Ask learn but Never MOCK.

Ask learn but Never MOCK.


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This is a safe space for thousands of people to express themselves and help each other on their religious trauma because of your fucked up religion And now you come here manipulating and gaslighting and thinking you know better about our own experiences Bitch please


Your Allah is a proven fraud in Science.


isn't life being smashing a good thing?


If the god of the Quran didn't want to be mocked, then she shouldn't have said such stupid things.


Welcome to the sub. I’m glad you have doubts about allah. We hope your stay here helps you find your escape from the shackles Islam. I commend you on discovering your doubts (after all, anyone who comes here absolutely has some degree of doubts, no exceptions).


If i say i belive in Spongebob in the space would you mock me? Cause if you don't provide any evidence that Allah is real is pretty much like saying that


Don’t compare Spongebob to Allah. It’s very offensive and insulting…. …to Spongebob.


We do ask, learn AND mock, satirizing the "sacred" exposes its bad ideas. ALLAH can suck it


I will always mock. Stupid things deserved to be mocked.




if you treat you religion as an objective truth the only way you can know its not false is by essentially mocking it and testing it to see if it can stand up to the mockery.


Mocking is fun honey, don't be a buzzkill


Quran 2:15: [But] Allah mocks them and prolongs them in their transgression [while] they wander blindly. Allah mocks us why can't we mock him?


One I get that you feel you’re coming from a genuine place and to that person in you trying to “save” us thank you it’s kind but we don’t need it. Two this is a safe space for a lot of people dealing with a lot of trauma and doubt regarding a religion that has hurt,confused, or hated us. Three I’ve been through a lot still going through it and Ik it’s not finish Ik Allah isn’t MY answer and probably not the people in this sub either we cope and heal in different ways. Some people it’s Christ or Buddha for me it’s meditation others it’s just reading a book. Ik so many people who have been through worst and get through happy and healthy without calling or needing Allah. Lastly please don’t come here and gaslight us Ik you feel like you’re doing the lords work but it hurts some of us and can bring back bad memories you’re doing more harm than good let us live in peace.


I appreciate the sentiment of let's all try to move closer to (what we think is) the truth. If the message was try to be a good person and find meaning in life, understood. But there are some curious points in your message. Firstly, this idea of knowing God is one - what does that even mean and why is that relevant? I don't think I ever considered the question of the quantity of something metaphysical, it seems so irrelevant. If someone believes in more than one God, so what? I'm amazed the highest sin in Islam is shirk and not like genocide or something. Secondly, the idea of forgiveness. What do you think we need forgiveness for? For thinking something else? That's so strange. I never felt guilty about it when I first started questioning because I figured Allah gave me a brain so it was obviously to use it, and if it leads me to a certain conclusion, I have an ethical duty to act on this conclusion. Thirdly, the mocking. I get that people feel offended when religion is mocked. But sometimes mocking can provoke thinking so it can be useful. Also, when we live in a world where people can be killed for mocking ideas, it's actually more important that we do have mocking to ensure freedom of thought and speech remain intact and do desensitize people from getting to angry they resort to violence.