Snoop Dogg reveals himself as the anonymous NFT collector "Cozomo de’ Medici"

Snoop Dogg reveals himself as the anonymous NFT collector "Cozomo de’ Medici"


Non-fungible toking.


Goddamn. Thank you.


Yes I needed this laugh, while smoking bong loads


Can I barrow that term?


Well played sir.


Yooooo 😂


Wow is english on twitter is pretty good, actually.


Snoop Dogg got so high he doesn't even remember buying any NFTs


He’s half man half cannabis


All carnage.


Neither does anyone else


Neither does he! ‘ere, take this!


wtf lol


Or they paid snoop to tweet that


This seems like the most plausible explanation.


after reading way too many tweets my conclution is that CDM is def not snoop haha. Snoop surely has a way with words but CDM at some points has been prettyyy technical in regards to the space. no fucking way its snoop straight up haha- but maybe an ambassador of sorts to the NFT world




You do? Do you know how much that persona probably makes him a year? I’ve heard interviews where people have said Cheech and Chong are actually very well spoken and intelligent




I am over 40 years old and grew up listening to everything Snoop has ever done, you are correct




Well when every other rapper today is just that, what do you expect from them lol. *puts on ‘Murder was the case’*


The more I’ve grown in my career, the more I’ve gotten to know a number of founders/CEOs of large companies and in my experience, I’ve noticed that when you are rich for long enough, you develop an entirely new persona but it is often profitable to continue a “Colonel sanders” public persona for exactly that- selling people shit. You think if Snoop or Seth rogan stopped smoking weed they would really tell people about it? Likewise, once you’ve been a millionaire a while, I imagine it becomes actually an effort to come off like a crip gang member. Edit/ I know it’s another “weed persona” ref I’m making there and I know you are speaking to him being a crip, but my point is it’s all public persona.




Gotcha- yeah I disagree because I see it every day. My point in mentioning all that is I’ve literally watched people come off a stage and come out of a heavy accent that they used to have but now it’s forced. It’s all anecdotal and you are getting hung up on that but yeah I disagree that it’s a stretch that someone would continue a persona because it’s highly lucrative to their public inage














Yes, almost all stars are creating a persona that they uphold and market to the public. Especially those claiming to be "street" usually get exposed to so much professionals in their career that they adjust their old behavior behind the curtains in order to pursue their business while keeping the stage persona for the stage.


Doesn’t Snoop Dogg claim to have a massive iq? Forget what it is, but it’s high Edit: apparently it’s 147. For context, the average is 100 and the max is 160. 135 is often considered genius level.


is this an ironic post lol


Is it though? The guys collects pictures of snoop dogg, but you refuse to believe it’s snoop dogg? It’s a possibility.


Snoop's IQ is 87, 1 for every blunt, neffew.


You underestimate the amount of blunts he has


87 is how many blunts he smokes a day


That’s more like it


Didn't even really need to do that. CdM tweeted a photo that was allegedly him and Jason Derulo with their faces covered. It's easy to tell which is Jason Derulo and the other person is a short white guy. Seems to me the likely thing here is that CdM is an asset manager for celebs or a group of them and that Snoop is likely one of his clients.


That's probably it


Plot twist: Snoop Dog got into blockchain hacking during his monthlong trip to Denmark in 2012.


implying there's no way for him to know things? that doesn't make sense man


prob his IT guy, some geek who snoop trusts?


This man has to many names!


Sweet name too.


Man this would be really interesting if anyone really gave a fuck about NFTs. Might as well say he is an anonymous grass collector for all I care


> if anyone really gave a fuck about NFTs. Remember people have different tastes/likes then you my friend. ERC-721 for art, collectibles, and gaming items is a genuine novel use case that is way more easily marketable to the masses then defi, dao's, synths, etc. There is an immerging NFT culture on Ethereum and many people see it as interesting. All while introducing people to Ethereum and its limitless capabilities as a permissionless word super computer.


Sounds like someone’s been burnt in the NFT market.


Sounds like someone missed out on the NFT market.


cant miss out if its still "immerging"


jpeg 2 da moon


Imagine having this reaction to someone offering information. Stay uneducated and broke.


That would also be true.


OpenSea did $3.4B in trading volume in August so I would say that is a lot of fucks given.


> if anyone really gave a fuck about NFTs Speak for yourself, NFTs are pretty dope


The fact that you get downvoted on the ethereum subreddit for liking NFTs really says something.


The way people dismiss NFTs today reminds me of how people used to dismiss Bitcoin It's a good sign though: it shows how early we are, and how much money will flow into the NFT ecosystem when people eventually change their minds


Imo NFTs are an awesome technology with some very interesting potential uses in stuff like event ticketing, memberships and documentation, but this thing people are doing with jpegs and gifs is just hype. No doubt some will retain some value, like the iconic internet culture memes, but for the most part i think this particular use of NFT tech is a fad like beanie babies or something.


Oh for sure, it's definitely a bubble right now, and I expect most NFTs to go to 0 in the long term It's just like 2017 for crypto: most projects that were around then have gone to 0, but some of the projects from then have become massive, like Chainlink, Aave and Synthetix


Blue chips should remain fine when the bubble inevitably pops, which it will pop.... However, its crazy to me how many people just dismiss the market entirely. My crypto portfolio has flipped my decades old 401k in about 5 months almost entirely due to NFTs.


Just because you don't understand the value of NFTs and think "I can also just download the jpeg hurrdurr" doesn't mean that nobody is giving a fuck about them. It's a huge market and they gain more traction every day.


For tech uses, not this art work hype


This comment is going to age super poorly. Nfts as art is going to be a thing. Not all art is valuable. But some is. Nfts as functional tools is going to be a thing. Gaming, tickets, etc. Saying nfts aren’t going to be a thing is like saying smart contracts aren’t going to be a thing. Source: do a lot of work talking to web2 companies about nfts.


I agree with you. I just mean in current state NFT “art” value is going to age poorly lol. Sure future state NFT will have tons of impact and value!


Agreed, but you, like myself, are probably not a collector in the first place. I've got friends that collect stuff and I personally think it's dumb as hell how much money they spend on it, but they might think it's dumb as hell how much time or money I spend on gaming, so it's more of a to each their own thing rather than us trying to tear each other down. At the end of the day it's pretty unreasonable to object to how others spend their money even if it's something like intangible digital collectors items. Like don't get me wrong, part of me REALLY feels like talking shit about it and calling it the dumbest fucking thing to ever happen to crypto, but before I spin myself up into that tantrum I stop and remember "why the fuck do I care what others do with their time/money?" People spend all sorts of money on things others will think of as dumb on a daily basis. Kind of feels like becoming a bitter boomer to actually care about it, you know?


Well he is a grass collector.


Remember when the internet was just a fad?


Yeah and remember when a lot of early stuff was hot garbage??? NFT in its current state is about as useful as the one million pixels site covered in advertisements from the 90s. A cute little project that will be forgotten. Something much better will emerge


I agree with you and we might not even call it NFT but the concept itself will be huge


we meme it into existence, bröther.


You're going to think back to all the times people told you to buy an art block and feel sick to your stomach


😂 lol ok spoken like a true art block bag holder. I’ve got plenty of valuable things … like eth ;)


Audioglyphs are only 0.07 for generational wealth


CargoX (CXO) is one amazing usecase of many in the NFT world


This is the same dude that streamed on twitch for 3 days in a row with his audio muted. Either didn't know or didn't care.


He's not. Dude was hyping his dox release all day and everyone jumped on board posting "I am @Cosmo". Snoop also doesn't talk like he does on twitter at all. The true person would post a signed message with wallet keys.


It's not Diddy?






https://opensea.io/assets/0x059edd72cd353df5106d2b9cc5ab83a52287ac3a/4099 All this has done is convince me NFT art is bullshit.




Are there buy offers? If not, I've got bad news for you


He's got quite a good collection yes. He invested hard. Edit: IF it's really snoop


Wait Snoop Dogg has one Cryptopunk? And Zed Run horses? Lol I wasn't expecting that... https://opensea.io/Cozomo_de_Medici


he has nine cryptopunks lol edit: you can sort by collections https://opensea.io/Cozomo_de_Medici/cryptopunks?identifier=Cozomo_de_Medici




I really don't understand why tf these are collectible and fetch such a high price


Same reason Andy Warhol or Picasso art fetches such a high price - people value them, know other people value them, and they are rare.


It's a social faux paux to walk up to someone and say "i have $300k in my bank account". But it is very encouraged to wear a fancy Rolex and roll up in a fancy car. NFTs are the same for the digital space (at least pfp and art like collections). Instead of saying you're a crypto whale you can just shit post on Twitter with a cryptopunk pfp (for example). No different than expensive abstract art today except more shareable, liquid, and provable history of ownership. And of course this "flex" utility is the lowest hanging fruit of what's possible.


This is Snoop. If people have hard evidence as to why they don’t think it’s him that’s fine to put forward. However the argument that this can’t be him cause Cozomo talk too good is actually just racist. Also if you don’t think Snoop plays a character you need to open your eyes a little more.


Man I still don't understand NFTs, apart of the money laundering. What purpose does it have to "own" some pixelated image of anyone can freely copy and use literally 1:1? It's like paying 100k to own the letter M. Who cares. Or are NFTs like a license? Can they collect royalties?


NFT tokens being sold on ethereum right now either point to a URL on the internet, or an IPFS hash. In most circumstances they reference an IPFS gateway on the internet run by the same startup that sold the NFT. That URL also isn't the media. That URL is a JSON metadata file. The owners of the servers have no obligation to continue storing the media. I'll show a couple of examples below. https://niftygateway.com/itemdetail/primary/0x12f28e2106ce8fd8464885b80ea865e98b465149/1 This NFT token is for this JSON file hosted directly on Nifty's servers as shown below: https://api.niftygateway.com/beeple/100010001/ That file refers to the actual media that was "bought". Which in this case is hosted by Cloudinary CDN, served by Nifty's servers again. So if Nifty goes bust, this token is now worthless. It refers to nothing and this can't be changed. Below we'll take a look at the $69M Beeple, sold by Christies. https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/beeple-first-5000-days/beeple-b-1981-1/112924 That NFT token refers directly to an IPFS hash. We can take that IPFS hash and fetch the JSON metadata using a public gateway: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPAg1mjxcEQPPtqsLoEcauVedaeMH81WXDPvPx3VC5zUz So, well done for referring to IPFS, it references the specific file rather than a URL that might break! But the metadata links to: https://ipfsgateway.makersplace.com/ipfs/QmXkxpwAHCtDXbbZHUwqtFucG1RMS6T87vi1CdvadfL7qA This is an IPFS gateway run by http://makersplace.com, the NFT minting startup which will go bust one day. You might say "just refer to the IPFS hash in both places!" But IPFS only serves files as long as a node in the IPFS network intentionally keeps hosting it. Which means when the startup who sold you the NFT goes bust, the files will probably vanish from IPFS too. This is already happening. There are already NFTs with IPFS resources that are no longer hosted anywhere. Just pinning the file on your own IPFS node also wont work because the metadata file generally points to a specific HTTP IPFS gateway URL and not the IPFS hash. This means when the gateway operator goes bust I can buy the domain and start serving dick pics. Right now NFT's are built on an absolute house of cards constructed by the people selling them, and it is likely that every NFT sold on ethereum so far will be broken within a decade. This creates a pretty solid exit plan for makersplace if they run into financial problems. Whoever owns the $69M Beeple is going to pretty motivated to buy the site or fund it. Or someone can buy the bankrupt startup domains and start charging NFT owners to serve their files. [source](https://twitter.com/jonty/status/1372163423446917122)


Wtf, I didn't even know and still thought NFTs are stupid. I thought the whole image is literally encrypted (or at least their hash) in the Blockchain, that's why they're usually pixelated simple images due to their size. This URL thing is utter nonsense and I understand even less now why someone would buy it.


I'd pay way more than 100k to own the letter M, man License that shit out to the candy folks, what are they going to do? Cut a deal with the dude who owns W?


anyone can own a pic of a punk but not everyone can own an actual punk of which there is only so many. scarcity and authenticity is where the value comes from.


>anyone can own a pic of a punk but not everyone can own an actual punk What is the actual difference?


one is authentic the other is not.


What is the practical difference?


all cryptopunks are minted from the same contract. if you own one you can provide a digital signature to prove you own it. it's not so much a jpeg but a unique token on the ethereum blockchain.


Some NFTs give you access to special things. For example BAYC (Bored Ape Yatch Club) gives you access to a "club".


What’s the difference between owning a famous painting and the copy of said painting?


A copy of a painting is not completely identical and not even made by the artist? This is not a good argument


Lol you just described an NFT. /r/selfawarewolves


Yes, I did… I’m saying a painting and a copy are not a good comparison to an NFT and a copy


With a physical object you can do carbon dating and other things to verify authenticity. With 2 jpegs they are completely interchangable, or fungible, even if the token it is attached to is non-fungible.


For $250, you can get an exact replica of the Mona Lisa https://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Leonardo-Da-Vinci/Mona-Lisa-Or-La-Gioconda.html What's the practical difference between that and the real one?


No you can't. It's a replica, and not exact. Even if you paid $100k to an art expert to replicate it, other art experts could evaluate it's fake (on molecular structure, age of the painting, colours used etc.). That's the difference, that the digital picture (NFT) is **literally** indistinguishable even with all the resources of the universe. The real painting is not.


The NFT isn't the picture itself, think of it as a "certificate" attached to the picture. And that certificate is 100% not reproducible, and easily verifiable


If I hung a replica of any famous painting in my house there wouldn't be a single person I know who could tell it was a replica. Yet if I put an NFT on a digital display I have a handful of friends that would be able to look on the blockchain and tell if I own this art or not. Either way it's all about social pressure, people don't feel comfortable replicating art and putting it around their house because when it's fake it's tacky. People will feel similarly uncomfortable about putting up NFT's they don't own. It doesn't matter how close to the original it looks.


one is a jpeg the other is a native asset on ethereum, which can be used as collateral, liquidity(nft-perps), fractionalized, etc, etc.


Do you ask the same questions with Pokemon card collectives?, there are agencies which check the authenticity of collective cards, with NFTs the authenticity is available in public using Ethereum blockchain. You can showoff a copy printed Charizard card but for a collector what matters is the authenticity. Let's not forget NFTs are not static images, are tokens which can be used for many practical uses with smart contracts.


You can likely sell one for more than you bought it. You may be familiar with such functionality from the bitcoins or the ethereums




Lol good luck selling your knock-off punks for more than a couple dollars.


Why own the Mona Lisa if I can just print out a copy? NFT's exist on a blockchain only and hence ownership is easily probable. But I can't explain to you why pixelated heads are regarded to be that valuable. Art is art.


Well, because you simply can't copy Mona Lisa perfectly down to a single atom that it is literally indistinguishable from the original. If you swapped them, nobody could know. There is just some ledger saying you own Mona Lisa, but what it only means is you own just one of the perfect copies.


Well then you do understand it. You just don't find it valuable. Fair enough, me neither. No one cares though. That's how it works and people value some for many millions.


> you simply can't copy Mona Lisa perfectly down to a single atom that it is literally indistinguishable from the original. For $200, you can get a reproduction that's good enough that almost nobody could tell the difference. With NFTs, anyone can verify in about 30 seconds if you actually own it or not.


Some of them have commercial license attached. Like The Visitors NFTs allow commercial use


Imagine there's a real Mona Lisa. Then imagine there's a map pointing where the real one is. The map is pointing to the real one and not a fake one, at least right now, in the future (a couple days maybe) it won't point to anything. That map somehow is a unique map since it was created as an "original map" because supposedly the creator of the map only wants to make one single map, although you can point to the real mona Lisa from anywhere else but you can tell people that you own the actual original and "only" map that undoubtedly points to the real Mona Lisa. Since economic theory for 8th graders say unique=scarce=$$$ you want to sell as many unique maps pointing to as many things as possible, up to infinitum. But hey since you want to sell as many "unique" as possible you may as well tear the map into pieces and sell those pieces and now there are hundreds of owners of the same map. Remember, you don't own or have any claim or anything to do with whatever the map is pointing. Actually you can own the map without having ever looked at the Mona Lisa.


It's probably a joke. It's likely Russ Diemon, but Snoop's his friend and is messing with his self-dox.


People down voting you because they can't handle the truth lol. Here it is evidences that it's Russ https://twitter.com/IzzyEibani/status/1440047235450880001?s=19


No he's not. It's Russ Dimon. Proof https://twitter.com/IzzyEibani/status/1440047235450880001?s=19


These are systems in which cryptographic proof is the only proof. Until someone starts signing some shit I don't really care who says what.


so he brought something useless while high


Probably was paid a pretty penny to claim he was someone he wasn't for a cut of the profits.


A jpeg for 2k eth, what a bubble.


Lol. Def not


Lol I love how his public image is like some lazy stoner guy, but he's actually a crazy big business man.


It isn't snoop, it is Russ Diemon


It’s your boy snooooop doggggg


MAN THIS CANT BE TRUE RIGHT. I love snoop anf ben following medici since forever, they just seem soooo different????


He also has an ultra blade and 2 blade tickets from Nifty Island. So he believes in the metaverse


allegedly. anyone could have tweeted that? am i missing something???


Snoop tweeted it from his verified twitter account. His avatar is an NFT owned by the CDM wallet.


i get that but that still doesn’t prove anything? anyone with a verified account could have tweeted that. as far as the pfp goes, he could have just right click saved that lol.


It proves Snoop tweeted it, or his social media person did. So the dox is real, or it's an inside joke and CDM is a personal friend.


NFTizzles for everyone!!


Got paid 25k and aint understand a got damn thang.


That article was pointless all you need is the headline.


Man knows his history i guess. Cosimo de medici was a huge patron of the arts in renaissance era Florence.


He likes his Medici-ne for sure.


If I had more money than I knew what to do with I prob would too


Medici eh? Black nobility pilled


Snoop's about to get Cuban'd


The medici's were a rich, powerful trading family who funded a lot of the art in Italy, and are often credited for starting the rennaissance. Seems like a Snoop thing to do


Snoop the Judas Goat.


If he would look at naftyart.com The first market place developed for erotic NFTs. ❤️


Even celebrities get scammed


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gotta launder those drug funds


fuck snoop lol same dude that was laughing at the crypto market back in may with his meme


Anyone actually believe nft's are a thing? I do see them as the money potential they've been supporting. The art business has been doing this for decades (money laundering). Ain't nobody paying millions for a "digital photo" that looks like an 8 bit video-game, but if you're out there using them to launder money, more power to you. Can't knock the hustle


this is /r/ethereum, so yeah, we believe NFTs are 'a thing.'


I believe ethereum is still a thing regardless of nfts. Thinking that ethereum needs nfts to flourish is short sighted in my opinion.


tell me you don’t understand nfts without telling me you don’t understand nfts.