I used to tell people that soliciting doesnt just mean selling. It can mean offering services, or asking for someone's time, etc. Which we are doing when we knock on people's doors. Edit to add: I remember we had a local needs on respecting no trespassing signs because our branch was getting a lot of complaints and legal threats lol. Witnesses can be so clueless


That sign was always an opportunity for me to skip that house. Or tell my partner to g ahead if he wants.


Yeah, they don’t’t sell, it’s just “*the best years of your life tbr want to steal*”.


I saw a huge sign on a gate that said: No Jehovah's Witnesses! on FS once. I would advise people to get more specific 😂


I love that lmao I'd feel so relieved if I ever saw that


🤣 Yeah. I did!


seen plenty of those as a kid...back then they would do the ol block the door with your foot thing


LOL. That's what I told a lot of kids in school who knew I was a jw. "If you don't want us to bother you when you're watching saturday morning cartoons just put a sign out that says 'JW's NOT WELCOME"'. That's how I tried to avoid being bullied and turned into a complete social outcast in elementary. It worked!


My young brother is currently studying with a witness family. My mum dropped him off the the other week while I was in the car. I took at double look at the front door as they had built a little rack with Watchtower magazines inside rainproof covers for people to take as they please (not that I imagine many people took this offer up) and next to it was a large sign that said NO SOLICITING. The irony is lost on them.


No junk mail! Well we will pop ours through as it’s not junk 😂


As a teen in the late 80's, I came across a door that had No Soliciting. I went ahead and a man answered. I told him we were just sharing a thought from the Bible and shared whatever scripture was assigned for that month. We had a nice conversation and the man was very pleasant. Since he was so nice and the conversation was going very well, I made the mistake of pulling out a tract to give him. At that point, he got upset and pointed to his sign and the conversation was over despite me trying to say that we weren't selling the tract. After that I was cautious of those doors and jus stuck to a scripture if I did try it.


I'm not trying to justify the whole concept of going to peoples doors and putting propaganda down their throats, but i think it wouldve been better if witnesses just shared scriptures only instead of placing literature. If we feel like the bible is gods word and we want gods word in their hearts, why not just use the bible??


because the bible contradicts the society


exactly that's what i'm saying


I agree, if they were truly following the Bible, that's all that should be needed. But I'm pretty sure they've said that you can't get to know God through the Bible alone, a person needs the organization to interpret the scriptures. Therefore, the need for the propaganda literature.


I hated service as it was so I avoided those houses. Same with the one that said no peddlers.


One time a brother knocked on a house that had sign that said "No trespassing"


what in the done diddly fuck


In our area, the local ordinance included anyone uninvited to their door if this sign was posted. Same with no trespassing. So unless you were exempted by law (ex. Census worker), it applied to you.


Haha I used to have a sign that said "No soliciting. Thank you for keeping your religious beliefs to yourself."