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It's incredible the lengths the GB go to, to keep the Rank & File occupied. In the EU privacy laws are so restrictive, the UK branch sent what can only be described as manipulative word salad of a letter last year, basically saying that each publisher had to take individual responsibility for how they went about contacting people, and that the contact details of the local hall, branch or HQ were not allowed, but only our personal contact details included in the letter. They've gone as far as to wash their hands of any legal issues that might arise from breaching privacy laws, hanging the publishers out to dry.


Yeah I found that creepy with the whole letter writing thing as well. I just didnt like the info gathering/ lead gen it's doing either


Very time consuming activity to no where. All on the backs of the congregates. Converting paper base territory maps to a digital white pages address book in Excel/Numbers for the letter writing ministry. Where the congregates get no $ help from the congregationā€˜s account or from the WT purse strings. What an amazing business the WT has.


You're lucky you're just making a list. I had to actually do business witnessing and was forced talk to the business owners when I was 16 by an older adult sister. The biggest waste of time - nobody engaged in work wants to stop in the middle of the day to talk religion with a couple of trespassers.


Well I did business witnessing as well, but the point of this post was more to show how they compile information about people and businesses.


A few years ago, a sister wanted to make the same kind of list for shops, law firms, and other businesses in order to preach to them and contact people who were not at home. I was pimi at the time and not very comfortable with the idea. Is it so difficult for them to understand people are actually working and don't want to be interrupted?