Its common for sociopaths to keep up external appearances. Doesn't invalidate my experience at all.


Yes exactly. When my first husband (never JW) ended up in jail after almost murdering me, I had to eventually tell his boss why he hadn’t shown up for work, his boss couldn’t believe it. Everyone loved him. He was a favorite.


My feeling is that it’s easy to admire people you don’t *really* know. And to outsiders, JWs are kind, polite and earnest. What’s to hate? Same way people admire the Amish and their simple life. But they cover up horrible sexual abuse and are a misogynistic, oppressive & backward community too.


The JW surface is appealing. They make efforts to be polite, kind and considerate of neighbour. Their viewed as religious and steer themselves on a firm moral code of living. They do try to be very good honest citizens. At face value pointing towards the general public it’s appealing. What’s not to like. When the veil is removed it’s like other high control groups religious or otherwise. Full walk-in closet of problems.


You're right. It's one thing to admire them from afar, but I don't see a lot of long-lasting close friendships that develop as a result. A "walk in closet" is a funny yet applicable way to describe is.


Landlords like jws because they're good tenants lol. We're always being told to be honest and clean etc. No loud parties. When I've moved out of places my landlord would be like asking if any of our friends want to rent. But! The thing is that it's like...not genuine. It's all because we want to make the org look good. Make our god look good. It's never because we really want to do it. I remember the most recent time, while still pimi, feeling so anxious because I hadn't swept the front entrance and being like "we are witnesses we cant let our place look like this." Its like we take all the negative things people say about witnesses and put them on ourselves as individuals, and then we have to compensate for it.


I've never in My life heard someone outside the Borg ever praise them. Ever. Not a single solitary time. They're universally reviled, as pedofiles, pedo enablers, and having the biggest land Ponzi scheme ever allowed on earth. Also: they creep everyone out with their 50's vibes.


I think the experience from inside is way different than the experience from outside. Like Rach said its really easy to admire people you dont know. And I might be cynical but thise nurses think those letters are nice. I think the letters are just time counted to give "a good witness" And the reason the mayor of NY praised them is because they are a fundamentalist group that for once acted resonable.


They should watch the Australian Royal comission…


I had this experience recently where a non jw family member was praising jdubs because in a remote indigenous community near where she lives the jdubs have "turned the community around" .... the people used to have massive trouble with alcohol and domestic violence, but since studying with the witnesses she says said problems have significantly decreased or gone altogether.....I found her sentiments really offensive as the hurt and trouble caused by them in my own life has been horrific but I had no way to dispute her argument......


I’ve heard people say they were nice people. But still bat coocoo crazy. Nice but nuts


ted bundy was nice too. he worked for a rape crises call center.


It's just ignorance on their part. Most people out there don't realise the level of toxicity within the Organisation and they generally respect all religions.


Nothing. People who never been JWs most likely only have at best, a very superficial relationship or understanding with the religion or JWs. Plus, most people would only be praising actions, not the actual doctrines


💯, people praise the surface actions, NOT the suffocating hurtful doctrines and beliefs


This past week I was on vacation in Hawaii. I went on a free bus tour of the local area, which was (I didn't know this when I boarded) a LDS propaganda tour, showing us primarily the local BYU campus and the Mormon Temple grounds. Everyone seemed very happy, and if you took the story they told you at face value, you would think the Mormons came to Hawaii and saved the inhabitants from disease and starvation. They make themselves look great when they can shape the narrative. JWs do the same. From the outside, they look like a happy group of loving people...from the outside.


I'm sure the society isn't going to share the mountains of negative things said about the sect. For example, there was a woman I knew growing up that died because she refused a needed blood transfusion after giving birth to her 4th child. I assure you that the things being said at the local hospital were NOT positive. I always thought it was weird how the society talked the religion up and we members talked the religion up. It's like we thought that if we praised the organization enough, all of the good things we said about it would magically become true.


That happens?!


It makes me feel sick. It's like when people go googly eyes over Ted Bundy. People are fucking weird man.


I think JWs are great people, just misguided and brainwashed.


>There are some videos being sent among the JWs about nurses praising the JWs due to their letters that there were written for them. I\`ve never heard praise from anyone in the medical profession for JW\`s. Everyone I\`ve talked to thinks they\`re nuts! My mom told her Dr. she wouldn\`t accept a blood transfusion. Dr. said he didn\`t mind letting a JW die for their beliefs!...LOL!!.........................😁