Not true. As df, you are expected to be at the meeting before opening prayer, until after closing prayer, But, you are also expected to have no interaction with anyone. So ideally, you walk in and get seated just prior to opening prayer, and leave immediately following closing prayer. It's embarrassing and even confusing to some, and so getting there a little late, after everyone is seated, and leaving during the song, when everyone stands up, makes it so you don't have to interact with anyone, and is the least embarrassing way to attend, while df'd


I remember hearing a part once saying DFed people who are working towards reinstatement need to be present for prayers. Their ideal scenario was having them arrive early, sitting alone awkwardly, and then leaving after the prayer. Pretty sure humiliating them is a major part of it, so slipping in and out with less notice isn’t okay.


do u have any written instructions?


I don't recall getting written instructions, but I do recall my judicial committee instructing me on how to go about getting reinstated. Minimize potential for interactions with members of the congregation by showing up just prior to meeting starting, and leaving immediately after closing prayer, but that it's very important that I be present for songs and prayers.


Maybe so they don’t get any of Jehovah’s spirit by accident.


🤣 🤣 This tickled me. The foolishness that is Jdub life!


Yeah that's why Jesus told the sinners to go eat by themselves.


Dang I’ve been ghosted before but never holy ghosted. 🤣


Spit ghosted?


I dont think they're not allowed to attend during the prayer. I think they just want to leave early to avoid feeling uncomfortable or making anyone else uncomfortable if they're still there when people start to socialize.


DFs must not be present during prayer? Really? What's this nonsense? Lol


Yeah. when I was little, I remember a disfellowshipped sister in my hall always come to meeting after opening prayer and left before closing prayer. But I thought this was changed. No?


I assume it's a shame thing. Most DF'd people come late and leave early, can't blame them.


I’ve had friends of mine get df’d and this wasn’t the case, they’re supposed to be gone immediately following the prayer so no one talks to them, but it might have just been that sister walking to the door for the amen, and then being out the second she could. I was a witness for 20 years and never heard of disfellowshipped people not being allowed to hear the prayer though. The whole point is to bring them back into the flock


Yes, you're absolutely 100% right. DF'd ones were not allowed to stay for the song& prayer. It might have something to do with association. They were not allowed to talk to anyone before or after the meeting. I've noticed that they started to relax that policy maybe mid noughties.


DF usually do that because they are not allowed to associate so they tend to wait in there car until the meeting is actually starting to avoid the people. It has nothing to do with prayer.


Definitely in my area you are not allowed to be in the hall for the prayers if you are dfd.


I guess in mine too, but this are the first news I had about this nonsense.


That was always the case in my hall. If you were DF'd, you weren't supposed to be there during the prayers.


A Df'd person is supposed to stay for the entire meeting prayer to prayer. This was true in the 70s when my dad was DF'd. He refused to sneak he said. Ive seen alot of people kinda slink in during the prayer and then out during the final song. Ive seen people only sit in the back corner or backroom but those are not rules either. I think it depends on that persons comfort level. Ive also seen DF'd kids coming with their parents and sitting in a chair by themselves being ignored. It broke my heart.


That Apostasy movie said this but it was a mistake. I think the creator confused disfellowshipped people kind of running away right after the meeting and only showing up super late to a rule.


This is not a rule and never had been. It’s merely a tradition. Many DFd persons come late and leave early to avoid the awkwardness of sitting there and being ignored, but it’s not a rule. But I suspect that a DFd person who doesn’t abide by the tradition, wouldn’t get reinstated due to being too proud.


All the df'd people I knew got there right before song and prayer and hightailed it out as soon as the last prayer ended.


Isn't it odd how when JWs are questioned about shunning they may lie and say "its only spiritual association we must avoid" but they allow df'd people to attend meetings, sing songs and say Amen. Isn't that participating in spiritual association?


Great point. Never thought about it


cuz cults gonna cult


One time a Spanish C.O told me that disfellowshiped individuals should not even be allowed to attend memorial because judas was dismissed from the lord evening meal ceremony. I never had seen this in writing


Lol Judas left after the meal.


I know elders who totally made up their own rules on this. You are allowed to stay for the prayer but some narcissists like to shame you into leaving early, as if you'd interrupt the holy spirit on the congregation if you stayed for the prayer.