Yeah I’m plenty talkative and assertive. I will say I think my Fe developed a bit earlier than ENTP guys (because society) but I still tend to hold my ground in conversations, maybe with a bit more tact.


Socciety? I thought ENTPs were the rebels. You don't think difference in hormones between ENTP boys and girls has the most (if not the strongest) effect? I would confidently assume that hormones have waaay bigger effect than society. The brain wiring is the same, it's the software preferences that make us seem like immature dicks until we grow up and mature, which could take some time for ENTP males.


Society wants woman to be feelers so NT females will struggle a lot in life if they don't acknowledge estructural misogyny, so it's easier for female to fall into the Ne+Fe loop trap than males Also a woman asserting dominance through debate will never look good, so they end up restraining themselves The same is true for SF males


What society do you live in? I have .et many women who are normally less feminine than disney princesses. It's normal where I live and where I've been in my life


Ok, it took me way too long to realize you're a *troll*


Talking to you is like talkong to a paranoid wall. If that even exists.


I'm genuinely curious as to where you live that such a case is possible. Sounds like a literal fantasy to me (NOT being patronizing here). But personally I've observed many societies (including mine) cracking down on women who show a backbone and being the slight bit assertive.


Not the previous commentator, but I've never experienced pushback for my assertiveness. I'm from a Nordic country and now live in NY.


I see. I'm glad you can assert yourself without any backlash,, truly that sounds amazing. For me I come from a Southeast Asian Country, Vietnam. Much of the older generations' views are obsolete and backwards, but they are the major players running this country's society right now so there's nothing we can do for the time being. I've gleaned that for many other Asian countries people have this "Trọng nam khinh nữ" (male supremacy over female) belief that's deeply ingrained in their culture, such as China, Japan... Etc. So for these countries (I'm pretty sure) women tend to be frowned upon for being assertive. It's believed that we should be "feminine" and cater to this view of submissive or some shit. Of course, not everyone believes this, but enough people do that it's a major problem.


Hmm I think when it comes to personality formation environment can play a major role too. From what I've inferred from your other comment, your society allows women to thrive regardless of whether they're assertive and strong-willed or not. Which leads to many girls who are unafraid of standing their ground or act brash or however youd like to put it. This means that your environmental conditions ENCOURAGE growth, aka it does play a major role, but in a more positive/neutral light. While that may be true, a lot of other societies DON'T allow that and in fact cracks down on/ openly opposes this sort of attitude, and so that heavily impacts personality development as well, but for the worse.


Growing up, I was told constantly to "choose my battles," and it was often implied that I was choosing the wrong ones, or ones that mattered less. It was an environment that I really struggled to grow in. I didn't grow a lot until I left that environment behind.


The only ENTP girl I met was chaos herself.


Greetings. We meet again…


Yes this is accurate


hello there


I think It varies, since we know ENTP personality is unique and has "spectrum" like enneagram. For me personally, I don't think so. For the assertiveness, I could say yes. But, I only show my talkativeness to the closed friends or people who seem to have same frequency w/ me. People will think I'm quiet or calm. Mostly, I tend to refrain from comment (while thinking the best "checkmate" statement, or I'm just not interested)


Yup, same here.


Maybe with a tad more tact? Like, I will stand my ground, but I also know how to deliver that in a way that seems like I'm being "kind". Probably because a woman who comes of as more confrontational will receive more of a negative connotation than a man


Yes, but I get told more often to shut up than men who speak the same amount. People often tell me I have a "man brain" or "masculine personality" because of the way I communicate.


Yes There's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it's not the time or place. But I have a very hard time holding my tongue.


I went through a *really* aggressive phase during my late adolescence. I would aggressively debate people non stop even on occasions and on subjects they did not wish to be debated. After that I self isolated for a while and took on some projects which helped me direct my energy and hyperactivity towards things other than debating. I still feel the urge often but I've learned to restrain it when need be, and to argue in a much more tactful and superficially respectful way. My Fe also developed massively after some time, and while it isn't where I'd like it to be yet it's much easier for me to avoid its traps and harness its possibilities now. What I've noticed is male entps my age or even as old as 30+ never really got over that super aggressive phase or developed their Fe to any substantial extent, which makes them not reach their potential coming to charm and often ends up affecting their relationships with others. Female entps go through that phase as well but snap out of it earlier, unless they get trapped in their Ne - Fe which is unfortunately kind of a game over for us entps.


Not as talkative. Definitely as assertive.


It’s 50/50 with assertiveness, sometimes I go all the way and am very steadfast, but other times I choose my battles and get scared (especially with family, opposite with my peers). I think I’ve actually got worse recently, after some bad experiences that left me an outcast for a couple years. As for talkative I literally never shut up and the no1 adjective used to describe me is entertaining. However I will take 3-5 business days to reply to your texts soz.


Do I talk a lot? Hell yeah. Am I assertive? Hell nah I'm a coward




What is dis


Depends on my mood, but only w people I know otherwise I’m ”shy”. But I don’t talk half as much as some people I’ve met


Yeah, I do think I'm as talkative but assertive idk. I think it depends on who I'm around, when it comes to those older than me obviously i wont try to be assertive but those the same age I just yolo it and see they're more assertive than me


Yes, 100%


Yes, 110%. Maybe with a little more tact.


Yes. But keep in mind we like to dazzle people. How women will charm people, depending on our personality, will look different from men. Context matters too.




The only ENTP girl I met was a lot more talkative and assertive than me. I think that mostly comes down to her having stronger Fe and 7w8 enneagram as opposed to my 6w7.


I don't care about entertaining boring dribble and being amongst people who talk boring dribble. In that scenario, most would see me as being reserved and aloof. Asides from that? Yeah, I'll bulldoze all over you. But with charm. It's practically impossible to hate us.