I was finally able to articulate how I feel about family / friends' decision to shun

I was finally able to articulate how I feel about family / friends' decision to shun


I wish I knew how the Organisation will pay for all the evil they have brought on innocent people's lives. It cuts so deep when I think about it. Good for you for taking away the positives and seeing good over evil. You've truly triumphed and you'll keep thriving because of this. Thank you for the lovely thought ❤ it's very encouraging.


Karma is a law of the universe. Every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Things work in cycles. They will reap what they have sown, in this life or the next


This post was kindly and thoughtful of those who choose to shun others that disagree with their world view. It helped me to remember intelligent people can get caught up in a cult mess of crazy. So yep, they are victims and I feel sorry for them. But, although the borg convinces them to shun us, and they comply, I never did it. My won brother was Dfed for fooling around, as he put it for almost a year, and I still called him on the phone and chatted up on everything because I loved him and did not care about that rule. He did not tell me to stop. Now, guess who never speaks to me the apostate? It is ok. I have no qualms about who or what is to blame.


PIMIs don't have much choice but to follow the rules - their everlasting life is at stake, as well as they would be disappointing their god and 'brothers'! It's a 2 barrel shotgun aimed at their head. Sad, but not rare. I feel for you, and I know you feel for me and all the others on here. Just live the best we can, and recognize the truth of the situation.


The tragedy for me having been shunned for 20 odd years is that there is no way back, no redemption. There’s far too much water under the bridge. My kids have grown up, big landmark birthdays, family deaths, high and low moments. Its over but as you say, the sharpness goes. I don’t think it disappears but it’s nowhere near as hurtful as the early days where it is frankly shocking.


My sister 64 and about 32 years pimi jw is in the jw cult. Her cognitive dissonance is high. I am not and never have been a jw. She was telling me the reason why she shuns her daughter. All dumb reasons. (Half the world would be shunning their daughters for ie lying 🤥 My pimi sister when I explained to her the reason you shun her is 1. You are told to 2. You have to obey 3. You would be shunned otherwise 4. You don't want that to happen because you would miss out on your paradise. I asked her to be honest with me why you shun. She did not answer. I would not dump her or shun pimi sister. To me she is sadly jw brain damaged. (But I have banned her from my funeral. Well she missed 95% of family gatherings and is too pious and righteous ie danm right rude at non jw funerals.


I'm so glad you have gained this insight. Holding on to ill will only hurts you.


It is sad that they believe in what they do, yet know not what they do.


I think you are completely right. As you mentioned They are victims. Victims of a cult that is cruel enough to convince people that this life is not the real life. So all sacrifices in this life are worth it and right. Even the one you and I are and so many others are dealing with. I will definitely miss my mom when she passes. I have one brother in and one brother out. My wife and I left for the sake of our kids. I did the math and realized that I was likely going to end up Expected to Shun one of them someday. That and other things caused me to look into the religion. That search caused me to ask honest questions. The honest questions caused me to step down. Stepping down lead to leaving the organization. Deciding to leave got me disfellowshipped. Freedom has a price. I know that I will never shun my kids. Mission accomplished. This is still very fresh for me, so it’s nice to hear some long-term perspective. Thanks for the post