Before Web Publishing and MEPS merged into MEPS, he was the overseer of Web Publishing. He was often very flirtatious in a very creepy and perv way with the young single sisters that he and his wife would invite to lunch. Others often noticed this. I had several interactions with him. He is overall nice but kind of a JW wierdo. I have a relative who was very close with his wife. I believe that she always worked in the MEPS department here in the US Branch.


Most helpers are pulled from the pool of Bethel department Overseers and a few Branch Committee members who are also Department Overseers or very seasoned "company men".


I did not know. Thanks


You are welcome.


I didn’t realize MEPS was still a thing.


I met him/dinner etc a couple times. Anyone with that South African accent is pretty easy to listen to. He was alright.


He's originally from South African bethel. (White South African) so still no diversity there 😅


Thank you. That is helpful.


He once told my brother that being nervous before a talk was a manifestation of pride. No joke.


In other words, he's another fuggin' moron?


I remember when he was the Web Publishing overseer. South African if I remember correctly. He gave the night crew a talk once entitled “what is expected frm a Man” and he compared David and Benaiah if I remember correctly. He kept to himself frm what I could see. Frm what I remember he didn’t come off as cocky or anything… just a hardcore believer trying not to stand out. Which I applauded at the time… very different to some of the other heavies who flaunted their status.


I grew up in his congregation while he and Sonja were at South Africa Bethel. I used to call him my best friend. Um, h';s just super super hardcore JW. Didn't find anything off putting about him though. Even now... I didn't like his wife at all but he was sweet.