What makes you sure Islam is false?

What makes you sure Islam is false?


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The story of Ibrahim. No all-knowing God would ask a believer to sacrifice their child, it’s immoral. If you don’t find the story of Ibrahim morally wrong then there is most likely something fundamentally wrong with you. Respectfully




asked my mom once if god asked her to sacrifice me, she told me she would do it and in a split second i dont think that is my mom.


Imagine. The whole world would see her as a psychopath. But in religion we praise the same people lol


Well damn ma!


Not to mention before that he abandoned his wife and son in the desert.


it is a story to show that prophet ibrahim sacrificed alot and went through a lot of suffering for allah and thats why allah chose him as the leader of humanity


"leader of humanity" Imma keep it real with you . even Elon Musk is more useful than Ibrahim


Of course a reddit kid told me that Elon Musk is better than Ibrahim. The same guy that is using child slavery to make profit! It’s so fitting for you


At least these children aren't dead just to get 72 virgins :3


72 virgins??


Wait a minute I don't think that's a problem as Muslims believe the Allah is the greatest being and his words are absolute so If he said do a genocide to all children and you will go to heaven with 72 virgins they will not even think about it


Same in Christianity. Sick as fuck, although Islam is far worse


he never asked him to sacrifice his child he only asked him to sacrifice whats dear to him


Same thing . Different wording


He had dreams of sacrificing his son,dreams meant revelation from God, he ignored it first but then he had it again,then decided to do it but Allah stopped him. Allah was like “O Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the vision”. Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good. Indeed, this was the clear trial and We ransomed him with a great sacrifice’. Qur’an [37:103-107] If a God is all-knowing meaning he knows everything (he knew Ibrahim was going to do it) why would he put a person through the psychological torture just to stop them at the last second. Hence Allah is immoral and not all-knowing


Because he had to know if Ibrahim was ready to become the leader of humanity and become the most highest person on Earth. It was a test and most importantly it was a way for allah to show ibrahim about eid and how fasting should end and how to sacrifice a goat and donate it’s pieces to the poor


Question to you : Would you be willing to sacrifice your son if God asked you to ?


"Because he had to know if Ibrahim was ready to become the leader of humanity and become the most highest person on Earth" 'Allah' is meant to be all-knowing, he would've already known if Ibrahim was ready..


Not true, in Quran Ibrahim says: Oh son I dreamt that I have been slaughtering you, so his son said: Oh father do what you are commanded, you will find me obedient


If I'm not wrong, the "kid" was a grown up adult. So it is both Abraham and his grown up kid that follow God's instructions


Point being?


Sorry, may be I didn't stress my point properly. The point is that the both the father and son seems to obey God's command was willing to go thru the sacrifice. Most narrative I heard is that it is the father who are doing it with the son as an innocent party.


The Quran. It's clearly written with the knowledge of a 7th century Arabian man...not a god. The biggest giveaway is verse 33:50 where Muhammad is given special privelages that's ONLY FOR HIM...


Fr like what would muslims get from that verse what are the benefits of it ? 😂


Exactly. It's supposed to be a book for all mankind for all time, but has a verse giving 1 person an "all you can fuck" license... not suspicious at all!


Yea and btw who cares about his uncle abu lahab


There seemed to be a shit ton of miracles happening 1400 years ago. Funny how none of that happens now 🤔 damn maybe because.. it never was true


Trust me dude I can do magic. I didn't have a phone or a camera but I wrote it down in my diary


I saw Muhammad in my dreams. And he told me to kill my dog and Bang a random 10 year old that passed down the street Amen


That had me laughing


Quran was released on a cave that’s make it too sus. Why don’t it just be revealed in a crowd that could make it more believable??


I was expecting one on Palestine issue but disappointed


The free will vs predetermined destiny of the Perserved Tablet paradox. The fact that Allah has sent two books with two prophets in the past, but according to him, they got corrupted. So Allah had the genius idea this time... Of sending yet another book... To an illeterate man... Which would be revealed over the span of 23 years instead of at once... To be revealed upon a mostly illeterate nation... Who have absolutely zero experience of documenting and perserving historic texts. The all-wise genius. Allah's failure to prove his authenticity, and constant use of fallacies to prove himself. Allah, coincedentally, has the same morality of a horny 7th century bedouin.


It seems really difficult for me to accept that Islam is nothing more than one man using the cover of religion to provide sanction to do whatever he wants, and these “truths from allah” are always revealed at opportune moments. Mo: One day my wife will be old and ugly. Allah: No probs. You can marry as many younger wives as you like. And I do mean younger (wink, wink.) But other men only get four. Mo: I’m away from my wife/wives in a war and need to have sex but all we have are these slaves. Allah: Relax man, slaves that your right hand possess are now permissible to you Mo: One of my buddies has raped another woman. No witnesses. He’s scared she’ll tell the local elders what happened to her. Allah: We’ll set the standard of proof at a ridiculous level. Let’s say four male witnesses. And if she makes the claim without four male witnesses, we’ll stone her for adultery. Mo: Genius! Mo: I think all men are lecherous scumbags who will ogle my wife/wives Allah: Why are you worried, bro? Just tell your wife/wives to cover up with a hijab. In fact, tell all women to do it. Use my name to make it seem legit. Mo: My wife keeps asking me too many questions about my activities Allah: Say that you will beat her (lightly) and write it down as a commandment from me. Where are we up to in your rule book? Ah yes, Chapter 4, Verse 34 Mo: There is a chance that somebody else might have the same bright idea to invent a religion and may encourage their own followers, leaving me with less power and influence. Allah: No. Anyone who worships another god must be killed immediately. Add in that you are my only messenger, for good measure. Mo: These white people could be a challenge to my power. Allah: Encourage them to leave by taxing non-Muslims. You can call it jizyah Mo: How do I convince men thats it’s ok to die in order to fulfil my wishes, cough cough, I mean propagate Islam? Allah: We’ll tell them that there is an afterlife and men who die for your cause get 72 virgins, no questions asked. We’ll make the word for this sound fun and playful, like American cowboys shouting “yee-ha!” Mo: What will women get? Allah: I SAID MEN GET 72 VIRGINS Mo: My friend doesn’t want his daughter to receive inheritance as that will be taken away from my sons and go towards supporting another mans family. But I also want to show that Islam gave women rights. Allah: That’s why we’ll say women get 1/4 of what a man would get because after marriage, their husband should be supporting her Mo: Got it


Mo : I'm afraid that My wife will find an other attractive women and ditch me to go with her. And I don't really want my friend to bang me Allah : Just say that I made it Haram and stone everyone that does it


There could be a god, there is 0% chance this god is "Allah" and sent his message through a creature made of light to a 7th century Bedouin. oh yeah and split the moon for him and took him on a field trip to heaven on a magical pony that has temperature regulators, can warp space time and provide clean air to breathe.


The fact that is was made by Mohammed , even if it was ethically good ( which it isn't ) it is still false and you don't even need to be smart to know it , the concept and understanding of earth , universe and nature of things in the quran and the Islamic scriptures are literally a seventh century man concepts and understandings , and for those with the myth of ( scientific miracles ) one question to refute their childish claim , give me one thing that was discovered originally from the quran before the scientists discovered it ?


Well from what Islam teaches god seems very narcissistic. He says that it doesn't matter how good of a person I had been my whole life and it doesn't matter how many people I made happy throughout but if I didn't pray to him then he will throw me in hell to eternally suffer. An all-knowing being cannot be this selfish and cruel and if they are and that is, If Islam is true then I have no interest in bowing down to such a ruthless God.


Thats true. If i pray everyday and work hard to worship him. If i make one mistake. He throw me in hell. Thats unfair


The biggest reason for it this everything is done with a expectation of reward or fear of punishment is there really love for god?


Scientific errors in the Quran and it's pretty evident to see the Quran has plagiarised most of the concepts from Judaism and Christianity.


Can you point some out for me? I'm a skeptic muslim.


Do you mean the Scientific errors?




That document has everything I have to say it you. Read it and if you have any doubts, then message https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iwsYrPxNfJmQFEdoW039VtziL2xkvNPFk6DfQUuuSKY/edit?usp=drivesdk




Agree. All girls normal vaginal start open at 14 year old. Look like Allah dont told mo about male and female body part and how its work


The fact that the moon is supposedly split in half even thoe you can clearly see it's not by space images and astronauts who went there. That's one of my reasons. Edit: No I never think Islam is actually true.


The concept of hell. It's stupid. It assumes that every single human being must belive in order to save himself from it. But what's the point when someone doesn't simply belive?


you are just describing totalitarianism


Lol, no?


I’m a longtime lurker of this sub and was exploring this exact thought, and someone on the internet put it this way: if god didn’t create a place for murderers, rapists, etc., then he would be viewed as bad for not doing anything about them. I’m exploring all religions as I’m open to anything, and found that explanation from a Christian channel actually. Just sharing my thoughts on hell (if it truly exists that is)...


That's a whole complete different story. I'm talking you average human being, who has empathy towards others, and helps them, never did he kill or do something similar. The same person in Islam goes in Hell for simply not believing.


Let me answer that from why the concept of hell in Islam doesn't make sense. Infact free will also doesn't make sense in Islam. Here is a Saheeh Hadith in which a situation of a child dying is described. Let's first read it: ----- A'isha, the mother of the believers, said that Allah's Messenger was called to lead the funeral prayer of a child of the Ansar. I said: Allah's Messenger, there is happiness for this child who is a bird from the birds of Paradise for it committed no sin nor has he reached the age when one can commit sin. He said: 'A'isha, per adventure, it may be otherwise, because God created for Paradise those who are fit for it while they were yet in their father's loins and created for Hell those who are to go to Hell. He created them for Hell while they were yet in their father's loins. Reference In-book reference: Sahih Muslim 2662c ---- As you can see, a little child who has died without any sin, infact without even attaining the age of sin, will not necessarily end up in heaven according to Muhammad. What does that tell us? (1) The hell doesn't exist as a punishment for your bad deeds (murder, rape, theft etc), it exists, however, as a destination for people whom Allah wants there to be in the hell irrespective of their deeds. (2) there is no use of free will in Islam. If there were, the dead child who has not committed any sin in his life must end up in heaven necessarily. For what reason can he end up in hell, since he didn't even get a chance to exercise his free will, didn't get a chance to use that so called free will to decide whether to be a believer or not?


Hell comes from valley in Israel where they burned garbage. That's why the word for hell in early history was Gehenna in judaism, because the valley is located in Gehenna So ''Hell'' Was a metaphor of ending up in said valley, later misinterpreted as its literal idea of eternal hellfire in a different plane of existence. It's kinda like pointing today at a garbage truck and saying ''you'll end up there if you don't get educated'' It's probably why hell is often talked about in such a spiritual manner, about ''the lack of presence of god'', ''the damned souls'' and usually talking about what happens to 'bad' people instead of giving some kind of substance to hell itself and what it really is other than ''SOULS BE DAMNED IN THE LAKE OF HELLFIRE'', because there isn't really much there other than the idea that's been carried on Also god could just like, not create rapists so there wouldn't need to be a hell but idk something something satan something something double standards and hypocrisies


pedophiles, murderers and rapists dont go to hell according to islamic ruling....a woman who threads her eyebrows does


Can you show me where you got this from?


That much of Islamic belief is just an offshoot of the Arab pagans, Christians and Jews of Arabia. I was brought up to believe that Islam was this perfect divinely inspired thing that was unique and stands alone among all others. Not true. It is the latest evolution of what came before it. I believed that for almost all of my atheistic life. What really confirmed it was the documentary [Everything is a Remix](https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=everything%27s+a+remix+part+1+). It doesn't talk about religion at all, but it does make the case the, essentially, originality doesn't exist. It also lays out how human beings take a work, remix it and turn it into something new. The works that look original are just remixes of things what came before it. I believe this applies to religions as well. Christianity is an offshoot of pagan Roman religion and Judaism, Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism, and Islam is an offshoot of the pagan Arab, Christian and Jewish religions. Once I started thinking this way, I began to see the component parts of Islam as human-made. No divine fingerprint here.


Also the almost obvious similarities arab religions share with zoroastrianism, especially Islam.


I agree. You also see Zoroastrian elements in Christianity too. The dualistic Gods, one good and one evil, is believed to have influenced the conceptions of God and the Devil (might have influenced Judaism too, I don't know). How those Zoroastrian elements got into Islam, whether through Christianity or Zoroastrianism directly, I'm not going to speculate. All I know is that Islam does have the fingerprints of Zoroastrianism in it.


No bc the concept of hell and paradise doesn’t make sense, human beings are complicated and an all knowing god would know that you can’t just divide them into good and bad


"you donated every single penny of your money to charity and raised thousands of orphans to become stable adults. But you are a haribo that one time and Yahweh says that's not kosher"


Islam still executes and punishes apostates/blasphemers. this is because islam is so fragile that some criticism will destroy it. And actual truth never fears criticism.




If we feared criticism from idiots like you who dont know anything we wouldnt be here today, all you guys base off is cultural practises and terrorists who are going to go to hell btw.


See. You just proved my point. You hate critisism so much that you had to come on here and say something like this.


The people you call terrorists are more Islamic than the whitewashed mickey mouse Islam most muslims practice and follow today. If mohammed were alive today and did the things he used to do most people would be sickened by him


Same reason i don't belive in all the other fictional stories of characters


You just don't believe hard enough. I for one have gone over every inch of the Holy Text and I do believe that Hobbits and Orcs are real. Tolkien considered more about making things seem "real" in the first few Lord of the Rings than the Quran did in all chapters.


Can't argue with that, atleast one can have fun reading the Lord of the Rings and it also teachs you something about friendship and love etc


As a Muslim woman, I believe love isn't real unless it's between my dead husband and 72 of his most attractive middle school students. Yep, sounds legit.


The angel Gabriel told me it was false when I was on a backpacking trip in the mountains. The beautiful way I wrote this sentence shows I am telling the truth.


well, ur comment cannot be proved false..




Islam is not the only religion claiming to be true. And in each religion you have a prepared hell waiting for you. So you might as well meet the Hindu god in the end lol **oops**


I don’t think GOD would be a crying baby and ask muslims to kill someone who left his religion and hurt his feelings 🥺


Ohh poor him. Really sad


When i was a child of 10 i used to think that yeah everyone is saying that every other religions are false except islam what if our religion (Islam) is also false.. As i grew up I realized I was right. The most disgusting thing about it is that it ia misogynist religion as well as a person who's true won't tell again and again that I'm true and a religion that's true won't hesitate if someone leaves it.. The concept of "Hoor" to induce men is also bullshit.. Plus I've read the Quran 2 times with translation even if this God is true, I'll tell him I was not convinced so you're a merciful God you should've convinced me by arose of something in my mind or even sent Gabriel for me 😂...




Even if it is true. Hell has all of the cool people in it and is probably better


Imagine today, during this modern age, where cameras are available in your pockets, a guy came down a mountain and said he have spoken to god, and you just have to take his word on it, would you believe him? There’s thousands of religions throughout the entire human history. What made you so sure that islam is the right one? Because it was written in a book? How can you be certain that the Greek gods are false? It was also written in books. The story of Harry Potter was also written in books. How are you sure that that is not based on real events? J.K. Rowling might have been into that magical world, but had her memory erased. Over time, she started to remember and wrote the books. How can you dispute that kind of claim? See the problem with the above? It’s the same with your question. The burden of proof should be on the ones who’s making the claim. If you’re claiming that islam is true, show the god. Ask him to speak to everyone and eliminate all this confusion once and for all, so that they’ll be no more wars. Actually speak. Not “find it in your heart”. If I’m claiming that spaghetti meatball monster is the real god that rule the universe, is it your burden to prove it or is it mine?


I understand what you are saying. Actually I’m a doubting muslim and I just don’t feel comfortable leaving the religion without 100% proof due to hell fear


You suffer from the same fear every person leaving Islam suffered from. We all sat in dark rooms wondering if these questions are damning our eternal souls and shaking with fear. But a day will come when you'll be able to ask your question without fear, and it'll be all the sweeter for the suffering you went through to get there. Take your time and don't rush to decide whether you believe or do not believe. Listen to both sides and see whichever is more convincing, then when you are comfortable make your decision. For what it's worth, something that helped me get over the fear of hell was the argument that torturing someone for questioning things there is no evidence for us immoral. Hence if God is "the most benevolent the most merciful" then he cannot condemn you to hell for what you end up believing or not believing.


Muslim people without understand and knowledge. Tell everyone Islam is true religion


Sure, then I look at the evidence for it.


LOL I never fucking think that


Because it's a man made concept.


1. They interaction between the Quran, Muhammed and day-to-day events makes the Quran a clear invention by Muhammed the man to me. 2. The immorality of child-marriage, slavery etc. destroys any divine input.


No all explaining and all knowing religion purposely misses a whole fucking millions of years of dinosaur existence and just starts the story of human existence with a few snaps of the finger and bam, apparently giant humans with ‘perfect design’ just spontaneously existing without any evolution through natural selection and it’s environmental selection pressure. With absolutely zero mention of DINOSAURS. More I can go into but if no god can explain dinosaurs, you’re not all knowing and you’re not legit.


The fact that they shit constantly on other religions and call them lies and shit. This is something i would do where if i were to make my own religion


The mathematical, scientific and historical mistakes in the Quran and Hadith. * Summing up the fractions for insurance results in more than 100%. * God says stars and meteors are missiles against devils, even though they are completely different things. * Incorrect anatomy and embryology. * Uses Pharaoh as a name when in fact it was a title like "king". Meaning the Quran says stuff like "Pharaoh said" whole it should be "the pharaoh said" (obviously Arabic doesn't have capitalization, but the equivalent concept to differentiate the cases exists in Arabic using the diacritic on the last letter i.e. قال فرعونُ vs قال فرعونٌ) * The sun doesn't set in a muddy spring, nor does it go to God's throne to prostrate at night. * The Jews do not think Ezra is the son of God. * Many verses of the Quran have alternate readings, some of which change the meaning of the verses. The Quran which is immutable and exists in the "preserved tablet" اللوح المحفوظ has different editions, the most famous of which are Hafs and Warsh. * Neither the gender of the baby nor who he looks like it's decided by whose "water" (orgasm) comes first. * The clouds are not being pulled by an angel, nor are thunder and lightning actions of an angel whipping the clouds so they'd move. * Fasting from sunrise to sunset is impossible in some regions because the sun doesn't set for about 6 months. * Killing noncombatants kids just because they belong to an enemy tribe and had grown pubic hair is morally abhorrent. * Allowing slavery is morally abhorrent. * Allowing sexual slavery is morally abhorrent. * Stoning people to death, as opposed to killing them as fast and painlessly as possible, is morally abhorrent. * Killing people for deciding to follow a different religion is morally abhorrent. These are off the top of my head. My personal favorite though is that Allah, as described by Islam, is an idiot who can't even come up with a good calendar. This contradicts the parts about Allah being all-knowing, best of planners...etc. I've detailed the issue with this in a separate [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/DebateReligion/comments/n2kklg/the_islamic_calendar_proves_that_islam_came_from/).


Even if it is true the god was okay with child marriage and his so called messenger having sex with a nine year old girl among other things. I wouldn’t wanna worship him either way


There was a time after I left when I had some anxiety over it. It was purely because of indoctrination for so long (even though I smelled the bullshit at 12). The main thing is that there is no solid proof that it is from god. All the “miracles” people bring up such as linguistic, scientific, etc all fall over with very little digging. I can honestly go on forever about everything wrong with the religion but I’m over it


What age you left Islam?


My “Imaan” was shaky from 12-20ish. I would watch a lot of scholars speak on certain topics because I thought it was my misunderstanding that made me disbelieve. After 8 years of study, I knew I wasn’t going to learn anything further that would make me believe the religion so I left. Told my family at 23 which was a shitshow. The reason I tried so hard to believe was because I didn’t want to lose my relationship with my family at the time


I left at 23. Now im 23, still want to tell my family Islam is false and explain to them. I dont want to waste my family time to believe it.


The idea of eternal punishment. Hear me out, Usually there is a point from punishment , make someone learn their lesson, scare someone from doing wrong doing again , etc. however with Allah, upon judgement day , the non believers will experience a harsher punishment than anyone who has ever existed EVER, and with absolutely no point? There is no learning a lesson. There is no sort of reform. It’s just 100% punishment in the sake of revenge .. why?? Because we ate a pepperoni pizza ? Because we fucked before signing a piece of paper? Or because we believed in a different divine power ? What level of jealousy is this ? Definitely god like. My argument stems off two points. A)Either Muhammad made it all up and thus fuck him. B) god is real and everything is real and in that case we are all fucked because he’s clearly a jealous and furious god.


Why only Islam tho? Why can't the myriad of other faiths be true? What would you do if you died and saw Yahweh? Or Krishna? Or Osiris? Wouldn't that mean you're living your life in falsehood?


This is exactly why pascals wager shouldn't be used. Its not 50/50 it's less than 1% chance any faith is true. What if it's Buddhism and you are stuck in an eternal loop of reincarnation? Or what if it's greek mythology where when you die you just live in Hades now? Completely different outcomes


Imagine when u died. Therers nothing happened. That sad waste of life


The conflict between evolution and creationism. One is overwhelmingly backed by science, and the other is an unsubstantiated claim.


"Its all a test." for whom? All-knowing god? Were we set for heaven or hell before creation? All-knowing means yes. Soooo yeah... Everything aside, this just doesnt add up for me.


What makes you sure Christianity is false What makes you sure Judaism is false What makes you sure Hinduism is false What makes you sure Buddhism is false What makes you sure Zoroastrianism is false . The burden of proof is on the making the claim . If it is so true proof it


All religious prove itself false religion


the rules that made in thousand years ago, and halt of progression in the country


Scientific mistakes


If god was so powerful and thoughtful in creating the universe and everything within it, why has he been so sloppy in revealing himself to us? Never stepping forward or talking to us, always speaking through intermediaries and power grubbing weirdos. The last one being a literal illiterate peasant from the Middle East. Firstly why does the Middle East get all the prophets? Last I checked Europe had people living their as well. Secondly I imagine god has an understanding of believability so why does he keep giving us brief revelations of slightly different messages again and again. It's one job and he keeps relying on humans to deliver it. You want an authentic quran, use part of your **infinite** powers to make one out of thin air and then hand deliver it to every human in existence. Then there's the fact that all we ever know about a prophet is what they tell us. Muhammad said he was the last, Joseph Mormon popped up much later saying he was a prophet, who do you believe? It's not as if it makes much sense for god to up and say I'm not gonna talk to you anymore so maybe Mormonism is right for continuing to deliver his message, but then again Joseph Mormon was also a money grubbing, lustful, power hungry whack job just like Muhammad so neither of these men really seem like emissaries of the divine. My point is either god doesn't exist, doesn't care or is this immensely secretive, petty and wholly unreliable character who fails to deliver a single simple message repeatedly over thousands of years. That last description is antithetical to the definition of god so at the very least I'm confident islam is false. So my conclusion is god ain't real or he doesn't care what u do.


Allah allowing slavery is a big factor and all the scientifical errors in the Quran show that islam is a BS .


I learned Mohammed free slavery. But i grow up i think its probably lies. Now i was right


They always try to make up false stories to make him look good .


Yeah. My mosques teacher said Allah have been send one powerful man with big among with rifles. He shot and stabbing people who trying to destroy Islam. Very internet, when im older cant find information lol made up


The fact that Aisha is naked and wrapped in silk in the dream Muhammad had about her when she was 6. He was clearly just a lying child predator.


Pls send this source 🤢


Bukhari 58.235


Lol not even for one milli-second, ever in my life have I thought Islam might be true. It’s a disgusting, perverse, abusive, cruel, sex-obsessed, misogynistic cult. No good God would ever come up with hideous things that you find inside it’s primary texts.... if anything, it is made by satan, who is laughing his butt off at how many people fell for such an obviously evil ideology.




Muhammad is clearly not a role modern, he clearly wasn't perfect. Islam isn't special compared to other religions.


scientific errors, contradictions, hadiths are all false, pedophilia, genocide, sex slavery, concept of marriage in islam, how dawah's and apologist lie about things to make islam seem good. Also no proof. Since I was muslim i have that pull towards it but i think its from being brainwashed so i try to realize its a lie. Also why would God create an infinity universe with infinity possibilities just to repeat the same 7 lines from a book as a form of worship for salah. It just makes sense that its more about brainwashing yourself than worshipping a God. if i repeated anything every 5 minutes for hours I'd believe whatever I was repeating regardless if its true or not. Be careful what you do. Even here we shouldn't express hatred for Islam because hate is like poison. We should overcome the lies within ourselves with joy and truth. For me thats the universe and i have joy i know better than to follow someone for no reason other than others are doing it now.


The Quran says Muhammad is prophecied in the gospel of the 7th century christians. "Those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, **whom they find mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel** in their possession." (7:158) The christians in the 7th century had the same four gospels that we have today: Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. None of them even gives the slightest hint for Muhammad. The Quran contains clear scientific errors. It says that sweet and salt water cant mix but they can. The Quran says that semen is produced between the rips and the backbone. The Quran says that Allah would have killed Muhammad if he invented anything. However, after Muhammad there were many people claiming to be prophets (Joseph Smith, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) who were not killed by Allah but lived many years as "prophets". The Quran brags about its own greatness and beauty but sounds totally weird in English. Muslims say "Its great in arabic" but should Gods word sound great in every language, especially when its constantly bragging about its own greatness? Psalm 23 sounds great in EVERY language.


Let me come up with a better question, what if judaism was true and all other religions were false, the same thing can go with Christianity and other religions, so religions having punishment for not following them are BS


Surah Al-Kahf is the best example of glaring scientific and historic inaccuracies in Qur'an that suggest human authorship opposing divine revelation.


Can you point some of these errors out please?


Everything in Islam from start to end is disgusting and does not make any sense


Muhammad never spoke or heard God on earth unlike previous prophets like Moses and Jesus. That’s according to Islamic teaching. Also Muhammad never bothered to learn how to read or write in the span 63 years?


Sperm doesn’t come from the back bone and the ribs.


Even if it is I will not follow a God as cruel as Allah


Even if Islam is true and Allah exists, Allah would still be a POS who tortures people who don't worship his narcissistic ass


The Quran has many historical mistakes and copied Jewish and Christian Apocrypha. The Quran has many scientific mistakes reflecting knowledge of the 7th century. The Quran was not perfectly preserved. The Quran contains many immoral commands. I never think Islam is true.


Ahem The theory of evolution is the basis of our entire knowledge of biology and is something Islam disagrees with, it's been scientifically proven that its impossible to produce Billions of people from just 2. Also, the Islamic version of heaven sounds like a 7th century Arab kings version of heaven. Little slave boys, endless virgin angels, rivers of alcohol. Cmon. The Islamic God sounds so emotional, he displays so many human issues and I'd like to believe that if a God did exist they'd be above humanoid things... hence being a God. The violence of the spread of Islam The absolute level of mind gymnastics required to read the Quran The absolute level of mind gymnastics muslims across media display trying to justify the behaviours of other Muslims/prophet Muhammad


Doesn’t Mo think the sun sets into murky water ?


Adam and eve.how did people multiply from them......incest porn bgm...


You see, Adam and Eve were actually the names of two very special bacteria who loved each other very much.


I also think about that....


I'm still not sure, but what happens to someone that has never received the message of Islam? Hellfire? Oblivion?


There's no way the creator cares about where i put my penis.


The fact that there is no evidence it is true.


No. Islam is false. The reasons are legion. The quran is rubbish, and the hadith worse. There is no god and no afterlife.


Not all the fake science, or the absurd stories, or the logic not adding up, or even the violent or disgusting bits, or the childish god.... But the fact that 90% of Islamic scholars actually look like who ever god is, it cursed them . Why would allah make his da3iya and sheiks visibly ugly and repulsive?


Even if we disregard the barbaric teachings and the scientific inaccuracies of the Quran, this issue still remains: The writer of the Quran claims that Allah is Almighty, All-knowing and the Most Merciful. Now the islamic story is that this worldly life is a test and if we fail the test, we'll go to hell. But the Quran also claims that everything that happens is by the will of Allah. Now take an individual from whom Allah knows that this person will go to Hell. Let's call this individual Bob. Bob has no free will because everything that Bob does, Allah already knew and planned. Now if Bob goes to hell and Allah wants that, Allah is not the Most Merciful because it's not Bob's fault that he did whatever landed him in Hell, since Allah planned everything. Now if Bob goes to hell, and Allah doesn't want that, something happens that Allah doesn't want therefore Allah is not Almighty. And if Bob goes to heaven, something happened which Allah didn't know, therefore Allah is not All-knowing. In all three cases, there is an error in the Quran, which by its own standards means it can't be from God, and therefore Islam isn't.


Praying and fasting in North Pole. Islam clearly doesn't aware of Earth's shape.


If you haven't read the book with an open mind and neutral attitude, you'd see the utter nonsense in Islam. I can take your religion seriously. Mohammed fucks a kid, rides a flying donkey, splits the moon in half with no witnesses. Lol totally true buddy. MaShALlaH


Sad my family dont read with open mind


The same can be said about Hinduism, something else is that the jews say Christianity and islam are wrong the Christians say Judaism is correct but outdated and islam is false, islam says they're both legit but outdated, why wouldn't i think the jews are right and everyone else is wrong? Or that the hindus have it correct and everyone else wrong? What evidence is there to point towards devine legitimacy as far as i know there hasn't been any for any of the world religions, I am an atheist say everyone is trying to convert me to their religion, what actual proof can anyone give to say their religion is actually the real one, If there was an angel that came out of the sky every Sunday and said Judaism is the true religion well then all 7 billion humans would be Jews.


Well, I'm a Christian, that's a reason enough in itself to view Islam as false. Have you ever thought "what if Christianity is true"? However, you absolutely don't need to be a Christian to see Islam is false. How could a war-lord with multiple wives be chosen as the "best person of all humanity"? How could the "book for all times for everyone" waste time talking about privileges specifically for that war-lord? Does it not sound like a total scam to you? And how about those prayer rules? Can you trully imagine the Creator of the Universe worry about the alignment of your feet? That's just ridiculous, regardless of if you believe the Creator exists or not.


Islam is the last version of Abrahamic religion. To understand Islam you have to understand Judaism, the history of the levant and Mohammads journey in life. What makes me sure that Judaism, Christianity and Islam is false is their origin and claim that "God" had anything to do with creating any of those religions. They were created as tools of control. Non of them can stand against criticism without turning violent, because there's no way they can refute it. If any of those religions were "true" or "the one and only", the practitioners would never have anything be afraid of, and they would be able to refute criticism without turning to violence. Ofc there are peaceful versions or the claim of being peaceful, but how can something be peaceful when at the root of its creation lies in destruction, betrayal, conquerings, rape, murder and pure madness? F.ex people blame whitepeople for the african slavetrade, as harsh as it sounds they were just participating in what was an already established business. The original african slavetraders were arab muslims. Look at the entire western and northern africa, they're all islamic nations. Ofc the slavetrade and conquering of the african continent started thousands years before Islam and muhammad, but was lead by arabs. I find it comical that any african would consider themselves muslim, jew or christian, but it's ingrained over thousands of years of colonialism and slavetrade. Religion in Latin: relegare and religo= to bind, obligation, bond and reverence. Religion in old middle english: religion= life under monastic vows. Think about that. I think religion stops people from thinking, from digging deep into a vast ocean of knowledge, thinking they have it all figured out. I think that no religion can cause enlightenment only unenlightenment.


i feel love when thinking about god/ the source outside and seperate of islam. Islam only brings me fear so I refuse to follow it regardless


There is nothing in Islam that makes it seems real. Most stuff in Islam makes sense when you don't think about them much and just choose to believe them, but when you take a second look at them you realise how absurd these stuff are. Here are some examples, if the god is all loving and all god, why in the middle world would he make his writing so cryptic that most people can't agree on what it means? (Looking at the different sects of Islam, and again, even if you think your sect is the "correct" one, just thinking about them logically instead of letting your emotions decides that it's real makes all of their argument fall apart) Why would an ever loving God not give everyone equal opportunities and privileges atleast when they are born, why are some people born with birth defects? Why do some people die as soon as they are born? Either way, there are much more arguments to be made here and the people in the comments have given some very good examples. And like I said before, once you look at Islam(or any religion in general) and think about it logically instead of just believing them, then all of it will seem absurd beyond any reason.


I believe it to be true. But I will tell you of the time when I had doubt what it was and what then made the doubt disappear. My doubt was mainly based on did God really create everything? In this period of my life (which was a difficult one) while praying I would constantly get these thoughts in my head. It stayed with me for a while. I decided to be patient and try and not run away from the thoughts and confront them. I felt that I shouldn't think that just because I didn't think of the answer, the answer wouldn't be there. And of course, I prayed to Allah and asked. The usual asking, 'if Islam is true and you created everything then please help me see the truth'. What made the doubts disappear was when reflecting on the Quran, it constantly tells humankind to do 'tadabbur' - thinking deeply - in order to find the truth. So I started doing research on a rational reason for our existence and finally after being honest with myself, the rational reasoning for a creator was overwhelming. Once I reached that stage then the rest was easy as to accepting Islam being the truth. My rational reasoning for Islam being truth is based on the foundation that there must be a creator. So those who don't believe there to be a creator wouldn't accept my thought process as to why Islam is the truth. So I always encourage genuine people to first decide as to whether there is a creator or not before discussing which truth about which way of life (religion) there is to follow (Islam or otherwise). My two thoughts on the matter.






Don’t you ever think Greek gods are actually true?


I think yes


I can't say I'm sure of something. Maybe it's because i haven't done the necessary researches yet. But the proof of god not existing is the main reason i quit islam. Some people feel good inside when they believe in something greater than themselves. I don't have that too.


It’s completely bs,Adam and Eve,Noah having polar bears in the Middle East,flat earth,insane miracles that we don’t see now,after setting us up what does god get out of cooking us,plus why make one gender inferior to the other.you make the universe in days and Mo is your deputy 😂


Gender roles r fuckin dumb lol u decide how one is supposed to live their lives based in genitalia? Lmfaoooooooo


This guy and undercover evangelist


If you wanna deconstruct reality, listen to alan watts, Terrence McKenna, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and various other religious teachings and philosophies, your question hints at your lack of understanding of anything, a lack of introspective knowledge, every answer is within yourself, you just gotta find it.


Allah being messy in the Quran


Really reading the Quran and Hadith. They didn’t make sense when I thought about what Islam claimed.


The fact that Allah decides to speak in riddles and does not answer a lot of questions, leaving his followers in confusion and fighting among themselves over interpretations. Instead, he does not delay in sending 5 verses in surah tahrim to call out Muhammad's wives for not letting him fuck his sex slave Mariya.


Any religion can be true, so to me Islam being true has the same potential as Christianity or Judaism being true. Which means even other older religions can be true, if you think about it, writing is only some 5-10 thousand years old while humans are 150-200 thousand years old. How many other plausible religions may have existed that didn’t get to us. So it’s not that I can be sure Islam is false, it’s just that I have reasons to believe it’s made up by humans, and don’t think it’s fair for me to be punished based on coming to a wrong conclusion. Technically there is a chance that God is completely different than what I would expect God to be like, so all my reasons for not believing could be invalid. I think the chance of me being punished is similar to the chance of any religious person being punished. In fact there’s even a chance that if God does exist, I’ll be seen as more virtuous for actually doubting/questioning and not just being a “sheep”. Maybe God admires the people that do good things for the sake of good, rather than for the sake of God.


Nothing makes me sure Islam is false, meaning I'm not sure that Islam is false. But again, I'm not so sure about Santa Clauses inexistence so that says something. So basically I have room in my mind for anything to be true but the only stuff with sufficient evidence goes to the belief floor.


It makes promises it can’t keep.


“moon split in half”


Nah. It's too lame to be true


Mo having 2 wet dreams of a 6 year old, thinking it's a sign from god lol


The fact that there's insufficient evidence that it's true. If it was true, don't you think Allah would make it clear to everyone that it is true as the religion claims? So in order to believe that is the case, you'd have to somehow convince yourself that everyone on the planet just knows that Allah exists and are lying about not believing in him. If you really want to delude yourself though, that's an option.


Well if we are to walk in the door steps of Muhammad. We need to Mary a 6 year old


The lack of evidence for a god existing, and every bit of 'evidence' for a god, being disproved. Kinda hard for Islam to be real, when all evidence that a God exists, is bullshit.


It isn't true, don't be ridiculous


Scientific innacuracies, absurd mythology, silly rules and restrictions


ISLAM is founded on HALLUCINATION of a person called Mohammad.... The claim is that a SHAPELESS FORMLESS can SPEAK LIKE A HUMAN in some HUMAN LANGUAGE... It's Very very very clear that Mohammad was effected by a mental disorder called HALLUCINATION..


The crazy story of Muhammad regularly talking with an angel for 22 years who was visible to him and no one else. xD


Cult based on fear, threats and lies, morality confused between 6 & 9 cannot be true...






Common sense


What makes you sure Pisslam is true other than because you're heavily brainwashed to think it's true?




All the scientific errors found in the Quran.


Lol I did think it was true when I believed. And then tried to persuade myself that it might be true for a while. But it's not more true than any other religion and I could no longer defend the immoral actions it encourages/accepts. The only way I could stay muslim is to cherry pick what I like and treat everything like a metaphor because "the quran is written like poetry" Allah is the best poet - that should be one of the 99 names. I really wished someone could give me strong compelling arguments to remain muslim (other than death penalty) but it just doesn't make sense. If God existed, islam would be an insult coz clearly he failed at whatever he was trying to achieve with the quran.


There are over 3000 religions actively being practiced in the world. So there is a 1/3000 chance Islam is true. Then you factor in all the scientific inaccuracies and the chances of Islam being the true religion get lower.


All the pedophilia


Comparing Mohammed to Jesus Christ


The part about Muhammad flying in the sky on a magical donkey, or splitting the moon in half.


Well many things but one of it.That the all knowing god seems to only deliver its message to the fullest in only one language to a specific dialect and that you need to pray accordong in only that language.


Raping Sex slaves, slaves