a spotlight.


It’s always dark in his parents basement… he probably only pops upstairs to wow them with his science experiments and his vast knowledge. Probably is unemployed, because it’s his job to educate the masses.


Remind me again why eugenics is “bad”?


Because idiots always end up in charge.


Because humans are self-aware (mostly). because of that there's no way for eugenics to be ethical. And there's no evidence that you can breed for intelligence, at least in humans. Trust me, nobody wants this guy propagating whatever nonsense he's going on about, but luckily if he does procreate his children are perfectly capable (and likely) to reject this guy's backwards thinking.




Because of of racism and colonialism obviously


I get the point you're trying to make but eugenics goes far beyond just "breeding" intelligence


Unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity


There is but it is illegal


There's one that's posted every once in a while on here where a flat earther is doing an experiment to prove that the Earth is flat and it actually fails and proves the earth is actually round.


Yeah, it’s Bob Knodel. Prominent flat earther who spent $30k or something like that on a ring laser gyro, expecting to prove there was no rotation. Ended up proving 15 degrees of rotation per hour or something. It’s from the “Behind the curve” documentary on Netflix. Thanks Bob!




If this damn thing is moving, you better run and get your ass out of the house immediately. Edit: in case someone doesn’t know. This actually works as an earthquake detector. As long as you are sure your doors and windows are shut and thus no wind is blowing, but this thing is moving, an earthquake is coming in a few seconds. Or if your body is sensitive to micro movements, you can feel it at the same time.


Obviously whomever is doing this does not understand what a plump bob is used for.


Friction. He should learn about friction.


And relativity


And gravity


But it is moving.... at the same velocity as the earth.


I can’t believe I made it through the whole thing. But omg his closing lines!!! 😂😂😂 Should take some of his own advice… but also learn what the definition is critical thinking is. 🤣


I love trolls


Trust me this man is NOT a troll I am guarantee you that he's dead serious he's been making shit like this for years


Lol. Should i make a video with a spirit level? They might take my degree away lol.


Man there's really people this stupid out there isn't there


American education system at work


If he set it swinging, it would gradually precess, which would actually prove a rotating globe. But he won't, because he doesn't want to prove that.


It’s not moving because it’s performing the function a plumb bob was designed for, using gravity to find a vertical reference line.


Just stop...stop everything. stop breeding, stop voting...stop eating, hell...stop breathing.


You can't make this shit up.


I can’t believe this is still an argument


Maybe that butt plug needs new batteries in order to start spinning


Every time he pauses you can hear his brain overheating.


It would do the same thing on a moving train there by proving the moving train is not moving!


Man, if being cross eyed had an accent…


As they say... You can't fix stupid.


I wonder how his brain works that the entire world must be trying to trick him rather than his experiment is flawed.


*except Newton.


Only think insane are the brains of this man!


Always wanted to know why would the Powers in charge lie to us about the Earth being flat or not ? What is there to gain from withholding this information ? Let's say the earth was flat after all , what then ? Nothing changes . Same with moon landing and and and ...


If they used some domino's and swung it they could of proven the earth rotates https://www.brown.edu/Departments/Italian_Studies/n2k/visibility/Alison_Errico/Soft%20Moon/pendulum.html#:~:text=Wherever%20you%20put%20it%2C%20Foucault's,experiment%20demonstrating%20the%20Earth's%20rotation.


It's doable to make your own Foucault's pendulum, but not one as tiny as in the OP.


Is it just me or do they all sound exactly the same?


His voice is exactly what I would expect a flat earther to sound like.


Pretty sure this guy doesn’t know that women don’t pee out of their vaginas either


Being dumb is free.


Inertia idiot.


I would personally love to take this guy on a train and using his "plumb bob of Truth" show him why his experiment is absolutely moronic


This is why we need to fund our schools…


At present my only question is, why we aren’t labeling our current era as the new dark age?


How come when I stop walking, I'm not moving?!? Check mate.


I used to be amused by these people, then I felt sorry for them, now I want them to play in traffic. It's just fucking depressing now.


Newton’s Fourth Law: Ignorance + Social Media = Idiot


Tell me you've never passed an elementary grade level science class without actually telling me you've never passed an elementary grade level science class. EDIT: Maybe we should convince this guy to build a steam-powered rocket so that he can REALLY show us how wrong we all are.


This is the exact same logic that antivaxxers use. The pretend that science doesn’t exist, and decide really should be based on their feelings.


I don’t care that people think the earth is flat. My main concern is what is the end goal with the held belief?


The same ultimate purpose of all conspiracy theorists: self-assertion. Juvenile rebellion for its own sake. A sense of superiority, importance, achievement and validation. Sticking it to "The Establishment." Psychological projection of one's own ignorance and stupidity onto the knowledgeable and intelligent, leading to delusional thinking. It's a feeble power fantasy to soothe the insecure egos of those who lack the humility to acknowledge that there could possibly be things they do not know or comprehend, but others do.


3 brains cells away from neurological death.


I love that he thinks that stars that are light years away from earth can move from one side the sky to the other side of the sky, in effect moving light years, in one day.


Idiot's walk among us....


So he’s attempting to debunk the globe by incorrectly using Foucaults pendulum? They don’t really get any dumber than this.


Someone didn't pay attention in elementary school.


We need better mental health services and education to combat this level of stupid.


Tell him to do the experiment in his car traveling at a constant speed towards a wall or cliff


How are they not embarrassed to say these things?


Everyone knows the earth is really shaped like a banana ![gif](giphy|xUOrw9ONdl2KGAstZC)


Tell me you don’t understand Foucault’s Pendulum without actually mentioning Foucault. Or duplicating the experiment.


Lol you absolute fuckn idiot.


Always remember how to critically think…


How is it dark on one side of the earth and light if the earth was flat?


The stupid. It burns


Where are the flat Earth supporters in these threads? Why don't they ever come to the defense of their fellow wingnuts?


They live in the shadows, once everyone else is gone and the post stops getting views they'll chime in


Look for antivaxxers, they have the same energy, but it’s more socially acceptable.


I’ve lost faith in humanity again….


And he can vote


Common Sense and understanding Perception are two things that have to be proven even in basic form to live past the age of 8. If we can’t grasp even a sliver of it by that age then we need to just end them. I say we build a moon door and make them fly. /s I say the age of 8 because kids are allowed to be stupid but by 8 you should start to recognize how the world works lol


What a stupid twat!




I’m hoping we get the Space shuttles moving for the average person so the ‘flat earthers’ can go the way of the history books.


Guys i now believe that the earth is flat. You can't dismiss this evidence with science


Bruh this is shit http://flatearth101.com/


What church does he attend? There’s usually a religion connected to this kind of ignorance.


My dude talks like he’s constantly trying to keep his brain from overheating. Words over five letters long take up too much RAM.


Clears throat spouts dumbshit.. no questions needed


Oh for the love of fuck why did i watch this? I can already feel what little intelligence I possessed draining away listening to this specimen. I’m not sure if the internet is a good thing as it highlights the halfwits among us or if it we were all better off not knowing 🤔.


I may think I'm an absolute brain dead fool some days but then I remember there's people like this.


He provide one undeniable fact: "This is insane."


We don’t breath air. I’ve been sitting here eating Cheetos since Tuesday and I haven’t seen one spec of air.


I have a question: how did you not learn how anything works


Omg what the f*** is wrong with peoples brains these days - you can’t just discard theories that have been proven and accepted for thousands of years. Following this mentality - Penn and Teller are actual sorcerers.


“Please learn how to critically think and always ask questions”… Jesus Christ, people choosing to be this incomprehensibly stupid shouldn’t be allowed in society 🤦🏼‍♂️


I think there's a reasonable chance that when a dude adopts/is cursed with this cartoonish nasally nerd voice, they hear themselves, and think "oh I must be smart". Rarely does that epiphany play out once applied external to their own minds, however.


Science is hard when you're stupid.


I hope I have to never share the same zip code with this guy for the simple fear of my IQ plunging just by proximity.


Has he tried this experiment in a vehicle that is not accelerating.


You dumb fuck


Trying to replicate the Foucault pendulum experiment, but the pendulum needs to be in motion to be able to observe the rotation.


Why does this makes sense in his mind ?


250+ iq there... Sun , moon , jupiter ,venus ,etc , etc :spheres Earth : flat....


This is what happens when a person is in the allegory of the cave and turns to the wall behind them saying I am blind.


Wtf are they trying to prove with this?


This guy sounds like the dude who does my drywall work


Imagine waking around being this stupid.


How can you be so dense?