Feels great doesn't it? I remember how it felt saying 'Happy Birthday' for the first time. It was just a text, not out loud, which I think will still sound weird to me when I do say it to someone, but it felt so normal and I felt zero guilt 😅


So awesome!👍 Progress for us all! I attended my first outdoor public birthday party at a park a Sunday ago. It was for a little girl who just turned 5 years old. I had a wonderful time. It was perfect, and I actually felt comfortable and like myself.


That's brilliant 🙌🏽 A lot of us lost our childhood to the Org it's good to feel like a kid again. I'm glad you got to celebrate! Personally, I'm looking forward to Christmas 🎄🎅


Thank you so much!! 👍💪 Yes that's so very true; i lost most of mine to the whacktower. Awesome! Well enjoy the fun holiday ride until Christmas arrives!! Jingle-bell rock it!!!


That's great! It's all the little things, isn't it?


It really is! And for the first time ever I didn’t say the Sunday meeting was “great” or “perfect” or “just what I needed”. I just shrugged and said it was fine when I was asked by my wife. It’s so strange to know in my head I’m not bound by the cult’s controlling tactics.


Love this! Wait till you say “bless you” when someone sneezes instead of pretending you didn’t hear the sneeze! 🤯😜


Keep it up! they're are many other holidays. gobble gobble!


Hopefully not to a Native American